2750 Ogden Rd, Cave Spring, VA 24018, United States

Review №1

Highly recommend Audiotronics for your car and home theater needs. Bobby and the team were extremely helpful. Additionally, these guys love all things audio and would be more than happy to answer any questions you have,Pros:- Honest- Professional- Care for customer needs- Transparent with communication-- Highly recommended from other places in townAlso, if youre a sound technician/audio installer looking for not just a job but a fantastic family to join...this is the place

Review №2

I thought I had called some Prison and got a warden on a power-trip by mistake when I called this store for help, without a doubt the worst I have ever been treated or spoken to since moving to Roanoke 5+ yrs ago! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME for their manager is quick to say their booked through September without even listening to what I needed. Trust me and dont let this man ruin your hopes for electronic improvements, or possibly ruin your day completely, Their manager is the most unpleasant man I have dealt with since moving to VA,

Review №3

Husband walked in with an auto speaker of unknown size. The guy he approached instantly knew the size and hubby purchased replacement speakers. He was very happy with the knowledge and customer service. Will return for other audio/video projects. Definitely will recommend going to Audiotronics.

Review №4

The best place when you need speakers or whatever youre looking for.

Review №5

They resolved my issue, but their customer service fell short. Particularly, as a third-party vendor for Apple product repairs.When I walked in one of the guys directed another associate to check me in - while at the same time telling him, I dont think its something we do. I hadnt even explained my issue, but he immediately made me feel un-assured that they were committed to serving me and would even attempt to give me a positive resolution to my problem.I was charged a labor fee. I knew they were charging a fee, but I didnt agree that it was a fee I should have to pay since I only had the iMac one day and had not even used the device yet. I also have Apple Care and was told that it my issue would be covered. A Senior Apple specialist added a CI code to cover software and labor cost to my case. The Audiotronics associate said they saw the code, but did not have a way to submit a labor-only claim. When I followed up with Apple, they assured me the code they provided covered software and labor, and told me to ask Auditotroics to look at the code again and read the details to see that it covered both software and labor. The associate literally laughed/smirked at me and repeated, There is no way to submit a labor-only claim. He did not bother looking at the code again. Rather than arguing or forcing the issue, I just paid the fee and walked away feeling like an undervalued customer and that they as a company could care less.

Review №6

Spoke to two employees at the store about Apple computers. Both assumed that I knew nothing and thought they knew everything. I had already determined what was wrong with my MacBook Pro and just wanted to get it repaired, but they didnt want to listen. Due to a defective temperature sensor, kernel_task was using up all the cpu. This is a fairly common issue, but their expert had never heard of it. He suggested several possible problems -- all obviously nonsense. How did this place become an Apple Authorized Service Provider?

Review №7

Just like other potential customers, I was not greeted when I entered nor spoken to at all during my visit. There WAS NOT a shortage of staff at this time. There were 3 employees by the counter and only 1 was checking a gentleman out at the register. At last, here comes a (4th team member) lady to save the day... Guess not, shes on her way to lunch and I was in front of the door. Id like to personal thank the staff for saving me from the explanation of why did I just go spend a couple grand on more electronics. So Thank You Audiotronics team, great job making me feel unwelcome in your fine establishment. And dont blame Covid for lack of staff like other responses, Ive been in this store long before Covid hit and it was no different Mr. Hartberger.

Review №8

Name dropping in a small town can go along way but when your invisible to staff it doesnt help you at all. To feel welcome when entering a business makes a huge difference. Hello or Be with you in a min may have kept me there long enough to get the referral out but that didnt happen. Being there for about 10 mins and no help once so ever, reminded of the first and only other time Ive stepped foot in this building. It was Deja vu. I can certainly assure you I will never darken the doors of this place again. The equipment that I seen was very nice despite the crazy overpricing and ghostly selection to choose from (but that was in any category they had). Do yourselves a favor and dont even waste your time considering this place as an option to do business. AUDIOTRONICS, if this were baseball you would have one more strike to go but its not so... 2 STRIKES AND YOURE OUT!! Its a shame I have to give you 1 star to leave a review

Review №9

I recently had my Macbook Pro serviced by Audiotronics. They were extremely responsive and the turn around on getting the repairs completed was amazingly fast. Kudos!

Review №10

In search of a remote starter...started out with very delayed response to chat only to be asked when I could come in for a consultation when I felt much could be explained through dialog. Purchase made and scheduled; then a referral contacts for same and her scheduled date is a month prior to mine. I got no resolve and waited continuing to contact for a fix. I was contacted one day saying I was scheduled that day...wait what? Last attempt was finally told to bring and leave for day-no problem. Pick up car and had a couple of specific questions to which I was told “I don’t really know”...wait what? I always thought of Audiotronics as being a leader but I experienced what I was afraid of if I had gone to Best Buy for this service. :(

Review №11

Great place, they let you demo with employee supervision of course. Knowledgeable staff as well!

Review №12

Bobby Howell helped me w/ my Bluetooth issues. I would recommend highly !!!

Review №13

The individual I spoke with at this location was rude, arrogant, and dismissive of my situation. I will not frequent this business again, and will in no way recommend that anyone else do so either.

Review №14

Great place for audio and fair prices for install

Review №15

Bought a remote starting system there. Treated us very well. Very helpful in getting us adjusted to the new gadget.

Review №16

Thanks for the excellent service to Eric and the team at audiotronics for the great upgrades to my 2002 Thunderbird. GPS. Auto start. Backup camera.I feel like I have a new car.

Review №17

They instaled a remote start on my husbands truck. The installation was quick and easy everybody I spoke with was really helpful

Review №18

When in for an aftermarket stereo the only ones they had were cheap or really expensive

Review №19

Just picked up a sweet new car audio system for my Jeep Wrangler. Sounds incredible and service was excellent. Will be a repeat customer for sure. Big thanks to Audiotronics and Bobby for excellent work and service.

Review №20

And Audiotronics saves the day! Took my Macbook in for what Apple said was a battery replacement. Turns out the battery was fine and it was the charger. Five-star service from these guys!💯⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Review №21

Great staff.

Review №22

Scott was amazing! We have a new teenage driver that I knew we did not want distracted on the road. I texted what I wanted. The response was almost immediate. I told him the car and sent a picture of the console. We made an appointment. Everything was painless and perfect! Thank you Scott we will be back!

Review №23

Everyone is so polite and super helpful! The store is always neat and clean. I absolutely recommend getting all your car audio here.

Review №24

Eric M, did my 2003 dodge ram so nice I couldn’t believe it!!!! He is awesome, from now on will deal with noone but him! He made sure every step of getting my truck sounds right!!! The sound system he sold and had installed in my truck, has been absolutely amazing!!! He is such a pleasure to deal with!!! He is an asset to your company. I look forward to doing much more business in the future with him!!!

Review №25

Audiotronics got my stereo sounding all sexy again. I went thru some rough weeks with some shotty equipment but a brief talk with Bobby and a bunch of dollars later 😌😌 and I was back in play in no time. The equipment they sell is pricey ah!! There are some mid range options available but be prepared cause they will try to upsell you. I always always always do my research beforehand so I know what Im getting coming in. PLUS their prices were pretty spot on with what I found online and if it wasnt Bobby was willing to make things match so 🤷In the past I had issues with Audiotronics- they installed an amp under my seat and took out my AC vent. When I asked them to replace it I got the run around- the guy I talked to kept bsing me FOR MONTHS until I just got tired of dealing with it. But they are one of 2 reputable places in town (the other being best buy) so your options are limited. This time around I specified an install location and Bobby and the actual installer were happy to oblige. During a post install check I noticed one of my sub wires was barely in the amp, I mean it was like 7 strands of speaker wire connected. That could have easily turned into a wth is wrong with my stereo moment for something simple that Id expect to be a non issue given the cost and time. I went ahead and fixed it but still...Im not attaching a pre install pic cause it was a hot mess 😸🙈

Review №26

Rick saved us again! Every few years we seem to experience a major computer catastrophe and EVERY TIME Rick from Audiotronics has been able to diagnose and correct our problems. Audiotronics is the best insurance we have for all of our electronics. Many, many thanks!!

Review №27

I could not be more pleased. The installation was professional and timely. Looks like factory installed. I would recommend these guys to anyone wanting to add entertainment to their car or truck.

Review №28

Awesome service! All the gentlemen were very personable and helpful. I’m so thankful to have knowledgeable Apple Service provider in the area.I received an email as soon as my iPad was ready!Thank you Matt and all your workers for an excellent experience!!

Review №29

I have been working with Audiotronics for many years and have consistently received excellent audio/visual products and professional services of both installation and set up. In rare instances when an update or repair may be needed, Audiotronics is all about service! I appreciate the expertise of the staff for either simple or complex set up questions. Their in-home consultation/design services ROCK! This has made the complicated simple and brought the joy of high quality audio-visual and other whole home services well within reach. I would also like to acknowledge Chris Gray for his years of professional white glove service in bringing whole home entertainment into our home.

Review №30

Audiotronics is excellent to work with, although they can be busy. I purchased a bluetooth/navigation/stereo for an older auto a couple of years ago and it works very well. Had the programming updated today and the work was done professionally, quickly and for no charge.

Review №31

Great experience some years ago with a car installation. Products are expensive but good equality. Mac computer repair techs are top shelf. Three repairs and/or upgrades were perfect. Amazing!

Review №32

I’ve used Audiotronics for 2 decades. They hand pick the best brands to carry at competitive prices. The sales and service people are very professional and have the product knowledge that you will not get anywhere else! 10/10 A++

Review №33

Eric was wonderful, service was fast and efficient. I would highly recommend Audiotronics!

Review №34

Love my tv! However I am not tech knowledgeable. These guys have supported me every step of the way in learning the technology and trouble shooting. Eric the technician was fantastic with lots of patience in adjusting my set to work on my level of knowledge.

Review №35

Highly recommend this place! Every experience Ive had has been exceptional, especially my most recent experience with Eric McGhee. Very knowledgeable and helpful! Hes your Go-To guy!

Review №36

Successful visit. Met with Bobby yesterday and Today. Structured a package for new television. Excited !

Review №37

I have been shopping at Audiotronics for almost 20 years and have purchased everything from televisions to car audio to home theater to service plans and I have ALWAYS been treated as a valued customer. My recent visit went extremely well as Eric, Scott, and Bert helped me with my small car audio issue. I will continue to purchase all of my home and car audio/video equipment from them for years to come!

Review №38

I cant say enough about the quality of service at this store I have bought a lower end Kenwood head unit and also a nice Viper remote start here. Both times times I was treated with the same respect and courtesy as if I were buying a $100,000 custom home theater. Unlike the big box store these folks know their craft and want to make sure you get what you want. Five stars!PS. Scott is the man!

Review №39

Definitely the best a/v place in town. Super friendly and helpful staff, especially Scott Bershader-hes my guy.... And they are all very knowledgeable but not too pushy like other similar places. The only place I get new stereo equipment!

Review №40

I have used Audiotronics for everything from buying basic cables to full house home automation installations and have always been beyond pleased with the prices, quality of product and most importantly, service! When I buy from Audiotronics I know they are going to work hard to make sure I keep coming back and I do, purchase after purchase and will continue to do so for years to come! I would give more stars if possible!

Review №41

Nice place to shop for your higher end audio / video!

Review №42

These guys are amazing!!! My MacBook Pro started having keyboard problems, and since it was the first week of class I desperately needed a computer. After calling Apple support, they put me in touch with Audiotronics. They quickly diagnosed the problem and took the computer in the same day. They told me it would be 3-4 business days to fix which I was fine with, but the next afternoon I got a call that theyd finished it! Computer works great now, and they also found out the previous owner of my laptop bought Apple Care for it so I didnt have to pay a dime! Thank you Audiotronics for your diligent service, I now know where to go for future electronics issues!

Review №43

Excellent selection of high end A/V. Knowledgeable staff and very accommodating. They do try and upsell you very hard though. Overall very nice and professional place. Would definitely buy there again.

Review №44

Quick and professional service! They were extremely reassuring when I thought my laptop was beyond repair, and they fixed it within 24 hours. I highly recommend.

Review №45

When it comes to audio equipment Bobby knows his stuff! Helped me out a lot on several different car audio setups and helped me out when it came to getting a nice tv and sound system in my home. This place is my one stop shop!!

Review №46

Eric was very helpful in helping me pick out the best radio for my vehicle. The installation was great.Everyone was very knowledgeable and courteous.

Review №47

Very friendly and helpful staff! Answered all of my questions with a smile. I left very satisfied and would recommend Audiotronics to anyone!

Review №48

I have been using Audiotronics exclusively for over 12 years now. Anything from a dvd player, to a full theater room in my home with home automation products. Cd players to a full stereo system in my car....these guys have done it all for me. The quality is the best, the workmanship is super neat and clean, and the prices are great.

Review №49

Have been a long time customer of Audiotronics. Alan, Chris, Dave and the rest ALWAYS provide me with individualized service and have the most up to date information to answer any questions. Have never had anywhere near a bad experience here. Most highly suggested.

Review №50

My radio hasnt been installed yet, but my initial visit was very pleasant and I was quoted a price that I thought was reasonable.

Review №51

I bought a pair of speakers last week. The sale guy (Bobby Howell) let me take all the time I needed to audition them, showed me a good range of options, and was very knowledgeable about the details of his products. Information without sales pressure. Ill definitely be back (as soon as I figure out a way to buy those amazing headphones I listened to...)

Review №52

They were very polite and fast with installing my car stereo. They also taught me how to use it and synced my phone for me.

Review №53

The customer service I received from Scott B. And the Audiotronics team was above and beyond. I cannot express my gratitude and appreciation enough for the assistance I received during an issue I had with my vehicle. I will continue to use audiotronics for any and all my audio and electronics needs! Audiotronics is truly how a Bussiness should be ran, extremely polite, professional, and courteous! I highly recommend Audiotronics.

Review №54

Run away. The most unreliable security company. Forget about technical support if you need it afrer hours. They are the worst. I changing to a reliable company.

Review №55

Bobby and his team of audio professionals took great care of my truck! Ill continue to shop here.

Review №56

I first shopped Audiotronics 30 years ago and I was impressed by their selection, their knowledge and their personal service. Those things have kept me going back since. The sales staff and their repair personnel are knowledgeable and they have always been ready and willing to provide answers whether I am in the store or if I contact them by phone or e-mail.The big box stores are cold and impersonal. Audiotronics is anything but. I have shopped there for 30 years and NEVER look elsewhere for all my electronics and computing needs.

Review №57

Went to see about getting some new speakers for my Tracker. Eric helped me again and even remembered me from last year. Never have I had such wonderful customer service. No high pressure tactics to get something I dont need or want. They really care about their customers needs. I highly recommend this place to anyone. They have my business for life. If you go ask for Eric. He is the best ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Review №58

Im very happy with the shortwave scanner and cb radio installation in my Tacoma pickup. It looks like everything came from the factory as a special order.Time and cost was reasonable.

Review №59

Get all my home and auto needs done here. Bobby is a great guy to work with highly recommended

Review №60

I had been having some trouble with the Android auto functionality on my Kenwood head unit that was installed on my truck back in May of 018 at the Hollins branch, which has closed down since then. I called these guys up and they werent hesitant to help me out. They pulled up my previous work order and were able to email me some information on updating the units firmware. Problem solved and I didnt even have to leave the house!! Great folks.

Review №61

Great service. Andrew and his team are knowledgeable and responsive.

Review №62

Great product and service! I have been shopping here over 20 years.

Review №63

Very professional audio business. Helpful, respectful, and knowledgeable. There isnt a problem they cant handle.

Review №64

Pleasant and professional. Extremely attentive to their customers needs and they stand by their word. High quality products and service.

Review №65

Staff was not very friendly. Was given a smart answer when we asked a question. Will not be going back.

Review №66

Eric helped me in purchasing a new iPad for my store very knowledgeable about numerous questions I had ask was very patient while working with me to make sure I was getting the correct iPad for my business very professional and understanding

Review №67

Great Apple Service Center and dealer. Top of the line audio and video equipment.

Review №68

Very knowledgable and helpful. I not only received great service. I also got an education about the merits of my choices!

Review №69

Refused to even give me a hypothetical estimate about keyboard repair Just because I mentioned i had spilled something on it which had nothing to do with the issue at all and Im using it right now, I am just missing keys so I wanted a keyboard replacement. When explained they needed to see it because of a spill (even though unrelated), I said thats fine but hypothetically how much would it be to replace just the keyboard and again they reiterated the same thing we cant estimate anything until we see if if anything has spilled on it ... really?? So i have to drive an hour for an estimate pretty much.. no thanks... ill take my business elsewhere. All I needed was a range or base number. SMH*** REPLY ***What does that have to do with just giving me an estimate on what it WOULD cost for a repair assuming no damage? Thats all I asked. And instead of explaining, whoever I talked to got smart and literally repeated the same sentence without addressing my question, totally rude.

Review №70

Pretty expensive. Its kinda ridiculous. All we needed done was to know where wires went into the 📻 and hook up the Bluetooth. We got four speakers and a radio for 100. A gift for my sis. And just to help with the wiring and Bluetooth. It cost 70 dollars. Like really.

Review №71

Great service, and great prices!! Best place for electronics in Roanoke

Review №72

When I bought my 4runner and heard how crappy the stereo was, I decided to check on some upgrades. I worked with a Salesman named Bobby. He took me into the sound room to hear several product lines. I decided on JL components. He wrote me up a quote that day. It would be months before I would finally pull the trigger..And honestly, now that I had it installed, this system is the best money I have ever spent on myself. It is the stereo I have always dreamed of, I shouldve done it sooner. Bobby is knowledgeable, patient and just an super nice guy to deal with. I am nothing but pleased with the sale, the workmanship and the support of Bobby and the Audiotronics team. I wouldnt go anywhere else. A+ business. If you are on the fence, go for it. You will be happy you did!!!

Review №73

I do not shop at this store and have maybe been inside 2 times in my 6 years living in Roanoke. After being recommended to visit this store from a co worker whose husband works with this stored, I gave them a try.I went in and bought a pair of ear buds on 8/18/2015 which I was told needed to be shipped in from Blacksburg in order to get the color I wanted and was told it would arrive early the next week. I informed them I would be out of town and would need them to hold them until after I returned, which they stated was no problem.I asked the clerk about their return policy and he stated if I was not happy, I could return them within a week after I picked them up. I double checked that the 7 days for the return policy indeed started when I picked up the ear buds and they again assured me that was correct.I picked up my ear buds the next week and tried them out. The volume control did not work with my Galaxy S6, sound quality was not preferred, and they were uncomfortable in the ear and would not stay in no matter which size tips I tried.Unhappy, I tried to return the product 6 days after my pick up date. They told me I could only return them for store credit since it was longer than 7 days since I purchased them. I explained my case about having only received them 6 days prior due to the shipping process and being out of town.The clerk went to ask his manager which was within ear shot and I could hear every word. The clerk failed to mention how I failed to receive them only 6 days ago and told the manager I purchased them 2 weeks ago.He came back over and stated Since they were bought two weeks ago, theyve been opened and used, we couldnt accept a full return. Also, the box has some obvious damage.I asked him to look up my pick up date and he stated I remember you picking them up and the computer shows it to be two weeks ago, without ever looking up my receipt order number or phone number.I said, you remember me because you sold them to me, I even remember your name, but I picked them up no more than a week ago... Also, showed him that the box had a perforated punch hole to stab your thumb through to open, and the whole side of the box is perforated to pull off in order to open the package and they simply said sorry, we can offer you more tips though.Since I dont shop at this store, since everything is over priced, I took the tips and left.Now Im stuck with a lousy sounding pair of ear buds, which dont function properly, and dont fit. And $30+ poorer.Wont be back and wont be recommending my friends.

Review №74

Just found out that when I let them install the last stereo in my wifes car they broke a piece of my vent off behind the dash. They taped it back together with some black duct tape, but because of heat and time its come undone. Not very happy about that and wont be going back.When you pay for professional installation, you should get it. Not people breaking you stuff.You try to give the little guy your money instead of a big box chain store and look what it gets you.

Review №75

I went here a few times over the 2016 holidays related to an Apple repair. Not only were the service techs knowledgeable and professional but every time i visited the store had plenty of available staff for all services who were friendly and attentive.

Review №76

Long time customer here. I mean REALLY long time. Why do I keep coming back? Go to one of the Big Box retailers for the audio product of your choice. Feel free to look around because chances are you will be looking for a good while before being approached by a sales person. When and IF someone finally saunters over you will more than likely quickly discover that they have little or no knowledge of the product, often having to refer to the box to answer any question you might have.Things are different at Audiotronics. You get a greeting as you walk in, and a staff member will be asking you how they can help quickly. Most of the staff specializes in several genres of audio visual equipment and you will be paired with a staff member who can best answer any question or concern you might have. You will walk out with the knowledge that you now are educated about the product you are interested in, if you make a purchase or not. Most important, the next time you visit, you will be remembered, unlike being viewed as one of the faceless herd.Alan and his staff stand behind every product they sell, and also only stock the products that they believe in. Support is there for you, forever. Prices are as good as or better than the Big Box stores, and the extra level of service and support you receive make shopping at Audiotronics a no brainer.

Review №77

Great local owned business

Review №78

My father purchased a complete new sound system for my 1983 gmc k1500 and surprised me with it on Christmas Day. He had an appointment for me to take it and get it installed. I arrived at Audiotronics and was very politely greeted and helped. I am very happy with the customer service but however I think their installers should take more care in making sure wires to gauges and switches go back to where they where before. And it would have also been nice to not have to vacuum out metal shavings and throw out ends of wiring harnesses when I got home.

Review №79

Extremely upset with their service! I brought my Macbook Pro in to be looked at. They told me they would need a $90 deposit since it was not covered under warranty, but that I would get the money back if nothing was fixed. So it ended up being a failed logicboard and they advised me not to fix it because it would cost over $1000 just for parts. So they didnt fix anything and sent me home with my still broken laptop. AND THEN DIDNT REFUND MY $90. When I called to see why the money hadnt been refunded I was informed it they kept the $90 dollars since the technician had run a diagnostic and it was the cost of his time. They refused to refund any of my money. So essentially I paid them $90 to tell me my laptop was broken and couldnt be repaired. I was extremely upset especially because they completely mislead me in the beginning about my deposit which was really the fee for diagnosis. I will never take a computer there again. Absolutely horrible experience.

Review №80

They were very professional and courteous

Review №81

Great place to buy great electronics.

Review №82

Ive been shopping at Audiotronics on and off for many years. Having grown up in the Roanoke area, I was around to see the Odgen Road store being built. Ive always been impressed by their selection and the knowledge and personal service of their staff. Even after I left Roanoke, Ive occasionally come back to Audiotronics because I had trouble finding the service and knowledge they had elsewhere. For the last 7 years, Ive lived in Maryland, and I STILL go all the way to Roanoke for my hi-fi audio needs. Chris Stasik (in addition to being a longtime friend) has been my personal audio consultant for many years. When he went to work at Audiotronics, I told him he had a customer for life in me. Chris knowledge and personal service are beyond expectation. I could not be happier with the quality and performance of the equipment Ive purchased from Chris at Audiotronics, and I will continue to shop there.

Review №83

I was a little peeved the first time I had to take my auto back to get the new stereo Id just paid over $1000 to get installed looked at again. The second time, for the same problem (the XM satellite antenna wasnt connected properly to the module) I was starting to get upset. But they got that fixed, and all was well until I found out that the rear speakers werent working. So we went back and they wound up putting in two new rear door speakers at no charge (which is why they get 2 stars instead of just 1). But the fader between the front and rear speakers doesnt work (which is why we thought the rear speakers werent working) and after all that money they say they would have to rewire the rear speakers and that would cost $200. I thought thats what the wiring harness, which I paid extra for, was supposed to take care of! I dont know about everything else they do, but I do know Id never take another vehicle there to have a stereo installed, and I would not recommend anyone else to either.

Review №84

Wouldnt even look at my truck radio. All they wanted to do was sell me a new high priced one

Review №85

I took in my Mac book Pro. An Apple store in NC told me my hard drive crash due to water damage and the battery was dead. They wanted to charge me $800.00 to fix it even though I still had two years on my warrantee. I knew I did not have water damage so I took it into Audtiotronics for a second Apple certified opinion. My Mac book Pro was diagnosed as having a bad battery charger connection on the computer and this was causing all my problems. Audtiotronics fixed it under warrantee and I had it back in a week. No charge! I appreciate their honestly as I was going to be ripped off by the Apple store. Only criticism: I had to call them, they did not call me when they said they would.

Review №86

Great place for high end electronics

Review №87

There are many reasons this place has been around for 10+ years, all of which will become apparent after stopping in.Audiotronics is a specialty consumer electronics shop which specializes in home theater and car audio equipment. They also sell the full gamut of Apple products and provide both warranty and non-warranty services as an Apple authorized repair and sales outlet.Shopping here is a joy. They employ a no sales pressure atmosphere and this makes auditioning potential purchases much more comfortable. As far as product class goes, expect a good mix of entry to mid-level product in the store, leaving heavily on the latter. If youre looking for a $10,000 dollar television set, youre not going to find it here.Service before and after the sale is truly outstanding. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and again, wont force product down your throat to earn higher commissions.I recently purchased numerous items from therm, including a Macbook Pro Retina, a pair of Monitor Audio RX1s, and a Teac A-H01 USB DAC. The speakers and DAC were an exchange for two other purchases I didnt exactly care for. They made the switch for me with no questions asked.Another example of the amazing service here came when I walked through their door 15 minutes after closing time to buy my Mac. Without hesitation, the gentleman working made the sale and even indulged my interest in a set of speakers I wanted to audition. Overall, I kept him there an additional 45 minutes with zero complaints out of him.Yes, youre going to spend a little more on the stuff you buy here vs doing it online, but the service you receive before and after the sale should negate the extra money saved.I look forward to doing a lot of business here. Both occasions Ive shopped here have been incredible.

Review №88

Always enjoy working with the guys at Audiotronics Tanglewood.

Review №89

Came and setup my Grand fathers home theater system in my basement very professional and friendly with the expertise to match i will say i ever need anything audio or anything else along these line they are my first stop .

Review №90

Great service! Will use again!

Review №91

Rip off store, won’t even offer help unless you pay them $99. Avoid at all costs.

Review №92

Don’t Bring Your Mac Here. Tech had an attitude and ignored my problem. Leaving with same problem that Apple sent me here to have fixed.

Review №93

Professional and great service!

Review №94

A+ customer service, indeed!

Review №95

Great people!

Review №96

Nice and helpful

Review №97

Great service

Review №98

To high

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  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 540-774-5757
  • Computer repair service
  • Car stereo store
  • Computer store
  • Electronics store
  • Home theater store
  • Home audio store
Working hours
  • Monday:9am–5pm
  • Tuesday:9am–5pm
  • Wednesday:9am–5pm
  • Thursday:Closed
  • Friday:Closed
  • Saturday:9am–5pm
  • Sunday:9am–5pm
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Assembly service:Yes
  • Repair services:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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