AT&T Store
9542 Old Keene Mill Rd, Burke, VA 22015, United States

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They are great! Always good at explaining all plans and they do not pressure you into any specific deals. They always say think about it and let me know when you are ready or come back if you need more time. This is why our family has been coming here for over 15 years!!

Review №2

I was helped by both Kunal and Matt. Both were wonderful! They were knowledgeable and friendly, the epitome of what customer service should be! I would highly recommend them to my friends and family and look forward to dealing with them again should I have any issues. They are very attentive and couldnt rate them any higher! Thanks guys!

Review №3

Best customer service you’ll ever experience. Knowledge. Experience. Products and plans. They specialize in spectacular service & knowledge. We won’t go anywhere else.

Review №4

I will always use this location, family owned and awesome

Review №5

I was at this store in Burke yesterday.,Lesly and Julio spent much time with me! I needed a new IPhone and IPad..They were so knowledgeable and patient! I have been coming to this store for at least six years and I will say the same as the above for Matt! I highly recommend this store and their “expert” service!!👍👍

Review №6

I went into the AT&T dealer near my house. I bought a new phone and lost it on a job. The big box store sold me insurance which didn’t include losing the phone (lost or stolen). I use the phone for work so this was a big deal.He helped me get a new phone and actually lowered my phone bill. We have 5 lines and phones so he listened to us and worked out what was best for me and did that.I will say I went back to the big box store where I purchased my phone first and they were pleasant but no help.I recommend that if you find a good dealer that knows what they are doing and does what is best for you, you can’t go wrong.I won’t go back to A Big Box Store for a cell phone.I recommend this dealer at the AT&T store at the corner of Old Keene Mill Road and Burke Centre Parkway in Burke, VA.Super nice staff!

Review №7

Always great, prompt professional service every time we stop in.

Review №8

The workers at this AT&T store have been wonderful, educated, and so kind. Except for the “manager”, Tamara. She is extremely rude and disrespectful. I came in twice and she did not even greet me or reply back to a simple “how are you doing” question... I do not know what her problem is, but she made my two experiences awful. I give her 0 out of 5 stars. She needs to change her attitude if she wants to work at a job that requires good customer service.

Review №9

I have been using the AT&T store on Old Keene Mill Rd in Burke for 10+ years. The owner, Kunal, is fantastic!! He is extremely helpful and is truly interested in helping the customer find the best fit for their phone needs. He is upbeat, positive, and very knowledgeable. I enjoy and benefit immensely from his guidance and assistance!

Review №10

Issue has been resolved. Knowledgeable representatives. Short wait.

Review №11

Very Satisfied and very knowledgeable

Review №12

Great techs! They are professional and very helpful. Had a great experience. Drive 40 minutes and it was worth it. With COVID happening they really made it stress free.

Review №13

My family was visiting history museums around Washington DC. We went to the George Town store for chargers. My battery had died from taking so many pictures. The service was excellent and during the course of our conversation of the excellent professional staff my family and I decided to swap our service to AT&T. We were happy and wanted to share our great experience. We are dedicated cell users and the plans and options were such money savers w five star quality. Thank you so much staff. We are sharing our great news w our friends.

Review №14

Best customer service. I am customer of AT&T for 11 years and loyal customer for this store for 9 years. This store and it’s team never fails on providing excellent experience. They understand what customers wants and their recommendations are based on client needs. In fact they saved on my monthly bill by reviewing my current bill. Thank you.

Review №15

We have been coming here for 10 years for good reason. They are the best and we keep coming back. I will not use another store. They treat you like family. Our rates and products have been maximized, and every visit they evaluate our plan to make sure we are getting the best service. No hassle, no high pressure sales-- always a clear understanding of what you are getting and paying for.

Review №16

Kunal and Matt was truly amazing. I received timely and effective customer service. Matt was taking care of 3 different clients at one time. He acknowledged my presence and took the time to speak. He also inquired about my issues while taking care of other clients. Kunal came right on in seamlessly and finished what Matt began with my cell phone concerns. Overall the customer service was exceptional. They over exceeded my expectations. I will recommend this store to everyone.

Review №17

Matt is the nicest guy! No problem too big or too small. Thanks for all your help! Your caring service is why we’ll stay with AT&T

Review №18

I had gone to this store to buy a charging cable for my phone but ended up switching my sprint service to AT&T Primary reason.... excellent customer service and product knowledge. Very professionally run store. I just switched all my business phones over 10 to AT&T. Very happy and recommend this store and service to everyone.

Review №19

We have been going to this store for 10+ yr. The owner always has employees that are helpful and knowledgeable about the products we ask about and own. Very helpful through out the year even when we are not purchasing anything. Great store and great staff!Dave and Debbie

Review №20

I have been buying phones from this store for 14 years. It is the only place I’ll buy phone. Service is fantastic. Nicest people to work with. Very patient with the less tech savvy among us. Love them.

Review №21

I recently switched to AT&T from Sprint and was surprised that I was able to save money AND get better coverage and service. Matt was very knowledgeable about his product and gave great customer service!

Review №22

Very kind and informative

Review №23

My AT&T phone and service work great! Matt is well informed regarding all AT&T offers & took great care setting up my service. My first bill was exactly what he quoted. Switch to AT&T at this location!

Review №24

Dont trust owner Kunal or management of this store. Especially when he says trust me, I will take care of you, I will be in touch, I will resolve, please forgive this, come back on Tuesday He is owner of several others ATT locations in Springfield as well, including Springfield plaza location. Ask who the owner is, and stay clear of if it is Kunal. He offered us a promotional deal in Dec 2018 and we have been paying for an extra phone that was never received ever since. Still paying 13 months later, 10+ visits to store, Hours and hours on phone trying to resolve. We are over 700$ of extra payment w no solution in sight. If I break the contract I need to pay for the full amount of two phones. Also when they say he will be in later, or he has been working for 15 straight days, do not believe that.

Review №25

Cancel auto pay. Help me to create online account. very friendly. very helpful .He show me how to cancel auto pay.

Review №26

We have gone to this store for the last 3 phone upgrades. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Handled three phone transfers as quickly as possible and made sure we had all our data before leaving. Both employees were friendly.

Review №27

Great Store, We met with Matt, he was very friendly, he knows his product very well to answer any question that might come up.

Review №28

Do not buy iPhones from any AT&T store. One died three hours after leaving this store, and the requirement was to go to Apple for servicing. Well, Apple has a two week servicing time, which is at or beyond the AT&T return period of 14 days. Staff did not honor the no-hassle return policy, would not exchange it. Would not let me use the phone warranty purchased at time of sale.It is reasonably speculated that Apple does NOT provide direct replacements in these situations. You get a refurbished, brown-box phone which is a hit-or-miss. I would not be surprised that after I receive the new phone, AT&T then denies my return because the hardware IDs do not match the contract (or some other fine print). I mean, they said no already several times. Why should I believe anything else they tell me?After 10 years of great service, it is puzzling to see why exchanging a phone is so difficult. I gave it some thought and it became clear. It is someone outside this store that is the problem, because the staff (and manager) are very courteous and polite. It is the higher management that is worried about a loss in sale, profit, or commission. This is the first time I have to resort to the BBB to honor a return policy. Thats right, out of all things, a no-hassle return policy.

Review №29

Really friendly and helpful service at this AT&T store. Its not the closest to me, but I know I can trust them to help with any issues.

Review №30

Weve found this store more than willing to search for deals, capable with a variety of services and devices (Im a digital Neanderthal) and well connected with ATT hierarchy. They treat us like family.

Review №31

Prompt, courteous, and effective assistance on walk-in basis. This team re-earns my business time after time.

Review №32

Great service, the owner of the store was extremely helpful and has helped my family with several account and phone related issues over the years. Highly recommended, as its a personal relationship in an industry where the customer generally isnt put first

Review №33

My family and I have been dealing with this business for going on a decade now. They have been nothing but great! Occasionally it can be difficult to reach them by phone, but its never been an over the top problem before. Weve all upgraded phones, changed contracts, and bought all sorts of accessories from them without issue. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a good neighborhood cell phone store.

Review №34

Great Service. Answered the phone after the store was closed and helped me out. Saved me money on my plan on two separate occasions. Highly recommend!

Review №35

These guys have always helped me family and I out on our iPhones. My last experience was great afterI had lost my phone. They hooked me up and quickly got me going with the latest upgrade and no hassles. I made it hard for them changing my mind, but they were very helpful getting everything right.

Review №36

My wife lost her phone and we needed to replace it. I was hesitant to send my wife there based on the past reviews but figured it was worth a shot. The guys at the AT&T store helped us replace the phone with ease. Absolutely recommend the store to anyone.

Review №37

We bought two new iPhone 7s and 1 iPad mini from this AT&T store. We were told that the activation fee for the iPad mini would be waived. We got an e-mail a day or two later with the anticipated charges and the activation fee was still on the bill. So, we returned to the AT&T store to question this charge and we were told that when we got the “actual bill” the fee would be waived and if it wasn’t, we could return to the AT&T store and the salesman would fix it. When we got the bill the activation fee still appeared on it. So, we went back to the AT&T store a 3rd time and we were told by a man identifying himself as the owner, that we would have to call customer service ourselves to get the fee corrected. The owner said, customer Service will not talk to them. Apparently they we have no better luck dealing with AT&T customer service than AT&T customers do. While we were there he called the salesman (or at least that is who he said he called) to tell him he was wrong, and seemed to think that would placate us. Don’t believe what they tell you unless it is in writing.

Review №38

Dishonest and at the very least, not familiar with there products.I inquired about prices on data and the salesman there stated that the incremental amount was 300 mb and then next, 3 gigs. AT&Ts website states that theres a 1 gig option as well. No, I did not check the internet until after I returned home. I assumed that the salespeople would be honest and accurate. Ill give 2 stars because they were polite but buyer beware.

Review №39

This store and its employees go out of the way to help and make you feel comfortable. Ive been coming back for 4 years.

Review №40

Great store! My whole family and business work with this store for years!

Review №41

Tricky people. Very bad attitude, especially from the guy with long curvy hair. This guy is not supposed to work with customers. He does not have a clue that we keep them in business and him on the payroll.Hopefully, the owner of the store will read this and take some action.

Review №42

Terrible service. They dont answer the phone, they dont call you, there is no voice mail at the store. They had my phone an entire day without letting me know about it. UPS emailed me a delivery notice and that is how I knew that my phone had arrived. Very disappointed. Next time I am buying online and saving money.

Review №43

Great Staff

Review №44

This store is NOT a real ATT store! It is more like a franchise store! This of the store like one of the mobile providers in malls. Here is what I mean, they will sell you phones and plans but dont service items.I upgraded my iPhone 4s to 5s (eBay) and needed a new SIM card which was smaller. I went to the store and they pulled of some device that cut the SIM card to a smaller size. Great the 5s has cell service but no LTE.Called ATT customer service and they told me that isnt right and you need to get a smaller/different SIM card to get LTE. The rep directed me to an actual ATT store.Fast forward 7 months.I bought a body guardz screen protector at real ATT store in Baileys Cross roads. The screen cracked. I called Baileys Cross roads store and inquired about In store warranty replacement, they said sure (have receipt or bought with your phone number, yep! bring it in)!Called this store in Burke, we dont do warranty replacements! Told them I have have two REAL ATT stores and they both said, ifYou have the receipt or bought with your phone number, we can replace it today!

Review №45

First and foremost, this is my first review Ive done in a couple years. I created a gmail account specifically to save others from my horrid expericence with AT&T that all began with this awful branch. For starters, consider yourself lucky if you are able to reach this branch over the phone because they NEVER answer the phone and their mailbox always remains full. It was my first time there and Im never going back. Its conveniently located near my home so I decided to get my upgrade from August from a 4s to a 5s. Why not a 6, you ask? because I couldnt wait 2 weeks. I had gone to several branches before which all told me I would get the iphone6 within 2 weeks. My phone is on its very last breath, so when I told the man that I needed a 5s he convinced me it was a terrible idea and that my 6 would definitely be here in 2 weeks. After receiving an email that said I wouldnt get my phone until late november and not being able to track my order while I waited because my order number cant be found I became very frustrated. Not only becuase this branch lied to me, but because I couldnt reach them, and they put themselves before the customer. I did not deserve this. I was due for an upgrade in AUGUST and it is now October. Long story short, DO NOT TRUST THIS BRANCH. They also made me put down a deposit that I had to fight to get back through customer service. My family and I have been customers of AT&T for years and it wasnt until dealing with this branch that ive regretted it. I decided to cancel my order and get my phone through another company which knows how to handle a simple upgrade in a timley and effective manner.

Review №46

My family & I have had great experiences with this particular ATT store. We have only dealt with the owner and his brother. They are extremely helpful. Each time we have renewed our contract, they have waived our activation fee. When we renewed our contracts the second time, we did it ahead on our projected time when we could renew the contracts. He gave us the phones for the price of renewing contracts instead of buying phones without a contract. The owner paid for the phones out of his own pocket. The first time we renewed our contracts, instead of us having to send in for the ATT rebate cards to cover the difference, they told us they would send in the forms for us so we wouldnt have to us those cards. Basically, we paid for the phones as if they didnt have a att rebate card. I am sorry for Rs, Kis and Rados bad experiences, i am sure if you told the owner what happened, he would take care of you beyond what you could ever imagine.

Review №47

Exceptionally nice and efficient staff

Review №48

Great staff and service.

Review №49

Great service

Review №50

Best phone store in town!

Review №51

Great service

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  • Address:9542 Old Keene Mill Rd, Burke, VA 22015, United States
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  • Phone:+1 703-455-5635
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  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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