Sears Appliance Repair
350 Holly Hill Ln, Burlington, NC 27215, United States

Review №1

Repairman came when expected and brought the right part and fixed my burner problem in about 20 minutes. Very satisfactory.

Review №2

Technician was prompt, professional, and did a great job. He called the following day to confirm everything was ok.

Review №3

If I could give zero stars I would. I dropped a dish and busted my glass out of the oven door. When calling for repair I told the operator 6-7 times not to send the repairman out without the glass. All she would do was repeat “they have a variety of parts on their van.” I knew that was not one of the standard parts. I wanted to save us both the aggravation of them having to come back. Repairman showed up with no glass. Saying he had to “diagnose “ the problem. He came in and said it was an old stove (5 years old). Said the burners had rust around them (actually it’s where I cook and it’s impossible to get clean). So he determines the glass is indeed out (duh). Tells me it will be within $200 of the cost of a new stove to replace. I tell him I’d like to talk with my husband whether to repair or replace. He said if we didn’t order the piece and agree on the service then I would have to have another repairman come out and diagnose and order the part. I had to decide yes or no right there. That means another $79.00 fee to tell me the obvious that the glass is out of the stove. What a ripoff. Then he proceeds to try and sell me on the home warranty for $50 a month. I have been a loyal Sears customer and have purchased appliances only from sears for almost 40 years. That stopped last Saturday. Goodbye Sears. I will say the repairman was nice and he said his hands were tied.

Review №4

Repair guy did a good job to fix the problem. I did have issue that he showed up with no mask or gloves on considering Covid-19. He did state that he had it in his van but still felt like he should have been wearing prior coming to my door. Other Issue I had was warranty did not have the dryer listed and we had to pay much more out of our pocket for their mistake. Not happy with the way this part was handled. Our understanding was that All appliances in our home and garage were to be covered. We were given mis information about the warranty program. I think you should be more upfront with this.

Review №5

This service call was one of the best Ive ever experienced. The guys were fast, knowledgeable and extremely neat. The repairs to my dryer required a new high-limit switch and thermostat and went quickly and they tested the results giving me the assurance I needed to know everything would now be fine. They also cleaned my dryer exhaust. Great job and very reasonable. I would welcome them back without question! Thanks guys!

Review №6

The service was actually excellent. Johnny C. knew what the problem was before even opening the fridge at all. I could tell he has definitely done this multiple times before. He resolved the issue in minimal time and the cost was very low impact for us. >>Also he was extremely polite and respectful of our home.

Review №7

We purchased a water heater from Sears ONE YR AGO and the additional 3 yr protection plan, because water heaters arent cheap. Our water started losing heat within the last month so we call for a repair on our already protected heater and was given the annoyingly typical the technician will be there between 8am-5pm line, which is ridiculously hard to do anything with that time-frame. Because lets not forget their curiosity 30 minute window call is actually as they pull into your driveway. (thanks for the heads-up).After a few hours of doing god-knows what in the basement with he water heater, Im told my protection plan is running out and I should consider renewing it. I said, no its not, I have 3 yrs left. Then Im told my problem could be one of two, 1) a dipstick pipe within the heater, or 2) my water pipes. And since the repair technician is not an actual LICENSED PLUMBER, he cant even fix my water heater. So I paid him a service fee to come out here and tell me, yup, youre losing heat and I cant fix it. But he was so kind enough and licensed enough (heavy on the sarcasm) to order the part online for me and have it shipped to my home, so I can find a licence plumber to fix a water heater that SEARS WONT FIX. Even though I paid extra money for the protection plan and for them to FIX IT.They are a waste of time and waste of money.I will never do any business there again.((and dont get em started on auto center and the major rip off tires and alignments are))

Review №8

Serviceman was very courteous, efficient, knowledgeable and displayed experience and in the work he performed. I was very pleased with the result.

Review №9

I called Sears to fix my Samsung Refrigerator that wasnt getting cold enough. The technician arrival window was 8 to 5. I got an email a little after 7 saying my technician was on the way. Well he didnt actually arrive until 8:30. So Im not sure why I got an email so early. When he got there he started looking at the refrigerator but quickly had to get on the phone with some sort of support line to help him diagnose the problem. So theres my first issue. Why is a technician coming to my house if he doesnt know what to check for? So he first told me he thought my fridge was having a problem with the coils. Then he continued on the phone for a while. A little later he came back to show me a large amount of ice was built up on my freezer. So he said he needed to melt the ice. At this point I assumed melting the ice was another part of him trying to figure out what was wrong. So he went ahead and melted the ice. Once done melting the ice he came to tell me he was finished and that it would cost me $311. I asked him what was wrong with my refrigerator and he said he didnt know. He basically said the ice built up over time but gave me no reason as to why it happened. So the technician was there for a little over 2 hrs. Melted ice which I could have EASILY done myself and still didnt tell me why it happened. So basically he put a bandaid on it and charged me $300 to do so. I was extremely unsatisfied with the level of professionalism sears service showed. When you advertise a $99 diagnostic fee once you decide during that service call its going to begin to cost more than that $99 you should let me know and let me decide if I want to continue. Its basically backing people into a corner because you then charged me $300 out of the $99 I was expecting. I called to complain about the service and the person on the phone told me they could refund half my money since he only really worked on it for 30 minutes melting ice. The representative also OFFERED to send another technician out to look at the refrigerator. I then had to rearrange another day in order to accommodate Sears. Having no idea in the 8 to 5 window when they will arrive. I asked if sending another technician would hinder me getting my refund. They assured me it would not. So I waited another day for a technician. This technician showed up. Told me the refrigerator was working at that moment so there was nothing else they could do. He also could not tell me why my fridge had ice build up so much. And after 10 minutes of talking to me in my kitchen he left. So then I called Sears again to let them know once again my refrigerator after 2 technicians has no real diagnosis. They then also told me my refund was denied because they sent another technician out. Even though I didnt ask for them to send another one out and I was assured it would not hinder my refund. So I let sears service know that I would be contacting every Avenue I could to let everyone know not to use Sears service unless you feel like you have money to throw away because thats all youll be doing. And the icing on the cake is that they offered to let me pay only half of the $311 if I agreed to the Sears warranty service. What a joke. You cant even fix my refrigerator but you want me to trust you with the rest of my appliances? No thanks.

Review №10

Technician did not know what was wrong with the dryer. Had to be on the phone with support. Finally says control board needs replacing but doesnt have one. Cost being $512.32. Told him no. I then went online and bought a control board with a 2 year warranty for $140.00 and replaced it myself. They are a ripoff.

Review №11

Took 2 weeks to get an appt for a repair. Then 2 more weeks for tech to come back and repair. Parts were delivered to the house long before second two weeks. Understand they are short on techs. Everyone quitting. Sears needs to figure this out to not affect the customers. Very dissatisfied! Will not buy another household part from Sears again! Customers should not have to wait this long. Lowes has you up in running in a couple days.

Review №12

I was scheduled for service on Tuesday, October 6 between 3 and 6 PM. I left work early to be home when the serviceman arrived. I got a call the previous day confirming service.At 5:40 I call the Toll free number because nobody came and was told that they would contact the serviceman to call me.At 6:30 my wife called and was told the records showed the service was completed.After she told them nobody had showed up, she was told there was a mix up and rescheduled the appointment the next morning between 8Am and 12 PM. They sent me a confirming email at 6:40 PM.The next afternoon I was sent an email canceling the appointment with an address on different than mine. I called again and they could not find my account using my phone number or address. When I gave them my service agreement number they told me that it was under a different name. After being transferred to someone else, I was told that there was some kind of glitch and they straightened it out? I then had to call the other number again and reschedule the appointment which I could not get until a week later at the earliest. I was inconvenienced on Tuesday and my wife had to change plans on Thursday 10/8 because they were supposed to show up.I had never had such bad service fro Sears Home service before as far as an appointment although this appointment was because the previous repair was not done properly.

Review №13

My lawn tractor ran for less than 1 minute then the belts came off againThe second time the tech was supposed to come he did not even show up but sent a report saying it had been completed.Cannot believe someone could just lie about completing a service when he did not even show up.No wonder Sears is going out of business!

Review №14

I bought the one year extended service warranty for my Whirlpool refridge/freezer. Even though it is a frost free model, a heavy layer of ice had developed at the top of the freezer.The service man came out and said that the doors on my three year old unit were worn out. He sent away for parts and we made an appointment for two weeks later. The parts arrived in drips and drabs. The serviceman came back out, fixed the doors and leveled the unit.The freezer has already started to regrow a layer of ice at the top. Disappointed that I will need to have him cone out again. Its been 11 days.UPDATE: I had a tech come out to check my appliances since my extended warranties are about to expire. He said that the freezer door is not closing properly, that it needs to be adjusted. The repair tech came out on Monday, said that it is not possible to adjust the freezer door, so he adjusted the refrigerator side. Now when I open the fridge door there is a loud popping sound. Another repair visit set up for next week. No change in how the freezer door is closing. Where do they find these guys?

Review №15

Mike is a top notch rep and always goes above and beyond to ensure everything is thoroughly repaired. He also takes an extra minute to make sure he protects the area he is working in and leaves it as clean or cleaner than when he arrived.

Review №16

This place is ridiculous. They charged me $89 to come out to fix the washing machine and the waterline on the fridge. He did nothing to the fridge because it wasnt an appliance problem it was a plumbing problem. Charged me $175 to supposedly fix the washing machine which he didnt. I called back and was told it would be two weeks before someone else could come out. That guy came today, hopefully actually fixed the machine this time, and he informs me that the service fee for coming out is included in the $175 to fix the washer. So why was I charged an additional $89? Best part they refuse to refund me.

Review №17

Very good and professional work. Excellent company

Review №18

Work done by technician was excellent. Customer service people were not truthful and did not seem to know what was happening.

Review №19

I am grateful and appreciative to Sears and their Appliance service center staff & technician, Michael (711044,) for their assistance and consideration...

Review №20

Our repairman was great! He was very polite, fixed our refrigerator quickly, and gave us great advice!

Review №21

I wished there was minus stars for the reviews...Terrible customer service ..There was a time when I would only buy Sears appliances and use their repair services... NEVER AGAIN.I think they farm out their work to barely-legible english speaking incompetents who dont have a clue as to what they are doing.After 3rd call to Sears repair, trying to get repair servive , they connected me to a building contractor...Go Figure.

Review №22

Door that drops ice stopped opening. 2nd time since purchasing refrigerator. Sears rep came out to fix it on July 20,2017. Stopped working right after the repairman left, on July 20th. Called Sears and now need to take ANOTHER day from work to come out on the 26th to fix it again. This will be the third time in two years.

Review №23

Made appointment for service for refrigerator and no one showed up, nor was any contact made

Review №24

I had to have a repair on my induction cooktop. It quit working after not quite 2 years. I had purchased a 3 year extended warranty, so I was lucky in that it didnt cost me anything. The repair went easily, although it took a week and a half to make an appt to diagnose the problem. Then after the part was ordered it was on backorder, which no one told me. I had to call Sears to find this out. Then after the part came in, it took another week to get an appt to have the part installed. So, I was actually without a cooktop for 5 weeks. They called me the day before the repair was scheduled to let me know what time frame (8 to 5pm) they would be at my house. However, the day of the appt., the repairman just showed up without any call to give me a 2 hour window. Thank goodness I was at home. Other than that, the repair went fine and my cooktop is now working.

Review №25

Tech was very good.

Review №26

Was on time within the window frame given. Received a courtesy call on the way. Was polite & courteous.

Review №27

Service was excellent and completed successfully. The service man was on time and professional.

Review №28

Sears rep was prompt, polite, and professional. And thats what I love like.

Review №29

Calling in problem and getting switched 5 times, disconnected twice, was terrible.Service appt. was scheduled in reasonable time and the servicemen was very professional and personal.

Review №30

Came 5 times and my fridge. still isnt working

Review №31

Sears no longer exists as Sears, it is now Kmart and its management has given up on providing service to its customers. There was a time when I would use Sears for my appliance purchases exclusively. At this time and into the future I would recommend you DONT use SEARS. Sears customer service now originates in the Philippines which in it self isnt a disaster, however the true sears unconditional customer service is no longer something you will experience. Although customer service people may be professional they are now being trained to bypass or ignore the observation of frustration and anger relating to the customers concerns and or difficulties with the service Sears provides. I recently had a Microwave which was under a sears service repair agreement. The entire process of the repair has extended to almost two months. I was without my microwave for 2 months had I not gone out and rented a table top Microwave. Sears originally agreed to pay for the rental but then highlighted it wasnt in my contract. Two different repair technicians who came to my home spent more then 11 hours just diagnosing the problem with my Microwave and then communicated to the warrantee department that the microwave received 3 of the same and 2 additional parts to repair the unit and that the microwave just needed to be replaced. The warrantee department refused to follow the direction of their own technicians and continued to order parts that were not repairing the problems and the microwave was unable to be repaired. According to my service agreement sears was supposed to replace my microwave and it wasnt until 5 visits and 3 different technicians deemed the microwave un repairable that they acknowledged the need to replace it. I wasted 5 days off from work and spent over 100.00 renting a stand by Microwave and the Technician informed me that Sears actually spend almost 2000.00 (real money) dollars of the actual cost of repair and parts to this Microwave, however the Microwave brand new only cost 499.00 to purchase. This makes no sense what so ever, and has infact cost me the consumer an additional 100.00 and lots of aggravation. I went to Sears to get the Best product with the Best service contract and found out Sears is in no way a good idea or a peace of mind purchase. I WOULD SUGGEST THAT ANYONE LOOKING FOR APPLIANCES GO TO LOWES OR HOME DEPOT AS THEIIR product may be a few dollars more or less however also come with A TRUE DOWN TO EARTH MUCH LESS EXPENSIVE and more inclusive contract for service on the products they sell. They also provide immediate response to a repair and reasonable and effective resolution taking far less time and illiminating any cost to its patrons............Bottom Line: Sears has put their sincere standing behind its products and what used to be amazing customer service, to sleep for ever............. I will never purchase a sears appliance as I wouldnt want to go through the aggravation or loss of time and money that they put me through ever again. For some reason Sears forgets that they are not the only company selling appliances.

Review №32

Excellent work. Had a long wait.

Review №33

Appointment was right on time , tech was great ! could not ask for better service! great job Sears !

Review №34

Did great job... very professional and courteous ...

Review №35

Service guy they sent was impatient and cussing up a storm the whole time he was trying to fix our dryer. Guy gave up after 15 mins. Was a waste of my time. Would not recommend.

Review №36

After the 5th try they finally fixed my washing machine. When they finished they didnt put things back as they were my wife had to do it. Terrible!

Review №37

I have ONE simple question about my stove and the guy wont answer it without scheduling an appointment. Useless!

Review №38

No problem with the work done.

Review №39

Polite,Right to work,Answer all questions

Review №40

Helpful, courteous, very knowledgeable.

Review №41

I could not have been happier with the service or the friendly and professional person the repairman wasQ!

Review №42

Very pleased.

Review №43

Very professional, great service!!!

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