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Im so tired of the problems with my postman, I’m waiting for a package and it says it is delivered at 1610 and now it is 2130. This has happened so many times . Plus where we live is a apartment A and B. Postman always shoves all the mail in one and wont separate the mail for A and B. I had a check that sat in Apartment A mailbox for a week cause they were out of town.How hard is it? I have made a formal complaint to the USPS.

Review №2

Postal portal to check for mail stated package delivered in mail box. Have not delivered item. It seems that the carrier does not want to travel due to road being closed(12A). There is access through Meany Rd and Hemlock Rdfinding mail on ground and unable to speak to postmaster or supervisor

Review №3

This place should be rated zero stars. Packages not delivered, say they were. Sometimes they won’t even attempt delivery have to go to post office to get packages. Just awful.

Review №4

Have not had a good experience with this post office. Whichever mailman is responsible for delivering to my house, frequently DOES NOT EVEN attempt to deliver my mail and/or packages, and always leaves a “attempted delivery” sheet— Each time, I have been home waiting the entire day for the deliveries and they do not attempt. This will go on for days at a time, with me calling to speak with the post office and still no sight of my packages, and often when calling them I get spoken to very rudely.The few times that my packages actually get delivered, the mailman makes no effort to walk to my EASILY accessible porch, instead leaving my deliveries on the top of my car, including things such as medications. Extremely frustrating, handle the incompetence of your employees or simply get new ones. It shouldn’t be a constant battle to get MY OWN mail, because your employee is lazy.

Review №5

Staff is incompetent. Had mail held due to carriers inability to deliver. Once snow cleared asked 6 times to resume delivery. On last request carrier detailed road was too muddy. Asked what could be done to assure I could receive mail at post office or home mailbox...clerk laughed and thought situation was humorous. I requested her name which prompted her to call police.

Review №6

Message says my package was delivered. It was not! Not the 1st time! Instructions on package not followed. Sad and sorry service!

Review №7

In the last month I have had more packages with tracking come back saying attempted delivery. I get some big packages cant go in a box, but my front porch is always accessible. For 4 years all my packages made it to the door, including a suitcase left in a mud puddle. But now even small packages that clearly fit in my mailbox arent being left. The door says open until 5. At 445 the gate was down and I couldnt get an important package. This office needs an overhaul and workers who actually try.

Review №8

I haven’t had any problems with this post office. They have all been nice and accommodating to us bringing in large numbers of packages daily.

Review №9

Terrible service. Got told off by the post master for simply asking why my packages keep getting THROWN into my neighbors garage. When I said I was going to make a complaint because this is the 5th time in one month that this has happened, he said go ahead, it wont do anything. He has openly refused to fix the problem, how is that not purposely tampering with the mail? I spoke with the local police and they will do NOTHING.

Review №10

So... now it has been a month. The weather is in the 40 - 50 degree range. Any snow and ice is melting away. Still no mail .. none in a MONTH!After posting the review below, Amazon reached out to the USPS to enquire why the packages arent being delivered. USPS apologized and insisted the package would be delivered the next day .... well, the date came and went .... no delivery. It is close to two weeks now that there has been no delivery of mail.... I have no idea what to do.....They refused to deliver mail to my home stating that there was too much snow. I offered to provide photos showing that there was no snow blocking the mailbox or area leading to it. The carrier insisted that it was too dangerous, however, other neighbors on the street are getting their mail. I asked to speak with the postmaster, but they could not provide a phone number to reach him. At this point I am not getting any mail delivery....

Review №11

Nobody there! Recording says will call back in... “More than one hour”

Review №12

Lies all i got when i called all i wanted to know is if i had to pick up a package or if the carrier would deliver. as i was looking at the website it said received in the am and they would not look just said the carrier would deliver it but nothing as of 5:45pm and yes they are closed now thanks for not helping....... this is why i hate the mail

Review №13

Love getting mail that isnt mine even put a paper up saying who lives there and other peoples mail stopped name faded on the paper and started getting others mail again

Review №14

I paid express shipping on a package and the mail man was too lazy to get out and ask for the signature he needed so he left a card saying he tried and no one was home. Mind you he did NOT get out of his vehicle. Called the post office and they seemed just as useless as their mail man. Anyways all I get fed is lies and they tell me to call the post master tomorrow. Charlestown post office is nothing but a JOKE.

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