Verizon Authorized Retailer Victra
5717 Burke Centre Pkwy, Burke, VA 22015, United States

Review №1

I came in to have a new line added and have everything rolled over to a business account. Apparently this is a difficult and complicated process for Verizon. The manager at Victa assured me that they can do this and it would improve my bill and service. After just over 30 days I have received multiple bills from multiple accounts and am still unable to get any sort of support or help. My business account is now delinquent and Verizon support has been unable to help. My lines are not rolled over and consolidated as they assured me they had been. When I called into the store for help, they just rolled me to the 1-800 line yet again.

Review №2

Received a 40% discount on a new phone today as well as a deal on a phone bank and my trade-in. Staff and store manager were extremely helpful and courteous.

Review №3

Muneeb was very helpful getting me set up with a new phone. Thanks Verizon. Will be sending my friends and family there from now on.

Review №4

Got two iPhone 12s back in December of 2020 with accessories. Was told by my sales rep Jorge that if I spent over $100 in accessories I would get a rebate. I usually get my accessories online to save money but with the rebate promised it would have been free. Before I left I asked Jorge for documentation on the rebate to which he said there isnt any and to just look out for it. After about 2 months with no sign of the rebate I tried to reach out to Jorge with no luck. I called multiple times and left messages but he never got back to me. Today I was finally able to get an answer from the manager who said Jorge had no recollection of the rebate. He said Jorge is now at another store in Alexandria and that I could go take it up with him. I declined and told him Im not gonna waste any more of my time with it. Moral of the story, if you use this or any of the Victra locations get documentation on anything promised. Unfortunately a persons word isnt worth much these days.

Review №5

Our experience at the Verizon store in Burke was fabulous! The customer service employee is very nice, patient and willing to answer and clarify my questions allowing me make an educated decision, feeling confident with my purchase decision. Great experience!

Review №6

Cannot return equipment here. Gave us the address of two other Verizon stores that they said could take our equipment. Both of those stores didnt take the equipment either and directed us to yet another store.

Review №7

Michael went above and beyond in helping us try to figure out a thorny problem involving SIM cards and a new iPhone 12. Basically his manager left him to figure it out late on a Saturday afternoon, and he patiently spent the next 2 hours in triage among us, other customers who would pop in, and Tech Support on the phone. It all worked out in the end, but it took a loooong time...and we appreciated his patience and persistence!

Review №8

Q the salesperson did an amazing job!

Review №9

Muneeb provided excellent service. He listened to my needs for my new phone and picked out the perfect phone for me. He told me about all the special promotions without me even having to ask. I believe I got the best value for my money by using Verizon and Muneeb.

Review №10

Excellent experience with Michael. He was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questionswith patience and respect. Great customer service! Very professional, highly recommended.

Review №11

First, this store follows COVID protocols and I felt comfortable in the store. The staff is well trained, responsive and patient. All of my questions, and there were many b/c its been years since buying a new phone, were answered with ease.

Review №12

They only allow one customer in at a time, I was able to check in online and they texted me when I was ready. I called before so they gave me an idea of how long before I would be. It was all very easy and he was very helpful and got me all set up quickly. I’d definitely come back!

Review №13

Garrick was exceptionally friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating. My son and I could not have been happier with the service he provided us. We would definitely recommend this Verizon location and team to others.

Review №14

Best experience in upgrading a phone ever! Outstanding service. Jorge was excellent in every way.

Review №15

The service was outstanding Jorge really went out of his way I will definitely come back for accessories.

Review №16

Had a great experience at this Verizon retailer on 7/9/20. My husband and I had just flown in from Germany (moving back to the US) and needed new phones, new numbers, the works. We came in 45 min before closing and Ashley was gracious about helping us get set up and even keeping the store open 20 min past closing!

Review №17

Great customer service! Very attentive, informative, and respectful!

Review №18

I called over the phone to see if they have any deals on iPhone 12 pro max and associate. Attempts to tell me that they don’t have them because Apple is pulling them off shelves for connectivity issues. What a joke

Review №19

Garrick is awesome, funny knowledgeable, and confident. Verizon is lucky to have a rep such as himself. He must have learned and trained from his, also extremely knowledgeable manager. Thank you for a positive experience.

Review №20

Incredible customer service. The staff was great at helping me choose a phone and accessories. Will definitely go back when I get a new phone or have a problem.

Review №21

Recently visited my local Verizon store. The friendly rep Ashley was there to serve me. I was glad to see the store was practicing COVID-19 protocols. I was able to enter into and conduct my business with much ease.

Review №22

Following all covid protocols, felt safe.

Review №23

Excellent customer service, very clean and organized location. My experience was great and speedy!! Thank you!!

Review №24

I bought a new phone for my wife on Amazon. We went to this location to have the date transferred. Garrick was the person who helped us. He was friendly, professional, humorous, and really good at problem solving. The data transfer was more challenging than expected but Garrick was able to figure it out. The service we received today was customer service at its best!

Review №25

Michael was very knowledgeable and helpful. I recommend him highly.

Review №26

The staff was very helpful and hooked me up. They were fast and kind. Would recommend, especially Ashley.

Review №27

Ashley was very kind and patient and took care of everything I needed very quickly.

Review №28

I saw Garrick on Tuesday evening he was very helpful and professional. I would recommend this store to anyone.Garrick is extremely knowledgeable about all products in the store.

Review №29

Took advantage of the upgrade promotional going on at Verizon. Mark was such a huge help. He did an analysis of our current monthly billing and made positive suggestions that pertained to our familys needs. Excellent!!

Review №30

What a blessing to meet Neisha at the Verizon store in Burke, VA. We are 2 grandmothers in our mid 70’s and 80. We have a love hate relationship with all our devices and feel some anxiousness when it’s time to shop for a new phone. Neisha was the perfect match for us. She understood us . Neisha greeted us with a friendly and helpful attitude. She was able to direct us to the best iPhone purchase based on some research we had done. We felt more and more confident about the purchase as Neisha explained and directed us how to make this purchase through our Verizon app. She assured us she would transfer our info from the current iPhone 7 to the new iPhone SE 2020 . It was such a relief that Neisha took the time to help us out. She explained how our trade in and Verizon device money would save us money. We left the store knowing we were in good hands. After receiving the new phone in the mail, we made an appt with Neisha to transfer our data. WOW!!!! Neisha is the best ever service at a Verizon store or Apple Store. She knows her stuff and can communicate it in a way we understand. That’s a gift. Neisha has strong communication skills, a friendly and inviting personality and is highly motivated to provide an outstanding customer experience. We were present during 2 phone calls from customers. She handled those calls promptly, professionally and in the same friendly inviting presence we experienced. Neisha is an asset to your company. We are so grateful to her. We are thrilled to know we can go back to the store anytime to ask questions.P. S. The store was immaculately clean. There were masks and hand sanitizer. We did all transactions masked and it felt natural with Neisha.We give Neisha our highest recommendation, Sue and Judy

Review №31

Went in today and got helped right away, very informative and knew exactly what I needed. 10/10 would recommend.

Review №32

Bought a phone from Verizon, had shipped to my house, tried to set it up, failed, got frustrated, took it to the store, Ashley had it up and running with full data transfer in less than 30 minutes. Knowledgeable, fast, efficient, professional and friendly. Great experience.

Review №33

I bought cell phones and visited the store again with some questions. I am very impressed and thanked by Thalias professionalism for remembering every customer and solving the issue correctly with a friendly explanation.

Review №34

I went into the store because I was having issues with my phone line. I had purchased my phones at the Apple store and for some reason the lines had not successfully ported over. Even though the phones nor the lines were purchased at this store, Taliah was extremely helpful. She took the time to talk to Verizon and explain what was going on and was able to get our phones in working order. Taliah is an excellent customer representative and I will definitely be recommending this store because of her service.

Review №35

The customer service at this store is the VERY BEST! Went in one day with my two daughters with a confusing task of having to upgrade one phone, swap SIM cards, update accounts etc. and received absolutely STELLAR customer service. Fantastic service. Excellent customer rapport. Highly recommend.

Review №36

Taliah -Was very helpful and thorough and pleasant and competent and did it with a smile.A happy customer!,

Review №37

Called for information and was helped right away.... in a friendly manner!

Review №38

I love coming into my local Verizon store, they always take care of what I need and answer my questions. Very friendly people and great customer service.

Review №39

We had the best experience ever on Saturday night. Taliah was very patient and upbeat while we were not only transfering from one phone to another, but also helped us get our son off of our bill and get him started with his own account.

Review №40

Had a wonderful experience. They are very knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend them!

Review №41

We already had the best service like 2 weeks ago it was great specially with taliah ur the best thank u so much

Review №42

This place must have changed allot since some of these reviews were written. I was in and out pretty quick and got exactly what I was looking for. Very nice and knowledgeable staff. Their inventory wasnt the biggest, but they had all the essentials, I find most cell phone stores have too much unnecessary crap.

Review №43

Great service and friendly staff!

Review №44

This place was great!! I was in & out in 15 minutes with my new phone! Thanks Victra!

Review №45

Amazing customer service!

Review №46

Verizon is a rip off. Customer service is poor. Getting answers on your account is difficult. Requested upgrade on existing phone, however, in store representative sets up new plan with insurance on a phone that does not exist. Time to switch companies. Overpriced, Poor Service. Confusing representative to trick you in to plan that services them not the consumer.

Review №47

Do NOT go to this store.It look them 30mins to ring up a cell phone case and hostler for me.After I jumped in the car the hostler broke so I went back into return it.They continued to take forever so I just walked out of the store.Very nice people that work there but also very stupid and slow.Do not waste your time here small selection and very slow service.

Review №48

Very friendly and helpful

Review №49

Went to this store despite some of the negative reviews. I am glad I did. My experience was nothing shy of fantastic. I went in witha broken Moto X, Mike welcomed me and helped me out from start to end, simply a phenomenal young man that new the products inside and out, so much so, that Samsung should hire him he knew so much about their products. Heck I went in for a Google Pixel, but ended up walking out with the Samsun s7 edge and I am glad I did. Thanks Mike.While Mike was getting everything in order I met Heather the store manager as she introduced herself to me and thanked me for coming in. Nice touch! We had a super pleasant conversation that I felt comfortable just being in her store.Heather and Mike thank you again for making today such a fun experience. You both are true professionals. I wish you both much success.

Review №50

They were very attentive and honest, answered all my questions, and even tried to help me find discounts to lower my bill.

Review №51

We came in a little before 7pm to upgrade 2 iphones. We waited for 35-40 minutes while the sole employee chit chatted and flirted with the young woman who was window shopping. When they started talking about her father and the sorority house she was going to live in we walked out. This young man should NEVER be alone to deal with customers. Clearly the manager has no idea what his employees are up to and he should pay more attention.

Review №52

Always helpful and no waiting. This new store is a hidden gem for local Springfield residents that need help with there phone .

Review №53

Great store to go to. Quick transaction

Review №54

I walked in hoping to upgrade my phone, and walked out after being completely ignored by the staff for over 20 minutes. They werent busy at the time there was one other customer.

Review №55

VERY BAD SERVICE. I buy only a car charger and waiting more of 30 minutes for sales man services. And the charger its bad quality. I return ASAP. No more this store.

Review №56

Great Service!!

Review №57

They were quick, courteous and so helpful. I will drive here anytime I need to talk with a Verizon technician.

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  • Address:5717 Burke Centre Pkwy, Burke, VA 22015, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 571-328-7144
  • Telecommunications service provider
  • Internet service provider
  • Cell phone store
Working hours
  • Monday:10am–8pm
  • Tuesday:10am–8pm
  • Wednesday:10am–8pm
  • Thursday:9am–8pm
  • Friday:9am–8pm
  • Saturday:9am–8pm
  • Sunday:10am–7pm
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • In-store pick-up:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
Health and safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • LGBTQ-friendly:Yes
  • Cheques:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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