Big O Tires
11473 Marketplace Dr N, Champlin, MN 55316, United States

Review №1

Called a couple of days before and made an oil change appointment at 10am. Dropped the keys off and said I would be back in an hour or 2. Went back around noon and they hadnt even started on it. Asked them how much longer they were going to keep my vehicle. Said it would go into the shop right now. Called at about 3 and it was just going in. Vehicle was done at about 5pm. So 7 hrs for an oil change. I complained and asked why would you make an appointment if it is done at whatever time they want. Still got charged full price. Go to better shops...

Review №2

We came out to a flat tire at an establishment next door to the Champlin Big O TiresSo naturally we went in for some help and Collin the Manager was simply put… Amazing. He was super friendly, knowledgeable, and accommodating despite how busy they were.They got our tire fixed super fast. These guys are awesome..!

Review №3

Proceed with caution! Manager made up false repairsI took my vehicle in for a recommended front end alignment, and was told by the Manager Chase that my 2015 vehicle needed a new battery and both front and rear suspension replacement. I was surprised that in 3 months from my last vehicle inspection done by the dealership that my suspension had gone bad. When I expressed my concern about the differences in his inspection compared to the one from the dealerships less then 3 months ago, Chase was very Persistent with saying he only runs an honest shop!! And told me that dealerships do not do thorough inspection and they mark things off for what they expect it would show. Chase was sounding pretty convincing said that he would no do the aliment until after the suspension was replaced, because it would be a waist of my money. So of course knowing I need reliable transportation even though Im feeling overwhelmed with the information given, I asked the cost of repair I was told 3-5 thousand dollars. So I did what many spouses do and called to break the news to my husband, who told me to tell Chase that I would be taking it for another inspection. I took my vehicle in the next day to the dealership told them only that I was told it needed repairs and when they asked what, I told the dealership that I needed them to find it. They came back and said the only findings was it needed a front end alignment, they sent it out for the front end alignment and had the Midas Mechanic at that shop do an inspection as well and they to only found that my vehicle was in need of a front end alignment.And in case your wondering not only was my suspension good, but my battery was good as well. Save yourself some $$ get another opinion.

Review №4

Very friendly and helpful staff. Was in and out quickly.

Review №5

Chase was very helpful and friendly. Inspected our car made sure we were informed on all that needed to be done. Kept us informed on how the work was going and estimate time they would be done. Thank you Chase.

Review №6

Customer service is just so bad.Joel is being so disrespectful during the service.So disappointing.I would never recommend anyone to go there for any services.

Review №7

I went for a transmission flash which was relatively not expensive for my V8 XC90 ....he did a quick inspection, I needed oil change, rotors and brakes. They worked with me to help get my car back on the road. Chase the NEW MANAGER knows connect with the customers and to serve to there satisfaction. I will come back Chase with my other friends so they can service there cars at Big O. Try them wont regret it!

Review №8

I have been in this location to get an oil change 3 times. Each time i have been told that i need all new brakes or tires. Each time i have brought my vehicle to another body or tire shop, they have told me the complete opposite.Big O Tires tried to tell me my back rotors were bad on a sedan that i had. The back brakes were drum brakes, not disc.

Review №9

A bit on the pricer side in terms of a service shop. Allan was very helpful and professional with my vehicle. Went through the service inspection with me there and I can say he did a very thorough job with the vehicle. Definitely would recommend going to get your vehicle work done there! Make sure to ask for Allan.

Review №10

Update: They called and offered a solution that allowed me to participate in the sale by the afternoon after this post. Review upgraded from 1 to 3 stars.Original review: Under the guise of 150.00 rebate from the tire manufacturer I choose to purchase Michialin tires. When I went to pick up my vehicle, I was informed that the sale ended two days earlier (WHY DID YOU OFFER IT TO ME THEN?!), and does not qualify. After asking I was told there is nothing they can do to help, even though their employee made the offer and sale. Poor customer service.

Review №11

I came in for an oil change without making an appointment. They helped me out no problem and I didnt wait long. They even looked my vehicle over to let me know if there was anything theyd recommend for future service. They said my vehicle looked great but could use the transmission fluid being swapped out as its normal maintenance to do once youve reached 60,000 miles. I appreciated it and they even had a quote ready for me on that cost for the next time I bring it in.

Review №12

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the staff at Big O in Champlin! They are one of the only shops I trust as they have proven to be an honest group of guys (even when it doesnt bring them business). Plus they are so friendly and the price has been great each time we visit! Wonderful crew and great place to bring your vehicle to! Highly recommended!

Review №13

Very irresponsible for the booked appointments. The manager from Alaska is awful at communication.

Review №14

I called they quoted me 25 dollars for mount and balance for each tire. I just had them do the same job 2 week earlier. They did a decent job. Somehow they managed to double thier price in a 2 week span. Next time honor your pricing and lets be competitive with everyone else. Dont wait til I bring all the tires in the store and try to do the old bait and switch.

Review №15

I had a great experience recently purchasing tires from Big O. During an oil change and tire rotation, they noticed my tires were desperately in need of replacement, even though I was not even half way to the 65,000 mile warranty on my original new car tires. I checked online and found the tires I wanted to fit my car and saw the Big 0 price was as low as those selling elsewhere. While they didnt have the tires on hand that I wanted, they sent someone out to get them elsewhere. They originally said they thought there would be no warranty protection on my original equipment Michelin car tires (which were over 5 years old), they volunteered to double check and found that they were able to get me a significant credit toward the purchase of my new tires. More work on their part, but greatly appreciated by me!

Review №16

Was down in the cities visiting family and had a car emergency. The guys at big o jumped right on it and made sure i was good to go and safe to get back home! Just in time for Christmas! I have never had better service than I have here. If I need future maintenance done I will gladly drive the three hours just to get it done here! Thanks a ton Matt!

Review №17

Every time I have been to this shop I have always been happy with the level of service provided and the extra mile they go for me as a customer. I had an issue with my battery that was not purchased there and they helped me figure it out and get me back on the road. Jeremiah and his team are awesome. I have recommended them to several people I know if they are looking for a reputable local shop.

Review №18

I went to Big O Tires for the first time for a wheel alignment and broken tire rods. The service was ok, I waited in the lobby for 4 hours but the long wait time isnt the reason my experience with this shop was so poor. The customer service is very negative. I called regarding the payment and how my card was charged twice with one charge pending for 9 days. I spoke with Matt, who stated he was a manager. I was not calling to be argumentative at all although holding 400.00 dollars for a week did cause delays in other obligations. Matt was very nonchalant, and short with me when I questioned what could be the reason for the long pending hold. He didnt try to look into the matter at all he refused it had anything to do with them and instead insisted it was an issue with my card. He showed no empathy or compassion towards me as a human or as a customer. He couldnt even say sorry for the inconvenience. I called my bank and it turned out it was an issue on Big O Tires end. Someone tried charging my card twice but one didnt go through. You can go anywhere and get car maintain but if the customer service is poor that ruins the whole experience. I wont be back to Big O Tires

Review №19

A really great place to get work done on your vehicle. Ive been going there for a few years now, and they are always honest and more than fair, especially compared to other places. They are almost always much faster than the time they quote you. I will keep coming back for sure. Great service and great people there.

Review №20

Had a great experience here today. My wife Toyota Highlander acquired a flat. They fit me in right away and we’re extremely nice and provided exceptional service. Will be using them for tires in the future

Review №21

Physical shop is not clean & well-kept, giving a bad impression through the door. Customer service is good but not great, and prices are much higher for same brand/size tire than other shops. Even though they match prices, so do most others. Ill take my business elsewhere.

Review №22

This is the only place I bring my truck for service,they are very fast,friendly,and have a great relationship with there customers. Each time I go in they treat me like family and that is to me why I rate them my #1 go to shop.

Review №23

Always good prices and friendly staff, I exclusively go here.

Review №24

Had an appointment for rotation and wheel balance. There was 1 customer in, and my car sat for 1 hr before being worked on. Then it took another hr to rotate and balance my tires. Slowest tire place ever even with appointment.

Review №25

Thank you for the good help and expertise.

Review №26

Overall great experience! Jerren is very professional, courteous and helpful. I would and already have recommend this location to friends and family. Thanks!

Review №27

Called Friday afternoon for an appointment to get tires replaced on Saturday, I show up on Saturday and they have no recollection of the appointment that I scheduled. Not sure how it happened or why I decided to give these guys another chance after being screwed over by them multiple times in the past but honestly I’m not shocked. Thanks guys.

Review №28

The auto service was great, but the customer service was just ok. There was no coffee made in the lounge area, and not sure I would have wanted any seeing how dirty the pot and the surrounding area was. In the grand scheme of things, these might seem minor, but next time I need service Ill probably find another Big-O or even go back to the dealer where they know how to treat a paying customer like gold!

Review №29

I had to wait about an hour for a (scheduled) oil change, but it was worth it. Adam and Jerren are cool dudes. Im for sure coming here again.

Review №30

Jarren & his colleague looked to check my tire warranty, but the tire tred was just below where they could be covered under it. He helped me find similar tires, not all at his store, get them to his store and stayed late to make sure they were installed, so I could get to work the next day. I still have to come back for the alignment, as was not enough time to complete due to late new tire arrival. I appreciate the service and communication of what was occurring.

Review №31

My husband and I went to this place for the first time and it was an amazing experience! From the call to the in person visit, Jerren, the store manager, delivered the best customer service Ive ever seen in a tire shop and was extremely knowledgeable. His expertise and passion in automobiles is superb and definitely noticeable. He deserves a huge recognition! Thank you Jerren! -Rob&Yer

Review №32

Above average customer service and very honest staff. Last tire purchase I asked for something aggressive for my car in the winter. Rep recommended an Asian brand. Wasnt a fan. Would stick with American brand next time. But thought Id try them because I trust the guys so much. No pressure selling which is what I like about them.

Review №33

I have had my car in there 3 times for an alignment and it is still not correct. When I come back in there to ask to have it corrected again I feel like I am bothering them and Im imposing on their time.

Review №34

Thanks for working me into the schedule and getting me on the road with safe tires. When the online appointment I made didnt show up AND you didnt have my tires in stock I was very impressed with how quickly this location was able to solve both of those issues.

Review №35

Dropped car off at 10:15 am and expected from counter maybe 2 hours! Keep in mind a tire and oil change! 5:30 PM after many calls saying it will be done by this time and driving there to find out not even started 1:30 2:30 3:30 and so on. Finally 5:30 comes along get the call its finally done and Im happy. Get my keys pay for it then get in my car and there is this latch there? Hmmm they broke my hood latch, no bother to tell me. Leave a mess in my car and my center council tipped up with contents on the floor. Dont go here! Also paid for a coupon for oil change and extras and did none if it. Spend the extra time. Not worth it!!!!

Review №36

Jeremiah and Adam have been a pleasure to work with. Jeremiah has gone out of his way by doing research for tires and brakes to make sure I am happy. I have been going to this store for over ten years and they have always done a great job. Keep up the great work! Jack H.

Review №37

I CANNOT recommend this service station. After I arrived on time for my 11AM appointment on 9-29-2018 I was greeted by, well, no one. After waiting a couple minutes for someone to come to the desk—for surely they heard the door buzzer upon my arrival—I asked the only other person, a customer, if there was anyone about. She said there should be someone there. She was right. I saw through the window behind the service counter two people out in the service bay working on vehicles. After waiting another minute or two to see if someone would come to the front desk I walked to the front door and opened and closed it to activate the buzzer again to let them know I was at the service desk. Presently, the store manager came up and I informed him I was there for my oil change. I presented my coupon and at the same time mentioned the tire rotation that came free of charge with the oil change. He said it would be about an hour and I went to the waiting room. An hour later he informed me my car was done. While I was paying I asked when he removed the tires for the rotation how much pad was left on my front brakes. He quickly looked under a piece of paper on his desk and just as quickly dropped it saying about 60% was left. I found this curious since two weeks earlier at a different service station I had had the front wheel bearing replaced on the driver’s front side and was asked if I wanted to have my brakes replaced as only 10% of the pads were left. So hearing the 60% I felt somewhat relieved and immediately assumed the prior information of 10% was erroneous. I paid, he walked me out to my car, pulled the protective sheet from my seat and wished me a good day. It wasn’t until now that I realized my tires hadn’t been rotated. My rear driver’s side tire is marked with some brown rust neutralizer that had spilled last year when I was touching up a spot on the wheel well above. That same tire is still there. So, clearly, my tires had not been rotated as I asked and that the coupon I presented said was part of the oil change I paid for. BUT what is worse is the technician lied to my face about the brake pads. How could he have reported anything if he hadn’t even taken off the tires? Clearly the act of looking under the paper for the percentage of brake pad remaining was just to cover his butt. He didn’t have to do that. I would have been more than willing to wait the additional time to drive it back in and rotate the tires—something I already paid for—and at the same time take a look at the brakes for me (something that is included under the FREE Multi-Point Inspection declaration on the coupon itself). Now I have absolutely no confidence in believing him when he says he changed my oil. It makes me want to go out to the car now and check the color of the oil on the dip stick. People make mistakes, I get that but lying to cover them up when it isn’t necessary is unforgivable and I don’t like being lied to.Jeffrey V.

Review №38

Went in there to get tires balanced and rotated. After having a different place fix what they did I will never go back. DT told me that there was random weights just put on to make it look like they did everything. Car when on highway you could feel the balance off. Since it is close to me I had to try it but will not ever go to any Big O again!

Review №39

Very happy. I went with a leaking tire and no appointment. They were booked for several hours, but they still managed to squeeze me in, pull our a inch-long piece of glass, plug it, and get me back on my way to work quicker than expected, all for NO CHARGE. (I went and bought the guys a big box of donuts anyway as a thank you.)

Review №40

Great customer service Jeremiah and his staff went above and beyond to help my boyfriend out who’s transmission went out. Will definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a honest and affordable shop. Great job guys thank you

Review №41

The customer servicr here is awesome! I was riding my bike to the gym today when i realized the back tire was flat. Big-o-tires is right across the street, so I stopped by to see if they could help. They were more than happy to bring the bike back and inflated both of my tires. Thanks guys for going out of the way to help me out!

Review №42

I made an appointment online, I showed up on time and the guy working there said no appointment was made. I made a new one for the next day morning on site, and the next morning I was the only person there, And I was there for a winter tire changeover, with the coupon I had it was supposed to be $39.99, charging me $90 because my car is bmw x1. Told me it would take an hour or so, it is still not done after 90 minutes waiting in the waiting area. Will never come back or recommend to anyone.

Review №43

Very helpful. Did what I asked (oil change) and did not try to pressure me with other things that my car needed.Visited again and...great service. Got to me right away. Very happy with service and pricing.

Review №44

Adam and the rest of the team are a great bunch of guys. Took my vehicle in for a inspection and they were very helpful and knowledgeable. The other shop I had taken my vehicle to before never told me about needing new shocks and struts but said I needed new tires. I definitely will be coming back for those repairs!

Review №45

Went in for a scheduled appointment today. Had a coupon. Newer staff and AGM were able to connect with GM to make sure they were getting the appropriate discount & billing. Time was running short from scheduled appointment (I anticipated about an hour appt), but they still were able to get my vehicle done earlier then what I had scheduled so I could make it to my next appointment on time! They were so great and helpful! We will definitely continue our service there.

Review №46

Excellent, reasonably priced local car shop. Quality service, friendly counter staff. I highly recommend this place.

Review №47

This visit was better than the first time I bought the tires, but they only rotated the tires as we did not specify rotate and balance when the appt was made. This was frustrating as we were used to having these items both done or at least asked if we wanted it done when we came in at our other tire shop.The first time visiting when we bought these tires, the installation took over 90 minutes which was ridiculous. I used to be a technician in a repair shop and we installed tires in 30 minutes.

Review №48

Took 4 hours for them to get my tires done, cross threaded two of my bolts on my car and ended up taking the brand new tire off myself paying for the replacement cause I didn’t trust them to fix it as I could do it myself. Will never recommend anyone to ever go there or will I ever go there. HAD VERY POSITIVE EXPERIENCE AT TIRES PLUS AND HEAR VEEERRY GREAT THINGS ABOUT THEM!

Review №49

Great customer service and the mechanic explained everything in an understanding way what was wrong with my vehicle.

Review №50

Always a good job..

Review №51

Decided to take business elseware for now

Review №52

The people were so awesome. Really helpful. And they’re mechanics, so they know what they’re talkin about.

Review №53

I was in a pinch and stopped by Champlin Big O Tires for the first time. They provided all the help I could have asked for and a new set of high quality tires at a fair price. Would recommend.

Review №54

Fast and great service! As a first time customer stopping in with a flat, fixing it at no cost defines going above and beyond.Thanks again

Review №55

Great customer service! I have been going to this location for over 10 years and have always had top notch service. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful.

Review №56

Great customer service! Jeremiah always kept me informed of the status of my vehicle and notified me immediately when it was finished! Jed also kept me company while I waited until it was my turn! I will go back to have my vehicles serviced or repaired again!!!

Review №57

To whom it may concernIt was an great experience doing business with uall there in Champion,MinnesotaVery professional and courtesyI was very please and will do business with you all again. Thank you

Review №58

Came in with headlights not working. Adam installed new bulbs I brought in and found out that was not the issue. He took my Trailblazer back and tested out the fuses on it and figured out what was needed. He did all this work for no charge. Was very knowledgeable and helpful. Thanks Adam!!

Review №59

These guys are solid - I take my vehicle to them for all its needs (oil, maintenance, etc.). They only fix what needs to be fixed, its refreshing as some places arent that way when it comes to auto repair. I would recommend Big O (formerly NTB) to friends and family.

Review №60

Adam is fantastic, he always takes care of me and my needs!

Review №61

Very friendly and helpful. They even patched a nail in my tire for free!

Review №62

Great service! I am picky on where I bring my vehicles and this place I will come back to again.

Review №63

I went in this morning after calling Ahead because my tire had gone flat twice in the past two weeks. They said that they could take a look at it this morning before I went into work. When I walked into the store the gentleman at the desk was on the phone, after three minutes of him not making eye contact or greeting me in any way, I figured out he was talking either to a friend or significant other about how his day was going and his plans for the weekend. How hard is it to do your job?? I was the only other person in the store besides him. I stood there for about 10 minutes without him so much as looking at me. I had to walk out and leave because I was so appalled at the terrible customer service. Will never be going here again, it’s a shame because this location is convenient for us. Not to mention the Big O brand tires loose air very quickly.

Review №64

Originally I bought a new set of tires here back in late Feb / early March.I was sneakily sold a tire warranty. Luckily, or so I thought, I bought the warranty - Just the other day I ran over a small screw that caused a slow leak - Warranty to the rescue!!I made the appointment and they were nice on the phone doing so.I show up, the guy helping me chit chat a bit and they get started fairly quickly on the issue. Nearly an hour goes by when one of the service guys some in the waiting room with my tire asking where the puncture spot is (I took the screw out so had an idea). To me it was obvious, but nevertheless I quickly showed him and he explained that wouldnt be fixable. I said ok, I have the warranty so we can replace it then. He said hed cover things with his boss and theyd figure it out. Another 20 min later the original guy and a lady came in the waiting room to tell me they were almost wrapping up......and there would be a $40-50 charge!! I asked what could there possibly be a charge for? They said to mount and balance the new tire and also for a new warranty plan. I couldnt believe two required services to getting a new tire on would not be included in the warranty. **In their defence I later was able to read the fine print of the warranty and it does state these services are not included.** However, that should be explicitly stated when the warranty is purchased and again before replacement service is done in case it does get neglected when the warranty is sold. Anyways, I thought about it and decided Im not a fan of the infamous fine details of the warranty program and between the original warranty costs and the replacement costs it could have just paid for another tire. So sure Ill pay for the mounting and balancing (I felt they had me there) but I would forego a second warranty. The original guy came out and said my car was finished. I came up to pay but of course had to mention my distaste for the seemingly hidden costs. He then tried to compare my job (I was wearing my companys apparel) to his to justify the costs he was trying to charge. He literally has NO idea how my company works, but whatever. I then explained I will not be going with a second warranty. He insisted I had to. I refused. He then opens the door to the shop area and yells to the guys to put my old, damaged tire back on because I didnt want to pay for the warranty. I was absolutely shocked!! Then luckily the lady from earlier came out just in time to see this guys further acts of unprofessionalism and rudeness. At one point he alluded to the likes of getting into an actual physical fight - I manage in retail and if this was my employee hed 100% be terminated.Anyways, the lady was the saving grace to this interaction. She quickly sent the rude employee to the back and immediately apologized for his behavior and the situation in general. She much more calmly and professional explained and showed the legitimacy of the costs they were trying to charge. However, she did offer to waive the mounting and balancing. I just had to buy the new warranty for $15 flat due to the program itself and some reasons like that. Still not free as expected but much more reasonable and better explained.After this experience I will NEVER go back to this location. I will go out of my way to Rogers where this lady usually works to use the remaining 9 months of my alignment program. Besides that I highly doubt I will ever work with another Big O Tire again, certainly not the Champlin location. The situation escalated so quickly on behalf of the one employee - he was still in possession of my car - its horrible to even think, would he sabotage my car in any way? However, thats the feeling I got from his interaction.Just go somewhere else...

Review №65

Adam, I believe was his name and his crew steeped it up last Thursday. During a oil change they proceeded to do a tire rotation. I now know a tire rotation is included with a oil change even thought I was not made aware of this. I would of said no because I just had the tires rotated at the dealership. Long story short, somehow the lug bolts were stripped and your guys order, covered the cost and got me out the door for my 7 pm meeting. The head service technician stayed late to fix the issue. I should of shared more thanks before I left, so please pass this along to your crew.

Review №66

Nothing but great service out of this location. Jed is my go to mechanic whenever I need something done that I cant get done quickly enough. Jeremiah is honest and runs a good store.

Review №67

The shop was so helpful they gave me a wonderful deal and the service was unheard of.I couldnt wear highly recommend this shop.

Review №68

Specifically requested rotation of tires and resetting of pressure monitoring system at counter when I brought car in for oil change. I was told pressure would be set to specs on door sill at 35 psi and system reset as well as all fluids would be checked. After payment and on my way home, it was determined system wasnt reset after rotation, pressures were wrong, and washer fluid was not visible in neck of reservoir. I had to go to different location to have work completed because system HAS TO BE RESET ELECTRONICALLY. Really not sure if fluids were checked at all...

Review №69

Great prices. Friendly and fast service. Honest caring people working here.

Review №70

Adam and Bill are very honest people. Someone else told me I needed one thing fixed, they were honest and told me I didnt need it and I didnt have to spend unnecessary money.

Review №71

Do not go here they do not. Stand by there service i had 4 tires installed by them. I could not get the valve caps off to put air in brouht back to them they charged me more to fix it wow!! Very unfreindly mangment

Review №72

My oil pressure gauge was freaking out right before I was taking a 3 hour trip, and I stopped in quick to see if anyone could take a look quick and right away someone took a look at my car and took care of it. Not my first time coming here either, always great customer service.

Review №73

Ive been completely satisfied with Big O Tires! We received great service, a fair price and they helped us pick the best tires for our vehicles.

Review №74

Great job from Adam and the boys as usual

Review №75

I drive all the way from St Michael to get my car worked on by Jeremiah Hare at the Champlin Big O Tires, he is such a honest manager that I trust and I will continue to bring all my vehicles to Big O Tires as long as Jeremiah is the manager

Review №76

I stopped in without an appointment and the staff were very friendly and thorough. When they realized there was a major issue with our vehicle, they gave me options and even stayed late on a Saturday to fix it without complaint! Plus, they gave me a military discount - how can I not support a business that supports Veterans! Thank you!

Review №77

Adam helped me find some boat trailer tires at Crystal location and had them sent in to Champlin location. Maurice did a great job helping me with where to drop boat trailer and oil change on vehicle.

Review №78

I had a problem after my repair and the guys were persistent in solving it- and solve it they did! Great service!!

Review №79

So I bought tires here last year when the building was still being occupied by NTB, and I had rotated them a few weeks ago at my shop only to find them out of balance. I looked at my receipt and realized I had free rotation and balance for the life of the tires and so I called what I thought was NTB only to find they are no longer there.. however, the man I spoke with informed me that they would still honour the free rotation and balance. I was very pleased, but it was a few weeks before I could get in there due to my own schedule conflicts. I called a few weeks later and set up an appt, came in and they got it handled right quick. I was very pleased. Forgive me, I forget the names of those involved, but everyone there was really affable and the whole experience was of the kind that would have me do business there again pretty easily. Thanks everyone!

Review №80

Great explained everything very well I will definitely be coming back and telling my friends about it

Review №81

Adam, Jacob, and Jeremiah helped me so much with picking out new tires for my GMC terrain. I had the bumped up rim size of 19s instead of the standard 18s. They looked around to see what they could get me and at the best price. I ended up going with the Michelins and they gave me an outstanding deal on them.Since they couldnt get them in until the next day they helped me patch up my leaky tire and also fixed the small leak in the other one.Amazing service you guys keep up the great work

Review №82

Adam, Jerimiah, and Jon were very helpful and took great care of me and my vehicle. I definetly recommend them!

Review №83

I managed to get to the store just as my tire went flat. They looked at the tire right away and patched it for free. They turned what started out to be a bad day into the best customer service experience I have had in a long time. Thanks Big O Tires Champlin!

Review №84

Great place. Willing to work really late to get the job done.

Review №85

Excellent place treated well fantastic service

Review №86

Good place for service

Review №87

Extreme courtesy. Outstanding hustle, and it was only a snowblower tire.

Review №88

Huge shout out to the staff tonight! My car started making loud and scary noises tonight. In a panic, I googled auto places in the area and all were showing as closed except for OReilly. OReilly diagnosed the problem as an alternator drive belt and sold me the part. The OReilly employee made some calls and got me into Big O Tires, although Big O had closed almost an hour earlier. I came into Big O after 7 (despite being closed), and I am so thankful for the attentive, friendly, knowledgeable staff (shoutout to Jeremiah and Jonathan) that assisted with my problem! They went out of their way to provide excellent service when they could have refused to do it after hours tonight, which would have left me in a bind for my long commute tomorrow. Im proud to say that, after going to OReilly and Big O, my car is now running fine a little over an hour later!

Review №89

I stopped in without an appointment and Jeremiah went above and beyond to take car of my car. Thank you very much!

Review №90

Found the source of the intermittent air leak in my tire. Fixed it up and got me on 9n the road again.

Review №91

Friendly, helpful, great price on an oil change

Review №92

Shop sucks, they take 5+ hours for a brake job 😡 never coming back here, all they will do is waste your time. Horrible place will not be coming back to that chop shop

Review №93

Amazing place . The crew there were awesome.

Review №94

We are customers at this location and stopped in due to tire pressure sensor on our car was indicating low pressure. Stopped at the location to have the tires checked - was asked if I had an appointment - and no openings for 1.5 days - really just for air. We WON’T go back to there for anything!

Review №95

Good fast service, great helpful staff.

Review №96

Always fast friendly service

Review №97

Got oil change. Happy with work.

Review №98

Best service ever. Come here before any other shop!!!!!

Review №99

My son took his truck in found out after the fact that mcanic made a tiny mistake whos is fine assistant mgr was very rude senior mgr made it write assistant mgr needs to learn customer service skills

Review №100

Havent had a bad experience yet.

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  • Address:11473 Marketplace Dr N, Champlin, MN 55316, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 763-576-1421
  • Auto tune up service
  • Tire shop
  • Brake shop
  • Car repair and maintenance
  • Mechanic
  • Wheel alignment service
Working hours
  • Monday:7:30am–6:30pm
  • Tuesday:7:30am–6:30pm
  • Wednesday:8am–6pm
  • Thursday:Closed
  • Friday:7:30am–6:30pm
  • Saturday:7:30am–6:30pm
  • Sunday:7:30am–6:30pm
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Oil change:Yes
  • Mechanic:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Appointments recommended:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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