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Great Service and Highly Recommended!!!

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The Best

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There are good cars I like

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Very good first time and I keep buying

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Excellent repossessed car lot. Variety of brands and models and much to choose from.

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I cant go the days are numbered

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The sales of the best cars are for selected people, the prices are by in excess of those established by the Kelley Blue Book. It is difficult to find a comfortable price although it is the cash although they offer financing. many prices are identical to a dealer regulates unlike the guarantees and the condition of the car almost all are ACCIDENTADA / LACK OF LABEL BAGS EXPLOITED, and damaged and covered engines and damaged transmissions and front gear must be very careful when buying by the defects of the cars. I have noticed that there are many mice that enter the interior of the cars and eat the cables and defecate and urinate probocando that the check engine light is activated there are other cars dismantled. Many have exchanged parts and do not have Vin: And without documents so to be in law you have to buy back the part and pay for the repair are the cars to sell to the public. there are also on Tuesdays a privileged sale for the dealers that have account with them that are the ones that take the newest cars and without any defect or problem in if the ones that are well. and they are not transparent in saying the pressure that was sold and if a car in good condition is not bought by the dealer because of the high price it is sold to the public, so that there is no inequality, they sell the cars on Tuesday not giving the public the opportunity to compete for the same product only questions for the Wednesday and they tell you what we sold, I noticed people from the outside giving rounds to the cars to sell a week later, and that those vehicles have not yet gone out for sale after taking the information from the glass those cars are going in private cars leaving the place its strange to me. to better explain the cars that are behind the fence that have not been selected to be sold. passing the gate. there are cars flooded and shot at cars that do not turn on and I have noticed that they send you the keys to the cars indicating that there is a set of keys on the street and we must remember that they are repossessed cars and taken away from the owners. Take all the precautions when buying a car. You see that the varada is expensive. It must be a success to the best online bidder for transparency.

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