Smart Foodservice Warehouse Stores
18438 120th Ave NE, Bothell, WA 98011, United States
Review β„–1

The best customer service till date. All the associates are so helpful, literally 5 of them asked me I need any help in the store , if they can help me in loading and what not. Please keep up the good work. Thank you so much πŸ’“10/10..

Review β„–2

Wow I did not know what I was missing out on!This is such a cool store! I am now in love!!Very similar to Costco, but with a chef mindset. Large quantifies of things you want and things that would be amazing if you had a restaurant. Never seen a larger jar of peanut butter or coconut milk in my life. If you are in need of giant blocks of cheese or want to throw an amazing party with meat you are set here too! I am so impressed and looking forward to when I get to come back!

Review β„–3

Better than some other locations.

Review β„–4

Large quantities and great prices while being quick and convenient. Its all about food and food prep... no temptation to pick up a new computer or massage chair. Before your next Zombie Apocalypse get a large freezer and come here to stock it up.

Review β„–5

Best place to get drink syrups for specialty drinks (ex: Italian sodas, cocktails etc). I have found a lot of things here that I like to get but the sizes beyond the syrups are a little extreme. So be prepared to preserve or have a party!

Review β„–6

This place is awesome. No membership/club/etc. Just walk on in. Completely open to the public. I wish I had realized this years ago. Great selection of meats, cheeses, butters, which surprised me (including the grass-fed butter we eat a lot of). Lots of great deals ok canned goods, frozen foods, pans, sheets, knives, and consumables like paper towels, cleaning supplies, and β€œto-go” boxes.

Review β„–7

Very helpful for getting things not available at US Food delivery truck

Review β„–8

Easy to shop here. Big savings to be had too. Always good staff and plenty of choices.

Review β„–9

Very clean space, people who works there are always so kind and helpful. Such a great deals on so many products. Especially cheeses and fresh meat.

Review β„–10

Not sure how grocery stores can have meat departments. This store has a huge ROOM just for cuts of beef and other meats . Some sliced some whole. Very reasonable prices. Lots of large packaging like Costco.

Review β„–11

Love this place, they have plenty of coffee supplies and other great products. I appreciate that I always receive great customer service!!

Review β„–12

Good prices. Well stocked and very clean

Review β„–13

This is a really good place to shop. . .in abundance or small selections, great prices, organized, pleasant atmosphere. 5 Stars!!

Review β„–14

Love this place as they have great selection of consumables especially finding a great cut of Halal meat. Service is great and place is tidy and clean.

Review β„–15

Great service and help finding what you need. Sunday might not be the best day to go though. They can be low on some items and possible out of popular things.

Review β„–16

Love this place. Great deals on bulk foods and food-service products.

Review β„–17

Great place to buy veggies!!

Review β„–18

Probably the nicest Smart Food Service store I have been in. Store chain used to be known as Cash and Carry. Ample parking. Wide aisles. Very clean store. They have both those heavy steel carts for bulk trips and smaller carts for smaller shopping trips. The meat and produce section is outstanding. Competitive pricing for their meats and produce. They do cater to small and medium size businesses like restaurants but you can shop there without paying a membership fee. Also carries the staples like toilet paper and bottled water. Friendly staff. Look for their weekly specials flyer.

Review β„–19

After USFOOD took over there are missing many items!!!!!!!

Review β„–20

As a previous restaurant owner and now just a consumer, I find this particular store very inviting. I have bought cooking equipment for home use AND food items for me personally and for group gatherings. Customer service will check in back for something you dont find. Great place to shop, better than the alternatives for sure.

Review β„–21

Great Even the customers more courteous

Review β„–22

Friendly staff. Nice place to buy in bulk. Not everything is is cheaper though.

Review β„–23

Great selection and good prices, especially on some items that are hard to find in normal grocery stores

Review β„–24

Good, they had a few items I have had trouble finding at grocery stores like buble and gelatin. The registers were missing someone to check me out otherwise perfect

Review β„–25

Great place. Along with prices you can special order things here like organic rockstars.Great staff. Thanks Smart Food service Bothell team!!!!

Review β„–26

Best customer service in town! Rocky and his staff always go above and beyond to help customers out! Thanks for all you guys do for small business.

Review β„–27

Great store and prices

Review β„–28

Out of a lot of stuff, but staffs fantastic and products, none the less, are of high quality. Never had a bad experience, just kinda hectic with the virus.

Review β„–29

Great shop for specific food items.

Review β„–30

New to Smart Foodservice. Im very pleased with prices & selections.

Review β„–31

Great store that I use very often.

Review β„–32

As usual everything we wanted and more . Very helpful staff.

Review β„–33

Man, great store. Better prices than Costco, and wider variety for sure. Only talked to the cashier, but he was pleasant for sure. Only reason I wont give full 5 is their hours of operation could be better. They close too early, IMO.

Review β„–34

Great bulk item center. Gallon of mayonnaise? No problem. 5 gallon bucket of ice cream or soy sauce? Easy. 50lbs of steaks? Yes, in many varieties. Also has muffin tops

Review β„–35

Always good to shop there. Best time is during the week days as they have fresh vegetables. The meat is always good. Iv been shopping there for over a year now and never had a bad experience.

Review β„–36

Good alternative to get necessities. Some items are higher priced so shop accordingly

Review β„–37

Good customer service and decent place.

Review β„–38

Its a great store for buying certain food items and equipment. Its great for a home cook looking for big cuts of meats during the holiday season. The store itself is clean and the staff gives speedy and courteous service.

Review β„–39

Smart Food Service saves me money!

Review β„–40

Best place to get fresh fruits and produce for cheap. Great deli and cheese department. Lots of surprising ethnic flavors. Its like Costco but only for food items and none of the parking gridlock!

Review β„–41

Rocky and his staff are friendly and very helpful. I shop here every week. Great place

Review β„–42

Clean and employees are nice

Review β„–43

Very nice grocery store. They sell a considerable number of items that you dont find at other grocery stores. Better quality and amazing prices too.

Review β„–44

I love this place! Great fruit and vegetables and the best fresh salsa in the refrigerated section with the vegetables! There are great deals here on fruit, vegetables and other items whether you are a small family or a restaurant.

Review β„–45

The store is clean, well stocked and the prices are great.The cashier was efficient, friendly and cute. Great combinationRon

Review β„–46

Spacious and plenty of great food items!

Review β„–47

Though its not labeled as cash and carry anymore is still full of great priced bulk items that are hard to come by. Like shopping for a grocery store or business. Very friendly and helpful staff. Not congested at all. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Review β„–48

Selection is limited, but you cant beat them on prices. Imagine Costco for restaurant supply needs, but open to the public. The good news is, you can buy smaller than restaurant need quantities.

Review β„–49

The best Smart Foodservice on the Eastside ... maybe in the Seattle area

Review β„–50

Really enjoying having this store close by. Compliments my other favorite shopping locations to make it easier to get what I need to run the household.

Review β„–51

I love Lynnwood store and have never been to their other stores. This facility has much more options. They have been improved with more product ranges.

Review β„–52

The best (Quality & Prices) are cheaper

Review β„–53

Managers yell at vendors and customers in plain sight. Cart to cart policy is strange and obtuse. Products are decent when they arent sold out or bad on Sundays, but Id go to another branch to avoid this bunch. And, in reply, too little too late as it is said!

Review β„–54

Good selection of bulk food

Review β„–55

Great service.

Review β„–56

Horrible customer service, went in today with my two toddlers and an older man yelled at my 18 month old to stop pushing a cart around, then at me to control my kids... when I asked why they don’t have carts for kids to sit in he yelled β€œwe are NOT FOR KIDS!!!” I left without my groceries and will never shop there again.

Review β„–57

Better than Costco.Crisp affordable produce

Review β„–58

New location. Nice and clean. Great alternative to Costco. If youre single or not in the market to cater an event skip it.

Review β„–59

Well organized, well-stocked, helpful staff. Great place to shop for those looking to buy in bulk or looking for restaurant equipment

Review β„–60

Great store, wide aisles, LARGE selection of coffee syrups!

Review β„–61

Love this store. Much better than membership based bulk competitors.

Review β„–62

A great place for fresh produce and items you buy from Costco, at a mostly much better prices.

Review β„–63

Really glad they opened this store so I dont have to travel so far to the other ones. This one is a lot cleaner than the Bellevue one. The selection is great and the staff are very nice.

Review β„–64

Love Cash and Carry for its better buy on Espresso syrups and sugar free varieties. Resturant and bulk size products for less.

Review β„–65

Totally over priced on practically everything. Oh, bananas were a bargain. And you need to be a family of eight or a restaurant. An example is nondairy creamer Walmart $3.67, Safeway $3.99...Cash and carry $4.99. You cant buy single steaks, ready to cook, cut up in big packages, like in Costco. You need a large cleaver to cut the slabs of c&c have. People seem to think that their getting a good deal because of the giant sizes, youre not.

Review β„–66

Meh, the prices are higher than other places, has a great varitiy. The staff needs to work on customer service. I had a cart load and ready to check out, there was no line, nobody in line, and the cashier made me go stand under a sign 100 feet away before he would check me out. Really? It was like grade school. I showed him the almighty power of my money. I abandoned the cart and left it there. Took my buisness elsewhere. Play the power games on someone else. I double I will be back

Review β„–67

Helpful staff. Good prices, especially on fresh produce and bulk meat.

Review β„–68

New place love that new clean cash carry in bothell. Well organized and stocked

Review β„–69

Great for bulk items

Review β„–70

Great experince! Really like the Apple selections and the price!!

Review β„–71

Great prices. Convenient location.

Review β„–72

Store is clean but customer service is sooooo bad they ignore customer and careless they need to get train more with better attitude I rather shop Bellevue I just come here if Bellevue will be out I hope they get better

Review β„–73

Great place to buy bulk and cheap groceries. They also carry halal meat.

Review β„–74

Great prices on most things. I pick up all my barbecue feast supplies here, 20 pounds at a time.

Review β„–75

Nice people and cheap prices on bulk

Review β„–76

Great prices on many items and good quality.

Review β„–77

Always love shopping here for my family.

Review β„–78

Great prices, big selection!

Review β„–79

Best service. Very nice employees

Review β„–80

Excellent prices. Decent selection too.

Review β„–81

If your looking to buy something like a 5 gallon bucket of pickles, or a 30 lb bag of rice, then this is the place to go. Lots of restaurants eqipment also.

Review β„–82

I love the people there! Hard workers and kind!

Review β„–83

Great store! Great selection! Great selection!

Review β„–84

Great prices, service and variety

Review β„–85

Very nice store and really great prices!

Review β„–86

Very good

Review β„–87

Nice experience and great service. πŸ˜‚

Review β„–88

Nice new store with friendly staff.

Review β„–89

Smart Food Service

Review β„–90

Great place to shop for meat, lots of meat.

Review β„–91

Great place for bulk and cheap grocery, veggies

Review β„–92

Cashier even helped us carry out the load of goodies!!!

Review β„–93

Great option for many grocery items

Review β„–94

Bulk items, good priced limited selection

Review β„–95

Good deals most of the way through

Review β„–96


Review β„–97

Didnt he run against Jerry Brown for Governor or something?

Review β„–98

Great Costco alternative for food

Review β„–99

There prices are so fragileSome times good dealsYa but some times costlyCant expect the same savings every time like Costco

Review β„–100

Great place great prices!

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