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1428 W Wilson St, Borger, TX 79007, United States

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First time for Pedicure. Very nice and relaxing. Clean. Professional. Afterwards you just want to relax and enjoy your Ice Tea and Lemonade.

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I was very disappointed in the attitude and overall experience of Top Nails. The gentleman that pointed my nails acted like I was such an inconvenience. He text the entire time I was in the chair and even stopped doing my nails 5-6 times to respond to text messages. So unprofessional! I would not recommend this salon to anyone! The unprofessional atmosphere and rudeness has determined to never return. Worth driving to Amarillo for a MUCH cleaner and nicer experience. Not sure how this place is still open!

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Wanted eye lashes service but the lady told me to go some where else cause she rather do full set of nails. She told some of my coworkers the same thing. Very arrogant

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Jackie did my nails on May 10th. I love them and he was great to converse with as well!

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Worst pedicure ever, rude staff. Dont waste your money!

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Took my 85 yr old Mom for her pedi. Great experience. Friendly kind staff. Great leg massage and pretty toes

Review №7

I absolutely love Jackie. He always does a really good job.

Review №8

Always a goof., relaxing time!

Review №9

Friendly staff that take pride in their workmanship and a very clean environment!

Review №10

So sweet people . Great job quick and good

Review №11

I wanted to treat myself so I went to go get my nails done. After she got done I paid 45$!!! And I was so disappointed. When I got to the car I cried and ripped them off because how horrible they looked. So embarrassed.

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Nails look terrible. My manicure lasted 20 minutes probably. They told me to come back the next day at an appointment time and they were closed. Plus the place isnt clean, tools looked sketchy. Will never return. Went to another city got them done right.

Review №13

RUDE staff. 2 separate occasions- after the first time I swore I wouldn’t go back in and made the mistake of doing so about a year later. 1st time: they were mad that they had to redo the color on my nails after I told them I didn’t like the color after the first nail. He had a rude attitude the rest of my appointment. 2nd time, they snapped at my 1 year old for sticking his feet in MY pedi water. Just rude staff. I’ll NEVER go back in there.

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I got my nails done yesterday and this morning after I get out of the shower the paint on my nails was already coming off! Not only that when I showed up for my Appointment they rushed through the entire thing!

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I had mad an appointment for 3 a day before going. I arrived 10 minutes early and It was 4:00 and I was still waiting. They got other people who got there without appointments before me. The guy who is in charge made so appointment that he couldn’t keep up with what was going on.

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Absolutely awful customer service. When they finished, my nails were misshapen and wrinkly. When I asked if they could fix it, I was told that I was too difficult and picky and there was nothing wrong with them because they were shiny. Never coming back. Shouldnt have even paid. Its pretty awful when you get done at the nail place and have to go buy a file and some clear nail polish so you can fix your own nails.

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I really like going and having my nails done even tried pedicure and it was fantastic the staff is very friendly.

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Awful! I was asked which pedicure I wanted, and then was told they couldn’t do that because they were closing early. I did make a complaint and they did what I originally asked for, but I was rushed through everything. Not to mention they had several other customers and started sweeping and mopping while we were all still there. Even made one lady move that was sitting by her daughter so they could mop. Last time I was here I was rushed as well. Will not be back. It’s worth the trip to Amarillo to get a decent pedicure.

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I love this place the people here are very nice and kind and if you have kids they have some character chairs for kids so I suggest top nails

Review №20

Mike and his crew are just awesome. They work hard to please everyone, Thank you

Review №21

Anna did a great job on my Pedicure but then I was sent to a different lady to do my nails..she was awful! Not only did my nails look awful and uneven but she rushed my out of the chair..before I could gather my things and walk off to pay she had another woman standing behind me ready to sit down. I didn’t even get a chance to ask her to fix the flaws. The work she did was extremely sloppy! Awful experience for my manicure. I have tried this nail Salon 3 times now. I gave them multiple opportunities to do better but each time I am further disappointed!

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Love Kimmy!

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Great job

Review №25

Love going here. Lisa is amazing.

Review №26

Best place to get nails done in town

Review №27

Rude, rude, rude. The 2nd man that works there, NOT the one in charge is a complete jerk. First time my nails were sloppy, i went back to try to get repaired and he yelled for me not to talk back to him. I am not a child and will never go back.

Review №28

It was listed to cut hair, they dont. That is the only reason I gave a 1 star. Not there fault.

Review №29

The gentleman doing my nails did not do what I asked. I told him not to cut my natural nails after taking gel nails off, he did anyway. When I got another set on he filed them down so much that they are so thin that they hurt. Did not get color I wanted and I told him, still didnt listen to what I wanted. Not happy with him at all.

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Love this nail salon

Review №31

Awesome service 👏

Review №32

They didnt trim my toenails very good and when they dipped my nails, they all popped off within a weeks time. Will not be back there.

Review №33

Nice place to get nail done

Review №34

Love my top nails

Review №35

Great nail techs.

Review №36

Not good since Lena left

Review №37

Best pedicure in town

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Quick and great job

Review №39

Love this place!!

Review №40

Not as good as it used to be.

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