James J. Rybczyk Plumbing & Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.
45 Palmorr Pl, Bristol, CT 06010, United States

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Other than one individual who came in and made things super awkward when he saw us, before we asked him to put on a mask, James and his company has great pricing and fast service on site. He gets super busy though so call well ahead if its not an emergency.

Review №2

The kitchen drain had clogged causing back-up & disruption of activities leading up to the holidays. Our plumber just did a phenomenally good job for us. He took the time to hear and see what the problem was and then told me what he needed to do and how much it would cost. Thank you!

Review №3

No, it wasnt cheap for an emergency call midday on a holiday weekend, but they were able to take care of the immediate problem same day and complete remaining work the following week. Very professional and a pleasure to do business with.

Review №4

I called Rybczyk because my septic alarm was going off. They sent out two plumbers, Shane and Kristenwho were extremely professional and knowledgeable. They kept running into issues with my system, not of their own fault but because the age of the system but at no time did I ever think they were going to give up.After spending a few hours in that tank, they got it up and running. They are surely an asset to your organization. Thank you, Fred

Review №5

Had new furnace installed. They did a wonderful job, will use them again for any issues that may arise.

Review №6

Ive used them before with no issues and were great, but I cant have someone come into my home without a mask on their face during Covid19 and hesitated to do so. His attitude wasnt the best.

Review №7

Rybczyks crew came out on a Saturday and quickly assessed the problem and fixed it immediately. I called 3 plumbers BEFORE getting to these guys, but they answered. The bill was very high but with sewage coming into my downstairs bathroom, I needed it fixed like ASAP. The guys who came out were nice, made a mess of the pathway leading to the basement and didnt clean anything up. So would I recommend them in general? Hell no. But it got fixed, thats what I needed at that moment in time.

Review №8

The 3 times weve neeeded a plumber, James J Rybczyk Plumbing has taken care of our issues quickly and with the utmost professionalism. We are looking at a few small projects in the future and Rybczyk Plumbing is the only choice for us.

Review №9

We had him relight the pilot light on the hot water heater. He was here for 5 minutes. Our bill was $190. Thats ridiculously expensive. If you are going to charge that much, you better tell people on the phone before you come out.We just had an electrician earlier in the last week do an inspection on something else. He only charged $50. We had a plumber over for a quick thing last year too and he had charged $50 (sadly we had lost his card).EDIT: my wife was the one who interacted with him. She says he was really nice. So although we think he charges way too much and would never do business with him again, he seems like a friendly guy.

Review №10

Had a non emergency plumbing issue, so I decided to stay local small business with it. Estimated to arrive between 9-10 am, ended up coming at 3:00 pm. No big deal, no emergency. The tech that came was super nice and professional. That part I give 5 stars. However, after poking around for an hour and calling another colleague for help, they were not able to diagnose my clog issue without taking apart the walls, nor offered a feasible resolution. Still was charged a ridiculous service/labor fee. Also the van that the tech was driving left 3 large oil spots in my driveway. Response from the office when I called later to let them know about the oil spots from their van was ok thanks. No apology. Wow.

Review №11

I had an appointment tonight, 12/16/19 between 830-9 pm. Its now 10:15 pm, no call, no show. Is this how you run a business? Make appointments and dont show up? How are you in business? And the amount of money plumbers charge. What an absolute joke. Do not call this company, total waste of time. 1 star is even to much.

Review №12

On Mothers Day, we had major leaking in both of our bathrooms whenever we used one shower. We called around, desperate to find someone to come out on a Sunday and a holiday no less, during the Covid pandemic. Rybczyks was the only business that provided a real person on the other side of the phone and while they were too booked to come out that day, they arrived the very next day. Kris was absolutely wonderful! He was funny, kind, and most importantly, knowledgeable. He immediately determined our issue and returned the next day to provide 3 hours of labor. We appreciated his time, his advice, and his rate. It felt very fair and we felt well assured that the job was done completely and correctly. Thank you Kris! As first time homeowners only a month in, we are lucky that our very first plumber is the one we will continue to turn to!

Review №13

Great job today by Mark from James Rybz. Plumbing. Mark was prompt, courteous and professional and explained everything he did. Even thou job was quite tedious Mark was patient and before you know was done one two. Thanks again Mark. It was the service I expected. Would definitely recommend these guys.

Review №14

When I had to find a company that offers plumbing repair services, a friend of mine recommended these people to me, and I decided to hire them. They performed wonderfully, and I wish to express my gratitude for all their hard work and efforts.

Review №15

Very happy with the quality of the work done, and the cost was fair. Installed new hot, cold, and dishwasher shutoffs, and a new kitchen faucet. They used quality shutoffs, sweated the fittings, and also added threaded ends before each shutoff so they can be easily replaced in the future.

Review №16

I would highly recommend James J Rybczyk Plumbing & Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.. He was very reliable and returned all phone calls and emails promptly. The work we had carried out was at short notice and to a high standard. I am very satisfied by Affordable Plumbing Services.

Review №17

Terrible. Ive used them previously when they did okay. I could get over the surly woman who answered the phone, as long as the plumber plumbed, but I wanted them to do two pretty decently sized jobs for me, so I asked for two quotes for the work. First, they didnt bother to come to the quote appointment - ok things happen. They did give me notice (an hour?). I had to beg and plead for them to come out the next day, and when they did, the man who came out talked our ears off over nothing to do with plumbing.He said the quotes should be done in about a week if he could talk Chris in to rushing them. Uh, ok? So dutifully I waited a week. Called in. Not done. Called in next day. Not done. Chris is evidently in hot demand. Okay - well, Ill go elsewhere. Got someone to come give, quote, and schedule job. ANOTHER WEEK AND A HALF WENT BY and I finally got a call back from the original Rybczyk Plumbing guy.... with a half-baked quote for one part of the job, and absolutely nothing about the other. Oh... Ill have to get you a call back with that. Its been another week and a half, and Ive heard nothing back. (By the way, the jobs been done already. You guys suck.)

Review №18

DISCLAIMER: part of the fault in this disaster was mine; I failed to ask for a written estimate before the work commenced. Additionally, my complaint to the contractor was answered with a $250 rebate check -- against a bill that was in excess of $3,000.Two workers spent an entire day to install a manifold and three check valves on our furnace. The lead worker brought an expansion tank with him but failed to install it because he said there isnt enough room. Id hazard a guess the $250 rebate check applied to that device. However, despite my demand for an itemized list of parts and the cost for each; I was never given one after the fact. They also re-used the gasket on one of the three Taco circulator pumps -- I paid someone else to drain the system, open it up, and replace the leaky gasket.Additionally, a consult with their control expert was promised by their lead worker; after they finished the work we couldnt get one of the three zones in the house to work correctly -- they had compromised the thermostat wiring and I had to have an electrician return and rectify the issue.I hate to leave a completely glum review; but I can think of nothing positive to say about this company but for the fact that theyre available 24-7 (although our appointment was during normal working hours). And their workers asked few questions and werent very noisy. Usually thats a benefit; but in this case perhaps I shouldve watched what they were doing -- for a whole day -- more often than I did.

Review №19

They were an hour and a half late 4 app without a call ...over charged...didnt clean up his mess and apparently brought his girl friend with him

Review №20

Very timely. Good work. Would definitely call on them again. Price was consistent with other quotes in the area.

Review №21

Called on a Sunday afternoon, and help was at my door in under an hour! Definitely a good call.

Review №22

Affordable Plumbing Services offers most affordable plumbing services in the city. I hot recommend.

Review №23

I am very satisfied from affordable plumbing services by James J Rybczyk Plumbing & Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.

Review №24

They bailed us out big-time. Had a major plumbing blockage. One of the large, national franchises came out, told us we had to dig up our front yard, find some obscure connection, have it cleaned out or restored--cost, several thousand dollars. The Rybczyk folks came out, poked around for an hour or so, found the blockage, and removed it for a few hundred dollars. Cant say enough nice things about these folks. Plus, and this really matters to me, theyre local.

Review №25

I am very satisfied form Drain Cleaning Services by James J Rybczyk Plumbing & Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.

Review №26

Theyve helped us many times over the years with our plumbing issues,. Very fair price.

Review №27

I had an emergency sewer back up at 2am , one of his plumbers came out with the snake and cleared the back up! Did an amazing job and Im extremely satisfied with the service and the tech was very professional and courteous.

Review №28

Mixed emotions about this company. Ive used them twice in 2 years, and both visits were an emergency call out. This is where they shine. They helped us out of a jam both times but they are very expensive and borderline shady about the price.The first visit in 2015 was to replace our oil burning hot water heater that the burner failed on. They had to find a replacement unit that was supposedly difficult to get. They took the whole day to replace it which costed $3300. Ok, it seemed reasonable for emergency work.Then yesterday my hot water heater fuel pump seized up. I called them out to see if it was defective but the tech said it was from burning low grade diesel with biofuel added in it. Fair enough, will correct that issue moving forward.They charged me $200 for a pump that Home Depot sells for $89...the same exact pump from Suntec. When I asked about it the tech said We cant even get them that cheap. Umm yes you can...go to Home Depot!He spent 4 hours doing this job and cleaning our furnace and I watched him all 4 hours. He did a good job and I cant fault him on his work other than the price.The last part of the job, I told him the furnace has to be reset sometimes in the middle of the night. He said its a the controller board and that I was lucky because its easy to replace...a 20 minute job. He said its over $600 for that unit.Then he goes to his truck and says that he was wrong, its only $200. Ok great, I asked for a final bill to decide if I want to do the still works right? No need to do it yet unless my bill isnt crazy high. He told me my bill, $760 to do the pump, 2 filters, and do an annual service on my furnace. Then he showed me a price for $450 to replace the controller. Why that much? They are $99/hour labor, its a 20 minute job. I told him no.Before he left he said he had to go return a part to Home Depot....are you kidding me? So did my pump come from Home Depot or not??I wont be using them again. Use them as a last resort if no one else is available.

Review №29

I am very satisfied from Drain Cleaning Services by James J Rybczyk Plumbing & Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.

Review №30

James rybczyk plumbing and heating did a great job with my plumbing problem.The plumbers that were at my house were very polite and fixed the problem no questions asked

Review №31

Best Local Plumbing Services in the city!!!!

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