Fast Response Heating & Cooling
3160 E Kemper Rd unit b, Cincinnati, OH 45241, United States
Review №1

Stay as far away from this company as you possibly can! My central air went out over the weekend. There had been no previous issues, very sudden outage. Fast Response came out quickly and I was told that both my blower motor and thermostat were shot (strange that they would both go out simultaneously) and also that I was drastically light on Freon.The technician was going to have a new blower motor and thermostat ordered. He also told me he couldn’t test the unit to know how low the Freon was until the system was up and running. The next day I got an email from Fast Response telling me that my warranty company had approved the parts order but the order was on hold until I paid them $1400 to refill the Freon at $140/lb.There was no reason for there to be a suspicion of low Freon. I had just had the system serviced in May and was told Freon levels were perfect. No trace of a leak and the unit hasn’t been freezing up, but now all of a sudden I needed 10 pounds?!?!?I had another company come out and the unit was fixed in less than an hour - I didn’t need a new blower motor, no new thermostat, etc.if you are assigned Fast Response through your home warranty, ask immediately to be reassigned. They are horrible!!!!!

Review №2

They were great! I’ve been having water leaking all over my floor for a long while now, we believed it was the drain but after a plumber said it was not we called my warranty company and we were assigned Fast Response. My only issue was getting in contact with them was hard over the phone but they emailed me back very quickly!She came out and was here by 12pm. I wish I got her name!! She was so unbelievably nice & it was very refreshing to see a woman show up at my house and she was very knowledgeable. She answered all of my questions and gave me options of things I could do in the future to prevent the issue she fixed. She also gave me tips to help my girlfriend with her allergies in the future as well. :) she went out of her way and I couldn’t recommend her more.We’ll see how it goes after they’ve been here and hopefully everything is fixed but I’ll call if it’s not. Very good experience :)

Review №3

I called my home warranty company and they referred me to Fast Response to look at my central air. The issue that I was having was that of course, the house was not cooling and the unit was not coming on. Fast Response came out and looked at the unit and said that the compressor was not working and that they needed to order a new compressor. Well that was strange due to the fact that the unit is less than 5 years old. After I did not hear back from the company, I contacted the home warranty company and was told that I had to first pay Fast Response over $800 for freon and some type of coupling and that the compressor was covered under the warranty. I called a friend of the family for a second opinion and low and behold...... NOTHING WAS WRONG with my unit. The only thing that he did was flip a switch and it was working. NO $800 for freon cause it was full and no new compressor. Normally, I do not write reviews but this one was warranted. It is a shame when you trust a company to do honest work and they try to get over. I know it is rough out here, but damn. My words to the company Fast Response is to hire competent employees who can correctly diagnosis problems and employees who will go the extra mile to ensure that the customer is comfortable, happy and satisfied. This diagnosis is UNACCEPTABLE and unwarranted! I will not use this company ever again. Consumers please do your homework and read reviews.

Review №4

I don’t usually leave reviews but I feel it’s worth the warning to others. I was referred to this company through my home warranty to fix my A/C unit, as it is not blowing out any cool air and my house is close to 90 degrees. I submitted the request on Sat 8/14 but didn’t hear from the company to schedule until Tue 8/17. The 1st issue is, unlike most companies, they don’t give a time frame of when they expect to be out so it’s difficult to plan your day around them coming. I told them that I’m only available after 3pm, as I just started a new job a week ago and there’s no way that I can take off this soon. They completely disregarded my request and had a rep call me at 12pm the next day saying they’re on their way. Nonetheless I wasn’t able to make it, since I was working, so they said they’d reach out to reschedule. Didn’t hear from them again until Thurs 8/17 and scheduled for Sat 8/21. Again, they couldn’t give me a timeframe of when they’d come but assured me they’d give at least an hour notice. Didn’t happen..the rep, Mike, called and said he was 5min away. At the time I was 30min away because I was expecting more of a notice. He had the nerve to fuss at me, which I thought was unprofessional, about taking so long to get home, even though he gave me such a short notice.Once I got home, he looked at the unit and immediately came in and said I’d need to pay $140/lb for freon. I asked if he was sure that’s what I need and he said yes. However, he also stated that he cleaned the unit because it was dirty and that may help the issue as well. He asked to check the filter in the furnace. The filter was really dirty, so he removed it and said that was definitely my issue, not the Freon that he had just stated that I needed. He did not replace the filter that he took out, so it was left empty and he left saying that my issue should be resolved but asked me to call him directly if it isn’t.The next day, my house was still hot & A/C still isn’t working. I called Mike back and he told me to call the office to request an end of the day appointment. I called the office and they said they’d try to do that but, yet again they called me today at 12pm saying they were on the way but I was working. When I told the technician (a different technician) I couldn’t make it he was very rude and unprofessional and made it as though it was my fault.They have not tried to accommodate me in any way, not even by giving a time frame on when they’d come. Not to mention the technician that came out caused more damage by not replacing the filter and now my furnace is leaking. After going back and forth with the warranty company, I was able to get them to switch me to a different contractor. I’m very unsatisfied because my daughter has asthma & my step son keeps getting nose bleeds because it is HOT and I STILL have no A/C. I will never use this company again! Hopefully the new company has better service.

Review №5

It is now 5 weeks since my warranty company American Home Shield assigned Fast Response for an air conditioner issue. (Replacing a flexible vent,) Two weeks later they show up. Reattached a vent and said they would come back to replace it - came lose again after a week. Still is not replaced -waiting for parts to replace a flexible vent. I have waited twice all day fir the temp fix since they wont even give you an approx morning or afternoon. No show and a message to call their office. You can not get through their office phone line and if you do the customer service are basically there to answer the phone if you are lucky enough to get through. Looks like from reading reviews home warranty company customers are treated like you have the plague. Also looks like they have good reps for the most part but that will change because they will get tired of people taking out their frustrations for administration issues and customer service. Horrible experience so far!! We will see how it goes tomorrow. rep called early in the day and had the vent replaced within the hour. Again the repair people seem to be professional and knowledgeable.

Review №6

Fast Response Heating and Cooling was contracted by my home warranty company to figure out why my central air would not turn back on. The service ticket was initiated on 8/11/21 and I called them on 8/12/21 to nail down a date of service. They said they could come on 8/14 in the morning. On 8/14/21, I called the company because it was approaching 11am and I had not heard from them. They told me they had 5 more stops before my house. They showed up around noon. The tech identified it was something with my heat pump in my attic. He said it was a two person job and they would be back this week. By Thursday of the following week, my husband reached out and the home warranty company indicated the job had been marked complete by Fast Response. No one was scheduled to come to my home. Another service was initiated and they said they could come on 8/24/21. At this point, we have been without central air in the hottest month of the year for 13 days. On 8/24/21, at 11:55am, the tech called to say they were on their way. I asked the tech if they had another person with them because the previous person said it was a two person job, and the tech said no. I told him that my husband would be at our home when he arrived. At 2:00, after waiting for 2 hours, my husband calls Fast Response, and Fast Response said they cancelled the service call but never told us! It seems as though not one person who works for Fast Response or my home warranty have a lick of sense on how to run a business. At this point, we have just went out of pocket and hired a different provider.

Review №7

I was forced to use Fast Response, as they were assigned by my home warranty company. There were certain modifications of my project not covered by my warranty. Fast Response quoted me $3K. A competitor quoted me $800. I had to stick with Fast Response because the parts covered under warranty were far more expensive regardless of the out of pocket expenses.Additionally, they attempted to charge me for things by lying about whether or not they were optional.- $150 for new carbon monoxide detectors, despite me having function ones already installed. They stated they could not remove them from my bid because my home warranty company required new detectors “out of the box”. I called my home warranty company, who said they have no such requirement. After confronting Fast Response again, they agreed to refund me.- They charge $150 for removal of the old furnace. When I told them I would dispose of it myself and asked for that to also be deducted from the bid, they stated that wasn’t allowed by the city because the equipment had “anti freeze and stuff in it.” Furnaces do not contain bio hazardous waste, only AC units (which I was not replacing.) Cincinnati literally includes furnaces as items the city will pick up for free if you schedule it. I also confirmed this is true with Fast Response’s own technicians.On the day of my furnace installation, the technicians realized they had been given the wrong furnace. (Note: the technicians were fantastic! They, unfortunately, do not run the company). They had to drive nearly an hour to get the correct one—all while they had already removed my old furnace, whose fan runs my A/C. On a day with a heat and air quality advisory issued, I had no A/C for 10 hours. When I emailed the company about this they replied this following direct quote: “[Your home warranty company] is supposed to supply your furnace. We already did the favor of purchasing one and supplying it until they can get the correct furnace to us which will go into our stock to replace the one we purchased for you.” I asked the technicians to clarify the issue and they stated that my home warranty company had indeed ordered the correct furnace but that Fast Response’s supplier had mistakenly given them the wrong model. Yet Fast Response had the audacity to blame me and insist they were doing me a “favor” by correcting their own mistake.Mistakes happen. Some degree of upcharging is necessary to make a profit. But lying repeatedly? Reprehensible. I will never recommend this company to anyone, nor will I use their services again.

Review №8

They did respond quickly after the warranty company put in the work order. I wasnt home when the tech came but he did call. He explained what the problem seem to be and told me that it was repaired. He seemed to be very nice. However when I got home it was 80*. And this happened to be on a Friday night after a 14hr shift. They seem to have no weekend coverage. I called and text Monday after a 24hr shift and was told that I need to put in a new request for them to come out again through American home shield warranty company. Right now is hot and were definitely not happy! Way to stand by your work!!!

Review №9

Fast response was indeed fast in all manner of communication. Quick to send someone out and had our AC working in no time. Mike came out to recharge our AC. He was knowledgeable and courteous. I used my home warranty who used fast response. I read the reviews and was very apprehensive but was pleasantly surprised when the reviews didnt add up to the service we received.

Review №10

Call home warranty because my unit was not cooling. I was told by the technician that I need a new compressor. Spent $900 on the new compressor and when the technician came to install it he left saying that everything was working fine. 2 hours later my home is still hot and the unit is not cooling. I am not happy that the technician did not validate that the unit was functioning property before leaving now I have to wait another two days for them to return to fix the issue. Ive been without AC for a month now so needless to say I am a bit frustrated.

Review №11

Our technician was Mike. He was professional and very courteous. We finished our basement told him to take his shoes off said he has shoe covers and covered his shoes. He had no problem doing that and was respectful. He replaced our capacitor on the A/C was a $200 charge but was honest and upfront about it. Glad we were able to resolve that now instead of the dog days of Summer and A/C goes out. Was a regular maintenance check cleaned out Hvac and ducts and resolved a potential A/C issue. Highly recommend the company.

Review №12

The technician was very knowledgeable and helpful and did everything you could to get our air conditioning working again was very happy with the technician they sent out

Review №13

19 days and counting and my air conditioning remains broken waiting on”Fast Response”. Horrible Customer ServiceThe service response was called by my Home Warranty company for my A/C not functioning. I had to wait several days for my first appointment on July 26th. They came out and made what turned out to be an extremely temporary repair to the furnace . I called them back soon afterwards to notify that they had not fixed the problem. I am still TO THIS DAY without A/C and cannot get a time secured to finish the work. Do yourself a favor and use anyone else. The repair techs are friendly but the company is laughable.

Review №14

Thank you Kevin!! Came out to work on the HVAC and identified and repaired the problem. within an hour.Awesome tech easy to work with and understand was thorough and his work and very professional, kind, and straightforward. I would recommend this company to anyone.

Review №15

Kevin was/is the nicest professional person I’ve dealt with in a while! He was kind and detailed, the best part about it is he listen first to what we were exactly experiencing with our furnace, he did a evaluation and he did not rush, he definitely need to be recognized for being the exceptional , kind person he is! After our experience with the warranty company today his kindness smoothed over the day for me!! Kevin continue to be great!Sincerely,Sophia

Review №16

Our HSA warranty assigned this contractor to service our HVAC and from the beginning it seemed like this company would be an improvement from other contractors weve been assigned through HSA. Fast Response reached out right away and let us know what items may not be covered, came to evaluate the issue quickly, and their technician was very friendly and helpful. After our HSA claim was denied, they reached out to provide an out of pocket quote that seemed reasonable, so we decided to move forward. Due to our work schedules and the companys inability to provide time frame windows, we requested Friday services because I can be home most of the day Fridays.Mid-July: We decide to move forward with the estimate. They have to order the part and it will be there on July 28, so we schedule for July 30.July 30: Early phone call that my tech is sick. Not a big deal, we reschedule for Aug 6.Aug 6: Early phone call that is confusing. They say they had me scheduled for service on Tuesday the 10th, but my part wont arrive until 11th. I tell them thats not what I thought we had scheduled, no one notified me that the time had changed, and why hadnt our part arrived? It was supposed to already be there. Fine, we can do Aug 13.Aug 13: Early phone call that my tech is sick. Okay. My husband can work from home Monday - please come Monday.Aug 16: Early phone call that my part isnt in yet. At this point, we should have had the part come in twice already, so we decide to go with another company.My husband and I were incredibly disappointed with the level of attention that our repair was given, and while we did receive regular communication, it was only to constantly reschedule our service. At one point the person we spoke with asked if we had paid because it was due before the service, and I asked if we could pay the morning of and she said yes. Im glad we never paid them as they cancelled at the last minute every time. We were paying out of pocket for this repair without the warranty company being involved, so I cant even blame the bad service on HSA. Two stars because the techs were great when we got them out initially - otherwise, cannot recommend this company to anyone. This company is incredibly unreliable and after a month of dealing with them, I am happy to be moving on to a different company who can actually help us.

Review №17

I had First Response Heating and Cooling come to my house twice in the past month via my home warranty company, American Home Shield. This review is primarily about the second visit, which was great. My A/C was only working intermittently about a month ago and I was assigned this company by AHS. When the first technician came out, everything was working okay at the time and it was difficult to diagnose the problem. He claimed that he checked everything over and there were not any problems. The issue returned and AHS allowed a recall visit since it was within a month. The technician that came to my house today was named Brooke and she was easily the best HVAC technician Ive ever had at my home. She listened to me explain the issue, then she fixed the problem and explained everything she did and why. I know now that the original technician did not inspect things as closely as he said he did, otherwise he would have found this issue, a faulty capacitor, which is fairly common. If I am ever assigned Fast Response again, I will be calling their office and requesting Brooke as my technician.

Review №18

Kevin came out twice for two different issues and each time was very professional and knowledgeable. He diagnosed the issues promptly and fixed right away. He is a great guy who will make your day with his smiling demeanor.

Review №19

HOME WARRANTY PEOPLE BEWARE....CUSTOMER SERVICE WILL NOT BE UPFRONT WITH YOU...THEY WILL CHARGE UP FRONT FOR WORK THEY THINK NEEDS TO BE DONE...THEY CANT EXPLAIN WHY THEY NEED TO CHARGE WHAT THEY DO.If you are dealing with these people through a Home Warranty, find someone else. I am six weeks into an issue when its finally diagnosed (after several visits where, in 2 of them, the technicians made mistake that caused refrigerant leaks) they are now trying to bill me for things that make absolutely no sense. I need to have a coil replaced and they want to charge hundreds of dollars for drain line modifications ( cheap pvc pipe), plenum mods (the ducting prior to and after) and other things that dont make sense. Furthermore, what they quoted our warranty company didnt match what they sent me. The invoice literally changed from the morning to the afternoon where they pulled out some of the fluff and then increased the freon charge to keep the bill the same.They cant actually give me an invoice for actual work to be done, they want to charge me full price for work that might need to be done and theyll refund the rest. Most of the customer service people end up gaslighting you to make you think youre the issue while there is no sense of urgency to solve the problem that they created. They make it sound like you dont have a right to be upset, and when confronted with their incompetence and schenanigans, basically tell you that you can take your business elsewhere. THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE. IM DONE WITH FAST RESPONSE.

Review №20

While I appreciated that my issue with my AC was resolved, I disliked the recent service call for a few reasons. As I was only given a day that my technician would arrive, it essentially meant I had to remain home all day to wait on them to come. My technician, Mike, did not arrive until about 5:45pm. In addition to this, he did not provide the 30 minute pre-arrival phone call and just came knocking on the door.My final concern is the amount of time Mike remained sitting in his vehicle in our driveway after the appointment was complete. I believe he was there for a good 10-20 minutes. It may have been the fact that it was raining and/or a need to complete paperwork, but it concerns me as his vehicle was technically blocking the driveway.

Review №21

Mike was wonderful. Super kind and professional. He did a great job explaining to me what issues we were facing and he did a great job putting together a quote and helping us get started with financing. Overall super impressed with our service received.

Review №22

I called last Wednesday because my AC wasnt cooling all the way, and they came out the same day. A very nice gentleman looked at my AC and diagnosed the issue. He said they will get a quote together and call me, but they have not called. I have been calling them daily, and everyone I have spoken to said they will email me, or call, with a quote, but I have yet to receive one. I paid $89 for them to come look at it, and I really want to get it fixed before it gets too hot. Its been almost a week now and they have not gotten back to me.. I guess they really are not fast response.

Review №23

Worst customer service. If you call and they are “experiencing high call volume” you are sent to voicemail. I left multiple voicemails asking to call me back and even texted. No response and closed my account. Do not recommend.

Review №24

Kevin was the technician sent to our home from Fast Response. He repaired a minor problem with our furnace not heating. He checked for carbon dioxide emission which reassured us our detectors were correct. Kevin was friendly and knowledgeable. Should we need service again we will definitely use Fast Response and request Kevin.

Review №25

Mike was courteous and professional. His explanation of the service he provided was very clear and concise. Thank you, Mike for great service.

Review №26

Kevin was professional and detailed when working on solving the issues I was having with my furnace. He was able to quickly find out the thermostat was the initial problem and would need to be replaced. Then we came across another issue with the furnace not working correctly. Kevin continued investigating further and was able to conclude that the sequencer needed replaced. At first the part was going to be ordered and be a 5 to 7 day wait and Kevin walked out the door. He returned later with the part that he found in his car. He put the new part on and got the furnace working correctly. Everything is working as it should and thankful for the service we received.

Review №27

Mike was very friendly and professional. He answered all of our questions as well as gave good advice on thermostat. Helped to replace the batteries in it when another tech had told us that we needed a new one. Thanks Mike for helping to identify the brand of the thermostat and gave us the brand and model name to look up the instructions. Way to go!

Review №28

Super nice, Tim was knowledgeable and polite. Explained everything was going on. Up front with cost of everything before doing anything. Great guy to work with. A+ rating. Can’t do better.

Review №29

Robert was fast, professional and very informative when diagnosing / fixing the issues with my heating cooling system.

Review №30

Had an issue with a loud noise when AC turned on. Kevin was quick and knowledgeable about the issue. He fixed the issue within 15 min and I am so grateful for his help. This company is by far the fastest to respond and the most enjoyable!! Thanks Kevin!!

Review №31

They service was slow, communication was terrible....someone came out, said nothing was wrong but guess someone ordered a part....they didnt put the part on.....the 2nd guy came out with part and said I didnt need it....he left with the part....If its an emergency, dont call them, aint nothing Fast to there response...

Review №32

They are the best! We have had Kevin come out twice to help us, he is super friendly and knows what he is doing. We have never had to wait hours within a timeframe for any service, they are extremely prompt and make sure you know when to expect the service. Kevin is very respectable and takes his time making sure everything is fixed and in good shape before he leaves. Highly recommend!

Review №33

WOW!!! Very impressed and appreciate the Fast & Professional service Kevin provided. He explained in terms I could understand exactly what the problem was and what he was doing to fix it. Definitely saving his number in case I need it in the future.

Review №34

We submitted a claim to our home warranty and received a call from Fast response the very next morning. They were able to get someone out the same morning. Kevin was great. He went above and beyond to show me the problems and how he fixed them. I highly recommend Fast response!

Review №35

Mike is professional, knowledgeable, and personable. Great job with a level of efficiency.

Review №36

Be extremely careful with this company! They severely overcharge. I have a home warranty that doesn’t cover locking caps and Freon. Fast response charged me 200.00 for locking caps that cost 12.00. Their Freon cost is outrageous. I have used them for years servicing my equipment. Never again! My life mission is to expose them so they don’t do it to anyone else. In the past I used them and their techs were very nice and reasonably priced. Going through a home warranty for a major issue, they totally screw you!

Review №37

Excellent service. Ive used them for 1.5 years and highly recommend them.

Review №38

After a visit by the technician on July 1sr, they ordered a fan motor and i have now been 5 weeks without AC. I am not a happy camper. I contacted them through my American Home Warranty and have not been at all satisfied!!

Review №39

Kevin was prompt, professional and very informative about the issue with my heating unit. He took time to explain what was wrong, what would need to be done next and the possible outcomes. He was very well spoken, friendly and I felt very comfortable with him in my home. He wore a mask due to Covid and wore boot covers while in my home showing respect for my needs and safety. I would highly recommend Fast Response.

Review №40

Still waiting for this “fast service”. From other reviews, sounds like home warranty doesn’t get the attention others get. This company is not interested in helping. No heat yesterday, today and no hope of an appointment until we call them back tonight at 4:30 to hear if maybe someone can come tomorrow! What kind of service is this? Poor!

Review №41

Kevin was great! He worked around my schedule and cared about the issue at hand. He fully explained the issue and worked diligently to find a solution. Very friendly and knowledgeable.

Review №42

Kevin was very knowledge and informative. I didn’t feel like there was a hard up sell and he was truly here to fix the problem at hand. Very professional and will use fast response on the future.

Review №43

Incredibly knowledgeable and professional! Highly recommend this company and it employees!!! Use them for two properties we own for repair and serving seasonal service!

Review №44

Mike was kind, courteous and had the utmost patience for my AC ignorance. Would definitely ask for him by name again.

Review №45

To whomever answers your phone - I was on hold for 25 minutes when she finally answered. She said HELLO and by the time I unmuted my phone (obviously I had to multi-task while waiting on hold for 25 minutes) she hung up. I call back and am on hold for 18 minutes. SAME THING! She said HELLO, I wasnt muted, but she IMMEDIATELY hung up. UNPROFESSIONAL

Review №46

Kevin was great! He took his time fixing and cleaning our AC and explained everything very well. He was very friendly. It was a great overall experience.

Review №47

Kevin came at the Time frame he said he would arrive. He inform me as he did the cleaning what he was doing and why . the job was done on a very timely manner. I will be using fast response heating cooling furture jobs.

Review №48

Kevin was great. Friendly, knowledgeable. Took the time to explain the reasoning behind the things he was doing. Made suggestions for other minor issues we mentioned and advised on what to to do further to monitor our furnace for issues that could arise in the future. All around a good guy and the kind of person you’d want to show up in the worst of situations.

Review №49

Kevin was extremely helpful with explaining every part of the process. As a new homeowner he was very knowledgeable in showing us common problems and how to fix them ourselves rather than hiring a professional. He was very straightforward in everything and did a good job of fixing our issues. If you read reviews before you use them like I did you’ll notice Kevin’s name come up a lot and that’s for good reason. If you get Kevin you’re in luck. I can’t say anything about other workers which could be the issue for other reviews.

Review №50

Kevin was very informative as he went through the inspection. He did a full walkthrough and didn’t skip anything. He was very friendly and helpful. Would definitely recommend to others.

Review №51

Kevin is a prompt and professional technician. He is knowledgeable and very informative as to what issues were occurring and why. It gives me confidence that I am being taken care of and with my interests first.

Review №52

Came out for warranty repair. Was very nice and found items needed to be repaired. Waiting for repair to be completed but I hopeful it will be completed soon without any issues.

Review №53

Wonderful service, great knowledge, pleasant and very safe service from Kevin!Thermostat was not working heat properly, Kevin diagnosed the problem, tested multiple times and explained the details to us so we knew what went wrong and why.Highly recommended!

Review №54

We lost our heating this morning, and Fast Response was able to come out within hours and fix our heating! Tim was wonderful - he was thorough, explained what he was doing along the way, and was so friendly and professional! I would highly recommend Tim and Fast Response - they are excellent!

Review №55

Run away from this company, they are not reputable and almost caused harm to our family because of their lack of concern for safety standards. We were assigned this company by our home warranty company. The inspection was horrible and they did not run adequate tests to actually determine what the problem was. They saw we had an older furnace and basically said we needed it replaced because of a cracked heat exchanger. They did not look in our heat exchanger with a camera they just determined that apparently with ex-ray vision (we hired another company for a second option and they ran multiple tests with different equipment and our furnace did not have any cracks in the heat exchanger). However, you can see in their attached diagnosis that they did believe there was a crack in the primary heat exchanger. When that happens your furnace should be red tagged and not turned on because it can leak carbon monoxide into your home which can injure and in some cases cause death. Once we learned of this danger, we called them and they simply said sorry, that should have been red-tagged and would not come out to reinspect or red-tag the unit.

Review №56

Kevin was awesome. Very knowledgeable, even with an older furnace. Walked me through what the problem was and possible solutions. Also tried to help me get a stop gap in place until the real problem can be fixed. Thanks Kevin!

Review №57

Kevin was very courteous and professional while evaluating my problem. The issue we were facing was not something you would commonly experience but Kevin was able to look at the entire issue and make sense of what had occurred. We have had service from Fast Response Heating and Air so far.

Review №58

This service was amazing! Kevin was super friendly and knowledgeable. He also provided advice for future maintenance. Great job!

Review №59

Kevin the technician was exceptional. Was willing to wait until I arrived to my house from work after a last minute AC outage. While working, Kevin explained everything he was doing in detail and was very knowledgeable. I knew I was getting exceptional and expert service at a competitive price.

Review №60

Kevin was awesome and taught me all about my furnace! He came and fixed my problem quickly. Would recommend all day!

Review №61

Amazing company, I would definitely recommend any and everyone to use these folks for their heating and cooling needs.

Review №62

Kevin was great! We were referred by our home warranty company, but he was timely and was very professional as well as informative. When you have heating issues in the winter it’s much better when the service provider is friendly!

Review №63

Kevin was very nice, very helpful, Very knowledgeable. Took his time and answered every question we had. Great experience. Wonderful service.

Review №64

Kevin very professional, courteous, and thorough in locating and repairing the issue with my furnace. I won’t be freezing in 0 degree temps!

Review №65

Kevin came to repair my ac unit and diagnose any issues my system might have. He was the first person from any heating and air business, that didn’t seem rushed. He took his time to make sure he could do everything in his power to solve my issue, while also explaining the steps he was taking so I had a clear understanding of what exactly was happening. He provided excellent service that I hope to get from anywhere I call for help.

Review №66

Kevin did a great job of coming in and checking the problems. Fixed everything in a good timing matter. He let me know what was wrong and how to prevent it from happening again.

Review №67

After our furnace started squealing loudly, Kevin showed up to fix it. He was 100% professional, fixed our problem quickly, and explained what was going on along the way. Hopefully we dont have any more issues with our HVAC for a while; but if we do, Id definitely be glad to see Kevin again knowing the pride he takes in his work. Great experience.

Review №68

Kevin was professional and thorough. He explained and showed me what was wrong. He spoke about what needs to be repaired after they get the part from AHS. He was kind and cleaned up after he was done.

Review №69

Our technician, Oscar, arrived on-time and diagnosed the problem quickly. He also followed up in a timely manner to perform the needed repair.

Review №70

Kevin was on time, professional, informative and did the necessary maintenance we needed quickly and efficiently. I’d recommend him and this company to anyone!

Review №71

SHORT VERSION: We are VERY pleased with the work that was performed by Brooke (our tech) and will absolutely recommend this company. If we have issues in the future we will definitely be requesting to work with Fast Response again and we would request the same tech. We worked with Fast response as they were assigned to us through our Home Warranty company.LONG VERSION: I should start this review stating that we were nervous about having to work with this company as some of the reviews pertaining home warranty calls are negative, however our experience was outstanding.We called on Saturday afternoon and put a ticket with our home warranty company, they assigned us Fast Response Heating and Cooling and said they would call us the next business day, Monday at 7:30am they called us and let us know a tech would be able to come in to inspect the AC, they said the tech would call us when they were on their way (30 mins away).This indeed occurred, we were notified, the tech showed up on time she was very polite, knowledgeable and straightforward. Brooke, the tech was able to inspect and resolve the issue very quickly and we now have AC back on! We are very happy with the response we received and the quality of the service as well as the tech we were assigned.

Review №72

Kevin from Fast Response did an awesome job. Was able to fix the problem and explain why it happen so I could understand. Fast Response also had quick response time.

Review №73

TerribleWe were referred to this company my our home warranty company, and every aspect has been terrible. We called multiple times Monday morning, because they didn’t reach out to us. On Wednesday evening we were the last stop, to fix our furnace that wasn’t working properly. Our technician did not wear booties or a mask, and wasn’t knowledgeable. He stated everything looked fine and it’s a ventilation issue in which someone else would have to come out and troubleshoot, so he would leave the work order open. It is now a week later and they have yet to send out another technician. We have been forced to get our heat fixed by another company. From the poor communication and lack of knowledge, we are very frustrated with this company. One star is too many!

Review №74

I waited over 3 weeks for my A/C to be fixed , the technician came out the next day however the diagnostic report wasn’t sent to my warranty company but I was told it was I had to keep calling them to send it , that took almost a week, then when I called to check the status the girl I spoke with told me my part was ordered and my out of pocket can be paid once the part comes in and they call me to schedule , this was on Monday I called them Thursday just to get the status of the part and spoke with Andy , who was very unprofessional and told me that their “policy” is to pay before the part can be ordered and told me that the notes of the girl that told me otherwise don’t say that and pretty much said it’s my fault the part wasn’t ordered since I didn’t pay my outbox pocket, , he talked over me , raised his voice, as if I was a 5 year old, I got the owners number and called him to address this issue but he never called me back ,The technician came out the following week to install the part and he was very professional and courteousI wouldn’t recommend this company to anybody , and their name should definitely be changed

Review №75

If you are a home warranty customer stop everything and demand a different contractor. Not anything near fast. When someone came 5 days after the no heat request at 7:30 at night I got a bunk scammy diagnosis. Heat exchanger on a 3 year old furnace? Gimme a break. Waste no time with them.

Review №76

Kevin was very friendly and professional. He explained the issue and fixed it. I would highly recommend him!

Review №77

Bernie was great! Efficient and Friendly

Review №78

As a widow/single mother, I always feel a little out of my element when it comes to mechanics and home repairs. I am so grateful that Kevin came to work on our a/c today. Not only did the repair cost less than I anticipated, but he was also so informative on everything he was doing, recommendations for maintaining our system, and he took the extra time to explain in a way that I understood/felt comfortable with what work was required. He even took time to talk with my son about the mechanics involved and even encouraged him to look into fast response as a career choice one day. Just a very friendly, informative person that I will request for future Hvac issues!

Review №79

My gas furnace would not start. HSA sent Fast Response Heating and Cooling. Kevin diagnosed the issue as a faulty inducer and submitted the request to have the part ordered. Two days later, Bernie came and installed the new inducer. All is well and the house is warm.

Review №80

Kevin came out today to repair my AC. Had the problem diagnosed and fixed within an hour. Phenomenal company and great people working for them!

Review №81

Shout out to Kevin from Fast Response in Sharonville! Thanks for being on time and answering all my questions. Kevin did a great job fixing the furnace and was a complete pro! I will certainly use the business again.

Review №82

I tend to be all up in peoples business when they are here. I want to learn and make sure I am not getting charged for something that wasnt actually done. Not only was Kevin ok with me being nosy, he walked me through everything he was doing. We had the same issue when the temp dropped last year but that tech (from a different company) told us there was nothing they could do. It was getting worse this year so I gave getting it looked at another whirl. This time around Kevin diagnosed and repaired it and I was shown what to keep an eye out for. Amazing job and I now have a go-to for any other issues that pop up.

Review №83

Kevin with fast response did an awesome job and was courteous and professional! Thank you so much for fixing my problem!

Review №84

Bernie came out on a Saturday and fixed my furnace made sure to stay until it was working properly thanks Bernie

Review №85

Kevin was great..knowledgeable..professional..on time and friendly. I was impressed for sure..even taught me a few things..and he was nice to my dog..thank you kevin very much

Review №86

Kevin was the tech who came out and worked on our A/C. He was very professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing service and if we need anything else repaired, will definitely ask for him. Very impressed!

Review №87

Kevin did a great job at explaining things and pinpointing the issue we were having with our furnace.

Review №88

The engineer (Kevin) was great. Knew exactly he was doing.The scheduling department, however, needs some technology. A simple FIFO buffer sorted by distance from the engineers starting point. 8 days without heat in February and 6 days without AC in July. They couldnt do their Thursday, said theyd call on Friday, didnt call and didnt reschedule until Saturday. Might think of a different name.

Review №89

Our experience with fast response couldn’t have been any smoother. Our technician Kevin was on time and called us when he was in route to us. Unfortunately due to the warranty we carry he wasn’t able to perform the job until the device completely goes out. He felt so bad and just kept apologizing even though it had nothing to do with him or the company. He told us to contact him immediately next time the issue occurred and couldn’t have been any more friendly. We will definitely continue to use this company and would love for Kevin to be our technician. I would highly recommend this company!

Review №90

Fast and friendly. They took care of exactly what was wrong with our furnace. From the time that I requested the service to the time that our furnace was fixed was only about 4 hrs.

Review №91

Very professional and knowledgeable. Kevin took the time to explain what the issue with our furnace was and what he did to fix it.

Review №92

Very friendly. Willing to explain what he was doing. Went above and beyond.

Review №93

Great experience with Kevin, very professional, diagnosed the problem and ordered necessary parts quickly. Great service!

Review №94

This business got the job done! Kevin was especially great - he made sure we had everything we needed before leaving. He has even kept up with us throughout the days since! We greatly appreciated it, especially being new home owners! I highly recommend this company!!

Review №95

They might be busy but horrible company to deal with. My home warranty assigned this company to troubleshoot my ac. As per them they should call me in 24 hours to schedule appointment. They did not and i had to call them to get a appointment which was scheduled after a week. Good part is their number goes to voicemail and it barely works in a day. only good thing is the technician is good and did his job. Its been 4 days since the technician visit and they did not send the report back to warranty. When i call fast response all they say is there is a separate dept who does that and there is no way to speed up or reach them. Irresponsible business. Stay away.

Review №96

Ive had good initial experience so far. Kevin came to my house yesterday and let me know an hour before he was going to get there. He checked to see what the problem was, the condenser. He gave me my options and let me know when to expect the part to come in. He was nice and courteous and knowledgeable. So far, so good! Ill review again along the way.

Review №97

Kevin did a great job and explaining to me what the problem was and he fixed it and record time and he got there as quick as he could and I appreciate that. Would love to have him back if need be thanks Kevin for a great job

Review №98

After my AC quit working on a Friday, I reached out to Fast Response and they were able to get to my home on Monday. When my AC went out last Summer, another company told me they wouldn’t be able to come out for two weeks. I was very pleased with their quick response and professional service. Kevin was the service man and he was very professional and took the time to answer my questions. Thanks, Kevin!

Review №99

They were very quick to respond and make an appointment. Knowledgeable.

Review №100

Had Kevin at the house today helping with our AC unit. We had previously had another local company out who seems to have lazily only done half of their due diligence. Kevin got the Freon charged and talked me through everything he did and explained simple eye test ways we can check on it ourselves. Based off of this interaction I would highly recommend Fast Response, and request Kevin if that’s allowed!

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