Mighty Wash 6 of Big Spring
1002 Scurry St, Big Spring, TX 79720, United States

Review №1

Great they washed everything. Need to try there new covid wash. Kills all viruses.

Review №2

This is the second time I have come and gotten the towel dry and left with smudges and streaks on my vehicle. I would recommend this place for the basic wash go in get out, but do not pay for the extras they are not done well.

Review №3

They didnt dry the vehicle very well at all also all the Chrome and rims look worse than when I brought it in like they were wiped dirty rags all over the Chrome and left it its this is the second time Ive been there. Its advertised that the detailing its advertised that they do detailing there was no attention to detail at all the worst place Ive been to

Review №4

Great place. I go there quite often during the weeks and months. I have a subscription with them but today I noticed they had new people and hand me think, I drove off as soon as the sunlight hit the window, it had a film on my window from the new people not changing their rags out, so I had to turn around and go back and do it again and let the manager know please tell your employees to change their rags but otherwise great place in Big Spring, Im glad its here...

Review №5

Best car wash Ive been to. I love it.

Review №6

Its and outstanding car wash, use it every two weeks.

Review №7

I liked the surface and everyone one was really nice

Review №8

Great Carwash! Love the costumer service! No complaints so far!

Review №9

Best car wash in Big Spring. Reasonable prices and they always get my vehicles clean in one go. The only exception is under the back window wing of my Ford Edge but Ive yet to find and automated wash thats able to reach that spot.

Review №10

Think it awesome that they offer free vacuum

Review №11

All was good. I stopped paying for the hand dry 2 washes ago because they just cant do a complete dry unless I get off and tell them to do so.

Review №12

Cleaned my f250 very well.

Review №13

I dont go there any more cause they went up on price and down on service in Lubbock Texas the monthly basic wash is 25.00 in Big Springs the price is 36.00 what a rip off..

Review №14

Fast and friendly service!

Review №15

For $16 you would think it would do a better job of actually cleaning your vehicle. It misses so many places. The people doing th pre-brush is a joke. Only thing it is useful for is for cleaning off the mud to go home a hand wipe the rest.

Review №16

Vacumms did not suck properly.

Review №17

I really like having the monthly pass. Great place to get your car washed. Employees are always nice and friendly.

Review №18

Not as. Good as it should be for the money it costs

Review №19

This car wash doesnt wash back of car , I was so upset

Review №20

Best wash in town and you can vacuum out your car for free

Review №21

Good wash... good price I can go any time...

Review №22

Disappointed. Last few months everything was running great. Just stopped by yesterday and its gone downhill. Im very disappointed and will be cancelling my fast pass. This place is ran by kids who have no idea how to run the place. Will let everyone know.

Review №23

Went through two different times and both times the ledge on back of car was filthy. But customer service was nice and is sending a free wash.

Review №24

If I could give this place no stars, I would. My husband and I took our cars there yesterday. Mine still had dirt on the back, bug guts on front, hood, and windshield, and rims were not cleaned at all. My husbands car still had dirt on the side, bug guts on front, and dirty rims. Workers were rude. Two of them were working on the vacuum cleaner and their language was definitely not suitable for working in public. I will not pay that kind of money and have my car half done. I will not go there again. I would rather pump quarters into a box and do it myself.

Review №25

Decent wash for the price.

Review №26

Its not worth $20, they always leave dirty spots.

Review №27

Very good work staff was amazing !

Review №28

Good wash!!!

Review №29

Best location!! Manager and staff are amazing. They make my visits a breeze.

Review №30

Great place to get carwash!

Review №31

This is the best place to get ur ride clean in big spring

Review №32

Didnt say I loved it. Good job. Very pricey though.

Review №33

I paid $16 for a car wash. When my vehicle came out there was still some sticky substance on the windows and paint. I asked if they would rewash it. I was told no unless I had a monthly pass. The manger rubbed on it and said it wouldn’t come off. I went to Walmart bought some glass cleaner and paper towels and it came right off.

Review №34

Good car wash it would be nice if they opened on time. The hours say 8am it is now 8:15 and there is a line waiting for them to open.

Review №35

Came in about 9:30 AM wanting an exterior and interior wash. The computer lets me purchase this along with tire shine for $51. I get to the wash and they tell me I have to come back at noon because they dont do interiors until after lunch. However, one of the nice employees on the dry side said that since I was here he would go ahead and do the interior for me. I waited about 15 minutes for him to clean the interior and when I got back to my car after I was told it was finished I was VERY disappointed in what I found. Apparently they dont do the third row seat, the windows were smeared, you could see where the armor all had been sprayed but not thoroughly wiped, and upon second look of the outside it was completely covered with water blotches because it hadnt been wiped down good. My 9 month pregnant belly grabbed some rags and started wiping down and vacuuming everything that had been missed, including crawling in the third row. It was at this point that management came out to provide me with a card detailing just how little they are actually required to do. This place is ridiculous and they do a crappy job. They want to charge premium prices and do a half-ass job. I PROMISE I will NOT be coming back here, now do I recommend it to anyone else.

Review №36

I thought the price was a little high at first, I was impressed by the carwash as it pulls your car through after you put it in neutral.What really impressed me was the results!! You can tell they spent some money on this carwash station. Their cheapest carwash is $12 and my car didnt have any hard water spots. They are fast, efficient, and you get a good result with the $12 wash. Your car is almost dry coming out.

Review №37

Expensive for the service they provide. Every time I take my car here I leave with soap and water spots all over the car and many times there is still dirt on the car-and no my land rover is not that dirty to begin with. The car wash down the street is cheaper and doesnt leave spots or soap on my car when I leave. I do not recommend Mighty wash. If they were to start using soft water and deeper rinse cycles I might consider going back.

Review №38

Good operation.

Review №39

Best in town hands down!

Review №40

Not a bad place to get a carwash

Review №41

Decent. When they are busy they sometimes dont pre-wash very well, and sometimes its hit-miss depending on whose working. Some workers are better or more thorough than others, often dont dry very well either.

Review №42

This place rocks with a great wash i alway get the tire shine and hand dry. They do a great job!

Review №43

I wash my car here all the time, they do an excellent job every time.

Review №44

The young boy supposed manager was rude and threatened to make me leave due to the fact that their.payment machine wasnt working right and when I got out of my truck to help my wife in her suburban the boy became very irate with me and words were exchanged. But I will never be back and I will tell everyone I work with about our experience and tell them to go elsewhere.

Review №45

Purchased wash last week for the first time. Manager was professional and helpful. Very pleased with service. Will be coming back weekly.

Review №46

Purchased the monthly unlimited wash, love that I can just pull right in anytime I want. Love the service!

Review №47

Great for a quick car wash and tire shine

Review №48

Free vaccum use, great customer service

Review №49

Car wash work great staff could be a little friendlier they always look mad

Review №50

Good place to get a car wash and hand dry for your vehicle.

Review №51

Best in town

Review №52

I really like how convenient Mighty Wash is and the associates seem kind. Lost a star due to poor drying job..

Review №53

The main reason I love going here is the quickness of the wash. Its a very nice facility.

Review №54

Best place to get your car washed

Review №55

They have a good program for month-to-month washes just place to go to wash your car

Review №56

Charged me $10 to clean my wheels and they barely touched them. Very disappointed

Review №57

This place has when down so fast nothing works!!! Vacuum are always broken the air does not work!!!but they sure do pull the payment on the first!!!!!!every month real fast and we have 3 cars on auto pay.they are horrible!!!!!!!

Review №58

High end car wash- with hand dry crew available and their own coffee shop.

Review №59

Ok place gets your car clean

Review №60

Veru good wash at a good price. Used lot of soap

Review №61

Monthly pass is worth the money. The pass comes with free vacuum use.

Review №62

It was ok a bit over priced for a carwash

Review №63

It was really good and got my boyfriends car clean

Review №64

Very nice people! Definitely recommend this place!

Review №65

Little bit expensive, they offer hand drying. Detailing of tires though was not worth the extra expense, they did not do a good job in that sense.

Review №66

They do a good job.

Review №67

Oh yeah . If you come here once. You will understand . Good place

Review №68

The vacuums work very good

Review №69

Expensive and paid extra for hand drying. Still had to remove bugs from my hood and finish drying mirrors.

Review №70

Workers attitudes cold be better.

Review №71

Free vacuuming a plus

Review №72

Great unlimited wash deals w multiple locations

Review №73

Great for getting a thorough was for ur vehicle, love the vacuums for free

Review №74

My wife and I pay $60 a month direct debit to have our truck washed and dried was disappointed to find out they charge an extra $10 to have my wheels wiped off and tire shine applied

Review №75

Save change by coming here for free vacuuming. Hellyeah! 💪😀

Review №76

Didnt clean under doors or bumpers very well.

Review №77

Employees dont clean pivotal parts on the car.

Review №78

Service isnt that great neither was the car wash 1 starvis to much but have to put something

Review №79

Truck was washed and dried exactly

Review №80

Love the free vacuum always 100

Review №81

Not every good and very expensive just to wash your car

Review №82

Other than a poor job on the tires it was a good experience

Review №83

Great carwash

Review №84

Good service

Review №85

Decent wash but overpriced

Review №86

Go for monthly plans. Auto renewals have issues though.

Review №87

Always fast service.

Review №88

Why cant you train your employees to dry off the cars properly? Its an expensive service and they might get a tip if they cared.

Review №89

Great service

Review №90

It stays busy. Sometimes its hard to get in to get a wash.

Review №91

Half the brushes dont work most of the time

Review №92

Not always consistent on the pre-sale, its a hit or miss, same with the hand drying.

Review №93

Quick, easy, and does a great job

Review №94

Wish they would do the vaccuming

Review №95

Over price for a car wash but free vacuuming

Review №96

Wasnt very clean and had left many dirty sections, water smells bad and one of the guys direct you in was rude and looked high

Review №97

Great customer service

Review №98

Expensive doesnt clean very good

Review №99

Scratched my truck up!

Review №100

Great service!

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