Nails of America
810 Dixie Dr Suite E, Clute, TX 77531, United States

Review β„–1

This is the only salon I go to for my occasional pedicure. πŸ˜‰ this salon also sees me after their scheduled hours because they will not turn a client down. 😍 they will still take their time with you and give you the anything you need, very sweet, and very accommodating. πŸ–€ Thank You for today and our awesome chat. πŸ–€πŸ–€

Review β„–2

AMAZING. They always take great care of me. Highly recommend!

Review β„–3

THIS PLACE IS AMAZING!!! The service is IMPECCABLE, the value is ON POINT, the people are super PROFESSIONAL yet make you feel like a friend and it is CLEAN! OH WAIT! did I forget to mention the HOSPITALITY? they KNOCK IT OUT OF THE PARK!! (ask them for the special drink )If you are on the fence about WHERE TO GO for your nails jump off and into this place you will not be disappointed!! -tj

Review β„–4

I have bern going here for two years. They are great! Ask for Hiedi

Review β„–5

They do excellent work love my nails every time I go

Review β„–6

Whenever I go there I usually get amazing service, always on time.... Always make an appointment!! I dont know if they take walk-ins but its worth your time and money!! The environment is amazing and very relaxing

Review β„–7

Was seen right away and Amy did a great job on my pedicure. $38 for the deluxe seems a bit high but I don’t have much to compare it to in the area.

Review β„–8

This place is hands down among the best nail salons Ive ever been to. And is definitely the most accommodating.

Review β„–9

They do a good job just try to get a woman to do your nails. One of the guys here does a little sloppy job. I love the dip nails though.

Review β„–10

Great customer service! Khloe did a awesome job!!! I love my nails!!!❀️❀️❀️

Review β„–11

Donna was so nice. I will be going back to her again. She did a great pedicure.

Review β„–12

Great service and quality! Especially Heidi and T

Review β„–13

Great price. Great job on my nails. Pretty happy all around.

Review β„–14

Love the value!! My nails always look amazing. Very friendly staff

Review β„–15

Ask for Heidi, shes great at doing manicures and pedicures

Review β„–16

Amy is amazing! She pays incredible attention to detail every single time and is a perfectionist at what she does. I always leave with exactly the look I want and it lasts too.

Review β„–17

Ive been to alot of different places to get my nails done every month at nails of America they are really good. My nails stay on up to a month and 2 weeks. They offer you drinks and is a very nice place.

Review β„–18

I love this place! Always friendly and professional with all services offered. They take their time and make sure your nails look their very best! Ive been to multiple place in the area and this is definitely my favorite!!!

Review β„–19

The staff are so courteous and kind. Quick and efficient service with a smile.

Review β„–20

Got a free drink with a Mani pedi, expensive-ish but good service. They dont do a Brazilian wax on men though.

Review β„–21

They are GREAT! Very polite and knowledgeable

Review β„–22

I will not be getting a pedicure here ever again. I was cut twice and both of my toes are now infected and have ingrowns. I paid 40$ and was In pain most of the time.

Review β„–23

Was very expensive and did a poor job on my pedicure..I only went because I had received a gift card for my birthday..I wont be going back

Review β„–24

Ive heard alot about this salon and finally decided to stop by. When I walked in I noticed how clean in was! The staff were super friendly and helpful. For the first time in awhile my pedicure wasnt rushed and I could actually relax! I will definitely be back.Highly recommend if youre in the area!

Review β„–25

They are always so nice and do a great job!

Review β„–26

My nails started popping off after 1 week

Review β„–27

Wonderful salon, probably the best that Ive ever been too. My only negative is that it is way too cold in here. You cant relax while getting your pedicure because youre freezing!

Review β„–28

Love this salon. Me and my daughter (who is a toddler) go here all the time to get mani & pedicures. They are all so patient with her and very good with her. Both of our nails always look fabulous when we leave.

Review β„–29

Kim did a fabulous job! Love the nails and the massage!

Review β„–30

Came and got my nail done for the first time here. It is a very nice and clean place. Warm welcome from the owner. It was nice to get my nails done with Nancy. She is funny and we had a nice chat during my time with her about traveling and Vietnamese food culture. I would recommend her to anyone.

Review β„–31

Very nice calming place to visit. Will be back.

Review β„–32

They make you feel at home. Drinks and great music also.

Review β„–33

Ive been to alot of places in this area, and could not find anyplace that had been consistently good until I tried Nails of America. The techs are friendly, and they do good work.

Review β„–34

Greeted by friendly people. Jason was excellent in meeting our requests for my granddaughter. She is so excited about her beautiful nails specially designed just for her.Atmosphere is nice, clean and music is a plus. Thank you Jason.

Review β„–35

I love Nails of America! They never fail to take care of me, and if Im not happy they take the time to fix things. When it comes to my nails I am very picky, so they ALWAYS take the time to do whatever I want to the best of their abilities. I havent been anywhere else in over a year.

Review β„–36

This is my new nail place. Nail techs are friendly and know what they are doing. I have natural nails and they turned out great. The polish lasted several days without chips. My feet looked and felt wonderful. I have recommended this place to all my friends. Good job!

Review β„–37

I would say this is the best nail salon Ive been to! We travel, so Ive tried several places throughout Texas, and a couple in Lake Jackson, but this is the best! Heidi was awesome, with great attention to detail. Ill be back!

Review β„–38

Good environment very comfortable will definitely be back. The staff very friendly and welcoming. Rachel was my lady and did a great job. Very nice girl.

Review β„–39

Great service

Review β„–40

I had the best experience I’ve ever had at a nail salon today. The atmosphere was very welcoming and my nail tech, Keanna, was amazing. I will definitely be back again!

Review β„–41

First time here today. Absolutely loved how clean and organized they were. I explained how I wanted my nails done because I’m very picky and they knocked it out the park. They were better then I could have asked for. The Manager was great he walked around checking on each customer making sure we were all doing well. I definitely would recommend this salon again and I for sure will be coming back. Thank you guys y’all did an amazing job today.

Review β„–42

Horribly rushed. I was not even asked what nail shape I wanted and was left with ugly square nails. He pushed down on my nails so hard they were sore for days. The paint job was messy; the edges left unpainted. They left the powdery mix under my nails and left my nails incredibly thick. I paid 30 dollars for a horrible job done. He barely said one thing to me, insulting the way I cared for my nails, and again didnt ask for my input for anything. Will never ever go back.

Review β„–43

This is my favorite place to relax. Best pedicures, best cosmetologists, best music ans environment. I love them!

Review β„–44

Great service every time I go. Ken is my regular guy he’s amazing. Always satisfied. Super clean and always friendly. I would definitely recommend them to everyone.

Review β„–45

Since Nails of America has opened (almost 2 years ago), Ive never been anywhere else. This is my absolute most favorite salon around! Prices are on par with competing salons, but the service exceeds them. You are not just another person, you are a client! They take their time to make sure everything is done to your expectations. They never rush, no matter how many people are there or how many are waiting. I will continue to go for years to come!

Review β„–46

Havent been in awhile and got my nails done in Lake Conroe. I broke my thumb nail and saw that they do dip polish on nails, so I went to get it fixed. They did a great job and will be back.

Review β„–47

Very clean, nice place. The manager was super nice and i had no wait time for my apt..(which normally happens at other salons). The manager also help me save money by helping pick a better option for my nails due to my heavy hand use at work! Will definately return!

Review β„–48

I’ve been coming here pretty much since they have opened and I enjoy their services always friendly and great with my two daughters. Mani and pedi always looks great.

Review β„–49

I love Heidi so much!!! She did a good job on my nails and toes as well.

Review β„–50

Great staff! Ask for Sophie! She does fantastic work!

Review β„–51

I have been to many different salons and every one is different. Nails of America was great!! It does have that strong acetone smell that some salons have (which is why I gave it only 4 stars) but Nancy did an AMAZING job on my dipped powder nails. She took her time and made them look clean and natural. I hate how some salons make them too thick and fake looking, but she made them very natural. I am in love with my nails and the service I received. Will deffinetly be coming back to Nancy in the future. Highly recommend!!

Review β„–52

Love my nails every time I go. Super friendly staff and prices are good.

Review β„–53

Kevin is my go to guy. Kevin is awesome

Review β„–54

I had the best nail tech ever he was so sweet and spoke to me about alot of things we had in common. πŸ™Œ 10/10

Review β„–55

I went to get a specific kind of nails, showed picture. Got wrong color and ombrΓ© isnt faded in properly. Some arent the same shape. Charged me 50$ when same simple nails are at Tonys for 45 they gave a 20% discount for first time go-ers. I was impressed but at the same time he could have done better.

Review β„–56

The deluxe mani/ pedis are fabulous.

Review β„–57

Great and friendly service, Rachel and Sophia are great Technicians.

Review β„–58

Very nice relaxing environment😊. Very clean facility😊 . They even serve champagne all kinds of stuff very nice experience

Review β„–59

Took a little longer than expected,but worth it.Lets see how they hold up.The pedic was awesome....

Review β„–60

Awesome customer service and my nails look great!

Review β„–61

Just moved to the area and thank god I found this place. Every nail salon Ive been in was un sanitary. By far the best!!

Review β„–62

I think the older guy tried his best but seemed irritated that I had to continuously correct him on how my nail should look. (15+ years of getting my nails done) I had powder over some of my cuticles and blood over the other cuticles. Several cuts on my hands made it uncomfortable when I washed them with soap. Ive never had to scrub so hard to get dried powder off of my fingers before. After finally giving up instructing him, he proceeded to polish them, leaving gaps of unpolished nail. Even told me I wont notice after he puts the oil on. Smh! By this time, I was just ready to go! He didnt even smooth out the nail before polishing. To top it off they charged me $42 for these soso nails. I paid. Then left. But I returned shortly after noticing the full extent of the finished nail. (mentioned above plus black and white spots visible through the clear coat) A younger guy filed my nails down properly and polished them with a clear coat, minus the debris. Im still not %100 happy with them but theyll do for now until I get back home. The younger guy is the reason I gave 2 stars instead of 1.

Review β„–63

Second time I come and I wasnt notified about all the extras they are charging now, I wasnt asked what shape i wanted and ended up paying an extra $5 just because she did a coffin looking nail when I wasnt asked what I wanted ..very disappointed 😞

Review β„–64

I have been getting my nails done over 15 years. NoA specializes and advertises the SNS (Signature Nail System) aka powder/dip powder. It costs around $40+ a treatment that lasts around 2-3 weeks depending on how often you get your nails done. I get my nails done every two weeks due to my nail growth. I did the SNS for a while but it was very expensive and they tended to crack and break on me - I am rough on my nails. Therefore, I do better with traditional solar acrylic overlay as it is stronger and lasts better overall for me. I visited NoA again and had a great experience with Tony - who usually did my nails (or his wife Kelly). I went back for a fill and I was informed that Tony nor Kelly are no longer there. I was given to an new employee that I did not recognize. She was very nice, but was terrible as a nail technician. She was: rough (made me bleed; she didnt fill the nail at the cuticle correctly and as such I have a ridge halfway on some of my nails; I asked for square rounded edges (a common request) and she gave me more of a coffin look on 6 of my nails - not what I wanted. One of my nails already broke. She used the diamond cut metal dremel tip for most of the visit and she dug into the sides of my nails near the edge and that was extremely painful. The tips get hot with friction as the rotary tool files your nail. She was not delicate with her tool usage and I was in pain. I flinched several times out of reflex and because - pain. She kept apologizing and holding my finger tight each time in response. I cut the visit short, decided to cut my losses and not get my nails painted. So I paid and I left. What I think happened is that I threw them off because almost everyone that goes there gets SNS. As SNS is the bigger money maker and my fill is less than half that price, they gave me a novice nail technician. Originally another lady sat down to assist me and there was some direction given from one of the managers and she switched with the lady that ended up working on my nails. I should add that the visit took 1.5 hours and normally fills are about 45 minutes tops with nail polish. Her hands shook the whole time and she didnt seem confident in what she was doing. Live and learn.

Review β„–65

Best pedicure ive ever had!

Review β„–66

Took my mother there for her birthday. Girls day. Me, Mom and Sister. They started with mom and sister. I had to wait 30 minutes and understandable - then a new customer walked in. They took her and did her nails while I still waited. Was hoping all three of us could do our nails at same time. Then they had to wait for me. Fast forward ... went to pay and since is was a birthday gift, my sister and I paid for moms nails. (Mom never gets her nails painted. Ever) she said .. β€œwow that’s expensive” just speaking in general since she doesn’t know prices. It was a normal expected price and it wasn’t a problem. We were paying for her. The man that checked us out ... this is where it bothered me β€”- he told my mother to go back to Freeport then. Referring to her comment about it being expensive. It was her birthday and the guy told my mom to go back to Freeport for cheap nails. She wasn’t complaining, she was talking to us and didn’t know how much it typically cost. And he flat out told her that. I haven’t been back. The first time I went, it took 3 hours for manicure and pedicure. I had to leave in middle of session to pick up my daughter from school. I planned an usual estimated hour time frame. I didn’t expect it much longer than that. I’m not sure she knew what she was doing. It took incredibly a long time. If you have time that’s great and go sit there and enjoy. If I need a manicure done in hour time frame I go someplace elsw. It was the comment about him telling my mom to go to Freeport that’s made me stop going.

Review β„–67

Really love the service here! They’re always so nice to their customers!

Review β„–68

They have amazing service and the place is clean !! Amazing nail work . Definitely going back

Review β„–69

Excellent service super clean and friendly. Compared to other nail salons in the area would highly recommend them.

Review β„–70

Always great service

Review β„–71

Best nail place ever! Always clean, friendly staff!!!

Review β„–72

Good service, beautiful models, will carry-on using

Review β„–73

Great nail places highly recommended

Review β„–74

Love the work they do very clean place

Review β„–75

Rushed. Expensive. Heard owner talking about how the girls need help cause they’re not up to par. Left nail polish on my hands and one nail.. no idea how she managed to even mess it up the way she did. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE

Review β„–76

I have been here multiple times at least 4 amd have only left once completely satisfied. Today I went in with intentions of a mani, pedi and wax and left without even a full pedi and still paid. The one time i was happy was with a man and o cant rememebr his name every other time i get a woman who i have to walk through what to do but still cant understand me. Nails dont get trimmed unless i tell them, foot scrub is basically non exsistant. The leg massage is god awful and one time i even paid for hot stones and didnt,even get it. I think i have given them a fair shot at this point. But never again. Ill take my business back to TNT.

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Review β„–78

Very professional and wonderful customer service. I would recommend them to anyone!!

Review β„–79

Friendly service and good value

Review β„–80

Great at Pedicures for Men.

Review β„–81

Do not go to them me and my daughter nails was jacked up and they wont fix them

Review β„–82

The best

Review β„–83

Great place

Review β„–84

Very 9ver priced

Review β„–85

Great service!

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Review β„–87

Expensive though

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