The UPS Store
1900 W Chandler Blvd #15, Chandler, AZ 85224, United States

Review №1

The owner Jimmy is absolutely amazing. I came in today with a last minute issue needing to print up obituaries for my father’s home going tomorrow. Jimmy did a beautiful job, truly brought me to tears and he got them to me before they closed today. So so so grateful for your customer service and patience and understanding With this entire process. So looking forward to working with you all in the future

Review №2

I had to update my review my documents were delivered and Miranda was awesome and friendly.

Review №3

Extremely friendly staff that is super quick when it comes to taking care of my returns. I was able to get in and out of there within 5 minutes even though I had 3 big boxes to return. The place is neat and would have anything needed with respect to delivery and packages. Would definitely recommend coming to this location if you want to ship or do returns.

Review №4

I had a great experience with Christian at the UPS store. He allowed me to compare prices with FedEx and waited kindly while I walked across the street to do just that he was also very knowledgable and got me $4 off shipping costs by using the actual address of the IRS instead of the drop box which I had. Thanks Christian.

Review №5

Vicki was so friendly and helped me with all my packing needs, I drive 20 minutes just to use this specific location!!

Review №6

Christian was phenomenal he went above and beyond to assist me and delivered true customer service. Very professional, courteous and friendly.

Review №7

I stopped in at this UPS early this morning; I hadnt been to this location in a couple of years. In fact, I wasnt even sure it was still open- considering practically every other business in that plaza is under construction or altogether closed. I was pleasantly surprised to find the door wide open, no other costumers, and THE FRIENDLIEST employee just waiting to assist ME!! I was there to ship off a return, and Cara helped me every step of the way. I pulled up the return label and handed her my phone- she did all the rest. She printed the label from my phone, stuck the return label on the box, and sent it off. It was Caras personality and our random conversations that really did it for me!! Shes as sweet and personable as a person could possibly be. We talked about the flashlights by the register- which I bought one. We talked about the store I had purchased my return from. We talked about the closed businesses, in that strip mall. My point is, is that the whole transaction took all of 10 mins- but I couldve stayed and hung out, chit chatting with Cara, all day! Shes so efficient at her job, soooooo kind and Manager Jimmy has a very valuable employee in Cara!!! I was COMPLETELY satisfied with my experience at this particular UPS store and I will ABSOLUTELY return!!! Thank you Cara!!!

Review №8

This is my fav UPS Store! Everybody is very nice. Christian has such good customer service and is very kind.

Review №9

First off, shoutout to Corey, that guy was real cool and real expedient in helping me ship my package. The whole process was easy and quick and he was quite nice and made real pleasant small talk :) 10/10 would ship packages again

Review №10

Christians been super helpful each time Ive gone in, knowledgeable and all

Review №11

Today was an unusual day for me and FBA shipping lol my first shipment the labels printed differently than the usual for UPS but i was in such a rush I did not press the issue and took the shipment to the usual ups store down the street from me on Alma School RD in Chandler. However when i got there the line was outside and after waiting outside for 25 minutes I decided to go to store #3460 which is also up the road and around the corner from me. When I arrived there were two ladies wearing masks working with other customers and moving quickly I dropped off my boxes sometimes i wait for a receipt sometimes i don’t. I decided after putting the labels on that it was busy i don’t need a receipt. The store quickly called me and left a message that the labels were no correct on my shipment. By that time I had already went back to the office to set up another shipment and returned to store #3460. Upon arrival Christian professionally explained to me what the labels were on my shipment and what label is needed to ship to Amazon. Christian was very knowledgeable about the process and because he was he was able to help me identify in my Amazon seller account what I did wrong and needed to redo the shipment. Christian also advised me that I did not have to go to reprint the correct labels and advised me the email process and the kiosk available to access my labels via personal email. While I was working on that Christian processed my 2nd shipment and assisted three other customers. Once i got everything situated Christian was ready to assist me and we finished the process accordingly. Being a seller with Amazon for 2years i have the option on Amazon to chose FedEx, USPS, DHL and UPS to process my inventory and ship. The Service given at UPS store #3460 like what I received from Christian is the reason I continue to select UPS when I set up my FBA shipments. Today was hectic day and Christian made it easy to get in and out with everything in order lol whew! Awesome store! Thank you!!

Review №12

Christian was very nice and extremely helpful!! Awesome experience :)

Review №13

I have been going to this UPS location for years, and have had only good customer service. This includes being treated in a professional, friendly, and helpful manner.

Review №14

This place is beautiful. Its unique! Has a lot of character. I recommend it. Lots of good options. Its a Az local love spot. I know a lot of people who have the same experience. Its refreshing to see a place to go the extra mile! Clean, masks, sanitation on point. I can bring my Grandma and shes a stickler. Grandma approved. I hope you come by and experience it yourself. You wont be disappointed. I promise. #SpreadTheLove #StudentsOfLife #NeverStopLearning #KindnessEqualsStrength #ZeroEgo #Humble #Grateful ✌❤🌎 keep up the good work!.UPS your great!!!!!!!

Review №15

Not too long of a wait today.

Review №16

Had a receipt that faded, couldnt see the tracking number. I called the store and Jimmy was able to pull it up my transaction in the system and gave me the tracking number. Jimmy saved the day, he was very polite, professional and patient. Excellent customer service. Keep up the good work!

Review №17

I get paid to do high quality artwork. This store lost a hand painting (a gift), which they helped package on their own. I was never asked for a “declared value” and after several days of a “search” they told me they were willing to compensate me only $100 for the lost package. I will be writing a letter to the corporate headquarters to address this issue further. Average customer service and a disastrous outcome. I would advise taking your package right next-door to FedEx.I’m just updating my review because my package was found. Thank you for getting it delivered.

Review №18

Very friendly and quick. Stands out from other UPS stores.

Review №19

35 minutes after opening time - still not open. No sign of anyone. Multiple customers waiting outside. Ridiculous.

Review №20

Very friendly staff, and also extremely professional! Im pretty impressed with the customer service, its difficult to find elsewhere in any industry. Its a very clean store as well. I always receive notices or emails when its time renew my box, always giving me a good heads up. I also really like how you can enter the location at ANY hour of the night to check your mail, I often find myself running late or forgetting during store hours and make it there later on, very convenient! Great job staff.

Review №21

Thank you Christian and Cara for your help in getting package out

Review №22

Excellent service. Very helpful and knowledgeable. Friendly and professional.

Review №23

Horrible service trying to return an Amazon purchase. Amazon said it was free, UPS said it was not. What a scam.

Review №24

The staff was so awesome when I was working on my 2 year old Willy Wonka birthday stuff. I cant say enough good things about them. They knew what they were doing and could give me options and help think of better ways of printing my projects. Prices were fantastic too.

Review №25

My first trip ever using a UPS store, best believe I didnt even know where to begin. A young man named Ivan helped me from start to finish and explained how the process works when mailing things out and the cost. Thanking him because I had a million questions and he had all the answers with a smile😊 Great customer service👍

Review №26

I recently had a bunch of material printed for my new business and Tony was fantastic and so easy to work with. He made sure everything looked perfect and was printed by the end of the day. I appreciate their excellent customer service!

Review №27

I have used this UPS Store on many occasions over the years and have always had great and fast experiences. Jimmy, the owner, and his assistant Miranda just earned 10 stars yesterday! After being given the run around (literally all over town) for over a week by Fed Ex (not by choice) to return an electric scooter without its original boxing, I was Fed Up with Fed Ex and asked for my return to be reissued under UPS, who we normally use. Jimmy and Miranda were super helpful, kind, and had me in and out the door in less than 15 minutes with custom packaging planned to get my package returned. I will avoid Fed Ex at all costs in the future and stick with UPS who never give us issues.

Review №28

I use this location for all my business and personal needs. Been using them for 5 years now! Just wanted to let everyone know they take customer service to it’s highest level. Friendly, helpful and very professional! Jim the owner often takes care of me but I’ve had excellent service with all the employees there. It’s a great family run business and that familiar customer service is always there! Always try and support small business!

Review №29

Extremely helpful! Had to return 3 boxes, odd shapes but was sent only one label! Came in to the store hoping they could help so I wouldn’t have to call customer service. They did not fail! Came up with a few options and found the best for my situation! Thank you!

Review №30

I am the Chief Deputy Assessor for a county level department, and our office has used UPS Store 3460 numerous times. Theyve produced an assortment of products for us, and we have NEVER been disappointed. The finished and delivered products have always exceeded our expectations and arrived before the agreed upon date of delivery! Customer service is, by far, the best weve ever encountered. It is so rare, in this day and age, to experience the personalized service that Jimmy & Michelle have continued to provide us with! For printing, shipping and multitudes of other services, there is NO DOUBT who we will continue to use---- UPS Store 3460! You wont be disappointed!

Review №31

Friendly and speedy! I also liked the music they were listening to in the store🙂

Review №32

Extremely slow and incompetent service. I had to wait over 30 minutes and was skipped over by 6 other customers even though I arrived before any of them. I simply needed one signature from the stores notary to mail my letter.

Review №33

Was having a hard time deciding between the ups store and the fedex office in the same parking lot, so i called ahead to get a pricing quote. the ups store was much more convenient to get a quote from and was considerably less expensive.once i got to the store, the ladies working that day were super helpful and went above and beyond helping me pack up my oversized / overweight shipment and even managed to get the price down to below the price i was quoted over the phone. awesome!i will not hesitate to go to this location again for my future shipping needs.

Review №34

DO NOT USE THIS LOCATION!!! I use UPS all the time and this store takes the cake with its poor customer service. They lost a package we shipped, thats frustrating but it happens. What really is so disappointing is how I was treated. I was told by the Manager, Jim, that if we already called UPS to find out where our package was then he couldnt do any more for us than they could, and he wouldnt even tell us where it was currently or where is was going! He refused to do anything to assure us that he would get our package back. When we asked about a refund his response was that he wouldnt discuss it with us, because UPS made the mistake. That seemed a little ironic seeing as how I was in a UPS store at the time. But he explained that they were just a franchise and the shipping of the packages had nothing to do with him. So basically, not his problem. Ill admit I got a little peeved at that response and asked him to take some responsibility for what was happening. He told us he wasnt going to do anything more and asked us to leave. When I said I would like to take my business elsewhere he responded that he didnt care!There was a guy there, Nunez was his last name, he was doing all he could to help us and was a really nice guy, but everyone else in that store does not care about their customers. I know mistakes happen but if you expect to be treated with any kind of decency whatsoever when it does, go to another location. This location does not care about people.

Review №35

The staff was extremely friendly and shipped my pre-labeled USPS package for me.

Review №36

I have a post office box there and I had a VERY important package in the box. I called ahead to make SURE they leave the key in my box, as I was going there after hours. No problem they said. I drove 35 miles to pick it up and guess who didnt leave the key. Thanks for waisting my time and gas not to mention ruining my plans for the next day, as that package was an important part of it.

Review №37

I went in today to have some docs notarized and also needed two witnesses. Everyone was very helpful and made sure all docs were filled out properly and we had all we needed before we left. About $14 for all we had done. Im very happy with the service. The store is loaded with packing materials for your shipping needs.

Review №38

This store is always clean and the staff have always been ready and willing to help me out. Even when it gets really busy, they arent short with their customers, and they do their best to try and solve any issues.Every time I have shipped a package there, they werent pushy about up-selling or anything like that. My packages have never arrived in bad condition, or after they were scheduled to.All in all, I plan to return to this store for a long time!

Review №39

Efficient and friendly employees. I had no problem with their customer service and my package arrived perfectly on time. I will definitely use this location again.

Review №40

The UPS Store does excellent work and I highly recommend their services. They do great work on banners!!!

Review №41

Place is okay. Very well placed as I live across the street. Employees are okay friendly and service okay. Nothing spectacularly great, but nothing bad at all. My experiences have been overall positive.

Review №42

I was originally going to FedEx and ended up coming to Jimmy at The UPS Store. Place is nice and clean already has great reviews and Jimmy provided great customer service thanks! Will be back next time!

Review №43

Extremely professional and friendly staff and amazing service! Their printing service is Fantastic. Highly Recommend!

Review №44

I had an ebay shipment go wrong. The buyer claimed he received the wrong item. The staff at this UPS store helped me verify that I did send the correct item. The customer service here is EXCELLENT.

Review №45

I have never had an issue here until today. The female associate was incredibly ride and actually argued with me on a zip code in Michigan saying it was invalid after I had read it to her directly from my address book and confirmed it on Google. Oh thats not what you said, you said it started with a 5 Maam, I was reading it... This was after she couldnt figure out how to ship to an APO so I could send something to my brother in the Army. The male associate did nothing to step in bc he was too busy telling another customer she should just write in her name on the business cards they printed WITHOUT A NAME.

Review №46

I only ship packages around holidays. Much better service than usps. They seem haggard, rushed, but around Christmas, I mean, who isnt?! I got in like behind a lady who just yelled and yelled at the poor cashier. But he was very nice and attentive to me.

Review №47

I always have experienced excellent customer service at this store. The staff is professional and courteous.

Review №48

Amazing, they waited extra 2 mins for us to drop 3 pkgs. I love this location. very nice!!!

Review №49

Great quality and they went above and beyond for us.

Review №50

Easy and fast, she was patient with me and helped me find a box that fit my needs to protect my shipment!

Review №51

It would be so much better as a service for clients if when you email to tell a package is there, put a little more than UPS- NA. That doesnt tell us who sent it and what priority it might be.Then we have to call and waste the clerks time to ask them to look. Thank you!

Review №52

Great customer service and working through the crowd during busy times. Chris is the best!

Review №53

Always very professional, caring and helpful. Hats off to Jimmy and his crew! This is our go-to place for shipping.

Review №54

They are the best ever helping me with my printing problems

Review №55

Halo and Chris extremely helpful. 5 star store for sure.

Review №56

Absolutely terrible management. We paid premium price to ship a package overnight (drivers license), one week later and after several hours on the phone we still don’t have a resolution. Go into the store and try to figure out where our package is and get a refund. This gets escalated and Manager Jim tells me there is no guarantee of a refund, and won’t even begin to talk about it until the package gets shipped back to this store. Obviously not acceptable. Within minutes Jim demanded that I leave the store citing that he as already stated several different ways that he cannot help me further.Really? You’ll let me pay $44 to send an envelope and then hide behind the fact you are just a franchise and have no control on what happens? Never mind the hassle of not even having my package delivered, at this point I’m just trying to get my stuff back!The only small sliver of credit goes to the first gentleman trying to help us in the beginning; Jim was the most textbook unprofessional manager I have done business with, period.

Review №57

This ups store is an absolute RIPOFF. Been there twice trying to return ship items. 50 bucks to ship a 12 long pipe that weighs 8 lbs and add a little padding? First time tried to charge me 90 bucks to ship back a studio monitor. I paid the original shipper 22 bucks for the same label. Never again.

Review №58

Was dropping off two items to return to Amazon. Wanted to charge me $17 for two boxes, some tape and packing peanuts. Really?

Review №59

Usually kind and helpful. Not today. I will return to my usual store.

Review №60

I came to this store to get a document notarize and they did not accept passport. AZ Notary Public reference manual chapter 3 page 18 clearly states is acceptable!!!

Review №61


Review №62

Lots of great help from staff. Always here for free dropoffs.

Review №63

For proper postage here, very quick and friendly.

Review №64

Im honestly confused how UPS stays in business with prices exponentially higher than USPS. This was a friendly location, however the only reason I ever walk into a UPS store is to send back Amazon packages or with prepaid postage from a third party.

Review №65

Great location, super helpful and nice to deal with.

Review №66

Excellent service!!! Friendly staff!Thank you Jimmy!!! You’re the best!!!

Review №67

Unhelpful staff, friendly but very unhelpful

Review №68

You guys post you are open but you were closed. Thats not nice

Review №69

$10 for notary? Thats a ripoff.

Review №70

I printed out 1 page in black and white format. They charged me $ 2.15. They make hella much surge pricing.

Review №71

$2 to print a label, and the guy was a real jerk about it.

Review №72

This location is no different than any other. I cant much about the staff. Not as overtly friendly as other locations that Ive been to but not bad either. I usually use this location to mail packages.

Review №73


Review №74

Friendly staff

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