Splash N Dash
6915 Cortez Rd W, Bradenton, FL 34210, United States

Review №1

Stopped by for a quick vacuum to get sand out of our car. First vacuum was jammed with coins so inoperable. Second vacuum couldnt even pick up a tissue due to the lack of suction. I called and left a message to get a refund. Not surprisingly they operate like theyre vacuums. Save your money and go somewhere else.

Review №2

Car was works great.

Review №3

This is a great economical car wash. I got mine cleaned inside and out for $8. I first go to the back under the awning and vacuum. I spray my rims before I pull into one of the bays to wash my girl. I use the prewash and then the foaming soft bristle brush. After I rinse, I use the wax. As soon as you hear the beeps, just go over and push the button to add more time. After I finish, I go back to under the awning to clean my rims and wipe my car dry.

Review №4

The car wash only half washed my car and tried calling the number for a refund and no response. Dont waste your money here

Review №5

I always come to this car wash, and its a shoty experience, either no soap, no vacs or it doesnt except my money, today I spent $6 at the auto wash, it left tiger strips all over my car. Next time I will drive a little further to a NEW car wash! DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY HERE!

Review №6

My favorite carwash in manatee county! I love this place! It is open 24 hours, so you can clean or car or boat anytime you want to. There are plenty of bays and vacuums to accommodate. The touch less wizard always does a great job of cleaning the dirt off of my car and the prices for the service are reasonable. I will keep coming back!

Review №7

Not to solid of an experience there last week, finally found a little time to clean car, and soap foam brush was spitting, and the Vacuum had 0 strength, and no one around,

Review №8

Vacuum didnt really get the job done either did the spray wash wand.. it kept spaying suds in the high pressure rinse and in spot free rinse as well.

Review №9

Car wash is good but the vacuums are terrible and made my car smell horrible!!

Review №10

Had to try multiple vacuums. It was extremely dirty all the garbage was overflowing multiple broke down cars parked around the building.

Review №11

Not tall enough to fit our midsize Class A motorhome. We are 11’3” tall and I could tell the second I pulled in it wasn’t even gunna get close to fitting.

Review №12

Worst car wash I have ever had,will never use again

Review №13

The automated car wash has screwed me out of $10 two different times I have left multiple messages with no response. Both times were the same I would pull in and then when it tells me to stop I would stop then it would start then about 30 seconds later it would tell me to.

Review №14

Its ok run down but gets the job done.

Review №15

Well kept comparative to some others in the area.

Review №16

Kiosk charged me 10 dollars when I selected the 6 dollar wash. Place is falling apart. Was quite hard to even read the panel where you pay for the auto touches wash.

Review №17

It wasnt the cleanest place in town and the $10 wash and the $5 wash...only difference was the blow dry...there was other equipment there but it was a little dirty looking so i didnt do the interior. . also im handi capped and there seems to be a bum population going on there so i didnt stay to clean interior.

Review №18

I used my credit card to pay for the $2 wash. They charge me $10.00. I tried to call but they do not answer. I can not leave a message since their message box is full. I will be careful using my credit card. I am calling my visa to see if they can help.

Review №19

Put in over $2.00 in coins, but machine only recorded as $1.25. I ran my credit card. Nothing turned on. I found more coins and deposited another dollars worth to finally get water.I just found out they charged my credit card anyway and took over $3.00 in my change for a quick wash.Calling to complain is fruitless. Couldn’t leave a message because mailbox is full. Contacting my back to cancel payment. It’s only a few bucks, but if daily there are 10 of us getting adds up to a bunch of bucks.

Review №20

I went through twice @ $10 each.Both trips failed, all I got were suds.

Review №21

I used a credit card and it charged me $10 instead of $5 for two rounds with the pressure washer!!

Review №22

My second favorite car wash in town..

Review №23

Always clean and plenty of product to purchase to detail my car with so yes I gave it 5 stars

Review №24

Totally affordable I only used the $5.00 service.This place is amazing.My car is OLD and when I drive away it looked like a BRAND NEW CAR they did that great a job.The vacuum cleaners are awesome as well. Totally recommend you try this place out.Youll be amazed.

Review №25

Went through the car wash spent 10.00 and it just stopped no wash no money back, if you call the number she doesnt answer,and cant leave a message save your money and go where they stand by there name.

Review №26

Great Car Wash!

Review №27

Good place to wash and detail the vehicles.

Review №28

This car wash is an outstanding place to get your car washed. you can wash it yourself or you can run it through the auto Wash system. This place also has vacuums and fragrances to make your car smell fresh and pleasant. Easy access off of Cortez road and not far from the beaches.

Review №29

Id have to say for a self-serve car wash Center, Splash and Dash does a great job. Not by what they do but what they offer. Only one time did I find an issue with the automatic car wash and was issued a refund within the same day after a quick call to their support line. Only criticism is to make daily or weekly checksn, whatever it takes on the equipment we use as a person washing our car, sometimes the equipments quite dirty or nonfunctional.

Review №30

Several places on self wash were broken

Review №31

Hose to wash car had a serious leak. Tried to call management with no response. Called a second time and mailbox was full.

Review №32

I used my credit card for a $6 car wash. It barely rinsed my car - there werent signs displaying what the different washes did. However, I just checked my account and saw that I was charged $10. My car is literally still filthy and the dryer didnt work either, so I left with a drenched car as well. I need someone to contact me for a refund.

Review №33

Paid for the $10 automatic car wash did not get any of the tough dirt off my car would never go back there again waste of money

Review №34

To whom it may concern I left a message with you last week you have failed to return my call And othersyour car wash sucks it’s not an ATM machine I hope you understand that your equipment is broke You need to do major repairs this is another bad review for you

Review №35

Worst vacs I have ever used

Review №36

Dirty and run down. It looks like homeless people live in the back.

Review №37

Its an okay place to wash your car. I have lost money so many times between the vacuum, auto car wash,and sprayers you do yourself.. it needs better customer service and more on top of their equipment.

Review №38

Its okay if you dont want to deal with people, but sometimes doesnt work properly.

Review №39

Worse car wash Ive ever been to. Hardly, if any soap comes out and there isnt much water pressure. The water in my garden hose I think sprays better. I live just down the road and drive to Palmetto to wash my car. I have to give them 1 star so I guess itll be for being able to hear the alarm go off telling you your about done wasting your money.

Review №40

Nice way to throw your money away. All the stuff is either broken or empty. What a joke

Review №41

I do like their brushless car wash, the deluxe wash is well worth it. The cost has slowly started going up, but what doesnt? Just wish the machine didnt drip water all over once its finished drying and everything looks great. I know Im asking too much.

Review №42

Super easy to use and so convenient. Whether we bring the bike there, or the mustang, or the truck, it works great for all of them. There is a self serve and an automated option, with every single thing you could need to clean your vehicle.

Review №43

In the past I would always take my car hear to be washed and cleaned, but over the years the vacuums have no pressure and dont do a good job and the last time I was there I wanted to try the foam carpet cleaner but instead it took my $3 and didnt work. I tried calling the phone number to tell the owners that the machine was busted and the voicemail was full. Called a week later and mailbox is still full. I will be going elsewhere from now on

Review №44

Go to this car wash at least once a week with multiple vehicles something is always broke tonight I got the luxury of being sprayed from the hose connected to the brush apparently it’s Spring a leak at the very top and continued to shoot out blue car wash foam everywhere all over me in the ground. Too bad I had already stuck my credit card in and loaded 11 minutes to the machine

Review №45

It does a pretty good job cleaning my car. My only complaint is that the building itself could use a good pressure washing. Other than that it gets the job done well.

Review №46

I always come to this car wash but lately I’ve noticed a lot of homeless people have been staying in the back storage area with a whole lot of junk piled in the back we’re the homeless people lay they’re things. Re considering ever going back. Here is a picture we’re they are staying at and they are at this location 24/7 Ive counted up to 14 homeless addicts at a time. Scavenging threw garbage and giving me weird looks. Machines are also going to waste whoever owns this cooperation needs to get it fixed up before code gets called.

Review №47

This place advertises for boats and rv however the parking lot is not very accommodating to bring them in. Credit card machines barely work. The power washer??? Uh more like a hose - a cup and water probably have more water pressure! Then let’s top it off with the god awful smells of what I’m assuming was an office building however has assumingely turned into a homeless shelter. Do not go!!!!

Review №48

Drug deals going on constantly. Dirty place...very inconsistent with the Water Wizards process, too. The car care center is never stocked and you dont know until youve put your money in and its gone. If you use this place DO NOT ISE YOUR CREDIT CARD. You will be double and triple charged every single time.

Review №49

Stay away, I have been to many self serve in FL, this wash does not give you much time for your quarters. Skip this and just go to breezy on 14th, you can get a basic wash with hand dry for 6$. Last time I did a self wash here, I put in 5$ and only got 4minutes and 23 seconds. Almost impossible to wash your car in that time.

Review №50

I used to always use this facility. It was average but there was some one there taking care of the place. It has really gone down over the last two years. Vacuums are either always broken or take your money. No one is usually there to assist and if you call the number no one answers or calls back. It could be a really good car wash. Very poor management!

Review №51

I waited for the three cars ahead of me to make it through, it was 5:00 so it was to be expected. When it was my turn I made my payment and it was accepted, however when I pulled in the wash it never said “stop”....nothing happened...the wash never started, $10 wasted! I don’t know if I bought the wash for the Canadian couple in front of me or if the machine malfunctioned! I have never had a bad experience here before so I gave the posted phone number a call. It says leave a message and the beep never follows! I am beyond pissed!

Review №52

Awful car wash!! Very dirty!! Just ran through the automatic, paid $9.00 and there was no soup or pre wash soap!! Tried calling number to report and the voicemail was full!! How am I suppose to get a refund?

Review №53

Just your average do it yourself car wash, the automatic touch free wash does a terrible job so go somewhere else if you are looking for that.

Review №54

Car wash did not work, charged my card. Tried to call no one picked up the phone and the mail box was full. Stole my money. Horrible! Not coming back again.

Review №55

Took the rental van here to try to remove some of the sand that was everywhere. The vacuum was barely able to suck in the air let alone the sand. Mostly it just moved the sand deeper into the carpet so it gave the appearance it was cleaning. They did have trash cans so I was able to remove some of the litter from the vehicle.

Review №56

The change machine would not work properly. I ended up using my credit card only to find out d out that the vacuum was not working properly either.

Review №57

Great place

Review №58

My sister is here visiting from upstate NY and wanted to clean her car so I recommended Splash N Dash,,,They told me that they put lots of money in but the arm was broken and the vacuum took her money and did not work either,,,So it took their money with no cleaning,,,All they could do was rinse it off,,,A ripoff!

Review №59

Dont waste your money the pressure sucks so that means it takes a lot longer to get the soap off your car which cost more money

Review №60

Never use your debit or credit card, you will be overcharged.

Review №61

I went to Splash N Dash at 6:00 on the 22nd. The card reader was not working correctly so I paid for the car wash with cash ($10). When I got home I checked my credit card account and I was charged $10. So I ended up paying double. Please cancel my credit card charge.

Review №62

Worst Car Wash spot in Bradenton and Sarasota to be honest. Vacuum hardly has any pressure the shampoo vacuum charges but never works and never has any soap and the actual auto car wash stopped washing my car 30 sec in and had to hand wash it myself to get myself a clean ride home. All in all wasted $22 and had to do it myself and the phone number on the door doesnt ring to VM just goes blank so you cant get any service. Terrible

Review №63

Excellent Car Wash in service good prices a brushless car wash perfect for your new paint job great staff clean and orderly

Review №64

No soap, no wheel cleaner, no water pressure and several washers dont work and thats after it takes your money. Also the complaint phone number says full voicemail.If you cant run a buisness plesse shut it down.

Review №65

Favorite quarter carwash. I go there all the time. Has a brushless automatic wash also. Owner is very friendly and helpful

Review №66

They have a brushless car wash which is great for my Caddy. They also have a great bottled water feature.

Review №67

Fresh water left spots all over, I left with car worse than when I drove in, recycled water?

Review №68

I have used Splash and Dash several times without issue. On my most recent visit I used the automatic wash, which just stopped working after covering my car with soap. I had to go to the manual wash to finish washing the car. The manual car wash does an awful job and after spending $14 at Splash Dash I had to rewash the car at home. I called the phone number printed on a sign on the building several times over a 3 week period. No one monitors this phone, the mailbox is always full. After reading other reviews several people have the same complaint. I will not do business again here, there is no customer service and apparently poor maintenance on their equipment.

Review №69

Great car wash for the price! Vacuums work great!

Review №70

A reasonably priced self-service car wash. Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done.

Review №71

The vacuums took my money!!! I tried to call the number on google, no answer and no call back! It’s like someone answered and never said anything. And I’m not gonna swip my debit or credit card on this machine! I think they scammers trying to get ppl credit card information!

Review №72

Horrible. Did not accept my credit card. Put 20$ bill to pay for the service, ot took the bill, said bill is not accepted. Neither returned my money neithwr servoce was procided. I got the number at the door to call. It is on automatic answering machine, where i left a message. Here we go. Car is dirty and my 20$ gone. No one called me back.

Review №73

Easy and convenient place to wash your vehicle inside and out.

Review №74

Even though we were there late at night the place was still clean. Got what we needed cleaned and prepped for next use.

Review №75

Closes early, but worth the wait!

Review №76

Last time I went the quarters that I got out of their change maker would not work in the wash bay

Review №77

Do not use this car wash! Went there one day, touch screen acted weird, swiped card appeared to not work & tried several times still nothing, called them no response now two weeks later I get billed for something!

Review №78

Machine took 7$ worth of quarters, only registered 2$ took half that time for soap to even come out, had to take car home and wash it, very disappointing

Review №79

The car wash and the change machines eat your money

Review №80

DO not go to this place their vacuums said $1.25 I put in a $1.50 and it still wouldnt turn on theres a much better place by Cortez and 26th

Review №81

Lost my money for nothing. This is a scam, everything is broken

Review №82

Glen is the greatest!!! Enjoyable

Review №83

Normally, I like this car wash because it is touch free. However, the last 2 weeks it has been broken and they have continued to let it run. Water has been spraying everywhere with no pressure coming out. I hope they will fix it soon.

Review №84

Literally worst car wash ever. The price said 3$ and I got charged 10. The machine didn’t even work. I tried calling to complain and I couldn’t even do that because the voicemail box is full.

Review №85

Nice place to wash the car

Review №86

Would give no stars if I could. Used the self service bay. I swiped my card 1 time for a $2 rinse , got charged $10. Any questions?

Review №87

Great car wash

Review №88

Lousy in with dirty car, drive out with dirty car.

Review №89

It was ok,it did the job.

Review №90

Vacuum isn’t take nothing

Review №91

Place is very clean and everything worked as it should.

Review №92

Quick and easy!

Review №93

Its OK, but the building needs to be cleaned.

Review №94

Poor all the way.

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