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Review №1

I had scheduled an appointment 2 weeks ago. One for my daughter & one for me. When scheduling, the lady on the phone knew we were new patients. She took my insurance information & scheduled us both. Thought everything was all good to go. Got a phone call 2 hours before my daughters appointment telling me that they actually aren’t accepting new patients with the insurance coverage we have. Unorganized & unprofessional. The communication is off, & have no respect for patients time. Will never recommend this place or ever reschedule.

Review №2

Be Aware - Do not let DR. Miller get close to your teeth. One filling end up being two which was done very badly and now I have to get possibly two root canals - an issue of integrity and qualification that requires investigation

Review №3

I had bridgework done which is not a fun time. However Chrissy the Dental Assistant was absolutely awesome! She made me feel at ease during a very painful process. She and Dr. Maroney got me through all of it. If you must have a bridge done, see Chrissy and Dr Maroney.

Review №4

The billing department is horrible. They completely ignored my insurance policy and overcharged our last visit, leaving the responsibility for payment on me, and threatening to pursue collection action.

Review №5

Love Mary Lou my hygienist for years

Review №6

I had not been to dentist in a year, due to fear and just my teeth needed some gentle treatment, not having insurance coverage etc. I went in with little expectation as I was so afraid, and I thought I would be judged for lack of cleaning for the last year not by choice. I was so amazed at the friendly staff and the dentist I had was superb, he did not make me feel bad, he encouraged me and motivated me about my mouth. He gave me a plan, and thank God my mouth is on the road to recovery! I would recommend this dental office to anyone, the staff are all nice that I have met, personable and just a good experience overall. I will stick with this dentist, my mouth is amazing now, I feel good about seeing the dentist again. The hygentist are equally nice. Great place to have an appointment.

Review №7

Poor work and over priced: higher prices than other dentists. Very sketchy how they do billing & rude when you ? anything. Also, missed significant things another dentist found with more sophisticated x-ray equipment. Office atmosphere is stressed and rather unfriendly.I would go elsewhere.

Review №8

I love Becca. She has never made me feel ashamed for my dental cleanings. I have had many hygenists make me feel awful about how long it takes to clean my teeth or other shameful comments. She is super friendly and kind. Thank you, Becca!

Review №9

I was having real bad tooth pain and called in for an appt. I talked to a someone named Heidi and was borderline rude to her without meaning it because of the pain I was having. She assisted me regardless and I greatly appreciate her help. Heidi, if you are reading this, thanks being understanding and for showing empathy!-Nancy Cha

Review №10

STAY AWAY, FAR AWAY!!!! From park dental. My daughter made a first-time dental appointment. Days prior, we were told she would be FULLY covered. She received a cleaning & ex-ray, weeks later we received an invoice for $342.00... we didn’t understand why I contacted my daughters insurance/claims dept. They explained the dental plan as far as what is and what is not covered. They also stated the dental office was aware of my daughters plan. (most offices check a portal system ) YES, I know they aren’t obligated to tell us about the plan. However, they are accountable to “verify eligibility before providing treatment” park dental did not verify the insurance until TWO days after (via) phone.. (according to the insurance notes)! Now I am confused about why my daughter was not giving an estimate of the potential cost/ Break down. That way, she could have decided if she wishes to continue with the services. But she was giving and signed a Financial liability form.I have reached out to the office manager. She was RUDE ( all phone calls have been recorded). I have reached out to the corp office, waiting on a response.Also, I was told via phone by DORCAS at Park Dental,” they did check for eligibility, and it showed 100% on their end”.. Hmmmmm questionable if and the fact they checked for eligibility before the service.. why did they contact the insurance company two later inquiring about coverage?One thing for sure and two for certain PARK DENTAL WILL NOT RECEIVE A DIME FROM ME!...the first thing they should have done, verify the insurance,secondly, notify my daughter and let her know, her insurance does not cover, and if she decides to use the service, she would be responsible for any cost.We were under the impression and was told several times by Park Dental staff before her visit. The service would be FULLY covered... we didnt need to contact the insurance company before since we were provided with this information.Our former family dentist has retired, and we have been apart of the clinic for 15-year loyal years& NEVER inquired about an invoice💯Follow up 1-7-2020 @ 16:52 I communicated with the regional manager, he stated park dental verified my daughter insurance before her visit. I asked him who made the appointment and could he provide proof?!?.... he claimed there isnt a record of who verity the insurance and or who scheduled the appointment over the phone ( I quote) hmmmmmm interesting@ 17:23 I spoke with the same claim rep with the insurance company again. She stated there was NOT a prior verification from the park dental office. ( via phone) She also provided me the dates and times of each note on the account (TOTAL OF 5)... With this being said, Park Dental assumed my daughter was fully covered, and they provided us with this information SEVERAL times before the initial visit.

Review №11

I was told I have a cavity. I had It drilled, and the dentist (Dr Verbick) who drilled the cavity messed up my tooth to where I cannot use floss between the molar (which was drilled) and the tooth next to it because it hurts when I floss.I called to have them fix it and they brought me in to do so. After it was done, it didnt hurt for the day probably due to it being desensitized. After that day I was unable once again to floss between the teeth and it still hurts. I do not trust their workmanship and therefore will not go back to try to get it fixed again even if they did it again for free.I would not recommend Park Dental Champlin, I have switched Dentists and hopefully will find a good one this time.

Review №12

I am not sure of their Dental work. I waited in the waiting room for 1/2 hour without being seen. I had an appointment and watched two other customers walk in after me and were seen before me. The receptionist didnt say a word to me on how much longer the wait would be or why there was a delay. With another dental office on the same street I would think they would try a little harder to get/keep new customers. At least at McDonalds they have the decency to advise you there will be a wait on fries.

Review №13

I just dont get why people go to dentists theyre not happy with? Park Dental staff is friendly and get my cleanings done quickly. My dentist explains treatment options, uses a topical numbing agent, makes sure Im numb before proceeding and provides painless treatment! It doesnt get any better!!!!

Review №14

Treated my kids really well.

Review №15

I was sent my bill before they processed my I over paid and I had to call to make sure they credit my account. As an IN NETWORK provider for this particular insurance, you need to wait until the claim is processed through insurance before sending clients a bill. SO WATCH YOUR BILL>>>IT IS PROBABLY WRONG.

Review №16

This place only deserves a 5 star because of the guy who cleans my teeth, his name is Edson. Also.. Darcy is always so nice.. Doctor isnt so nice and Im not too fond of the dentist anyways... Edson is the only reason why I like to go into the dentist. Hes so friendly and funny, takes care of my teeth and the sensitivity of my teeth.Doctor didnt do the greatest to cover a cavity.. Two days later, I got my teeth looked at to get braces and the orthodontist said the cap looked like it was done poorly.I will still continue to go to this clinic as long as Edson and Darcy are there!

Review №17

I have been going to this clinic since moving to Champlin in 2015. Always have good experiences, the staff are very friendly.

Review №18

Super clean, super friendly staff. I was very impressed with all the staff I dealt with at Park Dental Champlin and would absolutely recommend this dentist to friends and family.

Review №19

Cheryl is the best dental hygienist Ive ever seen. My son, 8 years old, had to have sealants and he was very scared due to a previous experience with a different lady. She came in prepared: a sticker stuck to the light for him to focus on, a little egg timer to hold, directions to wiggle his toes and breath through his nose and she spoke with him the entire time (FANTASTIC rapport). All of these things were to keep him distracted and it worked. She was in and out in less than 20 minutes and my son felt silly for being so scared. I told her I will be requesting her exclusively from now on.

Review №20

Always a good experience with Mary Lou, and Dr. Krista Miller.They take care of my entire family at this site and make it a comfortable visit.

Review №21

I brought my son in for a toothe extraction and the poor kid had the worst pain and traumatic experience ever. Dr bahnemann rushed the procedure and never allowed the medicine to take its course. Ive never had problems with any other doctors. But will never ever allow her to work on any of my children again. I dont tend to complain about such things but the pain that my son was put through I would not want to happen to any other child.

Review №22

Dr. Maroney did an Invisalign treatment for me because my bottom teeth were very crowded. Now they look great! I am very pleased with the results.My wife has also seen Dr. Maroney for crowns, fillings, and veneers.Dr. Maroney has very good chair side manner, is knowledgeable in his practice, and is gentle.We both love our new smiles!

Review №23

I will start by saying that Dr. Hovda was a heaven sent for my three small children who had severe anxieties related to dental services. Dr. Hovda is kind and gentle, and my kids always felt relaxed and comfortable under his care. However, today the front desk staff left a very sour taste in my mouth when I showed up for my appointment to find out that they had cancelled it due to a change in my insurance. As patients, we are expected to make a courtesy call when we are unable to keep an appointment, and I would like to think that goes both ways. When trying to resolve the matter I was treated like I was an annoyance and a waste of their time. They showed a total lack of professionalism and customer service, which should be the main focus of their job. We will miss the excellent care of Dr. Hovda and his team.

Review №24

Dr. Maroney and Park Dental Champlin MN were great! They made a very unpleasant procedure (root canal) remarkably easy!

Review №25

Worst place to go in Champlin, MN. Never going again.

Review №26

Awesome staff!

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