Recker and Boerger
613 Ohio Pike, Cincinnati, OH 45245, United States
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Large assortment of appliances.Delivery and setup available.See Dave very helpful employee.Easy accessible parking including handicap parking.Open 7 days a week.

Review №2

Dave is an excellent salesperson for this organization. Hes professional, thorough and helpful. Very knowledgeable and does not pressure you into a decision. Selection is terrific and pricing very competitive. Delivery is prompt and cost for that and setup was much less than expected. Check them before you go straight to one of the big box companies. You will be surprised and wont be disappointed.

Review №3

Very helpful ... highly recommend ... David very knowledge

Review №4

Eric was great to work with helping point us in the right direction for all of our new home appliances! He kept us up to date on our orders arriving and being delivered! Thanks Eric for all of your help!-The Signorile family

Review №5

Awesome! Always buy from them. Great people and great prices!

Review №6

I went in to look at dishwashers. Immediately I was joined by a salesman, who right away pushed $1000 Bosch dishwashers at me without even knowing what I was really looking for or needed regarding a dishwasher. I finally got a break from him trying to sell me one, so I could look, and check reviews, etc. I finally decided on one, and asked about the warranty, which was just a 1 year warranty. I then told him I need a dishwasher that comes with a power cable that plugs into an outlet. He didnt know if the one I was looking at did come with a power cable or not, so he went and asked the manager. When he came back, the answer was not just a solid no, but that only the Bosch has a power cable, none of the others are capable, and all have to be hardwired in, and went back to pushing the Bosch.... WRONG... and I knew that already... At that point I was done. I went to Lowes, bought a decent enough dishwasher, got the power cable, and installed it myself.The prices are about 10% better than Lowes or Home Depot, but wasnt an issue for me because I get a 10% discount already at those stores.All and all, Im not so sure Ill go back in the future to look at other appliances... very disappointed.

Review №7

It was a super easy process. Loaded up the dryer we chose about 20 minutes after we decided on it. Nice employees!

Review №8

Great place with huge selection of different appliances. If looks dont concern you, the Scratch and dent items are the way to go. Huge 27cu. ft. french door fridge with two scratches was almost $1,000 less than a brand new fridge. They have multiple locations with scratch and dents at each place. I did have to drive further to look at the fridge but well worth it. Hank our salesman was great and was able to bundle price with Washer & Dryer. Free delivery/Free installation and they will hold your items with only 10% down

Review №9

Always good services, we have gotten AC, furnace, washer and now dishwasher coming next week.

Review №10

Sent my wife shopping for a dishwasher the other day. After a few stops with no luck she landed here. Salesman Tom seemed bothered by all her questions but she got them answered and was satisfied enough to decide on a purchase on Tuesday 9/30/19 paid CASH in full, delivery scheduled for Friday 10/4/19. Got a call from them today, Wednesday 10/1/19. Tom informed her that the dishwasher that he sold us was actually out of stock and on back-order. Unhappy with the other options available to us we decided to get a refund and look elsewhere. Tom told her to come into the store for a full refund, no problem. Upon arrival to the store not even an hour after the call she was informed that they were not able to refund cash even after she was told to come in for a refund. Our option became either, 1 wait for a check to be mailed to us at some point or 2 come pick up a check in-store on Friday or 3 drive to Tri-county to the office to get a check more quickly. I understand there may not be cash on hand at all times for a refund but you cant write a check on the spot for a refund? As a business owner myself this is just terrible business practice. We were planning on replacing all of our kitchen appliances by the end of the year, we still will, but not from here! Side note, Eric the store manager did help somewhat to get the check to the store faster for our refund.

Review №11

EXTREMELY terrible service. Managements customer service skills are HORRIBLE. They do not care to go above and beyond for their customers when they are the ones who made the mistake. Do not waste your time or money.

Review №12

Great place to purchase appliances! Been going there for years.

Review №13

Excellent customer service and great price for everything I purchased. Id love to give an at a boy, to the gentleman assisting me. He was in the Ohio Pike location. Im sorry I forgot, maybe Roy??

Review №14

A terribly shady company that starts repair work for products they installed by assuring you it’s under warranty then charging you hundreds of dollars for work *not* under warranty. They did not provide a quote for work, just said it was under warranty. I’ll be taking my business to a company that is honest and values integrity.

Review №15

Was looking for a stove. They have a big selection and prices are compatible to other stores. It was clean and the staff showed us what they had and let us browse and werent pushie.

Review №16

We, too, have bought many appliances from Recker and Boerger. No more based on my freibds experience. Very disappointingSee belowGood News. Not So Good News! And, Im Ticked Off!Beloveds, the good news is we finally purchased a new stove today! Yeah! And a new washer as well. Thank you all for your prayers and good vibes! Praises! Im happy! JeanneLynn is happy, and my Janice is happy, too.Well, I will tell you why Im ticked off!Our first stop was to one of my favorite places to purchase appliances, Recker and Boerger on Montgomery Road in Montgomery. We purchased appliances there over the years for our rental properties, as well as our home. Plus, Im a big fan of GE Appliances, and they carry a wide variety of GE stuff.Well, we walked in and three gentlemen were sitting at there desks. They took more than a reasonable amount of time to acknowledge us. This was rather disconcerting to me, but in all fairness, I could see one was on the phone. But, the other two werent. The one sitting at the middle desk finally said, Can I help you? Still not friendly. The gesture was rather icy.We told him what we were looking for and was standing next to the GE Range wed seen in the newspaper. Still seated, he said the sale ended yesterday. Ok, that we understood.Are there any other options available in our price range, I asked. I told him the specifics of what we were seeking in a range.He looked at the two of us as if we were bothering him. His body language spoke volumes. Its just who I am to be polite and give people the benefit of the doubt.Given the current red zone were experiencing with Covid-19, I thought just for a brief moment or so that he wanted to keep a safe distance. But 15 feet, and little eye contact with us, hmmm?But then, I faced the truth for what it was. Two Black females wearing black face masks in Recker and Boerger on a hot summer day, this white man couldnt be bothered. It was painful for both JeanneLynn and I. We left and she screamed in the car about how this happened the last time she purchased an appliance there for one of our properties.I detest the isms. From this day forward, I will never set foot in Recker and Boerger again! Ever! As my Mama used to tell me and my siblings, Baby, never go any place where youre not wanted!Not so good news?Well, we did end up purchasing appliances today. The service was wonderful. The young man offered me a stool to sit on while he completed the paperwork. When I went to stand up, the stool slid from behind me, and I fell. Yikes! Not the knees, I prayed!Well, thank God I was able to get up, with some assistance, of course. Im a bit sore all over, but mobile. God continues to smile on me. 😇🙏🥰

Review №17

Friendly sales people. No pressure to buy. Very informative and knowledgeable.

Review №18

Bought a new dishwasher Tuesday Eric the sales man was excellent I bought a nicer on than I intended. Opted to pick it up and install it myself (not a good idea pay for delivery and setup) got everything installed to find it wasnt working.Called the store on Thursday thinking I was in for a fight and they couldnt have been easier. They said we can get you a new one on Saturday.They bring out the new one in the window they promised find out the solenoid was bad in the old one. I understand sometimes electronics can just be bad out of the box.Juan and his helper delivering were excellent new one is in and working great. Recker and Boerger will definitely be my first stop for our next appliance need.Great job to everyone!

Review №19

Replaced all my kitchen appliances over course of a month of deliveries and installations, dishwasher, convection oven, overhead microwave, ice-in-the door fridge. Every delivery crew was great, on time and installations quick and smooth. Love my new appliances and the new look! Thank you so much!

Review №20

We purchased an ac unit in 2014. It quit working in 2015. They came out and serviced it and it quit working again this week. They came back out and said it would be at least $650 to fix it. It has a 10 year warranty on it. We asked to speak to the service manager who said their service man was afraid to come back out because we yelled at him and that they did not want our business. However, he put locks on the charge port so we could not call anyone else to service it. My husband is a cardiac patient with a defibulator and cannot endure 95+° temps. Fortunately we found someone who could remove the locks and paid $235 for them to charge the unit. I would NEVER recommend this company to anyone for anything.

Review №21

We had a very bad experience with another big box electronics store when we tried to purchase a new dryer. Long story short we set up three delivery dates and they did not deliver on any of the dates scheduled, so we canceled the order. We then went to Recker and Boerger to buy a dryer, and decided to also get a microwave. Our salesmen John was very pleasant and helpful. We have bought from them in the past and have always been very happy. So lesson learned....we will only deal with Recker and Boerger when it comes to appliances, heating/cooling and water heater.

Review №22

Tom was helpful showed us the budget model we need. The dish washer is fine, the installation process was flawed. The sink hand hose for rinsing wrapped around the piping so it doesnt come out for use.

Review №23

Wonderful service and excellent prices. We needed a new stove after a power outage caused ours to die and we were able to take home a floor model that day

Review №24

Fast and friendly service. Got a great deal on a new fridge

Review №25

Yea bought a fridge, GREAT price but they have had to come back 3xs forgot putting water line for ice maker in properly! Last gentleman did excellent work, wish we had HIM from the beginning!!!

Review №26

Nice place BUT are sale man screwed our delivery.he told us one date and put in a another date.

Review №27

I had my yearly check-up on my air conditioner and furnace. I was very impressed withAndy Whaley who did an excellent job. He was very friendly and I could see that he isvery knowledgeable and helpful in answering my questions. I would highly recommendRecker and Boerger.

Review №28

AtrociousI purchased a heat pump and ac from them. It was not operating properly and we called them to come out and repair it. They came out while I was not home and fixed it while my wife was there. I assumed the problem was fixed the right way.What they did was have my wife take off the thermostat and take off a wire to make it work. Later in the year she would replace the wire when we turned the gas back on.I walked by the other day and saw my wife doing this. If the wire would have touched another wire it could have fried the circuit board or damaged other parts of the system.I called and told them about this problem and I was told that they would not do anything to help me and stated that if I did not agree with them that they were going to hang up on me.

Review №29

Great customer service! Great delivery! Great sales staff!Needed new washer. Went to many applaince stores and ended up noticing that the big name brand stores all went up and down with prices at the same time ⚠(even stating one time Trump mentioned China trade war, making FRONTLOADER ONLY washers go up overnight over🔖 $200). Didnt see Recker and Boerger doing that game of raising like gas prices.I ended up getting a 1st quality Electrolux front loader with all bells and whistles at a steal of a price ...saved over $300+ with delivery. No outrageous charges for talking the old one. Loving it. I did make couple stops and was a change of inventory due to walk in purchases of items.As I found every applaince store has their favorite brand name. Just do your homework on the model type.Sometimes local stores provide better services and deals than big national brands...and this was one of those times. Besides look at all the big National name companies failing basically overnight. Im glad I went with Recker and Boerger. Will be returning for other needed appliances in the future. ☺Happy shopper face.

Review №30

Having been buying our appliances here for the last 22 years. Great people.

Review №31

They always have my furnace filter in stock!

Review №32

I can ALWAYS count on these people. After 15 years, they have ALWAYS been the best!

Review №33

Great staff! Great prices!

Review №34

Service is poor if appliances happen to have problems. Prices were pretty standard.

Review №35

DO NOT BUY ELECTROLUX/FRIGIDAIRE OR SHOP AT RECKER & BOERGER.Neither company backs up their products or helps out their customers when you get a bad product.In Fall of 2015 we bought an Electrolux Dishwasher from Recker and Boerger. We were told that buying this more expensive model would pay off and we would be getting a much better machine. It started out great. About 6 months in it wasn’t cleaning well. We were no longer using the recommended pods, and using liquid detergent. The liquid detergent wasn’t dissolving and leaving a coat on our dishes. Particles were being left all over our dishes. We had to clean a third to half a load by hand every time.We had techs from 2 different companies come out and tell us what we were doing wrong, and nothing helped. Finally a tech from the second company came in and figured out one of the previous techs put our filter in wrong and a spray arm was full of debris. He wrote it up as hard water deposits. 3 months later after several calls this part got replaced.With a new part replacement in Dec. of 2016 we started over and the dishwasher cleaning degraded once again. Finally in Aug. of 2017 we started emailing Electrolux and Recker and Boerger. After playing phone tag for 3 weeks I finally spoke with a woman at Electrolux. She wants me to pay for labor to have this machine repaired since it is out of warranty.The machine has a flaw and has never worked right for more than a six month stretch. They want me to pay more money to have this machine repaired since it is out of the warranty period. I don’t think I need to pay for anything since it was never correctly repaired during the warranty period.BEWARE ELECTROLUX/FRIGIDAIRE OR SHOP AT RECKER & BOERGER DO NOT BACK THEIR PRODUCTS. THESE TWO COMPANIES HAVE GIVEN ME THE WORST EXPERIENCE WITH AN APPLIANCE PURCHASE EVER.STAY AWAY. I say this after being a loyal RECKER & BOERGER customer of 10 years. I used to buy scratch and dents for my rentals. This is how they treat you in the end.

Review №36

Best place to buy appliances

Review №37

Knowledgeable and friendly great place to get appliances

Review №38

Very rude sales men and just as rude delivery men didn’t even know how to install our washer and dryer correctly were not careful at all with our appliances

Review №39

Sucks dont go there.....

Review №40

Still waiting on a refund for a dishwasher I rejected for damages.

Review №41

Friendly staff but out of our price point

Review №42

Great service

Review №43

Very friendly

Review №44

Very helpful

Review №45

No help in getting air filter!

Review №46

They was not helpful at all..

Review №47

Great deals

Review №48

I didnt think their prices were that great ! Why buy scratch & dent when you can by new at almost the same price .

Review №49

Great prices

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