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Used to be my go to for my rental needs. The service was extremely poor ! I made a reservation about 6 days before I needed the rental. I got a call the day before saying they didnt have a vehicle and to call them back the next morning. I called and the girl said she would try to find something and would call me at end of the buisness day with options. I called about 10 min before end of buisness and no answer. So I called the following day and finally talked to someone else that did help and find something that would work for me. The story gets even worse ! The employee and I did a walk around and that was great no damage minus a small ding on a door. I dropped the rental off after hours and did another look over still only small ding in the door , and went about my buisness. I recieved a call the next morning stating the rental was in fantastic condition ! 4 hours after getting that phone call another employee calls and says the rental has damage on the back bumper and that someone would be contacting me from their claims department as well as my insurance. How does one employee say its fantastic and then another one several hours say it has severe damage ?!?! Very disappointed with the whole experience and will never recommend anyone to the circus I encountered.

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After driving to EVERY rental car place in Rockford, Illinois we had to drive over to Belivideir Enterprise. We paid using debit so we had a $200 deposit on top of the rental price of over $400 for 10 days. This little blue car really compensated as it only cost us $60 worth of gas to drive to Georgia. Runs and drives great excellent customer service. Will be using this location again.

Review №3

I am completely dumbfounded by my experience. I booked a reservation to get a car a week ago, and I even confirmed my reservation the night before, but there are no cars in the lot for me to take. I have to leave in a half an hour, and now I do not have a car. Enterprise... you have truly ruined my rest of the week.

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⚠️ Use Caution ⚠️Update!! Posted this a few days ago, got a reply to email the details. Did that and have now heard anything!!Every better , had a friend need a rental car, booked , and they had no car for them!!! What a total JOKE!This place is a joke !!I made reservations over a week before I needed to rent a car. I did all the pre rental agreements, DL and CC info. I was contacted several times via , text, email and phone call to confirm my rental. The day of I got a call 5 mins before my pick up time saying they had no car for me ..... What do you mean?I was told no over night drops happened and that there was not a single car on the lot for me to pick up. Perhaps around 10-11 there would be one for me to get ... mind you my pick up time was 7:30am... and I needed to be on the road by 8:30-9. They told me my best bet would be to contact another company. 🤣I figured things out , no thanks to Enterprise.Biggest joke about it all , I never heard from them all day , at 6pm I get any email asking if Im coming to pick up my car, my rental is ready! 11 hours after it was supposed to be !! Thanks Im already on my trip and at my destination!!Use Caution!!! I would hate anyone to have to feel rushed the way I did and panic to make plans when youre reservation for a car doesnt mean a car will be waiting for you!!

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WORST PLACE EVER!!! YOU WILL NEVER GET A CAR FROM THEM! I rather give them 0 stars. They will tell you that they have your vehicle available until the day of your check in, they will end up saying no cars available, and they wont even accommodate with you. WORST PLACE EVER!

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Very helpful staff. I switched reservation from a sedan to 4WD as snow was predicted at my destination. No issues. Was a small outlet so roomy choices were not abundant but they did a good job.

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The people at Belvidere Enterprise are always great especially Kylar. Great service all the time. Thanks

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Cedric is gone not happy. Rashad had done a good job. Who ever the girl in there today was, probably just cost you 2 very loyal customers. Jonna Pedersen and I were very disappointed in the service we recieved. Tried to give us a car with sensor lights on. Then we explained we reserved a fusion. Replied oh we cant guarntee a car. Besides that was a Ford customer they had to have the Fusion. You just said you dont guarantee cars. So you give to Chrysler workers who rent bi weekly a f n Hyundai . Ill bring it back with a big orange sticker compliments of FCA security. Then I will go to Budget or Stephanie at the airport she still rocks.

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Time for another update. I was asked to email them which I did. I was asked to provide a copy of a rental agreement, which I did. They ignored my concern with how I was treated and only gave me their policies. Enterprise clearly broke their own policy and Im calling them out on that!!! **** Time for an update**** That changed as of today 7/2/19 I made a reservation like normal, went to pick up the truck like usual. Then Im told I cant use my bank card. I explained I never had a problem the last 2 rentals. I explained I had plenty of money in my account to cover the rental and was willing to prove that. While I was there the guy was on the phone with someone saying I was trying to rent a truck with a bank card and I was flexing. As to say I was being aggressive and I absolutely wasnt. I asked the guy how was it done the last 2 times and he couldnt give me an answer. When the amount of the rental is put onto my card there is no way I can stop that money from being deducted so not expecting a bank card makes no sense to me at all. I dont use credit cards , I refuse to buy stuff on credit. If I dont have the money to pay for it I dont buy it.

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Wonderful service. Great communication, honest and straight forward. The car we reserved was not ready on time because of unforeseen circumstances but they took care of us and made sure we got what we needed. So great to see a place that still values customer service, would highly recommend!

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My experience with enterprise was great this past weekend thanks to an Associate by the name of Keffer. He made my rental experience very seamless. It was very early in the morning but he welcomed me with a smile and even joked a little. I really wish I received the customer service I received from Keefer everywhere I go. I really appreciate it and I will be back soon to rent another car from this specific location thanks to your wonderful associate. He’s a great asset to the business and I hope to encounter more associates like him in the future. Way to lead by example!

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Steve Solati the area manager did not offer up any assistance when a National Corporate account with Enterprise needed help. Advising my employee to just wait 7 hours at a local edition is not a logical answer the the issue.

Review №13

I always have a favorable experience when I rent from Enterprise.

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I went on-line to rent a car a few days in advance. When I arrived, the people that rented previously had not returned their vehicles so the person in charge was frustrated. I waited about an hour. Once a car was returned, I was able to rent it at the same cost even though it was a standard and not a compact. I also received a full tank of gas for waiting. It is not the fault of the managers, it is the fault of the renters. We need to be respectful of our time for others. I appreciated the kindness I received and loved the car. Thank you for working so hard to ensure something was available for me.

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Employees at this Belvidere, IL location are rude and inept! They deserve 0 stars! Overcharged my card for the $200 deposit that was supposed to be deleted when I returned the car. There isnt a manager at this location and noone else can credit your card. I canceled an upcoming reservation and disputed the entire charge on my credit card. I wont ever do business with Enterprise again! The customer service at corporate cant give you a credit either! Real con job!

Review №16

Easy service nice people

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Have had to use many times. Staff is friendly and helpful. Keep in mind they are a small operation which means that as hard as they try they may not have the exact car you want or are able to pick you up at the exact moment you request but they try very hard to overcome the small operation obstacles and will treat you with respect and provide outstanding customer service.

Review №18

My recent experience with another Enterprise location was less than pleasant as far as the vehicle was concerned. However my experience with the Belvidere location was a complete 180 from that. Rashad was very busy as soon as they opened, he handled all the incoming calls as well as the waiting customers very professionally. He worked through it in spite of dealing with a difficult situation with so many people. He got everyone taken care of very quickly and I was pleased to see they gave me a vehicle that was well maintained and clean. When I turned the vehicle in they had someone drop me off at my dealership to pick up my car. I would drive a few extra miles to rent from them again.Thank you.

Review №19

Kyle, at the Belvidere facility, is a wonderful example of great service. So congenial and willing to help made my experiences wonderful!

Review №20

Reserved a car went pick it up they didnt save me a car and Rockford didnt have one I was not able to go to Wisconsin for reunion not happy

Review №21

Fast and very pleasant to work with.

Review №22

Cedrick makes our experience pleasant every time. Keefer calls making sure the car is what we needed. A+ service, guys!!

Review №23

My first experience having to deal with the hassle that is Enterprise. First we rented a vehicle for 48 hours scheduled for a 8:30am pick up did not get it until 4pm (8 hours later) and for the extreme upset in our 48 hour plan we were only given 10% off the base (whatever that means). Note 8/48 = 16.66% btw no rocket science involved there to see that was extremely unfair -- Went to return the vehicle on-time and upon arrival found our car completely blocked in. Called cooperate and found out that they are nothing more than a glorified messaging service and do-not/can-not do anything about their various locations other than send them messages. Called the location once they opened up and made sure our vehicle would be unblocked for when I take my lunch time to return there vehicle (yet another hassle). Had to call a different location to talk to the manager. Pointed out the percentage issue and they asked what I thought would be fair -- frankly not something I wanted to be bothered with and honestly it is not what I think would be fair its what they as a company are willing to offer for the issues they created -- a free one or two day rental would be great but totally unexpected -- none to say the least I did not get the totally unexpected -- and not one to be unrealistic did not ask for it either -- just said what about 10% off (using what they initially offered as a gauge for what they might do) 40 hours (the actual rental time) -- they said they could not do that but could give us 30% off the base (again whatever that means) -- interestingly enough (depending on what base means) that equates to 10% off 40 hours using straight math. So basically all the issues that the 8 hour delay caused us due to their negligence was 10% off, they really need to take some lessons from Nordstroms and/or a myriad of other companies that actually have excellent customer service (as they - Enterprise - like to claim they have). Oh and btw we are supposed to have VIP status which apparently just means okay your just another customer to us nothing special because all of our customers are very important (persons) to us and that is a direct quote from the manager when asked about the VIP status thing that and reaffirming they were giving us 30% off base (aka 10% off the actual rental time) woo hoo that sure does not make me feel like a VIP heck barely makes me feel like they want my business (something that will most likely change now -- but I guess they can afford to lose good customers).

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Great service at local location,not very nice people at their call center

Review №25

Very friendly staff. I was able to check in quickly and the return of the vehicle was just as fast. I would definitely use them again.

Review №26

Awesome service! Went out of their way to secure a minivan for me, while my car was in the shop and even upgraded for free to cover the cost by insurances limited payment.

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They contacted me directly after booking to explain procedure. Picked me up and brought me to the rental agency. Accommodating and pleasant to work with Brittany.

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Fast service. Ive been here a coule of times very helpful and courteous employees.

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This is a great place to rent a car. Staff - courteous and efficient, they give you a ride if necessary and how can you beat the $9.99 weekend special which they often run.

Review №30

Rates are unfair for a drop off fee. Belvidere to Las Vegas - $659 . It’s cheaper to fly.

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Very pleasant personnel. Excellent service.

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Been waiting an hour now for a car I had reservations for....still waiting. Unreal.

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Horrible experience. Even though I had a confirmation number they didnt show up to get me. When I called I was told I have no cars in the lot so I will have to call around and find you one. So had to call my husband to come get me from the shop I was leaving my car at. Would never use them again if I had the option.

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All rental cars are rip-offs buyer beware Caveat Emptor watch your gas fill up on your way back take pictures of the car xcetera

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I love them there. Theyre great.

Review №36

Garbage! Do not use these people.

Review №37

Close to home, reasonable rates, what more could you want?

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Had to call SEVEN times to get a receipt. Still didnt get one. Late to both my pickup/drop off making me late for work and then missing the window to get my car. Whats the point in making an appointment? WORST experience.

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My most recent rental was handled by Keshaun.While the car was not ready, he was able to provide compensation that compensated our delay.

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The people there were nice

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Great place to rent a car or van

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Ive only rented from them once. It was a little bit of a wait when I went.

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Been an entire week and I still havent received my deposit!!!

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The service was great.having the $9.99 for the weekend days was such a value to me on a tight budget.

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Will work with you on price

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Fast service,

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Very helpful staff

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Service was Slower than molasses and not friendly

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