Firestone Complete Auto Care
815a Dixie Dr, Clute, TX 77531, United States

Review №1

Doug is a great employee. He made sure that everything that was wrong with my vehicle was described and also shown to me. He went above and beyond explaining things to me so that I understood everything that he was telling me. Best experience I have ever had being told its going to cost me an arm and a leg to repair my vehicle. Will definitely be coming back for the repairs.

Review №2

I have been to this store twice but no more. The 1st time i sat and listened to salesman lie to a lady in order to let them do more work on her car. The 2nd time they would not repair a tire that they said was not repairable. I knew that it was. They just wanted to sell me a new tire. Took it to another shop and got it repaired with no questions asked. This Firestone shop is dis-honest.

Review №3

Really appreciate the top notch service. Had new tires put on my jeep and the alignment done. Mechanic found a problem, they allowed me to fix it and bring it back to complete the alignment.

Review №4

Doug was amazing. The job was paid for 2 days ago and when I asked for Doug he came and the job was done in 30 minutes. The people who work there are nice and polite. This experience was 10 out of 10.

Review №5

Fair priced, honest staff. They do great work. Not a fancy place but clean. I brought my car in 2 years ago for a job that a dealer charged me for twice without fixing it! Lonnie at firestone fixed it right the first time and I was charged 1/3 of what the dealer charged twice! They knew what was wrong before doing that diagnostic thing. Big difference between these mechanics and those techs at the Angleton dealer. This is my go to place!!!

Review №6

Hats off & a Big Thank You to “Lonnie” for his commitment & diligence He showed honest character when fixing wifeys SUVHe PERSONALLY gave her a courtesy drive home when he determined the job needed some time. He kept us well informed ,He explained everything making sure we understood & the small job that turned into a big job still was a FAST turnout in getting her SUV back.. also gave us a courtesy call nxt day to ask & make sure vehicle was running smoothly. We appreciate his commitment to excellence and are truly thankful to Firestone & Lonnie for their continued professionalism.we will continue to be faithful customers.

Review №7

Employess very helpful and nice but too expensive for my taste. Or maybe its just the fact that Im a woman...and we know what they say when a woman shows up to a car garage alone.

Review №8

Bought a new set of tires. They helped me through selection, got them ordered and ready to install within 24 hours. Set an appointment for install and I had a delay...called and they said not to worry, theyd work with me. Called on my way in and they were waiting for me. Got me in right away, realized I needed an alignment (saving me excessive tire wear), performed that and had me one my way in short order. Very positive experience and will be my first call for my next auto care need.

Review №9

Friendly staff, a variety of tires, decent prices.

Review №10

Had 3 out sick and still got a set of tires on my truck in good time! Great service and prices.

Review №11

Good service, very helpful

Review №12

Thank you 😁😁😁 for changing my headlightSeth was a big help 😊😊😊😊great customer service 😊😊😊

Review №13

Very expensive but they get the job done, they helped me when I had no one else to turn toand no where to go

Review №14

Unorganized and unprofessional. Apparently appointments dont mean anything when it comes to warranty work. Then they recommend taking it to any another Firestone location.

Review №15

Did a good job on my GMC Terrain. Took it in the morning, it was diagnosed and fixed with new spark plugs by noon. Lonnie Sims , the manager, is a down to earth guy and keeps it honest and truthful with you.

Review №16

Clean shop. Very nice staff. Tells it to you straight.

Review №17

Bought 2 tires and lifetime alignment. The other tires they were supposed to fix. I get up the following morning to leave for work, and I have a flat tire. Also, they told me it would be 2 to 2.5 hours and it was there for 3 hours and I still had to wait for it to be done. Done with Firestone completely. I can remember ever having a good experience there.

Review №18

Over charged. Wont be returning. Ever.

Review №19

Aaron always provides excellent superior service! He’s the only reason I bring my vehicles back to Firestone. He goes above and beyond to find a solution at affordable prices. I would highly recommend using this location!

Review №20

When I called Mario answered and kindly asked me to come in. I did and I am glad I did because I had a great experience. They were so kind and ready to help in anyway.

Review №21

Very knowledgeable. The blad guy in the alignment department knows his stuff.

Review №22

Service was excellent. Staff was great. Would trust them for all future work needed!

Review №23

EXCELLENT SERVICE! Lonnie helped me with my brakes which prevented my car battery from dying out. Thank you so much

Review №24

Fast and efficient! We brought our truck in by wrecker no appointment, they took care of our problem immediately! Friendly and efficient people working there! Great experience!

Review №25

Good service, friendly and fast when you need it

Review №26

Lied about balancing my 37 inch tires just so they could do a front end alignment.. after asking could they balance an being told 3 different times that they could.. spent 3 1/2 hours there . Never be back

Review №27

Very disappointed. Was told this morning by Clinton they do free brake pad checks and sent my daughter to take her car and have it checked then we would decide what needs to be fixed. She goes by and now it isnt free unless she chooses to do the work right then. We dont even know if any work needs to be done. We will be going somewhere else. Thanks but no thanks, this is how young people get scammed.

Review №28

Great customer service! Mario is awesome

Review №29

Have bought over 4 sets of tires from this Goodyear location. Needed to get a flat fixed.After 2.5 hrs still havent fixed flat! Guess because I wasnt buying anything not interested in taking care of customer.Well you can count on me not buying my next set of tires at Goodyear!

Review №30

Excellant mechanics very accurately on what the problem is by just over the phone and in person..very nice and courteous to customers

Review №31

They took care of me immediately when my suspension went out! My racket pinion snapped, tie rods were completely frozen and the subframe had completely sheared off. Zack was Amazing in explaining everything and showed me the damage to my car. The entire Firestone Team expedited the repairs and went over the rest of my car. I have complete confidence that I can Safely drive my car now. Thank you Firestone!

Review №32

Took my car in to bleed the brakes. After describing the symptoms, he told me he feels like there was another problem and I was about to waste my money. Took it back home and did the test he told me to, and he was right. Dude just saved me $300, and earned a repeat customer by telling the truth and walking me through my issue.

Review №33

Made an appointment and was promised my vehicle would be finished by 1pm. Dropped the vehicle off 30 minutes early and at 1:30 I inquired why my vehicle had not even moved yet and was told it would be another 30 minutes before they would even start it. I could have walked in elsewhere with no appointment and been on my way long before that! What’s the point of making an appointment if you blow it off??? So disappointed and I will take my business elsewhere, what a waste of my day!

Review №34

Had a blowout on the highway and they checked everything free of charge! And they were nice too!

Review №35

My car had an issue and I happened to be close to Firestone so I pulled in. They guy at the counter wouldnt even generally look at my car because it was 7 minutes after closing. The door was Atul unlocked and I had been able to walk in and talk to someone. They were checking in a customer as we talked. Never will go there again for anything.

Review №36

Been here multiple times. Straight shooters, helpful and competent for routine and non-routine matters. Have done some diagnostic work free; decent turnaround time.

Review №37

I had a trailer tire that needed to be repaired and these guys did me a great service! Definitely use them again...

Review №38

Called to get an oil change, the guy said they didn’t have any appointments but I could walk in around 6pm and get it done since they’ll slow down by then. I showed up at 615 and they were completely shut down- garages closed and lights off. They’re supposed to be open until 7pm... Why tell a customer to come in later and not be open?! I drove 35 minutes just to turn around and go home!

Review №39

Pathetic customer service and quality of work. Left bolts loose on my teenage sons suspension when doing a lifetime alignment. When it started popping and cracking he made an appointment to come back and have it fixed. When he showed at the time they told him to, they informed him hed missed his appointment and didnt have time to fix it. A kid. They sent him away in a truck with a faulty front end that could have failed causing an accident. (Lower control arms about to fall off) I drove up there and spoke to the horses ass manager who still refused to make it right. I made them refund my sons money and we took the truck to a different company. Dont do business with these guys. They are dishonest, incompetent, and dont give a damn about you, your kids safety, or customer service. RUN AWAY.

Review №40

I have been taking my car regularly to Clute Firestone for several years because they always provide reliable, fair, trustworthy service. I have found Scott and Zack to be very personable and efficient understanding the value of my time.

Review №41

Went in for lifetime rotate and balance(2nd time).Mysteriously the alignment is out again.They wanted to sell me an expensive lifetime alignment contract.Do use these guys they are dishonest.

Review №42

Ive bought tires from Firestone for the last 4 years the one in Lake Jackson TX. Never have I had to take my car 3 times just to try to get an oil change and a tire rotation. But they said they didnt have time it was noon wanted me to leave it til the next day lol no. The other two times just wanted my tires rotated around 1 again they didnt have time. Then they complain about why your tires arent rotated and warranty. The Manger told me that they are always under staff and to go to the one in Angleton or Missouri city lol.. Im done .

Review №43

Went in for an oil change, wipers and possibly an alignment. They took it upon themselves to remove my battery cable without asking me for whatever reason. I get back there to find that out and have them put them back on. After a 30 minute wait for that (they said it was ready) I get my keys and drive back north to Houston. This is where it gets interesting. The moment I completely let off the throttle the engine dies. Every time i go from any rpm down to an idle it knocks and dies. Not sure how they could have found a way to take my truck out of commission but they did. Our company fleet stopped doing business with them due to stories like this. After my trucks fixed I wont go back and I strongly suggest you dont go there either unless you love pain.

Review №44

Michael and Doug are both technisions, i recommend, not only did they repair my heatercore and belt tensioner but also replaced a air pressure valve all within 2 days of work. If I knew the morning managers names then they would also be posted but it seems the managers dont have name tags like their techs and that is fine. I recommend this shop if you have a vehicle that makes you wanna blow it up or loose your mind, because these guys make it look easy, they also explain and show you how it is done or how they did the work, and let you step in garage to see it.

Review №45

Always Treat Me And My Cars Good

Review №46

I called them in the morning and asked how much they would charge for mounting and installing 35 13.50 r20 and he qouted me around$80 and $80 for alignment. When I arrive with my tires I was then told that mounting a 13.50 on a 10 wide rim would be very difficult and take a long time and that it would cost 200 JUST for mounting the tires. I went to kaydens tire shop right down the road and got them mounted and balanced for 130$ with no problems. I came back to firestone to get my alignment and was told they were too busy to get it done with a big project that came up. After I was already entered in on there computer to get it done that day. Corporate company is a joke. If you look young, they will definitely try to screw some money out of you.

Review №47

Scott goes out of his way 2 make certain his customers are pleased with the service.

Review №48

Ok do not use this Firestone! They are very careless with your car. We took our vehicle in for tires and as soon as we left there was a clanking noise in the front end. Come to find out they installed the back rims on the front(they are different sizes). Took vehicle back took them over a day to correct it. Only this time rims came back damaged around the center cap and now they are denying responsibility for this. Also, there mechanic got grease all over my leather interior. When I showed them this, they sent a tech out with a spray bottle and dirty grimey scrub brush to try and clean it. Never even got an apology! Ive used Firestone for years, this will be the last time I use the Clute location as the management is incompetent!

Review №49

Fast, knowledgeable service.

Review №50

Kinda high for tires

Review №51

Great guys can get your tires checked and free air

Review №52

We get all our tires here. Good service by good people.

Review №53

These guys were great and fixed my tire in no time. Ill be bad when I need them again.

Review №54

Poor service to slow. Arrived before my appointment time and they didnt get to my truck until an hr later then the guy that worked on my truck got half way thru and started working on another customers truck total of three hrs waiting smh

Review №55

Good service

Review №56

Awesome group of people working there..

Review №57

Good prices and excellent management.

Review №58

They have the best Customer Service, good prices, friendly service.

Review №59

Heading used Firestone in years but had a really good experience at this one

Review №60

I had an appointment today at 10:30 AM. I was told the service time would be one and a half hours...1.5 hours. After 2 hours, my car hadnt even made it to the service station. They said that I will have to wait another 45 minutes. The manager went to the service station and started yelling hurry up over here. 10 minutes later, I was outside the shop with another customer and we heard a loud bang. That customers pickup truck had slipped off the jack or the jack gave out, not sure what but there was damage to the vehicle. The technician responded, The truck is alright. But, we could clearly see the frame had bent. The manager said jokingly, The jack couldnt handle the trucks weight haha. I dont think the situation was comical to the truck owner.I left without getting a service. The manager walked to his guys and yelled, second customer is leaving without getting a service. The manager handed me my keys and didnt apologize.Slow, terrible service with a potential of damaging your vehicle.

Review №61

These guys are honest about work that needs to be done and will not upsell. They are very busy, so call ahead.

Review №62

Fast and friendly staff.

Review №63

Not impressed. Been there 2 days in a row and waited 2 hours, they only had one guy working in the shop. The guys in the front were professional. If you have a day to drop your vehicle off youll be alright

Review №64

They take care of their business!

Review №65

Ok good friendly.

Review №66

Good work friendly service

Review №67

All around polite employees

Review №68

Bad service they don’t know how to taking the car they missed up my tire sensor after changed my tire.

Review №69

They did not perform several of the inspections or the tire rotation I paid for.

Review №70

Was told my car would be ready in a hour or so at lunch stopped by at 4pm and they have not touched it. I dropped it off at 8am and was told it would be ready by 3pm it was back for a alignment they did a month earlier and was wrong. been here twice and it was bad both times.

Review №71

This place does not have qualified mechanics. They only have parts changers and will sell you a lot that you dont need. They are very dishonest. Find another repair shop.

Review №72

Very quick

Review №73

Curtious service

Review №74

Always good service

Review №75

Wheel alignment done at this facility.

Review №76

Super helpful and efficient

Review №77

Did a good job replacing my wheel bearing on my truck but they parked it out back when they were finished and I did not like that it should have been parked out front under the lights

Review №78

Excellent service

Review №79

Dropped my car off at 10 am for a alignment at 4:30pm my car is still not ready. do they not think that I dropped it off early for a reason. when I drove by at 4 pm they just pulled it in so I guess it will be 6 pm or so. they just push you back if youre not sitting there.

Review №80

Just needed a nail removed and patched. After an hour they pulled my truck in. Took over an hour to fix the tire. Never going back to this place

Review №81

Customer service sucks Dirty

Review №82

Tires and more

Review №83


Review №84

It is useless the service is the worst I scheduled an appointment at 3:00 pm and at the end of the day I arrived and they had not done their job and the store manager instead of apologizing was very rude therefore he did not tell them I recommend this place is the worst

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