Affordable Storage
508 E Main St, Clute, TX 77531, United States

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Lady at front is very very rude!!!!Beware!! Took money off my card with out asking I call told them I was not use there building no more 3 week after me not been there they Chang my card on file I call her she told me do what u have to ... this not good for business u dont go around take money off card that is on file after they not use building no more ... do not put card on file!!! beware of this I file on affordable and win my case got my money back they take off my card with out asking my approval . Lesson learned. Dont take money.. then when I call u about tell me Noth I can do about it well I can u better be glad I did not have u in jail credit card fraud .. and yes I did get my money back dont let this place bullying u ..

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Door slide was so corroded I had to call the office. Gate was also no shut when I arrived. There is a code but didnt need because it was just open.

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Clean, honest people,easy access.👍

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What all Customer Service businesses should be...

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Need it a storage ... and visited a few places in the area .I had the best experience at affordable storage with the lady in the front desk she showed me the facility.. I was amazed how clean the buildings areShe was very helpfulHelp me In every posible way!Clean place and great service !I Definitely recominded 👌🏽

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One star is giving them too much credit. The lady at the front desk is very rude and unprofessional!!! I’ve called this place at least 4-5 time to request a refund due to me not needing the storage anymore. I left a voicemail. I ask if I could speak with someone other than her, she said she will give me the number to speak with the owners then states she’s unable to give out the number and hangs up in my face!! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!

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DO NOT USE THIS STORAGE FACILITY. My experience - rented an uncontrolled storage space for 2 months and when I went to pick up my furniture to move my couches had water damage and full of mold. Apparently its in your contract that you should cover your items with plastic if not using a controlled climate unit in case of water or mold damage. This is a new facility and when they are charging $75 a month for a 10x10 unit whether its controlled or uncontrolled should have a proper drainage system for water to go there instead of in your unit. So they can charge outrageous fees but cant afford to put in a drainage system to protect their customers belongings. Also, this storage facility allows homeless people to live on their property and they are seen wondering around at all times of the day. They dont take precautions in protecting your belongings and they dont care for the safety of their customers. Also, they keep your credit card information on file and will charge your account without your signed authorization. This also means they are keeping your card on file in their computer system for anyone to have access. AGAIN DO NOT USE THIS STORAGE UNIT!!!

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Very well maintained. Security cameras every where. The rental agent treats you well. I miss going there.

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Affordable storage is a great and local place for your storage, I have used them a couple times and can say that there services and costs are very reasonable, thank you :)

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I paid for a climate controlled storage for 5 years. When I picked my things up, I found that a rat or some sort of rodent had pooped and peed all over everything. Even my kids baby books were ruined. I had to throw everything Id paid 5 years to keep away.

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Horrible service, they lock you out of your storage building before the bill is even due. Ive been stuck in the gate because it broke I called the number and the owner was so rude like bothering him he said it would hours before he was down there to help me, I told him that wouldnt work I have kids I need to get home to. My boyfriend had to come help me get out he had to fix the gate for the owner. He never apologized he was just asking me why I was in there and if I was supposed to be in there. The last in the front office is very rude.

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Security, convince, access 24 hours, its clean, friendly staff

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  • Address:508 E Main St, Clute, TX 77531, United States
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  • Phone:+1 979-307-7956
  • Truck rental agency
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  • RV storage facility
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