United States Postal Service
3970 Old Post Rd, Charlestown, RI 02813, United States

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So my local USPS allegedly delivered a package to me this week when I was at work, came home and there was nothing there. Delivery confirmation said it was in my mailbox, after talking with Amazon they were polite and understanding in replacing my order. Well nothing showed up again, and so I went to the local branch and asked them to track the package for me. I was shown nothing but contempt from the start, and when I kindly asked her to drop her attitude she started to steam out of her ears. I was being very careful with my tone and body language because I know how it can be in USPS branches. I walked out of there with nothing to show for my time money and hassle other than being mildly harassed and put into a terrible mood. Laurie at Charlestown USPS you get what you give, but in this case I wished her a good rest of the day and left empty handed!

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I read all the bad reviews but still went on a Saturday. Line was long (only open 10am-Noon) but the one lady running the place was super nice and helpful. Maybe management turned things around recently!

Review №3

Lousy customer service. I am from NY and visit once a month. Have had a house here for 25+ years ALL OF A SUDDEN we were told if we do not empty our box twice a week they will not deliver the mail. WHAT!! Is this an official postal service regulation? My husband recently died and this has been less possible for us to do. The older woman I spoke to was not giving an inch & was not sympathetic. I would give this place a 0 if I could.

Review №4

I sent a package at this location and the counter lady was lovely and helpful! Very easy experience.

Review №5

They refuse to deliver packages. I once ordered a bed frame and the mail carrier said she couldnt deliver it because it wouldnt fit in the mailbox. In what world would a package that size ever fit in a mailbox?? More recently, I have had small packages not be delivered. I have to drive out to the post office at the other side of town to get my packages. Some of them definitely could have fit inside my mailbox, and no slip was provided to request redelivery. No second attempt was ever made. One package was marked delivered, but was actually held at the post office. It is winter, but my driveway was cleared with a snowblower and our walkway is shoveled. The mail carrier has made no attempt. It is laziness and a refusal to do her job. No one answers the phone when you call the post office either.

Review №6

On my second mailbox in a year and a half. First one had the door ripped off due to it having a box crushed inside it.This weeks fun was a package too heavy to deliver but somehow still made it on the truck and made it back to the post office ok. No delivery attempt note left until the following day (which was post dated for the previous day).Hope it gets better but doubt it based on the experience so far.

Review №7

Constantly leaving the mailboxes open and allowing rain to soak all our mail. Will not even attempt to deliver a package but simply put in a Pink slip to have us constantly show up to the post office location which has bad hours to start with. Left a voice message for the Postmaster who never got back to me.

Review №8

1 star is way too generous. Their mail carriers are rude and lazy. I went in and met with the postmaster to file a complaint. The poor attitude and laziness comes from the top. He’s worse than his employees.

Review №9

Customer service clerk (grey hair, usually pulled back) is cold and unpleasant. Any question to her is met with a sneer and a terse response. Unhelpful. Have had several unfriendly encounters with this particular clerk so not just a bad day. Go to any other post office other than this one.

Review №10

If I could give this post office no stars, I would. Mail service is terrible, carriers are lazy, customer service is poor.

Review №11

They are the worse !!!! They are lazy to delivery packages

Review №12

One star is too good. LAZY mail carriers, terrible cold attitude in customer service, HORRIBLE post office. HORRIBLE.

Review №13

My regular mail carrier is a woman and she is phenomenal. Im 100 percent disabled and she always brings my packages to the door. Theres a young male who doesnt bother.He finds the disability ramp too far to walk up and throws the packages from outside onto the turning platform at the top. This morning, he didnt bother to even attempt to put the mail in the mail box. He stopped briefly, then drove off.

Review №14

The woman who delivers our packages continually throws them onto our driveway. Very unprofessional!!!

Review №15

Customer service here is atrocious, go to any other post office

Review №16

Horrible hours and a tendency to send things back if they sit for longer than an hour.

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