Gail P. Hunt LCSW, BCD
3030 Ashby Ave, Berkeley, CA 94705, United States

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I really feel sorry for anyone that walks through Gails doors. Ive had a challenging time with Gail, I didnt post a review because she begged me not, claiming it would affect her business and that this was a source of her livelihood. I recently found out she shared details of our sessions with my mother, whom she was seeing after I left therapy. I will post email exchanges between me and Gail for reference. I am extremely distraught and disturbed that she would share these things with someone I know. I am also contacting the Board of Psychology and Board of Social workers to file an official complaint.Gail is a bully and very intimidating. She did help me at the start of my journey, but it just started going downhill after a short while. She decided it best to include my husband in sessions since the bulk of my troubles were in my marriage. She started hitting herself on her head with a file a couple of times. She would raise her voice and scream and times. It was extremely traumatic for me. I never really felt much of a connection to her. She would forget details and was judgmental at times. I told her that I would stop therapy and seek out another therapist. It was at this time where she became super vicious. She sent me an invoice for $682.50, stating that it was a charge for all the times I contacted her outside of therapy. I did pay for all the times I contacted her. She billed me for every minute and I was paid up. She decided to bill me for every time she emailed me and wished me happy holidays or sent me a video, or shared something.Please be careful before you decide to see her, interview her and make sure shes a good fit. If your sensitive towards yelling, screaming, violence, and bullying- stay away from her. Also, if you want to keep your sessions confidential. Im outraged that she would share details with my mom, claiming I gave her a hard time by leaving therapy. When in reality she was upset she no longer could take advantage of me, and get paid every week. Being an empathetic person I am, she probably didnt think I would voice my concern over her unjust $682 bill. She was wrong. I stayed silent but not anymore. I hope this prevents other people getting treated the same way.Response to Gail’s reply:My heart and soul are my business and I will not allow anyone to tell me what my state is. This has nothing to do with suffering and more to do with being wronged and a breech of my confidentiality. This has to do with legal issues and you sharing information with someone I gave you no authority to speak to about me, and also it’s about you attempting to wrongfully bill me. That’s not ok and I will absolutely not let it go as I know my rights as your previous patient. You replying in this way really doesn’t do anything to me, so I’ll just ignore that and continue in my complaint filings.

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  • Address:3030 Ashby Ave, Berkeley, CA 94705, United States
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