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2702 Camp Jackson Rd, Cahokia, IL 62206, United States

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Cody (the technician) and Denise (office staff) were wonderful! Both were friendly and professional. Cody showed up on time and made sure the issue was resolved be he left. He was very respectful and professional. I would recommend them for all your plumbing needs!!

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I had an old pink tile bathroom that did not work for us at all. Darwyn changed all of that! He gave us an update we can grow old in. Thank you!

Review №3

This place is awesome. Darwyn and Cody were professional, courteous and got the job done quickly, which did not look like an easy task. Our house was a plumbing mess but they wasted no time in making sure we were taken care of. Thanks guys!

Review №4

Darwyn’s came out and examined my water heater. My water heater could not be fixed and he told me what steps I could take in getting a new. He was very professional and I am will be using his company for the install…

Review №5

Cody came out to fix a faucet with serious calcium buildup. He was fast, efficient and patient with all the questions we had. Would recommend 👌🏾

Review №6

Very helpful company great service...

Review №7

My home warranty assigned Darwyns to us to replace a water heater. The job was completed with quality craftsmanship. I was impressed with the mentoring of young apprentices. When my home warranty company balked on covering some of the expenses, they were very helpful in working this out. I would recommend them for all your plumbing needs. I had a most pleasant experience.

Review №8

This is a premier plumbing company! Ive been using Darwyns Plumbing Co. for years. They treat you right and do the job right....the first time. Before calling any of those other big names, call Darwyns first! Youll be glad you did. I highly recommend this plumbing co.Repeat Customer,Belleville, IL

Review №9

Horrible! I used my home warranty service to fix a leaking shower. Faucet needed to be fixed or replaced. First the lady that contacts you for appointments is very unprofessional. The first appointment was made... then got called to reschedule. Tech came out and didn’t know how to fix it. They then made a 2nd appointment to have someone come fix it. They called after the appointment time and said that they won’t be able to make it out today and had to come out the following day. So we had to rearrange our schedules for this yet again. Service tech came out the following day. Said that he was leaving to go get parts. Less than 5 mins later he walks back in the house unannounced (after stating that he was leaving) states that he can’t find the parts and that he doesn’t know how to fix it. Talks to my husband stating that he will cap the shower to stop the leak for now. They then close out the ticket after sawing off our faucet handles and left it unusable. I called the home warranty company and they stated that Darwyns closed out our ticket and that shower was fixed. NOPE! There aren’t even handles to turn it on at this point. Who wants a shower that you can’t use??? A new company came out today and states that Darwyns told our Warranty company that my husband and I were arguing and that’s why they did what they did. Ummmm I wasn’t even home so that was completely made up! I do not recommend this company to anyone!!! If you are assigned by your warranty company then request someone else! You will not get what you need and they are very unprofessional. Read the rest of the reviews and beware before hiring this company!

Review №10

Darryl came to snake out sewer pipe. He was very polite, professional, and knowledgeable. We’ve had to have another company do the same procedure in the past and Darwyn’s was more affordable and professional than the other company we had hired previously. We plan on hiring them again when needed. There are some negative reviews but I think much of them are people who are not familiar with having a plumber service their property. Yes, there will be a mess. Yes, it is expensive but if you look anywhere else the prices are competitive. Plumbing is dirty and costly. Yes, the tech spent sometime on the phone communicating with my home warranty company.

Review №11

I had an appointment set for 1p-3p. I get a call AT 3pm saying they will be a little late 20 minutes or so. I call at 4pm 1hr after they tell me 20 minutes and then they tell meyour technician is right around the corner. I then AGAIN WAIT and WAIT only for it to be 5pm and still no one has shown up and now the main office is closed. So now it seems like the after hours crew now has no idea about what is going on. This is the biggest joke of a company when it comes to scheduling and punctuation. I would give a review on the work done but.....oh yeah they have not showed up yet. NOT RECOMMENDED AT ALL. IF A POSSIBLE NEGATIVE STAR RATING WAS AVAILABLE...THAT WOULD BE MY CHOICE EVERYTIME FOR THIS COMPANY.

Review №12

Had service done on 11/5/18. Had toilet water backing up into the shower. The technician plunged the toilet and got the water to go down .Last night 12/2/18, at 9pm the same problem happened, I called and asked for emergency service at 9pm on a Sunday night. The call center said I would receive an emergency call and would have to pay an emergency fee of 149 dollars. I never got a call back until 8am this morning 12/3/18. Now they wont come out to fix the problem until tomorrow unless I pay an emergency fee today? This does not seem like proper business practices.Had the problem been fixed the first time by cabling the drain rather than just plunging it the problem would not have came back. If there was a NO STAR option they would get it.I do have to add that this was the company my home warranty advised us to use. I will be asking for another option if I have to use my home warranty for plumbing again.Scheduled to be here between 8am and 10am today 12/4/18. Arrived at 9am. The tech could not find a clean out on our home. Said he would have to pull the toilet to cable it. Now he is sitting in his van for the last 15 minutes, I assume on the phone. After coming back in our home, the tech removed the toilet and attempted to get the drains to go down. The only thing he accomplished, was to make a terrible mess of our bathroom by scratching walls and the floor and no apologies or fixing of the damage he made were done. He then left saying that he cannot fix the problem. WOW!

Review №13

Fast and very efficient! Got the clog outdoor cleared and pricing was extremely fair and well worth it! Highly recommend .

Review №14

My girlfriend and I just purchased a new home and within a month had issues with our pipes getting blocked up. The home warranty service told us to call Darwyns. The lady on the phone worked with us and gave us all the info we needed and set up an appointment within a few days. Everything was great until the technician showed up an hour late and seemed like he had no clue what he was doing. He attempted to clear the blockage but was unable to do so because he only brought 100 feet of cable. Even though he didnt solve the problem, we still had to pay our deductible. He advised us that he would have to reschedule another visit to bring an additional 50 feet of cable and give it another try. He said he would have someone give us a call within the next couple of days with a time for him to come back. After 3 weeks of waiting for a call that never came, I decided to call them. I set up another appointment in the afternoon between 2 and 4. My girlfriend received a call around 3:30 saying that they were running late. It is now 5:30 and we havent received any calls nor has anyone showed up.Horrible experience all around. I wish I would have called someone more qualified and with better customer service. I would gladly pay the extra money to have it done right. I will never use this company again and I advise everyone else to stay away.

Review №15

Wow! My HW line to my washer had burst during the frigid temps the other day and Daryl went above and beyond to ensure that the job was done correctly. He had to crawl under the crawl space to repair the pipe and he also went in the basement to repair it where it left the house. That is what I call great service! Ill be using Darwyns Plumbing again.

Review №16

Very unprofessional they threaten home owner if you speak your mind on this rating Throw away the whole company

Review №17

We received exceptional service. This is one of the worst winters we have had in a long time and Darwyns was there for us when our pipes in the basement broke. We even received follow up care on new years day when no other business on Earth was open. We are grateful and the pricing was excellent !

Review №18

The price was competitive, but, the technician put a small hole in one of my pipes while running the snake through it. In the area where the hole was, my basement floor was completely dry, but the technician said it was already there. So in return they charged me an extra $120 for piping, but, said they would install it as a cuertosy, free of charge!! (The piping that they damaged) I would give no stars if I had the option. Customer service was horrible. And now, I hear they charge a $49 servicing fee, that does not go towards the price of repair if you decide to have them fix it. All around bad business.

Review №19

Well this company was sent to repair and look at my watersoftener by sears home warranty which i have.they called and said they r running late and will be there.never showed up. next day they called and said technicianis on his way. arrived late. was in my house for five minutesand lift up my water softener lid and said oh there is ruston the control unit board and can not be repaired so need to bereplaced and collected $100 for my deducible i assumed he knew what he was doing. four five daysgoes by no word from sears home warranty company . so i calleddarwyns plumbing what was going on . lady at the company saidoh we forgot to sent report so finally that day she called the warrantycompany for work authorization and company is refused to pay forreplacement because rust is preexisting condition. so i called darwynsand they said they can send Master technician to look at it again buti will have to go via warranty company which means i will have topay another $100 for deductible . so i hired A and E repaired service.they came today and replaced few parts on my control unit and Bamwater softener is working. Now i am going to have to battle with Searshome warranty company to get reimbursed. Now i found out that A and E is owned by sears. but sears home warranty is underwritten by insurancecompany. so they dont use A and E service because they r expensive andinstead use cheap and useless company like Darwyns plumbing.So if u have Home warranty tell them u dont want to use this company.if there was negative star rating i will use that for this company.Oh by the way i asked the technician form A and E about rust on the face plate and he said it is normal and nothing to do with operation of water softener .face plate is still there as it is.

Review №20

They showed up late, then attempted to charge me $1,800 for a $600-$800 part. Would have been charged >$2,000 for the job if it wasnt for a quick Google search on my phone (thanks, Google!). First contractor I called came out the same day and completed entire job for $875 (parts/labor). Darwyns plumbing is truly the genesis of fraud.

Review №21

My home warranty sent this company out a few months ago to fix a leak needless to say I have the same leak months later. Never ever use this company they have some Joe blow off the streets repairing plumbing. If I could give them a -1 I would. Use them at your on risk. If your home warranty assigned you this company your entitled to ask for another contractor. I will be contacting the BBB...

Review №22

These guys might get tired of me calling. From a little problem to a big problem they always get the job done.. They are always on time and does great work...

Review №23

I would highly recommend this company to any and everyone the owner Mr. Darwyn is very knowledgeable and friendly and the technicians was professional and very respectable.

Review №24

Excellent company! Darwyn replaced my hot water heater the same day the warranty company delivered it (adjusting their schedule to do so), and the techicians were super-friendly. Afterwards, they cleaned up the job site immaculately and were extremely professional in every aspect. Definitely recommend!

Review №25

Talk about price gouging. THESE PEOPLE ARE RIP OFFS!!! WOULDNT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO ANYONE. Not only the double dipping on service calls but We were promised to have hot water tank put in on Wed.My husband had to call several times early Thur. then we were promised a time between 4-6 but he didnt show up until 9p.m.& left @ 11p.m. Some professional company.... Out of about $800 bucks

Review №26

We have home warranty and they were sent to fix issues. Before anything thing is done they try to charge a fee of pulling a toilet $250. After refusing the fee they access or drain through a cleanout. Sewage floods our bathroom and basement so they fell free to use or person shop vacuum without asking and not removing filter to attempt to clean up mess. Needless to say they left the mess and everything wet. I would not recommend them to anyone. They have no customer service and are just after selling extra unnecessary fees or services instead of doing what they are called out for. I would give them less than 1 star if I could.

Review №27

Darwyn came out and diagnosed the issue of a leak under my bathroom sink, I needed a new vanity top. Purchased a new vanity top and new faucets from Lowes before calling to have it installed. A young man named Stephan, came to install it. Charged me almost $500.00 to install it, which took less than 1 hour. Afterwards I realized, 500.00 an hour for labor is ridiculous. I called to complain and ask if they hadnt made a mistake on what they charged. I was told by the person who answered the telephone, Darwyn would call me back, --I never received a call.

Review №28

I love the company. i would highly recommend this company

Review №29

They must work real cheap for home warranty company .They want outrageous extra fees to do normal necessary things did a jerryrig job on drain leak- still leaks . Put rubber sleeves on copper pipe that should have been sweated . ---Avoid. Avoid. These crooks !

Review №30

Good quality and price and offer a credit option. Had some front office issues though.

Review №31

Everyone was so knowledgeable and courteous.

Review №32

Not a real plumbing company, way to much to complain about.Do yourself a favor and NEVER do business with them. AVOID , AVOID these crooks

Review №33

Mr. Darwyn and his techs, Clarence and Darrel did an excellent job diagnosing the problem and making the repairs

Review №34

These people are without a doubt scam artists and should be held legally liable.

Review №35

Great Service, and quality work.

Review №36

Horrible service

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