Schusters Welding
378 N Eucalyptus Ave, Blythe, CA 92225, United States
Schusters Welding

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The place to go for all your Welding needs.

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ALL BAD. Disgusted. Hack, Crook, and all around bad businessman. In short I had24 - 7/8x1/2 holes drilled24 - 7/8x 1/2 holes welded closed on a 1x1 aluminum plateProbably 4 hours work and was charged $3,700!!!!!! Thats right, THREE THOUSAND, SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS!!! AND IT WAS DRILLED WRONG!!!!This was my fault and a Ill take the blame for this as I did not get a quote for this work, Ill just say Ive never encountered such a gross overcharge in all my career. But it gets better....It was a square plate with a square 4 hole pattern that was a diamond shape relative to the plate, I asked him to rotate the pattern 45 degrees with the same dimensions as the existing pattern. I took the material back to the job and found that the dimensions were off and wouldnt bolt up to our bolts. It was drilled at a 10 spacing on center instead of the 7 1/8 existing spacing. I had someone at the job site drill the holes correctly as we had time and I wanted to be sure it was done right, this took about 1 hour... I took them back and explained the situation, and that we went ahead and drilled the holes so all he had to do was weld the bad holes shut again. I thought Jimmy and I were on the same page. I unloaded the material and thought better of my first blunder, I said Im not going to be charged for this to be fixed correct? He looked at funny and Well yeah!. I said, You drilled them wrong though, they need to be fixed. We disagreed on this of course. I then asked how much to weld the bad holes closed, he pondered. I said, Its a couple hours work right?. This is the only thing we agreed upon. He then quoted me $950 for what he just agreed was 2 hours work!!!!! The long and short of it, I made a blunder and got raped, then the work performed was wrong and he refused to fix the mistakes. So even if it took him 10 hours to do 4 hours work the math goes like this, 10 hours divided by $3,700 comes to $370 per hour equals CROOK.

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Good place too get something welded

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  • Address:378 N Eucalyptus Ave, Blythe, CA 92225, United States
  • Phone:+1 760-922-4656
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  • Aluminum welder
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