Discount Tire
1801 N, I-35, Bellmead, TX 76705, United States

Review №1

I ordered rims from them. They werent supposed to be in for 30 days. I got a call they were in. Went in the next morning and called on my way. They set up an appointment for about the time I would arrive. I was in and out and happy within 45 minutes. The staff, from Brady, to Brandon, and the install guys, everyone was professional, quick, courteous, and pleasant to work with. I had factory rims. (Silver ones in pic.) I thought I had a warped rim but turns out I needed an alignment and the wobble that the one tire was causing, was gone. Thank you discount tire. I will return and recommend again and again.

Review №2

By far the best chain to have tires repaired or new installed. Very well run business, from the folks behind the computer to the team in the shop. Cared for each customer as if they were the only one in there. I witnessed a gentleman helping a young woman understand the difference with tires so she could make an informed decision. Thats how I would want my wife treated had she visited. Well done to whomever trained the staff.

Review №3

The van showed we had a nail in the rear driver side but Discount Tire found 3 nails and fixed all at no charge! No wonder my Son and Daughter have been going to them always! Thats where I will go from now on! The Discount people were all so very kind and attentive! Thank you Discount Tire! Naomi

Review №4

I would give more than 5 stars if I could. My 19 year old daughter had a blow-out on her way to college. The staff at this Discount Tire in Bellmead, TX bent over backwards to help her even though it meant them staying past closing. I am so grateful! It made a very stressful day bearable. Thank you!!!!!!!

Review №5

Ordered and paid for my tires online so when I showed up to install them I was bumped to the front of the line. Customer service was awesome, workers are very friendly and very helpful. Also received my military discount for being a Veteran, so that was awesome as well.

Review №6

Got three of my tires fixed and they did a great job. Was in and out in about an hour. Will return if I happen to need tires again while Im in the area. Well done!

Review №7

Great service. Had to order me a tire yesterday so they put a loaner on. Very professional and as fast as they could be under the circumstances.

Review №8

Brady gave me great customer service .I called to ask about tires he was very helpful. ONCE I got there my 2 new tires were on my Dodge Ram fast service .I highly recommend this location.

Review №9

You were in and out with the decent price looks like race car fast the guys got us in there and tires were in about 10 minutes

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Review №11

This place was amazing!! Fixed my emergency flat tire in 30 min Max and had great customer service!!

Review №12

They didnt have the tires I needed when I had an emergency blowout . . . but they found them at the Waco store and set me up with them before I go there. . . great customer service.

Review №13

I just cannot say enough about this place. Colton and Brandon provided me of service Beyond excellence! Every employee at this Discount Tire was friendly and knowledgeable and I had a truly wonderful experience. Anytime I need tires or are or anything to do with those two things this is where I will be going! Thank you thank you thank you!!!:-)

Review №14

Only place I come to get my tires. Great customer service 10/10. I had a flat this weekend and came in with my donut on and they fixed the flat for free and put my tire back on in no time!!

Review №15

Customer service was superb and was able to check on my vehicle with minimal wait time. This location upholds the reliability and work ethics that I appreciate when Im far from home, thank you for your help. It was very much appreciated. A+ Keep up the good work.

Review №16

I truly appreciate the free tire air pressure check & realize no profit in this service. However, I always tip the staff who checks my tires. Yesterday, I was told 3 times in a span of 7 minutes someone would be with me in 2 minutes--guess each time I was told this, the clock was reset to 2 minutes. Will bypass next time if busy.

Review №17

This place rocks!! Had a blowout first time out in our new to us 5th wheel on the way to vacay in Fredericksburg. Was sure that we would spend the rest of the day getting the tires replaced. Call this DT and they had trailer tires in stock. Limped in on a semi flat spare and these guys has us rolling on 4 new tires in 30 min flat. NASCAR level service!! Thanks so much!!

Review №18

The best tire company period.. customer service- customer service- customer service is the moto at Discount Tire!

Review №19

I just want to say that Brady and his crew at Discount tires are amazing when it comes to customer service! I bought some rims for my car and decided I didnt like them and was never made to feel like it was an issue to get what I really wanted and that I didnt have to settle. They did everything they should have to get the rims I wanted but when the rims showed up they were not the right size TWICE. After 5 months of me going back and forth with the picking out process to the delivery and installation process. I finally ended up with the most perfect rims I pictured in my mind from the start. AND for my inconvenience they threw in two free tires due to me needing them and just to keep me happy and my rims I ended up with were more than the ones I originally paid for! I have nothing bad to say about discount tires because even though I had to wait this long to get what I wanted it was worth the wait. And I was never made to feel like a problem. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE AND VERY GOOD PEOPLE.I Definitely recommend trying them out!

Review №20

Went bought 4 brand new tires on 4/30/21. Low tire light came on 2 days later. Went back and the technician visually inspected the tire that was the lowest in psi abd didnt see anything. Aired it up and then I was right back a day later with the same tire low. Took it to another store and they fixed the flat this time or so they say.

Review №21

Super helpful employees. I went on a Thursday thinking that it would be quick... and I was right. They told me 45 minutes, but it only took half that.

Review №22

Bought four new tires and than they wanted to charge 100 bucks just to put them on,

Review №23

Thank you. Road trip. Have to replace a tire on the road. Great customer service.

Review №24

The staff were all quick and professional. They are always careful with my cars. Dont forget they do free air checks

Review №25

Came here about 5 months ago after I got a flat tire at my school down the road. Before I decided to come here, I was told to go somewhere else because discount tire would charge a lot but I went anyway since it was closest. They had my tired plugged in no time and didn’t charge me for the service. Seemed to do a quality job as it’s still going strong with a lot of driving back and forth out of town as a student.

Review №26

Fast and reliable but pricey on their selection of tires thes days. Not sure if they raised prices since Covid-19 or it seems higher than usual?

Review №27

I always get excellent service here. Juan was especially polite and helpful on my most recent service. A month ago I had to go to the Waco location and while we didnt receive bad service there, the staff was not as friendly as the Bellmead location.

Review №28

Great place to buy tires. Juan was real helpful and gave us a great deal on tire. Definitely recommend this location

Review №29

Is quick fast and a pleasure as always

Review №30

Very good service very professional

Review №31

Had a nail in my tire. They had me in and out of here in about a half an hour. And the price was fantastic

Review №32

I love the Bellmead store. Only complaint was I made a 2:00 appt. Truck didnt get in till 3:00. These guys are great. Store is busy. Treat me great.

Review №33

Good service with smart and friendly personnel

Review №34

Like the people theyre great place I believe its the one in Tucson. Well go back management was excellent

Review №35

Great group of people to deal with! I called to see if they could order some wheels that weren’t listed on their website. They ordered the wheels and gave me a price that was better than the online vendors. They honored my appointment time and had me in and out in 30 minutes!! Exceptional service!!

Review №36

Very efficient, answered all my questions. Be great if all businesses could be like you and Chick-fil-A.

Review №37

Discount tire do really good service. I like it

Review №38

Great service @a fast speed!! That comment was made 3yrs ago and I must say I love this place. They always provide great quick service but some of the guys have attitudes. They need to be able to deal with all types of attitudes. I came in to get new tires for my truck. They didnot have the ones I wanted but due to I need them now I eneded up getting the Pathway All Weather Tires. After spending over $800 the guy seem to have an attitude because I was asking questios about the tires before I made a decision. If I was going to spend over $1,200 on the tires I really wanted I should be able to ask questions on the ones he said are similar. He didnt say thank you he didnt say anything he was more of are you going to buy them or not. 😐 not sure why tbe attitude but I never had an issue here until I came in to up date my tires. The place is well put together everything clean. Service was fast again but the customer service was awful. I just hope next time I come in I do not deal with him ever again.

Review №39

Love My big A$$ truck Mudd Tires a and they meet or beat prices. Quick friendly staff!!

Review №40

Always good service at discount tire. Have never left there unhappy.

Review №41

They took very Good care of of me and my care.

Review №42

Well as always these guys are great. Had to order a replacement tire, arrived the next morning. When I showed up they were on the spot. We did the paperwork, they said it would be an hour but they were done in 30 minutes. Great job!!

Review №43

Discount Tire in Bellmead always provides quality honest service. I’ve purchased tires here, had air check, and have gotten a flat repaired here as well. I’m going to continue coming here because of the how friendly and personable the employees are, the high quality of work they provide, and their great benefits/complementary services. The air pressure checks are free and they patch/repair tires for free as well (even ones I didn’t purchase there). Highly recommend.

Review №44

Brady n team did a great job and I didnt have to wait all day

Review №45

Ever since I bought some wheels from these guys at Discount Tire I havent had no problems ever since because they do a great job and great customer service as well! 👌

Review №46

Got a large screw in a tire and this was the closest place from the freeway. Service was great, people super nice. Said it would be about an hour but was done in less than 30 minutes. Let me know I should replace one other tire. Was willing to give me the bad tire so I could get credit where I got it. Next time I will come here for my tires. Impressed!

Review №47

Great job quickly done

Review №48

Awesome store. Very polite and friendly service

Review №49

I usually get good service here but Wednesday morning I dropped off a tire for flat repair and came back at lunch to pick it up. Apparently all they did was fill it with air. I put it back on my truck Wednesday afternoon and it was flat again Thursday morning. Wouldnt be much of a problem except that Im supposed to sell the truck on Saturday. Very disappointed.

Review №50

Fast tire installation.

Review №51

Good prices. Great service.

Review №52

45 minutes in and out... very friendly and fast....

Review №53

They were great! They had exactly what I needed. I was in and out in no time!

Review №54

An all around pleasant experience

Review №55

Wow! Just left this establishment and am amazed by their kindness and service. Thank you to the unsung hero who fixed our nosy bumper. Blessings! :) Literally saved the day!

Review №56

Great place to buy t tires

Review №57

I was disappointed at the guy whom slammed my trunk door when there is a side button , you dont manually close door because you can throw off the mechanism

Review №58

Friendly and nice. Ordered tires yesterday and had them here next day and put on. Was done fast two guys on one vehicle in all bays.

Review №59

Friendly staff. Great prices

Review №60

Got me in and out quickly with the tires of my choice. Always use Discount Tire because of the replacement plan.

Review №61

Discount Tire is almost always incredible, but Brady at this particular location is exceptional. He was kind, helpful, patient and honest throughout my experience. He made what could have been a bad day, so much nicer. I love this company for hiring people like Brady. Thank you so much.

Review №62

Good experience. its there job to sell tires. all i needed was a flat fixed. had it done within a hour.

Review №63

Discount Tire has always been amazing at exceptional customer service, but Our Discount Tire in Bellmead, Texas is the absolute best shop in the company by far!! Mathew helped us and was very knowledgeable. They also had cold water for us to drink while we waited. Best of all they honor Our Nations Military by offering a Veterans discount.

Review №64

Came in on Saturday, was told my tire was under warranty so would be about $32 , they did not have it in stock so had to wait until Wednesday. Wait 4 days then Wednesday comes, to tonhave my tire put on and told at checkout it is now $254 since not under warranty like he thought but would give a little discount.Had I known this from the get go, I wouldnt have rented a car over the weekend, I would have got a tire same day at pep boys who had it in stock !Careful is Juan quotes you a price.. get it in writing.

Review №65

Good service and told me the price I needed to know on 4 new tires very professional and got me what I needed he even asked if he could order them for me all you guys are awesome thanks for your time and help

Review №66

I had a very good experience at this discount tire. I placed a order online and came In and as soon as he looked at what I got he recommended me a better tire that was cheaper. I highly recommend coming here for your tire needs.

Review №67

Good service.

Review №68

I have been going here for years and their service is always excellent.

Review №69

Amazing staff at this location! So friendly, professional, and efficient even in these times of COVID.

Review №70

I always get great service . They very helpful

Review №71

Polite, knowledgeable staff! Always helpful!

Review №72

Great service

Review №73

I could not believe how fast they were. Their process is organized. Friendly employees.

Review №74

They are always fast in and fast out

Review №75

Always go there. The best

Review №76

I recently had a a repair performed that went bad. Discount owned up to it and provided me with a new tire at no cost. Thanks Discount!! 5 star service!!!

Review №77

Busted a tire because of construction and dented the wheel. Got brand new wheels AND tires for my Mazda6. They were too big. Came back and they replaced them with slightly smaller ones for no charge. The tires were STILL too big. Today was round 3 and we finally got the right size, again for no charge. It was never their fault. My car just couldnt handle the bigger tires. They were always friendly and willing to serve me happily and effiently!

Review №78

The workers were prompt to wait on me. They gave me helpful advice about my tires.

Review №79

Was able to get new tires on my vehicle and very timely and professional manor.Would recommend this location to someone else.

Review №80

I bought my tires here two years ago and have been very pleased. I recently had my tires rotated and they forgot to put the small cap back on the rim. I went back the next day they couldnt find it, so they ordered a replacement.The replacement looked similar but didnt fit so they were going to order a replacement. I never heard from them so I went back and nothing had been ordered.This visit Felis helped me and Im so glad he did. He took measurement and ordered another. He took my info and told me when it should be in and that he would call me so I would know it had arrived (the only one of the three that had done this). He did call, it was the correct replacement part and when I do buy new tires he is the one I will ask for.I really appreciated his time and trouble to help me. He went above and beyond and I knew he really wanted help me get this issue sorted.Felis deserves recognition for a job well done!!!

Review №81

Great tires and prices...excellent customer service. Except...I have a one ton dually and always request that the rear wheels remain good side out when rotated. They NEVER do that! So, it takes me two or more hours to clean the rims after they are done. Small thing, maybe, but I can find more fun things to do than scrub truck rims!

Review №82

These guys at the Bellmead store are fantastic!!! I came in had a tire rotation done and in the process my hub cap was not put on properly. When I went back to ask about, they order me a new one. They are worth the wait and tell everyone about them. I appreciate all their help!!

Review №83

Went there to check on new wheels. Expected to find out they did not have my size or a style I liked. They were able to find 4 styles in my size that I liked. Even made me a good deal on the price.

Review №84

We have always had good experiences with the customer service at all locations. I recently purchased a set of tires for my SUV that I am very pleased with. The employee, Jose, did a good job helping me pick the best for the price. Thankful!

Review №85

Awesome service

Review №86

This is a great location. I have been there twice recently and both times I was in and out in less than 15 minutes for a road force balance and tire rotation. Granted, Im always the first to arrive, 20 minutes before they open. But still, very speedy and efficient. Also, I appreciate that the technicians that I have worked with listed to me and filled my tires to my requested specifications, not what they or the tire manufacturer suggest. 5 Stars!

Review №87

They were great & very polite. I have always used discount tire for the past 20 yrs.

Review №88

Nathaniel was great and personable and professional. He made a ruff trip to San Antonio a whole lot better for my wife me. Thank you...KD

Review №89

Kim n Kris n the boys provide excellent service rain, shine or covid at your behind. Great rubber n great price

Review №90

Showed up the store at about 10AM, ordered 5 tires they did not have in stock, got a call at 4:30PM that the tires were in. I brought my loose wheels to the store and they were mounted by 5:30PM. Have bought tires from these guys for years, always treated well with prompt, courteous service. I highly recommend the Bellmead store if you need tires.

Review №91

Great staff and always such a big help. Had to gave a tire replaced and they were able to help me out.

Review №92

Awesome system they have going an everyone was very polite

Review №93

Service was fast and I got a great deal on 4 tires.

Review №94

Every time I take my car in Im told my tires need to be replaced. My last set I purchased from Discount Tire were 85,000 mile tread life Continental Pro Contacts. I rotate my tires every 5,000 miles and check air pressure every two weeks. The tires had 20,000 miles on them when I took it in for a rotation and the salesman tells me I need new tires. These guys are crooks, and thats the last set of tires I purchase from them.

Review №95

This discount tire is a great place to get your tires fixed. The representative are very courteous and nice. They will help you every step of the way.

Review №96

Only place in town we even consider when we have an unexpected flat or a well planned big investment.

Review №97

We needed our tires rotated and we were shocked that the line for air was around the corner, several cars long. We had no wait at all and we so happy to get out very quickly after about 20 minutes we were done. Yaaay👍👍

Review №98

Fantastic service! Pulled in 5 minutes before open on a Friday morning with a blown tire. Got me in, tire changed and back on the road in 10 minutes, with plenty of time to make it to my meeting.

Review №99

I cant tell you how appreciative I was of the fast friendly service I received here!! I was in desperate need of all new tires and they got me squared away so that I was safe on the road again! I have never appreciated new tires so much!! Thank You!!

Review №100

This Discount Tire location in Belmead is the best! Great salesman service, shorter waiting time, and even pricing is very satisfactory. Ive used other stores in New Mexico. Dallas and in Waco.

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Health and safety
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Appointments recommended:Yes
  • Cheques:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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