FedEx Ship Center
1101 Clint Moore Rd, Boca Raton, FL 33487, United States

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Disaster. For a logistics company its not very efficient. 1 person working, line out the door and the 1 guy working had to constantly run from the back to the front to accomplish simple tasks. Not his fault.

Review №2

Stores sort of okFedex, just not what it was.Too many employees with BAD englishUnintelligible speechCant read or speak decently.Dont even try.Almost useless to complainThey hang up on you.

Review №3

For the life of me I cant understand why anyone would ever use FedEx. If I get one package out of 10 on time, I celebrate. I cringe anytime one of my vendors is using FedEx. Absolutely the most terrible company Ive ever dealt with. Should be ashamed of themselves but clearly arent. UPS ground is faster than FedEx priority overnight. Continually getting failed delivery attempts when clearly no attempts were made. They legit remind me of the Little Caesars commercial where the competitors customer service call center just picks up the phone and hangs back up. #BoycottFedEx

Review №4

Cant Do what you paid them to do. WASTE OF OXYGEN, Lie about Deliveries they never made 3 times Sad Company Change your Strategy. What these sorry excuse for employees doing isnt working, worst experience

Review №5

Fantastic!!!Rodney displays excellent customer service and his level of professionalism is greatly appreciated.

Review №6

The two ladys at the front desk are the super kind and nice, the have solution for everything

Review №7

Very helpful. Some shipping centers feel like government entities. Cold and stern come to mind. But this FedEx shipping location has always been helpful. Easy to establish a relationship with the front desk staff if you ship a lot. Solid experience all around.

Review №8

Found a note on my door with a tag. Opened searched for tag id, told me to get my package after 5PM from this location. Went there at 5:45 PM, the truck was not there. Told that it will come around 6:08 PM. Waited until 6:15 PM to hear that truck wont come until 7:30 PM which is their closing time so I should wait for delivery tomorrow. That is 1 hour of my life going into trash because they dont work on their official schedule and dont have the system or people that tells the truth to their customers.

Review №9

Very kind and nice people, very willing to help

Review №10

Horrible customer service. In the phone told us that I can come and pick up my boyfriends package if I have a picture of his ID. Drove AN HOUR to pick up this package because they were about to send it back to the sender (because they didn’t let us fix a mistake xfinity made and put a wrong address) a man told me that he can’t give me the package and said my boyfriend needs to pick it up. My boyfriend called them and asked them to have the package ready for him to pick up, and they told him that even my boyfriend can’t pick it up even though it’s his package with his name on it??? Now they just returned the whole package to the sender... HORRIBLE customer service, never using FedEx again....

Review №11

Easy in and out if you are just dropping off something for the pick-up box outside. Beware of parking lot, however. It seems to attract people who are unfamiliar with parking lot etiquette.

Review №12

Very nice and patient staff

Review №13

Using this location for over 14 years_always Top Service. Thank you !

Review №14

Great service ever love it better than Amazon

Review №15

Safety measures taken due to covid, friendly service, sometimes late in the day the wait to ship is long

Review №16

They were unresponsive. Made me do all the work. Did NOT answer questions correctly. Passed the buck from one person to the next. Still not resolved 7 days later

Review №17

Workers moved the line pretty fast.

Review №18

Very helpful service much appreciated. Only surprise was that I was not allowed to included a paid in advance return form because I did not have an account number.

Review №19

Always great service

Review №20

I missed my delivery and did not realize the department closed at 2pm. I rushed over there and I saw a few people working in the back by the truck when I got there at 2:20pm. I ran up and asked if my package was there that I desperately needed for the next day, and it was! Brian generously without an issue helped me out and was able to bring the package out to me! Thank you Brian and the entire staff for helping me out on this urgent matter! Exceptional service!

Review №21

Very pleasant experience.

Review №22

Friendly, efficient and very helpful.

Review №23

Always great service

Review №24

Only one associate working today.... horrible wait times.

Review №25

Dropped off 6k $ worth of refrigerated meds (tracking number ending in 8152) 1/2 mile out at some neighbors with a similar address wrong street and everything despite having my number on the package and all, and their is no way to reach them by phone only to log a complaint with managment

Review №26

Fast, effective and convenient.

Review №27

Very professional and organized

Review №28

Friendly and knowledgeable team in and out in 5 minutes

Review №29

Quick and convenient for shipping in NE Boca. Needed to overnight a document and it was fast even though there were moderate lines. They have multiple lanes open and move quickly since this is a full shipping center. FedEx envelopes and boxes are available, but the packaging area barely had any counter space, hence the 4 stars. No way two people could use it simultaneously. There was plenty of empty floor space for a table (hint, hint).

Review №30

I usually receive wonderful customer service, but today 10/23/2018 at 230pm there was a woman working the front desk, who was absolutely RUDE! So rude I left and went to UPS. The way she answers question makes you feel stupid for even asking. I wanted to send a pack to Ireland and she gave me absolutely no help!!! You need to talk to her about appropriate customer service.

Review №31

Extremely friendly staff, for that they should get 5 stars, but waiting time is way too long. FedEx, lets hire more people.

Review №32

The man at the counter was completely unhelpful, and then went away to the back of the lobby so I went to the other person at the counter, who then gave me the completely incorrect return label for a very time-sensitive document (which I had emphasized about how it had to have 1 day shipping labels both ways)All in all a complete waste of time and money.

Review №33

Terrible. One person working on holidays..waiting foe 30 minutes.. People are waiting to get help.No manager to help.. I just need receipt..but i have to wait for ever.

Review №34

This Fed Ex location needs to do weekly drug tests because I promise you they are all high. I was waiting all day for an important delivery. The fed ex driver attempted a delivery to my neighbors town house even though the address is so clearly bold and visible. It was pure laziness. But stuff happens. So I called fed ex customer support who told me too bad so sad. So I waited again today for my delivery to be re-attempted. No delivery. I called fed ex again (20 minute wait time each call). And they told me my package was marked as return to sender. WHY?????? This is not rocket science. The address is correct on the delivery. And easy to find. This is all fed ex has to do. This is their entire job. Thats it. Fed Ex sucks. Thank you Fed Ex for wasting 2 days of my life!

Review №35

Front Desk staff is friendly, but the driver who delivers at Boca Teeca doesn’t do his deliveries. I work from home and have a call box, and every single day I get a notification on my phone saying they attempted delivery, which they did not. We have footage showing he was not in our building. I’ll be making a formal complaint because we have tried to speak with the personal at this location many times and they keep making excuses for him.

Review №36

The service was fast and they were very helpful. It was definitely a pleasant experience shipping 4 big boxes.

Review №37

Unfortunately today my experience was bad today. I went to pick up a package and I was only one in the store. Unfortunately I did not have my door tag but I had my drivers license with name and address. I was told originally that the service agent needed the door tag but i asked if she could please take the time to look it up by a different means either my address or name? She said she tried and could not find anythinh. When i arrived home I checked the door tag and indeed my package was there, so now i need to ho back Monday...The initial denial to help without the door tag and the reluctant follow up after my pleading....without a result were very disappointing.

Review №38

Fast and friendly service. very helpful staff

Review №39

I have never had an issue at this location, the staff is always helpful and seems to move people through the line pretty quickly.

Review №40

Rodney was extra helpful in getting my International package put together

Review №41

Very good Fed ex shipping center.

Review №42

Really busy and only 1 rep to help us! But he was fast.

Review №43

I know its not the center problem or fault, but I had order an important package and I wasnt home to sign it so I got the door tag. But the next few days later I got two emails saying they came to my house but no one was home, which is Bull because my husband is a stay home dad and he said no one came. I finally go to the center to receive my package and they tell me they had to Resend it back because the driver reported that I never was home. This has happen to a friend of mine before...drivers reporting false information. This pissed me off to no belief. FedEx needs to find a new way to make sure that their drivers ate delivering their packages and not falsely reporting.

Review №44

FedEx is always setting that gold standard, but keep in mind that youre paying for it. FedEx has long since surpassed OoPS in quality and this shipping center exemplifies the speed and customer service Ive come to expect when paying top dollar to ship. If you need it somewhere fast and on time, go here.

Review №45

I love coming to this one because nobody bothers you have a huge parking lot is enough parking for everyone Im theyre pretty quick

Review №46

Always good service

Review №47

I need to call this location directly but the only number available is the central toll free. Is the number at the location a secret??

Review №48

Picked up package. Easy in and out

Review №49

Outstanding people there.

Review №50

Good store! Great service!

Review №51

Easy access to the center. Clean and professional

Review №52

Service on the top so helpfull thank you

Review №53

Great experience

Review №54

Its a very busy place and its open till 7:30 at night. Easy to see from the road.

Review №55

Simple and quick! never busy in the morning.

Review №56

Very helpful and efficient staff. You can hold overnight packages here and pick up at 9 AM the day after its shipped.

Review №57

Great facility. I was in & out with no problem. No long wait.

Review №58

They shipped my boxes super fast! They have great service and are very helpful. I would use them all the time for my shipping needs.

Review №59

Friendly, fast shipping. Not always fast for pickup but not for lack of effort; a common phrase is Were still looking

Review №60

No doubt FedEx is also trustable for timing but particular this location staff is not enough ..... Too much customers flow

Review №61

It was great.

Review №62

This location does not appear properly on the Fedex website, but its the best spot to drop your Fedex packages in the area.

Review №63

Only one person helping, very slow service

Review №64

Quick and easy drop off of parcels

Review №65

The worst customer service! Nothing good to say! Only this location. Other locations are great!

Review №66

The attention is great, very helpful

Review №67

Great service 👏

Review №68

The staff was amazing.

Review №69

Great friendly staff at the front desk. Sometimes they could use a extra person when it is busy.

Review №70

Gave false information over the phone.. informed me I could pick up a package that was at the facility only to be told once I got there that it was in a storage container and that there was nothing anyone can do for me.

Review №71

Love them with my package or letters

Review №72

Love the online ability to change delivery to hold for pickup!

Review №73

I was told my package was going to be re routed on the same day due to driver not doing her job I paid an extra 61 dollars for an over night package that was never received! Im very annoyed with fed ex and their employees no one knows anything!

Review №74

Really did very poor job in getting address put into computer correctly. Overnight took 2.5 days.

Review №75

Counter staff people are friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful.

Review №76

Horrible experience. Not enough people to help.

Review №77

Ordered two day shipping and it’s been 3 days and now I have to wait two more days nice.

Review №78

They can be more customer service oriented.

Review №79


Review №80

Very convenient and friendly people working there

Review №81

No music while waiting which can be a long time depending on rush hour

Review №82

Friendly staff, but always understaffed.

Review №83

Good service, they are very kind

Review №84

They only do Shipping. No print services and this is not listed on their website.

Review №85

Helpful not s long wait

Review №86

Good parking and usually fast service

Review №87


Review №88

Excellent customer service

Review №89

Friendly staff. They always go the extra mile for their customers.

Review №90

Shipping small and less than a pound packages to Europe and South America is way too expensive.

Review №91

Rarely a line, courteous workers.

Review №92

Friendly and fast service.

Review №93

So slow. Staff had difficulties with printing labels.??

Review №94

They are the best in the business

Review №95

Excellent customer service

Review №96

Not enough help. The workers do what they can but they need more people in the counter.

Review №97

Excellent service

Review №98

Very helpful

Review №99

Air conditioning still out

Review №100

Quick and efficient

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