Repair Parts Warehouse
1756 Tennessee Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45229, United States
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I was in need of some parts for a 15 year old washing machine and Repair Parts Warehouse in Cincinnati answered all of my needs. Nick was incredibly helpful when I placed an order and failed to add a couple important parts (drum shocks). He went above and beyond with great courtesy in making sure that the extra parts I needed would ship with my original order to insure I received what I needed to do the job properly on time. I cannot thank you guys enough, the excellent prices and fantastic customer service will keep me coming back for the next repair I do. Dont hesitate, these guys are the best!****UPDATEI received the parts very fast (under 24 hours after ordering) thanks to Nick and the wonderful shipping guys at Repair Parts Warehouse. Again, they went so far above and beyond that I cannot thank them enough. If they tell you they will do something they absolutely 100% will get it done, fantastic customer service! Thanks guys!!!!

Review №2

Awesome Customer service. People with common sense are great.

Review №3

This company owns and operates the widely known scam website known as appliance parts 365. They steal your money and never produce a product. Have on good word they are under investigation, doubt Ill ever get my money back. Bunch of scamming thieves. Next time Im in ohio, Ill be making sure to pop by and ask for my stuff or money in person.

Review №4

Scam. Stole my money after shipping back a part and never refunded.

Review №5

They are really a great team of people and listen and research the exact part or parts need to replace on your appliance and its location is great.

Review №6

Professional, knowledgeable and helpful. They had the part I needed fairly priced, when I needed it. I will definitely do business here again.

Review №7

I needed a part so I went here. The guy at the counter was visibly high. I think he said his name was Mick or Nick. I couldnt understand him because he was slurring his words. I swear he nodded off while I was talking to him. It was very frustrating and exhausting talking to him. I wont. be back!

Review №8

Best prices around on appliance and HVAC repair parts

Review №9

Called a few local places got a quote for over $90 on the part I needed. Found one online from this place and it was $30 cheaper and got it faster than the local places could get it to me. Got the part in 2 days. My wife is happy we have a washing machine again. Thanks for fast shipping and reasonable prices.

Review №10

Purchased from them as their other business, Appliance Parts 365, online. Very quick service, but be prepared to communicate primarily via email since they do not appear to staff their phone line. That is the only reason I did not give them five stars. Their prices were very competitive as well!

Review №11

Knowledgeable and answered my questions. Held the part at the register so I could pick up and run out quick. Great service and open Sat mornings!

Review №12

Wonderful place! Very helpful. If they dont have a part, or cant get one the will guide you in the right direction. Best prices in the city.

Review №13

The gentlemen working at this place are so very helpful, polite and professional! I searched for hours looking for a discontinued part for my refrigerator. I started with the manufacturer, called multiple appliance parts, went to a different appliance parts store (horrible experience). Everyone I spoke with had the same answer. They didnt have the part and there was no compatible part available. Finally I stumbled across Repair Parts Warehouse in a google search and called. They were the only place able to help me! Mostly because the gentleman working in the parts department (wish I could remember his name) was willing to take a moment and see what he could find for me. They were able to find a part that was universal and would work! When I went to the store, I was greeted by a gentleman who was professional and friendly and helped me right away. Now my fridge is fixed for $25 instead of having to replace the entire thing! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Review №14

Great customer service. Very helpful staff. They can help you get essentially any part you may need for your appliance repairs. I was able to repair my A/C unit with 20$ part on a 300$ quote!

Review №15

Excellent shop that comes in clutch when you need it most. We needed to replace our AC capacitor and were going to have to wait 2 days for Amazon prime. A quick google search returned this place and they had the same part. I highly recommend this place if you need any repair parts!

Review №16

Same company as ApplianceParts365 Look at the ratings They are SCAM artists.

Review №17

TERRIBLE BUSINESS CONDUCT! I ordered a part from this website on 9/1/2018. I received it on 9/10/2018. After reviewing the part, it was the incorrect one which they indicated they packed/shipped the wrong item. After about a dozen emails exchanged, I was provided an RA number and sent it back which I waited weeks to have my refund back on my card. I had to call them and advise them to do this.I paid $62.13 and they only refunded me $55.23 (they indicated a restocking fee would commence if a part was returned despite the fact that it was their fault). I then I had to spend $11.57 to send the part back. I am now out almost $20 for an item they shipped incorrectly and I have no part. This type of business practice is WRONG to say the least as I should not have paid a single penny to have it shipped back NOR should have taken out ANY money for a restocking fee which they imposed upon me because they shipped the wrong part! For a company to engage in this business practice is WRONG to say the least! The following email was sent to them without response:=======================================RA # 993587Original Order# 213635Total Amount Paid: $62.13Refunded Amount: $55.23======$ 6.90 (not refunded)Return Shipping Cost: $11.57======$18.47 (total loss)The above figures represent cost that I expensed, then then amount refunded (not sure what happened to the difference of $6.90) and then it cost me $11.57 to return the product

Review №18

Their website said my items were in stock so I ordered from them. After two and a half weeks they had still not sent out my order. I had called them a week and a half into the order and they claimed one of the parts was on back order, but they would 2 day ship the one part they had in stock. 2 days later, still no part. I called again and this time they said both were still back ordered. I cancelled and ordered from another website. Buyer beware.

Review №19

Highly recommend! Mitch and everyone that works here is an absolute pleasure and very accommodating. They go the extra mile to get what you need and take the extra time.

Review №20

Very helpful and the best prices by far in town or on the Internet. Newer location is easy to get to from anywhere around town.

Review №21

Thank you so much for providing my husband with excellent customer service. He raved about how helpful you were. Our house is cool again!

Review №22

Exceptional customer service! Thanks for going the extra mile for helping me out. We have AC again.

Review №23

Although the part was eventually sent and was the correct one, it took close to a month for the part to arrive after first getting the wrong tracking number for someone elses order (which I found out after it told me the package was delivered to an address in another state!).When I contacted them with questions about the necessary process for shipping back the old part for the core charge refund I got crickets. I sent the part back anyway with as much evidence of the purchase as possible and shipped with delivery confirmation. Nada, nothing. Delivery was made, they got the old part, I got no communication, no core refund.So you may get a less expensive part that works but be prepared for possible lenghty shipping issues and likely no refund as promised/advertised.

Review №24

My furnace blower motor died on me during the coldest night of the year. I called up Repair Parts Warehouse right as they opened and gave them the model number of my furnace. They got back to me that they didnt have the part in stock but could get it by lunchtime the same day. It was the perfect fit and my house is heating back up now! All this happened before one of the heating repair companies even called me back with a quote to replace the motor - in fact they still havent called me! I will be back to this store in the future for any similar requests!

Review №25

Good simple direct service

Review №26

Customer service was top notch, I needed a capacitor for my AC unit and they had the part for a great price, better price than online.

Review №27

Awesome customer support with the lowest prices around

Review №28

I got my capacitor really cheap here when the heating and cooling company was going to charge me $250. I took my old one with me and they were able to match it perfectly

Review №29

Only carry a few rheem wate heater parts but not SP20824

Review №30

I was failing to locate a HVAC part on a Saturday morning when it was single digit degrees outside. Repair Parts Warehouse didnt have the part in stock but was able to locate it, an hour away. They drove to pick the part up for me and then apologized for the delay... I was blown away and would HIGHLY recommend them.

Review №31

Very friendly and they helped me out a lot.

Review №32

Very detailed & helpful on the phone.

Review №33

Great service and took their time to walk me through my troubles.

Review №34

They have the parts.

Review №35

Great people

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