EZ Furniture Sales & Leasing
678 State St, Clearfield, UT 84015, United States
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Shopping here is easy. Rose Summers was very helpful and knew exactly what I wanted. I received my furniture in a timely manner and was notified it had arrived. On delivery day the delivered men couldnt have been more helpful a+ All around

Review №2

Great customer service at this location. Boomer is absolutely amazing! Super friendly, and makes sure youre taken care of. I Wouldnt go anywhere else.

Review №3

Boomer, Sam and Josh are the best!! I would recommend coming in this store for any rental purchases. They go the extra mile to help. They are fun and easy to work with!

Review №4

Everyone at the store is very friendly and they ask you if you need anything as soon as you walk in. They listen to what you’re looking for and they will try their hardest to find what you’re looking for. Great customer service. Five stars

Review №5

Josh and boomer are the best delivery guys ever! So friendly, helpful and quick! Love my new couch! Thanks guys

Review №6

These guys are awesome 👌...I would give 10 🌟 if can...the service is lit 🔥 and they make sure you got what you want.

Review №7

Boomer is my favorite person there. Always on top of things. GreT person to help. Ez furniture is a great place to purchase things Ive been a customer for many many years

Review №8

Staff was amazing!! So helpful. I was able to get a exactly what I wanted.

Review №9

Boomer, rose, and Sam are amazing. Every time I need anything they are awesome and get what I need for great prices and in a very timely manner.

Review №10

Love, love Ez furniture...Boomer is the best. He always goes above and beyond to make sure thing are taken care of...

Review №11

Boomer is the best!! Great customer service

Review №12

Boomer is always eager to help great customer service

Review №13

Boomer is awesome! So efficient and kind, got my new washer and dryer without any issues.

Review №14

I finaly paid off my washer amd dryer after 2 years im supoose to get mew set whwn paid off butbhere 3 months after im still waitinf keep getting told it hasnt made it yet im done and almostnready to call and start a law suit or getbthe attnorny gemeral involed

Review №15

Every time I’ve ever gone to EZ, Rose is so professional and makes sure I am well cared for. The account manager, Sam, is always kind and ready to help with anything. They consistently greet you with a warm smile, and a wonderful hello. There truly aren’t very many businesses you can go to where the management and employees will remember your name and take good care of you. These types of employees are absolute treasures and I sincerely hope that the ownership of the store is aware of the high quality employees they have in Rose and Sam.

Review №16

I love this place.The staff is wonderful.Autumn & Boomer are the ones I personally work with and they have always helped me with what I need and always take care of any issues or concerns I have without hesitation this is the only place I will personally go to for my furniture needs.Wonderful people here.

Review №17

I love EZ furniture! Boomer is the best! He helped me find all of the products I wanted and checks in to make sure everything is working great and up to standard. He goes out of his way for us and is so friendly and hands down the best person to work with at the Clearfield Store. Thank you Boomer!!!

Review №18

My personal laptop just stopped working after getting the blue screen of death twice, I was so bummed out that I had lost all of my pictures and music. I was even more bummed out that it happened so close to the holidays and funds were already tight.Since Ive been trying to reestablish credit in hopes to purchase a home in the new years I really didnt want a new inquiry on my credit and I really wasnt sure what it was looking like.I had explained the situation to Rose and she was able to help me.I told her exactly what I was looking for and before the day was over she had everything arranged and ready for me to pick up. Sam was also great, he had the pleasure of speaking to my references that are also awesome and super chatty! He certainly had his work cut out for him on this day.Oh, did I mention that this was on a weekend via text while they were short handed? Sure enough, it was!Rose started a conversation with me at 10:53 AM and by 5:46 PM I was pulling up in the parking lot to finish the transaction. That is unheard of anywhere else.I will be going back here for any other household purchase needed, super easy and zero complaints about the experience all the way around.

Review №19

I absolutely love the staff!! They are always so kind and extremely helpful. This is the store I will be continuing to make my purchase through.

Review №20

This location has the best customer service! Everyone is so friendly and they will do everything they can to help a customer! They dont have to but they do go above and beyond! They delivered to my location without any issues! I live close to 2 hours from the store. They even set me up over the phone it was super convenient. I am normally against any rent to own places but the prices are decent and reasonable and if you cant find it at the store they willGo above and beyond to help you find what you need 100% recommend!

Review №21

The staff is always great including Noomer. Hes always cheerful on the phone and always has a great attitude. Thanks for all your help!

Review №22

Boomer, Autumn and Mitch, they are a great help!Always have great recommendations, greatcustomer service.Need something but cant afford up front? This is great place!

Review №23

If you ever have to rent anything this is the place, are dryer and stove went out and these guys took care of us, they were so helpful with finding me what I wanted. When I go in to pay my Bill they are very helpful and nice!

Review №24

Ez Furniture does great customer service. I have gotten a few different things from them including a laptop that I paid off. Sam was a big help. I will definitely do business with EZ in the future.

Review №25

Great company to work with. Boomer and Autumn are amazing! Willing to work with you and not too over bearing.

Review №26

Boomer is awesome!!! Between him and Autumn they rock!!!! Boomer is always on top of the new stuff and knowing what we like so he knows what to mention!! Thanks Boomer for all you do!!

Review №27

A business full of lies and empty promises. Save your money up and buy what you want. They rip you off and don’t do what they say they will to help you at all.

Review №28

Purchased a few pieces of furniture from Clearfield location. They set me up with a great payment plan and even better furniture with little money up front. Then when COVID-19 hit, And payments became a little harder to make. The AMAZING! Staff and Owners set me up with an extended payment option to get me through. So grateful for all of them and their commitment to help people through even the hard times. Thank you!

Review №29

Boomer is my go to guy. I stay because if him he is friendly, understanding, and profesional.

Review №30

Ive dealt with ez furnitue sales and leasing fir many years now, only to have great experiences with their staff and friendlr service. Boomer has gone over and above his expections, as far as customer service, and has been very helpful to me! I would definitely recommend him for all your customer needs and questions answered.

Review №31

Their staff is really friendly and the Manager and Assistant Manager, Autumn and Rose, will ensure you are well taken care of! And the delivery guys were extremely professional and made sure I was happy. A big shout out to Rose and and Autumn for making good on their promise!

Review №32

Boomer is AMAZING!! Thank you for helping us out to get what our son wanted.

Review №33

This is the best easy ringtone store that I have dealt with there always willing to work with you as long as you have the communication with them and they have done wonders for me

Review №34

I absolutely love going to ez rent because of boomer! He is always the kindest and most professional person ever!

Review №35

Exceptional service with fanfreekingtastic employees. Its always a pleasure to work with the Clearfield branch. Much 🖤.

Review №36

When I go in to pay my bill Boomer knows me by name calls me by name and knows exactly what Im doing gets me taken care of and on my way I get excellent customer service

Review №37

Boomer went out of his way to fix my mistake of ordering the wrong mattress. Thanks, Boomer and EZ appreciate you guys.

Review №38

We love Autumn & Boomer! They are super helpful

Review №39

Boomer and Autumn are so amazing they are always so helpful my favorite to work with 😊

Review №40

This place is awesome. I have gone to other places similar and ended up getting screwed over. They helped me find the perfect furniture for my needs. For an AWESOME price. Even when my bed didn’t work out they helped me out to figure out which one would work best for me. The staff is amazing and super friendly. I will 100% recommend this place to friends and family!

Review №41

Who fver helps u @ this INCREDIBLE place of business..TRULY WE ALL SHOULD HONOR THEM!!!THEY R INFINETLY OVER THE TOP IN SUPERB customer service the menvsho run the place Boomer and Sam r very honorable nen and r both not only family men but the entire company and all their employees are not only intensively fabulous people but they care about what you want what color was shaved or whatever all you have to do is show a smile and they bend over backwards to help you in any way possible truly Ill never go to another company EZ rent own for me is the only place Ill ever go if I need anything and I mean that and their deals are aboveboard well stated they should be honored and whatever you need people all you need to do is ask Im whatever you describe and whatever you tell you give if its not clear theyre always kind of never rude to you Ive never met such a business but Ill tell you what and all the years I have been with different people and different businesses the best choice I ever made was EZ Furniture Sales and Leasing truly theyve got my patronage for the remainder of whenever Im here and Hallelujah for that I got a 10 in my book and Ill never change thank you guys Boomer and Sam youre the very very best to God and Rose is Sams wife what a darling she is and shes always there to help thank you folks and we are thankful our friends show themselves with such great smiles whenever we ask for anything or if we get inquisitive so if you need something try them first youll be very pleased you did theyre located in the little strip mall right down from Kents you cant beat it and it may be the last in the area of their kind but Ill tell you what their first in my heart mind and spirit and Im going to be sure to keep it that way many blessings to you all take care

Review №42

Boomer and the others are great, easy to work with and always happy to help.

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Review №44

Ez us the easiest place to shop, I personally have 7 accts open in clearfield store, special shout out to Rose, Boomer, Sam, and Autumn. Thank you for all your hard work, and making me feel special!!!

Review №45

Love the clearfield store. Autumn is an amazing person and manager. Always friendly and helpful. Makes sure you are satisfied with your purchase. I just bought a new recliner Tuesday and an alien pro speaker. Her and boomer are amazing. Also like Sam as well. He is really funny great personality always helpful and very knowledgeable about computers and electronics. You guys have me as a customer for life

Review №46

Great service!

Review №47

EZ is a great place to do business. Theyre polite and helpful & always take care of you. They support any purchase with service and maintenance & sell good quality furnishings and appliances. Ive always had a great experience with them. Autumn & Sam are awesome to work with! Definitely recommend!

Review №48

Dan was very helpful. He got me a great deal on a new stove. He found a better one at a cheaper price in vernal, so he picked it up, removed two old stoves and dropped off the the new one at my convenience. Great customer service.

Review №49

Boomer at the Clearfield store is hands down the best. He makes buying things a whole new experience. He’s so friendly and honestly he makes you feel like you have been best friends for years. I just bought a new washer and dryer since I’ve paid off my bed, and my table, and let me tell you, I have never ever ever seen this customer service anywhere else. Boomer is your man. Anything you need for your home (even tires for your car) he hooks it up and just keeps you laughing the whole time. Great job boomer. You have made me a life long guest!

Review №50

I was very impressed by the amazing customer service. The prices were very reasonable and they were able to deliver same-day and take some of our old furniture off our hands. Autumn (the manager) always went the extra mile to help us get what we needed. She was constantly in contact with me through the whole process and quick to respond to any questions I would text her as we were trying to decide what we wanted. She was also flexible in helping us meet our price range. To top it off, they will clean, repair, or replace any piece of furniture that may have gotten banged up during shipping, no questions asked. The whole experience was just very positive. I felt like they cared about us and wanted to make sure we were happy with everything. If you decide to purchase your rented items, the prices and discounts available to you are amazing. This is the place to go if you are looking for furniture or many other items for your home, especially if you need them sooner rather than later. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND doing business with EZ Rent to Own. You will not be disappointed.

Review №51

Boomer is a great guy and works with you on your situations

Review №52

I love Rose and the entire gang at the Clearfield store! They always take care of me personally and treat me special. I am so thankful for everyone at EZ for their help and understanding in these difficult times and for their amazing customer service. It is because of them that I keep coming back.

Review №53

Dan and Sam are awesome with their customers and making sure we are taken care of. Dan went above and beyond to help find me a triple bunk bunk for my kiddos at an amazing price

Review №54

Great place the people are the nicest people you could ask for. Feel really welcome there. Always guaranteed satisfaction. Thank you guys for your help and support during all this

Review №55

Boomer takes care of us Everytime we come in. We appreciate his due diligence and his commitment to making our account easier to handle.

Review №56

Nice easy to work with

Review №57

They really do make everything easy! They offer discounts for paying off early and their NPG means for the bigger/longer term items, if you go the full term like you would everywhere else, you get the item brand new in the end free of charge! All they ask is payments atleast 95%on time or higher! Who doesnt want a new washer/dryer after using one for a bit?

Review №58

I have used them for over a year! Definitely recommend them. I didnt have to move a thing. Good company and they have more than just furniture. Playstation TV washer and dryer laptop etc.

Review №59

I have had a long standing working relationship with EZ Rent to Own. I have successfully paid off many of the products I received from my local store in Clearfield with them. Their staff have always been friends to communicate and accommodate with. I’m very satisfied with my overall experience with EZ rent to own.

Review №60

This place is awesome, I’ve never had an issue and they go out of their way to remind me of my payment every time! Which Greatly appreciated, any time I’ve had an issue they make sure to remedy it in any way possible, I would highly recommend these guys!

Review №61

This is the ez rent to own you go to Im not sure how the others are but autumn and her crew are awesome. All around great staff and we will gladly keep doing business with them

Review №62

Best place in town worked with us being out of town we needed furniture in a hurry and they delivered same down and the best price in town go see Trevor he will make it happen for you

Review №63

The customer service at the store is amazing. Boomer is our go to guy. He makes sure we get what we are looking for. I am very picky with my appliances and he pulls out all the stops to get it

Review №64

They have been EXTREMELY easy to work with sort friendly and easy more accommodating than any other company I have purchased furniture from. I have literally furnished my entire home with the guys.

Review №65

Have been with ez for several years. Autumn, Sam, Rose, Josh, Boomer, Matt, everyone at the clearfield store has treated me well. Never had problems ever. Great customer service and my all around go to for items that I just cant get anywhere else. Love the store and staff. I consider them friends and will continue to do so.

Review №66

I just have to say WOW! Never have I had such a GREAT and WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE, best customer service and the best of all, they will help you no matter what. As a customer myself for many years, I can expect more help and support from them, than my own family! It’s a blessing to be their customer! They will work with you and they are truly the BEST!!!!If you need anything please come here, you won’t regret it!!!😊😊😊

Review №67

Boomer & autumn are absolutely amazing!

Review №68

Excellent service an amazing team the best

Review №69

My husband and have bought almost all our furniture from here. We are always treated wonderful. Rose is awesome she is always making sure we get the best price. I have special orders my living room set and my dining ser.

Review №70

They where very helpful and friendly people helped me out with financing a car with no problems. The car is great I love it got the car that I wanted. The thing I love most is they where very honest and upfront about all vehicles not trying to push the cars off on you to make a sale. I would recommend anyone who is looking for a great car to buy from them. Easy payment options of your choice. Just all around great honest people with a great inventory of cars CHECK THEM OUT NOW!!!

Review №71

Fast delivery and set up! Dan helped me find the perfect sectional. Will definitely come back!

Review №72

Autumn in the Clearfield store is AMAZING! She is always very nice and helpful. She always gives us the best price. We have bought several items there and would never go anywhere else! The whole staff is great. We love our delivery drivers also! They are very nice and deliver items right away.

Review №73

They were very helpful and had in mind what would work best for me and have shown that they truly care about their customers and have always answered any questions I’ve had.

Review №74

Autumn & Boomer are the best! They are professional & personable.P.S. extra sweet & sour sauce

Review №75

Dan helped me out big time! Truly a great company! New Tires, Tv stand TV, patio furniture and even a MacBook. He’s always happy to make sure he has or gets exactly what I am looking for. So happy!!🙂🙂🙂

Review №76

This has always been an excellent business for me and ive been going through them for years. They are always helpful and truly caring for their customers.

Review №77

I have used EZ for a couple of different items, they are great to work with, affordable, and very respectful. I will DEFINITELY use them again

Review №78

EZ Rent to Own in clearfield is the greatest they take care of customers here Ive been here 10 years with this company and they always look out for me Chris is the manager and takes good care of us over here Aubrey, Autumn Van, Chris, Dan, and the entire staff also and all the movers as well thank you guys for being such a great service to us. You guys are GREAT. Thank you and keep up the good customer service ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review №79

Ive been with EZ rent-to-own for a few years all the furniture that I got in my house is from there I wouldnt go anywhere else its a great place to get stuff they work with people they treat people good looking forward to get more stuff from there thank you for your good business

Review №80

I never had the time to go into the store personally to pick out a bedroom set, Autumn sent me text messages of pictures of what she thought I would like, described the mattress I wanted and everything was delivered within a week. And it was the BEST purchase I have ever made. Extremely comfortable, not to mention beautiful!! Beyond Happy with all the service I received, always had great feed back and the delivery guys were amazing as well!!! Even 2 months later I texted her cause I want the matching dresser and she is ordering it for me!! Beyond amazing customer service!!

Review №81

Love EZ! The team is great and Sam, the delivery driver, has taken great care of us on numerous occasions. Definitely where I go for furniture and appliances.

Review №82

Autumn and Boomer are the best!

Review №83

They are always super welcoming and helpful when we go to store or call for payments. Great costumer service.

Review №84

This company is so good to their customers, its great! They had this awesome sale over the weekend and I only had to put 10$ down instead of 20$, AND they gave me my first month free.Ill be back for sure!

Review №85

Ez is Amazing with Great Furniture. And Great Employees❣❣

Review №86

Been a customer here for years and they have always gone above and beyond to make sure Im satisfied

Review №87

Do not go through these guys at all for tires!,they do not know a dam thing about tires ,plus just 2 days ago one of the tires I purchased was slashed I had to replace it but they are telling me Im still liable for the tire did I mention it was slashed that tire has no purpose any more

Review №88

The salesman here are so knowledgeable. If you have bad credit and need furniture or other household items I highly recommend talking to Trevor. The best thing is that after you pay something off you get a brand new item to replace the one that youve been paying on. Its a pretty great deal. Way better than the deals your get with the other guys! Thanks EZ rent 2 own!

Review №89

EZ in clearfield are awesome people they will bent over backwards to get your needs made and Im a repeated customer because of that

Review №90

I have had a great experience with rent to own, I have leased three items Ive needed right away and they hooked me up on the spot. Hannah at the clearfield office was very professional, She was patient with my needs and gave me all the deals she could to maximize the greatest deal I could get. Thanks again guys!!

Review №91

Terrible terrible company. Durning these hard times you would think they’d be trying to help you!? No they rather harass you for payments. Rose and boomer are the worst employees there. Swear I’m telling everyone how horrible this establishment is.

Review №92

They did it again. They have been so helpful when furnishing my place piece by piece. I love the 90 day same as cash. But even when I extend it further, they have a great option to pay 40% off the remaining balance. Plus the people the are awesome. This recent purchase was the best. They got me really good deal on a tv and stand. I genuinely recommend them for anyone needing time to pay for the furnishings.

Review №93

Im not really sure how to share my expressions based on this company based on witnessing and customer service. The items based on what i saw they had to offer and or the sections that were displayed for customers view. I was not really keen on coming back and or returning my services.I was there more in support of a friend of mine.

Review №94

They were good until recently. And sadly I wouldnt tell my friends or family to come here. Cause in the end they do the blame game and think its fair. I wish they would communicate better and not over talk someone and treat them like its their way or the high way attitude that I got.

Review №95

Dan is awesome cuz he knows my name by heart. Always has a happy face. In the CLEARFIELD STORE

Review №96

I love these guys. I have, like my whole house through them they are honest, friendly and take care of all your needs. And they care a lot more than other places and are a lot cheaper! I dont know what I would do without them. Great for the holidays! I love them - Melissa Ward

Review №97

Boomer & autumn are the best

Review №98

Dan was very friendly and knowledgeable. We felt very comfortable with him.

Review №99

They always treat me good here, known them a couple years now and as long as you’re good to them they’re good to you.

Review №100

I am always treated with respect. Not forced into getting anything i dont want and Dan has always tryed finding me the best prices for my items.

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