Sears Appliance Repair
6000 Glenway Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45211, United States

Review №1

©2021 Transform SR Brands LLC. All Rights Reserved also known as Sears outsources all repair services to a company called A & E Factory Services. They are not reliable and you can never contact them directly because Sears Home Services claims they have no means to contact their own repair service technicians directly. The company formally known as Sears no longer exists. They outsource all customer service calls to a call center in India, Pakistan or some where else not in the USA. Their delivery services for appliances is also outsourced. Our refrigerator was delivered by COSTCO. The technicians who attempt repair services never call ahead to let you know that on their way to scheduled appointments. We’ve had a technician twice show up and not even bother to knock on our door to let us know he had arrived and then left claiming no one was home. I was home and waited for hours only to receive a text message stating Sorry, it looks like we missed you the technician reported that the home owner was not home. I’ve submitted 2 complaints on this company to the BBB and so far I’ve had one appliance replacement because they could not complete the necessary repair.. if you are buying a home with a home warranty make sure they don’t use this company for repair services. Put it in your contract stating absolutely no services from Sears Home Services or A & E Factory Services.

Review №2

I have had techs to my home 5 times, charged $342.90 in labor fees, and my issue has not been resolved. Contacting customer support has been frustrating and a waste of time. The people answering the phone dont update the service notes and offer no help. Each time a tech showed up for the appointment we had to start from ground zero. It has been over 6 weeks and my refrigerator is still non-operational. I have had the compressor, 2 evaporator coils, compressor coil, motherboard, and dye dryer replaced by Sears technicians.Finally, I contacted another company to get a different opinion. The tech from the other company has flagged a large issue. Let me provide some background. The refrigerator was cooling up until the new compressor and 2 evaporator coils were installed by the sears technician. That sears technician over soldered the capillary tubes, in effect, sealing them and rendering them ineffective. The manufacture only allots a small amount of extra copper and because this tech soldered and sealed the capillary tubes the refrigerator is not able and will not be able to cool down. This means, I have to purchase a completely new refrigerator. The technician from the other company is able to definitively say that the sears tech who replaced the compressor and 2 evaporator coils clogged the lines when he was trying to solder them. He noted that he was blowing FLUX out of the line which is a big indicator that the line was over soldered. I have those clogged pieces of copper in my possession and even to an untrained eye the issue is apparent. This situation could have been avoided if the technician who worked on my refrigerator had not made this mistake. On top of that, the last sears tech did not seal up the back of my refrigerator. He placed 1 screw into the plate and the tech before him burnt the back of my refrigerator with is blow torch.What has Sears response been? Well get back to you. I am still waiting after 6+ weeks for Sears to address this issue and rectify the situation their technician created.

Review №3

Awful. First, I called at the beginning of January to schedule someone to come out since my refrigerator had stopped working suddenly. I had a technician out to look at my refrigerator 2 weeks after I called as this was their earliest appointment. Upon the technicians arrival and after looking at the refrigerator he stated he could not work on the appliance as he could not locate and model or serial number which was required to touch the appliance per their protocol. I asked how often this occurs and they stated once per month. I asked why sears didn’t inform their customers “model and serial number required, not always easily found. Please locate prior to arrival for order to be completed” ? No answer from the tech. I told him to please wait a few minutes while I called Bosch directly to access this information. (I did not purchase this appliance as it came with the house I purchased; thus, I had no original information on the appliance.) Bosch directed me as to how to locate the information at which point I showed the technician so he could proceed with his job. It was located inside the refrigerator behind a drawer. I supposedly had to wait weeks for someone to come out who knew how to work on a Bosch refrigerator since they are not as common, yet they did not know how to locate this information. The tech was then able to diagnose the supposed problem and ordered the parts and said they had to reschedule for after the parts came in. So I scheduled for another 2.5 weeks out, again, that was their earliest appt. The technician came and replaced the parts and said I should be good to go and it should start kicking on within an hour. It never did. Also, I had to point out that he did not screw in the back panel correctly before he left. There were 5 screws missing at which point he apologized screwed in 2 and left. So I called the following day, and had to schedule someone to come out for a third time. I rearranged my schedule so I could be available when the technician came. This time I was pleasantly surprised as the next appt time available was the following Monday. After rearranging my schedule to accommodate for their third visit out, I waited and waited and waited. When there was 40 min left in my designated time slot window, I called to ensure that the appt was still on and to see where the technician was. Customer service could not tell me as they did not know, but said they would have the tech contact me directly so I would be informed. No one ever called. Mind you during that call, I was disconnected via their end and had to call back. So when it was after my designated time slot window, I called back for a third time and was told that they were sorry no one ever showed up but they would have to reschedule me....again. So I asked to speak with a supervisor after getting no where with the first representative. I explained the situation, and was provided zero resolution; but don’t worry, they rescheduled someone to come out yet again for a 4th time. The earliest time being another 2 weeks out. They were unsympathetic nor willing to resolve their mistake of a no call no show. So I’m sitting here still without a working refrigerator and no promise from Sears that this will be resolved any time soon. I am highly disappointed in their lack of concern or respect for their customers’ needs.

Review №4

Repair was done on time as promised. Contractor was very professional.Paid with picture of check but, have not gotten confirmation of payment.

Review №5

I bought my refrigerator in 2018 along with a warranty. Didnt have it a full year and it went out and lost food. They came to fix it and there after everything freezes from eggs, lettuce, fruits. I have called them five times to come back out. This last time Sears wont even acknowledge to see someone to come fix my fridge. So I had to go buy another refrigerator. They are horrible customer service.

Review №6

Reminders of appointment and phone call prior to arrivalprofessionalism of the repair person.timeliness and no mess!excellent service! no complaints.will certainly use again when needed.

Review №7

Called only to find out that they no longer have any service and was routed to out of state online service

Review №8

Your Sears rep serviced the fridge, stove and dishwasher; came and went without any discussion with any one on staff. I had to ask if he left. No followup no report on the appliances. I assume there are no problems.

Review №9

Do not recommend. Refused to even look at my dishwasher because he could not find the serial number on the unit. When I arrived home I easily found the model and serial number.

Review №10

I called the Sears repair team when the belt broke on my clothes dryer. The serviceman was professional and helpful. He quickly identified the problem and replaced the part. Their prices are a little high, which is why I left off a star, but the overall quality of service is great and they got my dryer working properly again.

Review №11

The repairman was great very professional.

Review №12

The service people were great! The only problem that I had was ..the email that I received from sears telling me my appointment and the one on the service peoples job referral was two differing times. I was told my time was between 8 am and 12 noon and theirs said 2 pm to 5 pm, a disconnect somewhere. Luckily, I had nothing else on for that day, otherwise their would have been a big problem ! The service people have always been great!

Review №13

It was great the technician done a great job. He was injured when he came. And was in real pain.but he completed the job and checked it out thoroughly .one great technician. His name was Dave.i love Sears. They are the greatest.only company that stand by their products .I will always be a customer.thank you.

Review №14

Friendly service tech came by and had my dryer fixed in no time

Review №15

We needed our water softener serviced, contacted Sears Appliance Repair and they scheduled us for service within a week. The service person who came checked our water for softness and cleaned various parts of the unit. I was impressed with the service and his knowledge of our unit. I have a service contract with Sears on this unit so there was no charge.

Review №16

I booked an appointment online because I had just bought a house and it turned out the refrigerator was leaking. Normally this is not a big deal because I run restaurants for a living and used to dealing with this sort of stuff but I didnt have time to look at it or call any of my contacts that could fix it so I asked my girlfriend book an appointment for me. I will start by saying the gentleman that came out was extremely friendly and courteous. I had a four hour window (which is rediculous) and they were 2 hours late so I was already mad I had wasted an entire day waiting for this guy. He finally arrived, figured out the issue and gave me a quote in less than 5 minutes. I told him to fix it because I couldnt spend another day waiting on someone else even though I didnt agree with the price. He put in a new hose because the old one had a crack in it ($3 online). Then proceeded to charge me $250 for his time of 10 minutes! I have hired every single service company that works on commercial refrigeration within 50 miles of where I live and have never paid this kind of price. A restaurant would have paid someone no more than $100 for this which includes a diagnostic fee. Next time, I will call someone else or simply buy a new refrigerator. This was a complete waste of time and money.

Review №17

I used a certified Sear in home repair service to perform maintenance on a used Craftsman Riding Mower that I had purchase. the repair man was on time, kept me informed of the service he was performing and amount of time it would take. Before doing any add on services, he consulted and showed me what needed to be done. He was polite, professional and quick about his work. Pricing was very fair and the experience top notch.

Review №18

Repair tech was quick, efficient, courteous. He knew his product well and was able to immediately effect the repair. Spent time explaining everything and making sure there were no lingering questions or concerns.

Review №19

My experience with Sears Home Services was good. Especially the second technician that came to my house. The first technician had to order a part and was not able to fix my washer. She ordered a couple parts and scheduled another technician to come out a week later. She may have been having a rough day but was not very friendly. The second technician came out a week later was at my house for approximately 1 1/2 hours and the washer was working properly by the time he left. He was definitely more personable.

Review №20

Excellent service, very friendly service tech...the only issue was that he said it could not accept our 20% off coupon because we didnt mention it before he told us the total, BUT he did say we could call the 1-800 number and they would help us. It was no problem and my 20% discount was credited to my account. :o)

Review №21

Everything about our experience was positive. The techs were prompt, courteous and knowledgeable. Repairs were made to our dishwasher to restore it to good as new. We are happy customers.

Review №22

Service man called and was able to come very early, which fit my schedule perfectly! He was thorough and pleasant, occasionally giving me tips on best ways to avoid similar dispenser problems in the future. Id give him 5 stars for sure!!

Review №23

I guess I bought the warranty to cover parts. No offense to the guy who is doing his job, but I can clean my own screen and check my own channels 2 make sure they work. To me that isnt what I paid for in that warranty price. I would like 2 see it taken apart and checked for preemptive maintenance. Everything he did I could do and it took him a whopping 20 mins. Looking at what he did and the price I wouldve been charged for ($350) for a channel check and screen wipe...SERIOUSLY???

Review №24

I was astonished when I called for service on my dishwasher and found out that service representative was available the next day! I had never received service in under 2 weeks in 30+ years. In the past 5 years I was so dissatisfied with Sears and their service I swore I would never buy from them again. However this most recent experience was outstanding! Great job Sears.Still a loyal customer,Dianne

Review №25

Service man was very clear about what he was going to doand what I needed to do to complete the repair.Upbeat and helpful.

Review №26

Your service man arrived promptly as scheduled.He replaced the defective ice maker quickly and was very courteous and polite.Thank you for such good service.Lee Hayden

Review №27

This repair took two trips, the first was diagnostic and the man was very professional, thorough and extremely helpful. He would have received 5 stars.The second repair person was less than professional. He worked on the snowblower for some time We had been observing him and noticed he had started to put the new carburetor on then replaced the old one instead. He then said it wouldnt start and needed more parts. He was told to try again because we were not authorizing any more parts without a second opinion. He put the new carburetor on and had it running fine within five minutes.One other thing, I was going to pay by check and he said he wanted a credit card because checks took so long to process through his system. Ill only say I am paying close attention to the charges on that card!Im giving this 3 starts because I cant give it 2.5 which would be the average of 5 for the first technician and 0 for the second.

Review №28

Service was on time and very professional. Even though the first call did not solve my problem they did a great job and when I called to reschedule it was handled very well. Email notifications and phone calls were much appreciated to schedule the visit.

Review №29

I was assigned Sears via my HMS home warranty for a faulty dishwasher. I was originally scheduled for July 3 and the technician never showed up. I was told this was due to a scheduling glitch that left their technicians overbooked. They did not schedule me again until July 16--almost 2 weeks later!July 16 came and the technician never showed up (again!) I was told by Sears the technician arrived at my home and no one was home. However, I was home all day and no arrived and I did not receive any phone calls.Sears is attempting to schedule me for July 26--a full TWENTY-THREE days after the initial scheduled appointment. This is unacceptable and I have experienced terrible customer service along the way.

Review №30

Excellent thoroughly professional.,. It was so easy to schedule a a service call on line and the repairman arrived when expected. . I will definitely call Sears again when I need service

Review №31

Professional and quick. The best home, customer service repair available. A happy and satisfied customer

Review №32

For the first time in several years, I DID NOT have a very positive experience with Sears Repair. Although the service man was prompt and friendly, my tractor received no repair. I took a half day off to meet the service man only to be made to feel I was ignorant and neglectful. My front tire still goes flat but he offered to fix it for an additional charge. My gas tank still leaks onto my tire but he said it was my fault. My tractor is running well, perhaps better than it was when it was new, thanks to previous repair men. However, this time the service call was very frustrating and I still have a lawn tractor not functioning well.

Review №33

The actual repair and Shaun, the service provider was excellent. The fact that the appointment time was not kept by Sears, and the people on the phone were not helpful at all was extremely frustrating! I had scheduled my appointment from 8-12 am due to having to take my mother to the airport at 2:00 pm. At 8 am, I was told my window for service was 11:45-1:45 PM. When I called to explain that I needed my service prior to 12:00 pm, I was told repeatedly of the 11:45-1:45 PM time period with no mention of how to help me. I had made the appointment over a week in in advance and this was the only day I was going to be available. This was very frustrating. Then, my time was moved to even later in the day! When I called to complain again, I was finally told the service man would call me. By the time he called, I had arranged for my neighbor to come to my house and sit to wait so I could take my mother to the airport. This was very inconvenient and I was left with no choice but to communicate with the service man via the phone while driving. I felt that this problem was not the fault of the service professional, but of the scheduling and call center staff. If I am going to be forced to take a day off of work and sit at home for 4 hours, the least someone could do is provide served during that 4 hour window. If they can not keep that appointment, compensation should be made. If I did not show up to work for 4 hours, I would not have a job. I understand that things happen at different jobs and that service providers could be delayed, but if the appointment time is not going to be met, another service provider should be contacted to keep the appointment.

Review №34

The repair man arrived on time, checked for the problem and informed me that a particular electrical part was not functioning at all. I dont remember the part that needed to be replaced, but I have the info on paper I used when he told me what he believed was wrong. He said he didnt have the part and that another repair man would come with the part and fix the machine. He also told me how much his work cost me and that I would have a specific amount left to pay. When the other repairman arrived, he informed me that another and more expensive part was really the problem and needed to be replaced. He produced the part either from his truck or some place close by. The total I owed was even greater than before. I complained about the way the repair service was set up; two people to do the work of one person while I paid for both. He then informed me about a $20.00 coupon which I acted upon. The total cost to purchase one device and duplicate work of two me was over $200.00. I think that was outrageous. It was nothing but a rip off. My wife an I have been with Sears for forty years. I will never buy any appliance from Sears in the future. Michael Craddock

Review №35

I called and was expecting a 3 week or more delay in getting someone to come out but instead we had a repair man there the same day. We thought we had one problem but ended up being shown an even more dangerous problem that needed immediate attention. He had the parts and all the repairs were made and we again were able to use our riding mower without all the issues we were experiencing! Thank you!

Review №36

Sears came to my house within an hour of scheduling the appointment. They had my dryer up and running in no time! I would definitely use them again.

Review №37

Complete waste of $116. The repair man was there for 15 min and said he couldnt replicate the problem. He was unequipped to troubleshoot and had to call back to the home office for every question. Told me to call back if I heard the beeping again. Im sure Ill have to pay another $100+ service charge to even have the come back out. Complete waste and no effort to fix the problem.

Review №38

The technician who performed the service did an excellent job. He was courteous, knowledgeable and performed the tasks economically and efficiently.

Review №39

Two weeks to get tech out here is a long time to have water under the washer. Tech called to tell me, but he was about 2 hours past the window of 8 to 12. He said the glass in the door was dirty so that was why we had water on the floor! Wouldnt believe me that I felt water under the unit. Washer still leaking so we put paper under it to find the leak location. Now family of 5 has to wait another 2 weeks to get repairman back.

Review №40

The gentleman who provided our service was very kind, knowledgable and helpful in assisting in educating me in preventative maintenance. VERY happy with Sears service and we will definitely call on them again.

Review №41

Tech was nice enough, but left without verifying that what he had done fixed my problem. Now I am still without a washer and had to vehemently insist that instead of waiting 1 full week for another tech - there is 1 coming out 4 days later.

Review №42

A very knowledgeable and friendly associate. He replaced the refrigerator filter and checked other items on the icemaker. I was very pleased with the service.

Review №43

Dealing with Sears Home Services was an absolute debacle. I engaged them to fix my Treadmill in April. The technician showed up and charge me $99 to take a look at the Treadmill. He said he did not have the part and would need to order it. This was disappointing, but understandable. I paid the $99 and the cost of the part. I was told he would be back on the following Thursday. That Thursday came and went and no one showed up. The part showed up that afternoon. Got a call from Sears that they were going to be over on Friday. I had to reschedule that appointment to the following week. So now we are in week #3 and the third day I had to take off work. The technician showed up and found the part that was ordered was not the correct part. He called in a different part and told me I would have it shortly. At this point I called the 1-800-4-MY-HOME number and spoke with a supervisor who assured me that I would not have to pay any more money because of the debacle that has now unfolded. We set an appointment for the following Friday to get everything installed. The Wednesday before the Friday appointment I get a call from Sears that the part had been ordered on Wednesday but they do not know when the part will show up. I told them that I was told the part was order 5 days prior. They had no answer. Now I had to give them a call when the part showed up at my house. This happened and I schedule an appointment for today. The technician showed up and made the repair then handed me a bill for $98. I informed him of the promise Sears made of me not having to pay for any more money. He refused to leave and blocked my driveway until I paid him. So I did so I could move on with my life. I then called 1-800-4-MY-HOME again. Spent another 45 mins on the phone getting transferred 5 times. Each transfer I was told the next person would refund me my money because of my experience. On the fifth person, they told me there was nothing she could do and I could not be transferred again.The technicians that showed up were nice but this whole company is a dishonest bunch of people.

Review №44

My experience was okay -- the repairman was polite and seemed knowledgeable, I give him the four stars. But he said that the problem with my dishwasher was that I have to clean it myself -- run a dishwasher cleaner in it once a month and scrub parts of it by hand. I have had dishwashers all my life and have NEVER, EVER cleaned one. Is this a rotten dishwasher, or are they all like this now? I knew I had to clean the trap thing, which I was not happy about, but scrubbing the doors? Why??? NOT HAPPY with this Kenmore dishwasher at all.

Review №45

The repair man that came to do our repair was not pleasant! He went downstairs with me where washer was and said its a newer model that he hadnt worked on much. He proceeded to use his laptop computer to bring up service error codes on my machine. He didnt talk much and if I asked him a question it seemed like I was bothering him and he had an attitude!!!! I would never want him to come back to do service for me again! He didnt fix our problem. He states that there was 3 errors and the one that we had to fix was not enough electric to machine! Kinda weird since it had been working perfectly fine for 3 months!

Review №46

Service was great. Technician went right to the problem & had it repaired in less than 15 minutes. He did a great job & was very friendly.

Review №47

The service man was appropriately dressed, knowledgeable about the product, and fixed it in a short time. Please thank him for us.Bob and Marilyn Konkoly

Review №48

Going on a month now WITH NO WORKING WASHER!!! Technicians are GREAT BUT...Im on my 4th motherboard on this LG washer. As of today the 5th motherboard has been ordered AND WE WAIT ANOTHER WEEK!!! The repair parts are all defective!!! The technicians cant complete the job because the parts are JUNK! ! HOW LONG DOES THIS GO ON??????? SUPER FRUSTRATED!!!

Review №49

Repairman was on time and he did a wonderful job!

Review №50

I have used this service a few times. The techs are always polite, knowledgeable, and get the job done. This time was no exception!

Review №51

I had rhythmic noises when the drum rotated on my 2009 Samsung Dryer. The technician replaced the Drum belt and Idler pulley, according to the receipt. He put the broken parts with a receipt on top of the dryer and walked out without saying a word. Seemed odd, but what was broken is now fixed. We purchased a 12 month service warranty so expect things to work at least another 365 days.

Review №52

I have a service agreement - it took almost three weeks after I called for them to come out and then, they did not fix the problem! When I called back, I have to wait another 3 weeks for soonest available appointment for them to come back out. The dryer still will not heat - in this instance the repairman should be sent back out immediately! I actually was able to get a hold of the service repairman since he had called the house to say he was going to be late so I had his phone number. He said he would call May 6th in the am and fit me in his route for that day. I had someone come to the house and stay since I was going to be gone and he didnt call or show! Terrible Service! And 3 more weeks of the inconvenience and expense of the laundry mat!

Review №53

Did a thorough job of cleaning/dusting the condensers and helped move the frig to allow us to clean underneath.

Review №54

Very satisfied with the person and the work done.Will not hesitate to use again.

Review №55

Preseason furnace check-up

Review №56

Cant remember the service mans name but he was super. Got right to the job and had it up and going in no time. Very nice guy.

Review №57

Great service, quick and did a great job. Would recommend.

Review №58

The service man did a great job.I was very pleased with his work.He left one of his tools is there any way you could have him call me to get this back to him. Thanks

Review №59

The technician was prompt and knowledgeable. He did not try to sell me on other products or warranties.

Review №60

Technician was very thurough, knowledgable and courtious

Review №61

The first phone call was on July 20th finally on November 5th after the 7th service call for the same problem my ice maker in my Kitchen Aid refrigerator was repaired. This meant that my time was held captive 7 different days waiting for someone to show up. Yes they give you a two hour window but you still have to work around their schedule. It seems that you can only make appointments 2 weeks out. They told me that I should check back on line to see if their was a cancellation that I could use to reschedule my appointment. One would think that Sears would use cancelled appointments to reschedule return calls to try to resolve problems faster. On the 4th or 5th call the person would not give me an appointment until I reset the icemaker manually, as if the service person wasnt capable of doing that before he left, thus putting a new appointment off for another day and forcing me to call back again to reschedule another appointment. She told me she was just following procedure. Well I have a procedure that I am going to follow. I will not purchase anything from sears ever again.

Review №62

Repair man was on time and completed the service quickly and the washer is working great!

Review №63

Kenmore refrigerator that was 4 years old quit making ice. Fortunately, we had a 5 year warranty so we called the listed phone number. They came out the next day and fixed the problem in less than an hour.

Review №64

Repair and replacement of ice maker

Review №65

Technician was efficient and adjusted our appliance to proper specs.

Review №66

Service technician knowledgeable and quickly fixed the problem with the dryer

Review №67

Had a tech scheduled to come out not reliable did not even knock on the door and I called off for this bs!

Review №68

Went as planned. Problem fixed. Cost about what Id expected.

Review №69

Repairman laid tools on my hardwood floor without putting down a protective mat.

Review №70

Three attempts, three weeks, to repair a water heater still not working!!july 25 addendum; four weeks later, five cancelled appointments, and three failed service calls, still not working..... and no one has bothered to follow up.

Review №71

Repair people arrived when they said they right to work, and had my washing machine back in business within the hour. Whats not to love?

Review №72

Professional and had the parts to repair instead of having to wait weeks

Review №73

Repair man was very cordial and professional

Review №74

Very good repairman

Review №75

Customer service is horrible, very rude representatives and cant fix an ice maker. Have been out three times and product still does not work. Will never buy any product from Sears again.

Review №76


Review №77

Great! Professional, friendly, thorough!

Review №78

Great service

Review №79

It works again!

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