TJs Automotive Repair
1339 TX-332, Clute, TX 77531, United States

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I’ve been there in the past, and I’ve had a fantastic experience. Good prices, friendly people. Fast work. This time I was not a satisfied. I brought my car there, they said they would look at it, and diagnose it. Not to my knowledge, it was a holiday weekend. I didn’t realize. But they told me they would look at it. I called back on the second day of it being there, just to get a status update. And they said they would look at it next week. I’m not saying they did anything wrong. Just saying a little bit more communication would be appreciated from the customer. I will be back for service in the future.

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They are always nice! Needed a good price, to had some work done. Got a reasonable quote.

Review №3

Fair price for good work nuff said

Review №4

Wonderful place to get a vehicle repaired, they get it right and dont cut corners, great communication and friendly too, if you are a AAA member ask for that discount...

Review №5

My issue was brake light stating on, I called they got me right then. Took about 15 minutes and it was finished.

Review №6

Full Disclosure: I live more than 300 miles from Clute, TX and have never had the opportunity to have a vehicle serviced at TJs. However, this morning that shop taught me a valuable lesson and potentially saved me $15,000. I was researching a truck I intended to buy from a DFW area dealer, and had a question about something on the CarFax report. It said that TJs had replaced a long block in this vehicle in 2019. I called the shop to verify what the problem had been and what repairs had been made. The man who answered my call said, after researching the trucks VIN, that they had RECOMMENDED replacing the long block as well as a number of other components, but the trucks owner had declined to have the work done, opting instead to just replace the battery and do an oil change. When I asked why the shop had recommended an engine job, the man at TJs told me the tow truck driver who brought the disabled vehicle in said the truck had been under water. Thanks much to TJs for helping me understand that sometimes CarFax cant tell you the whole story and for helping me avoid a possibly huge problem!

Review №7

Great service. Got the repair completed quickly. Be sure to get the AAA discount if youre a member.

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I have Ford Fiesta (SE), and during my travel to freeport, the check engine light was flashing. I was lucky to visit this workshop, they inspected my car and advice me to replace the thermostat problem. After they completed the repair, the engine light disappeared. I really thank your staff for doing a wonderful job on my vehicle.Yaseen

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Cost too much for the work done. But I guess they do a minimum 1 hour labor, not partials.

Review №10

Ive always had great service here!I had my engine replaced a year ago when my Odysseys timing belt broke suddenly, so it blew the engine. It has been going great since! Ive had every other repair that Ive needed done here and there has never been any problems.

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Got my car dropped off and picked back up in 24hours. It started running hot and they had to diagnose what the problem was.(thermostat) I also knew I was leaking/burning oil and they found and solved that issue also. Along with replacing a belt and an oil change. Work and parts are warranted. The staff is always friendly and polite. Very satisfied customer

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Honest, prompt and great communication!

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I found this shop using the ratings here and word of mouth. They have by far exceeded all of my expectations! I was notified throughout the entire process from the diagnosis to delivery of my vehicle. Originally I was told that my truck would be there overnight but instead they were able to get my parts quicker than expected and we were contacted at 4 to let us know it was ready! Excellent communication, Highly skilled workers and an overall very pleasant experience! You have new lifetime customers with us! Great Job!!

Review №14

1st time using this shop. Totally impressed with the professional atmosphere, honest, fast service. Without price shopping brake repairs I felt the prices were in line with other shop . We will be back!

Review №15

Excellent Service!!! Friendly and knowledgeable Staff.

Review №16

Im giving TJs 2 stars because they did partially fix some of the issues with my vehicle and because Michelle was amazing. Other than that, I had the most frustrating, week long ordeal with them.Our car wouldnt start the vast majority of the time, had a weird rattle when it would run, and had the check engine light on. I towed it to them and they ran a diagnostic and fixed whatever caused the check engine light to be on and replaced the battery. But because they could get the car to start for them, they flat out refused to further investigate what was causing the car to not start or what was causing the rattle. I had to call a tow truck a second time because we couldnt get it started at all. I even filmed me trying to turn it on and emailed it to them. The tow truck driver was able to start it and told me to tell them that it was likely the gear shift sensor but they refused to look into it because they were able to get it started after it arrived at the shop.I think they are very understaffed and so they didnt take the time to look at the car beyond the most basic diagnostics. I wish they would have been straight forward and said they didnt have the capacity to fix my car right now rather than wasting my time and giving me the run around. I finally went and got the car to take it to a different shop.I would not suggest TJs for anything more than small repairs or oil changes.

Review №17

Exceptional Service!!! Very professional, they were able to get me in and out, same day service and saved me money!! What more can I ask for!! Good people!! I definitely recommend coming here for all your mechanical needs.

Review №18

I recently had a couple bad experiences with Js Auto Repair. First I had my brakes done. This included the front pads. The price was $359.00. I didnt think too much of it, because I trusted him, and I had used his dads shop for so long. Later my master cylinder went out on my truck. He replaced it for $1122.00. I knew that was too much, but still I did not say anything. A few months later a starter went out, and I had to get my vehicle towed to his shop. He charged $569.00 to replace a starter. I paid him. I then checked on the price at some other shops. Most were less than half what he charged. Also my brakes are still making a loud squeaking noise. I called J, to asked him about his high prices. He immediately begin apologizing, and telling me that he has been over charging to cover his charges. He also informed me that I could come and get the amount he overcharged me refunded back to me. I declined. I let him know that I would report him to the BBB, and tell everyone I knew. He was very apologetic, but this was after he was confronted. I WILL NEVER USE Js AUTO REPAIR AGAIN. We have plenty mechanics in the area.

Review №19

I will not be taking my vehicle or recommending them to anyone. I took my vehicle to them to repair a spongy brake system that happened all of a sudden to my wife’s car. They told me back brakes needed to be replaced along with brake hoses. I made sure to ask them that this would be the cause of a sudden brake loss. They assured me this would fix it. Not going with my gut feeling I told them that if it would fix it to go ahead with repair. Well of course it didn’t so they told me it has to be the master cylinder. Labor would be free and with some arguing they allowed me to buy the part and bring to them. Well guess what? It wasn’t the master cylinder either. Finally they tried to pawn me off to take it too Ford dealership that there was a recall on the Brake Booster for my year model and they should be able to help me out. I called Ford and they said my car was not one of the recalls and that it didn’t sound like a brake booster problem to them that it would make pedal hard to push not spongy. When I called TJ’s back he told me that that’s what he was thinking but figured I could get a free booster out of the deal. That’s when I told him I would come get car and take it somewhere else. To say the least very poor troubleshooting and customer service in my opinion. Dont go there!

Review №20

I was recently asked to rate this establishment. My rating was given from a past personal experience I had when I should be rating it with my present experience. My company has been utilizing this establishment for many years and they have done good work. We all make mistakes from time to time. I was taught to forgive and forget. For this reason alone I changed my rating. Keep up the good work.

Review №21

I sent my husband in to get my oil changed since this an approved facility with my AAA membership first they told him they did not do oil changes there and sent him to the lube stop. Then told him they couldnt give him the special since they were a lube stop. The manager from the automotive repair went over to the lube stop and they worked it out to give him the special. Well I didnt have any issues with my vehicle until they changed the oil. Shortly after my oil was changed the oil light started blinking and beeping I had never seen that before and Ive had my car for years!! I took it back in to the repair shop to tell them that I didnt have this issue before they touched it so they looked at it and supposedly it was the oil switch and swore that the light was going to stop blinking so they charged me 130 to change it and needless to say it didnt fix the issue. I turned around and then they took another look at it and said it was my oil pump but wanted to charge me 1800 to fix it because supposedly they needed to take my motor out and they suggested that I just get a new motor. I refused as I was leaving an employee told me that the oil was thin and for me to add a sedative to my oil to thicken it. I had already heard before that all the TJS add water to their oil which now I know it true I took it to a mechanic who is a friend of my husbands and he redid my oil change! I will NEVER give them my business again and they didnt even apologize all they care about is money.

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I started out by dropping off our SUV for some routine maintenance... I am now bringing3 vehicles to the shop and recommending it to my Daughter as well.Recently, TJs electrical specialist diagnosed a subtle electrical fault on my older pick-up that had baffled two other shops.The mechanics are skilled, the prices fair, and the work is guaranteed.

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Awesome, honest shop. Extremely knowledgeable, knew the all the technical details about my issue off the top of his head, but was still willing to listen and explain any questions I had.Extremely honest about what things can or need to be done and charges fair prices when they do need to be. Highly recommend.

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This shop has earned my loyalty. They do good work, do a good job on keeping you updated with issues and explaining whatever you want to know about the issue or the fix. Prices are extremely fair, much better than anything youll get at the dealer (duh). Ive had them replace a water pump on my Rav4, as well as regular inspections and troubleshooting on my Camry and have been extremely satisfied with the results.These are some good honest folks giving some good honest business.

Review №25

I was in the market for a mew mechanic as my old one disappointed me. They handled the immediate repairs and got my car back to me quickly. They also detailed additional issues with my vehicle that I can address in the future and offered advice on how to prioritize those issues.

Review №26

Had front end work done. The guys finished in more then a reasonable amount of time. Polite and professional staff and reasonable rates for work done.

Review №27

Very automotive shop. We will be bringing our vehicles back.

Review №28

Michelle is a great office professional, she made me feel like I knew her from a long time ago, in just explaining my paperwork/procedures and showing concern I really appreciate TJs automotive repair and for the great staff and great work thank you so much I definitely recommend them!

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We love Tjs Automotive. Wouldnt take our vehicle anywhere else. They get the job done. The staff is great. Honest and hard working people. The prices are affordable. I definitely recommend Tjs Automotive

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ They treat you like Family and go the Extra mile. I have brought two of my vehicles here now. They worked with me when scheduling the repairs and knocked it right out. The People and Service reminded me of the Good Odays. Thank you!!!

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Took vehicle and dropped off night before. They got right on it the next morning and called me to give me a price for repairing it before they did the work. They also called to let me know it was ready the same day. David is always very nice and professional. Very glad he is still at tj. He was the one who called both times.

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I have been doing business with them for 3 years now. I always get great service from them.

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They always do good work for a good price!

Review №34

ROBERT IS AWESOME!!!! He answered every question and explained exactly what needed to be done to be SAFE to drive ! I cannot be more happy with the way everything was handled!!! I will not take any vehicle I own anywhere else!!! MONEY WELL SPENT!!!!

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Loved getting my smart car worked on here than the dealership and were done a week earlier than expected!

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Pretty fair.

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TJ Automotive is a place you can depend on to take good care of your automobile and of you. This is the 2nd time Ive taken my LEXUX ES 350 there and thier Customer Service is unsurpassed even by the Luxury Car Dealers. Great Mechanics and Fantastic Customer Service.

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This is probably a good place for an oil change or mechanical work, i dont know, but if you have an electrical problem steer clear. Took my truck in with a battery drain issue. They blamed it on the radio, disconnected the radio and charged me $138.00. The problem wasnt the radio, never was the radio, and had nothing to do with the radio. Now i have no radio and still having the same problem of my battery draining. My delima is, after buying a bad service do you turn around and buy the same bad service again, hoping for something better. If you have an electrical issue it would behove you to seek repair at an automotive electrical repair shop.To add:I diagnosed the problem myself and found it was the ignition switch. Changed it out and havent had a problem since. A $138.00 donation to TJs Automotive

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They were great. I brought in several small issues and asked for a tune up as well. They were so honest, I was amazed. They fixed what needed to be fixed and told me to take it to the dealer for one of my issues. One item they said that if they fixed it, they couldnt promise it would work any better because it was a part performance issue and that truck was known to have that issue. The problem was with the part and a new one was just as likely to have the same problem.

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I am a long time customer of TJs Automotive Repair on Hwy 288 mainly because of my trust in a particular mechanic (who Ive recently learned does not work at TJs any longer). I challenged the new Chief mechanic on his diagnostic skills. James came through. His trouble shooting and repair abilities mad me feel like Ive met my new mechanic.Thanks James.The newly refurbished office is nice, and the office personnel are friendly.I recommend TJs automotive repair.

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The greatest

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Very professional this second time I have used them and they did a wonderful job.

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Very helpful and professional crew. Thank you.

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Weve used TJs for many years over several vehicles and they are they great.No unnecessary charges, fast service, and very up-to-date on makes and models, and their repairs.

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Always friendly profesional service

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👎 Brought my car to them, because it was over heating and the a.c. wasnt blowing. Although they fixed the over heating problem they told me it would be 1300 to fix the a.c. brought it to another mechanic he fixed the A.C. for 120 dollars.

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👎👎👎Brought car in for an over heating problem. Said they had it fixed the next day. Picked it up when we returned from out of town, less than a month later, same problem as before. So either they didnt fix it, and charged us, or they cant fix cars. Either way, take your vehicle elsewhere. Over crowded, rushed, un-professional. Give it -2 stars if I could. Ill change my opinion of them when they change their quality of workmanship/businessUPDATE➡: They charged me to do maintenance work on my vehicle, and reported that it sounds as though there is apossible electrical problem with the cooling system. They were in possession of my vehicle for 5 days, and couldnt figure that out until after I paid them and my car broke down again?If you have the option go to Cortez Auto Pros in Texas City.Excellent staff, professional work, Tony is very courteous and works very hard to make your vehicle run right. If theres a mistake on thier part (which is rare) they are very quick to fix it. Great people!

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Awesome place

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This place has to be the worst

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