United States Postal Service
500 S McGee St, Borger, TX 79007, United States

Review β„–1

Worst experience!! My mail is put on hold because the mail box’s all on the block are on the side walk not on the curb… It’s a rental πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ The mail boxes have all been here for years it’s not like any of them have new construction or have recently been placed there. I honestly do not have time to go get my mail every day I don’t even get off work until after the post office is closed. The post office lady even stated it was safer for the carrier to be able to walk on the side walk an that’s how it has been in the past but now we have such lazy workers it’s safer to sit in the postal carriage vehicle and be on the phone what’s safe about that??

Review β„–2

Isnt it sad that no one seems to make the connection between rude and the trouble at the postal service? Oh, thats not the entire problem, but it plays a part. My mail lady is the best, but Id rather take a licking than go in the post office proper. Is your face gonna crack if you smile? Is your tongue gonna fall out if you say something pleasant?

Review β„–3

Passport renewal was everything it needed to be and nothing less.

Review β„–4

Worst Post office rudee

Review β„–5

I got my passport from here ... and did it all in one trip! They took my picture and I paid for the postage and passport ( money order) and sent it off! Quick and easy! Tammy was efficient and kind. Easiest passport ever!

Review β„–6

This has to be the worst post office Ive ever dealt with. Ive called them before to see about extremely important mail and their response is youll get it when you get it. And today I called about a package to get it delivered again to either the apartment office or my doorstep, the guy was extremely rude and refused to deliver the package. I cant walk and neither can my boyfriend, I have a bad hip and he has busted up knees. Ive dealt with post office employees in NY and didnt recieve such rude service. Seriously, they are ruder than NY post office employees. They dont care about the people of this town and need replaced with better employees.

Review β„–7

A package was to be delivered and got delayed somewhere along the way. When the package finally made it to Borger, someone called from this post office to let me know it had arrived and would be delivered that day. It was. A big Thank you.

Review β„–8

Worst trash of people that work here, just as bad as Pampa, you cant even get 2 words in without them being ignorant and snobby or snapping back at you. Be more professional or get better employees.

Review β„–9

Great service.

Review β„–10

All my bills and mail are late because they wont deliver our mail due to a vehicle parked next to the mailbox! So we move the vehicle and even setup surveillance to prove no vehicle is parking in front of the mailbox. Yet they still wont deliver our mail and claim we still park there.. Whatever makes your day go by haha :)

Review β„–11

Tried to get my passport here. The old lady that has been working there for hundreds of years with the bun is very racist. Been there more than once with different people, and according to her everyone needs to speak English to get a passport. Extremely rude, I will not go back until she is gone.

Review β„–12

Our mail is on hold and we have to pick it up from the post office because they have one picture of a trailer parked in front of the mail box. Even after moving the trailer, going and explaining the situation to the employees and obvious weeks of surveillance showing no vehicle trailer or any object at all in front of the mail box we still get no mail.

Review β„–13

They arent certified to do passports and will take your money and have the application rejected.

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  • Address:500 S McGee St, Borger, TX 79007, United States
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  • Phone:+1 800-275-8777
  • Logistics service
  • Post office
  • Money order service
  • Passport office
  • Shipping and mailing service
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