United States Postal Service
2800 N Military Trl, Boca Raton, FL 33431, United States

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TERRIBLE experience if you’re out of state.Ordered from a business who dropped my items for delivery at this location and my tracking has been saying “awaiting for Usps”. Was told time and time again from different post offices that my package was at this location. Their phones never answer and a agent at a neighboring post office couldn’t even give me a proper [answerable] number for them. She even sounded sympathetic to have to tell me. This is going on the third week I haven’t gotten any updates from this place.

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The worst post service ever. Their updates always delay. They lost my package twice. The third time I received the package damaged. Next time I will pay more for the other post service and get way better service.

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Sometimes it can be super busy during lunch and I’d recommend prepaying for your postage using the flat rate boxes. I was in and out in less than 2 mins. Also the staff are super friendly!

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Postal SERVICE? Try calling them, they let the phone ring and ring until it times out and gives you a busy signal. Not just once, or twice....many times. The USPS has declined to a point that the Federal Gvmnt should just do away with them. My package (insured) is in limbo and cant get any answers from them.

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Lost my package and then delayed the next package that was re shipped. Did absolutely nothing to resolve the issue, or apologize properly. Not sure what they do in this office. Probably just sit around all day. Our tax dollars hard at work. Use any postal service besides this one

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Yesterday was on hold for 45 minutes when someone finally picked up the phone. Only to be told to call another local number. So I called the local number. It rang and rang until it finally went to a busy signal. Tried six more times! No one ever answered the phone! The idiots could not even make a simple delivery to my job and was returning the package to the sender. I was trying to Stop it but no one ever answers the phone at this location! Terrible terrible service!

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The worst..... worst, worst! no one cares and they dont answer their phones either

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For three years now mail delivery people put return receipt certified mail in my buisness mail box and do not delivery to our receptionist for a signature. People pay $6.50 for this service and they treat the letter like a $.50 letter. Over the last two years I have spokenn to superviors at PO three time about this to no avail. Also I receive lots of other tennants mail even though their business name, address and suite are on the letter. Keep receiving the same letters over and over again when its delivered to the wrong address PO HIRES PEOPLE THAT JUST DONT CARE.

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If I could zero stars I would. My postexperiences is that people never answer the phone, it simply rings and rings until it times out. Packages are not delivered but returned to the sender, you cant find out whats going on. Many people (not all) dont understand customer service because they dont put themselves in the place of the customers they serve so they dont understand our pain and frustration. To many it appears to simply be a paycheck they dont really care about satisfying those who pay their wages. Avoid at all costs whenever you can. Maybe once they start seeing cutback because they dont make enough money they will start caring about customers but personally Im not convinced.

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Mail carrier from this post office consistently misdelivers my packages, called corporate to file a claim, Ive never heard back, my package has been missing for almost 2 weeks. You cant even get through to the people over at the post office for an update. You cant blame customers for being upset, when they just want basic courtesies met.

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Decent. Issues get resolved. Eventually.

Review №12

The first time I had a terrible experience with the postal lady delivering my mail. She was extremely rude and when I went to complain, the supervisor I was speaking with was also very rude and had disregarded everything I was saying and continued to have an attitude with me. The other issue I had with this postal office is you can never get through to an agent as if they are too busy to pick up a call. Costumer service at this location is absolutely atrocious

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No description will be provided just because privacy policies. All I have to say is that they are doing a terrible job. Overall.

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Not sure what everyone is experiencing, or if its the same place. I just had very helpful service and was in and out, buying stamps. She even recommended nice ones since for wedding invites.

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Have been trying to locate my package for a few days now. Have been told by corporate office that the package is at this location. This location states that the office needs to be contacted directly, not via corporate office, in order to assist. There is no local phone number listed for this office. Actually felt sorry for the employee I witnessed yelling at a customer, bc I felt the customer must have been rude to her, or accused her of something horrible from the tone in which she was addressing him. I then witnessed the same employee react exactly the same to the next 5 customers who where “helped” at her counter. When it came to my turn, I was relieved to have a different attendant; the feeling was short lived, however, when the employee who helped me yelled across the lobby as means of communication, and talked over my words before even listening to my issue. This office seems miserable, and it’s sad that they take it out on the public.

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There customer service is extremely unprofessional especially for a first time customer. In the middle of my conversation I was doing my due diligence about pricing and rates on P.O. Box and direct mail. As I speak she is cuts me off shouts very loud to another customer. He was patiently waiting he was the 5th person he was at the end of the line “she states I didn’t know if I was going to see him again (which her incompetence didn’t realize he’s in your line and your the only cashier) and that her shift ended at 5:30 at it was 2:37. She has no respect for other time. They will not receive 5 stars customer service sucks

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If your looking to do quick post office chores, look somewhere else. I went several times during one day and then another day. Both days were lines out the door. They just dont have the workerpower. Unless you want to use the automated machine, that works faster.

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I am so pissed right now. I got a ticket that i missed my package which was absurd because i freaking have a mail box and the package required no signature. I rescheduled almost a week plus and i am yet to receive my package. So i call customer care and the guy tells me he sees no reason why my package wasn’t delivered. Like duh! I am still waiting for a call back. I must get my package today or tomorrow. This same company misplaced my $300 package my sister sent and now this? Not having it!!!

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PatheticHow can you even give them one star when they lose your priority mail and then never answer the phone to locate it. I will call the Inspector General again to file a complaint. Government agency or not they all have a higher up. Trust that

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Looking for the most INCOMPETENT PEOPLE ON EARTH? Look no further than this main branch in Boca. MORONS...every last one of them. Cant wait for the Post Office and ALL THEIR PENSIONS to go Bankrupt!

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They left me a message about a package. I have called everyday since, sometimes twice a day, no answer. Pete, if you are reading this, you probably shouldnt leave a message with a callback number, then never answer said number. Or at the very least give alternative options, so I would know what to do in case you didnt answer, which, judging by other reviews, is pretty common.

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Placed my mail on hold for 2 weeks. When I went to pick it up, they were not able to find it. They took my phone number and promised to call me back. That was over 1 week ago. Worst service ever! No wonder USPS is in such a mess...

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My package has been misplaced. Linda did not have it delivered the next day, after she claimed shed look for it, as promised. They dont answer the phone. No wonder youre going bankrupt.I still dont have my package.

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Some people just shouldnt breed. Worst costomer service ever.

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Im having the worst time with this post office at the moment, I send and receive packages all the time and have never had a post office make sure major mistakes... my package was 2 day delivery express its been about 4 or 5 business days now and still nothing. I checked the trancking number provided by usps, the frist day it never left the post office the next morning the package said out for delivery, around 11:30 last night i got a notification that said package delayed will give further updates at a later time.... then after that status unavailable. Makes no sense to me how couod something happen like that one the way from the post office to the destination. I will try to call and ask but they seem to be pretty short with everyone and I keep getting the run around

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Horrible customer service and they lose my packages all the time and dont do anything about it except shrug it off.

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They are the worst post office Ive ever dealt with. They have lost 4 packages in the last month alone. I have tried to call numerous times and no one ever answers the phone. When I try the main USPS phone number they just direct you back to this location whicj has horrible hours of operation and no customer service!!!!! If I could give zero stars I would!!!!

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Horrible service avoid this location at all cost.

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The worst post office EVERRR! They deserve - 5 star not one!

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It’s been 9 days and my package hasn’t been delivered. I’ve called 5 times and each time a recording tells me to hold and my hold time is over an hour! I’ve emailed and still received no information!

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Cant tell you how many times ive lost packages through this USPS. The post men and women are idiots frankly and will hand your package to any person outside your building without checking ID. Just lost a $1000 package i had purchased through ebay.

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Been calling them all day, no luck. what is the point of them having a phone?

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I have an emergency and they close at 4 and the phone line is busy and no answering machine or call waiting. Just busy tones. Makes me want to go crazy Im so mad at this place. Im infuriated

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No one picks up and none of them work hire people that beed a job because the ones you have are LAZY

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Very good thank you

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Y guy j

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They recently stole my camera order. The guy said he delivered it to a lady in front of my house. Abd later, they called me and said that he put it in the mail.

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Extremely rude

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