Cunningham Brothers Transmissions and Total Auto Care
2705 Montrose St, Bellmead, TX 76705, United States

Review №1

These guys did an awesome job on my car. This is the second time I have used Cunningham brothers for a vehicle repair. They took a totally botched job from another shop and made everything right again. Dont be afraid to send high performance cars/trucks here. They work on everything and their quality of work is top notch. Lets put their quality this way. I hauled my car all the way from Fort Worth down to these guys. Just for the fact that I knew Ezra and William would take good care of it, like it was their own. I fully plan to have upgrades to other transmissions done here. Awesome work from a family owned business.

Review №2

We would highly recommend this excellent business. My husband and I were traveling through Waco from out of state and our truck broke down with major engine failure. We were completely stranded. The staff at Cunningham made a commitment to help us and they totally saved our vacation. They towed, diagnosed, ordered parts, repaired and had our truck back on the road in one day. The truck runs great and the price was very fair. We were very impressed with the professionalism and quality of their work. Thank you Cunningham Brothers!

Review №3

This shop helped me out when I was in a total bind and did wonderful work I’ll be back as long as the doors are open

Review №4

Cunningham Brothers Transmission in Waco is a fantastic car body shop. Within 1-2 business days my mechanical issues were fixed and resolved. Highly recommend to all Waco residents for car issues and maintenance! Office staff Ezra Cunningham is a polite and wonderful representative for the business.

Review №5

Helpless is the word that comes to mind when your car breaks down, let alone in an area you are unfamiliar with. On a day trip to Waco, 2 hours from our vacation rental (and 18 hours from home), I experienced the dreadful feeling of my transmission failing. After managing to pull onto a side street, a tow truck was called and AAA had my van dropped off at Cunningham Bros. From the moment I reached the parking lot, I was treated with kindness, respect and professionalism. Because my misfortune occurred on a Friday, we had to wait until Monday for parts to be delivered; repairs were then completed and the car was ready Tuesday afternoon. Ezra coordinated a car rental for my family and gave some great recommendations for the area. Though the circumstances were unpleasant, I feel incredibly grateful for the way things happened. I can only hope that if I ever find myself in a similar situation in the future, I find a shop as wonderful as Cunningham Bros again.

Review №6

When we first moved to Waco my in laws told us about Cunningham Brothers. Weve been in Waco 2 years and have tried a few other shops but always come back to Cunningham Brothers. Theyve always been straight forward with us and trustworthy. Were definitely repreat customers. Highly recommend!!

Review №7

Super kind and friendly ! Was on our way to Austin when my car was acting up on the highway , stopped into Cunningham’s bro freaking out but they helped us remain calm and checked out the car thoroughly! Highly recommend to anyone!

Review №8

They are a great local business! They do more than just transmission repair. I have had a few cars repaired by them and have been extremely satisfied with the quality of their work. The costs of the repairs have been very reasonable! Im glad I didnt let the dealership do the repairs!

Review №9

Cunningham Brothers did great work. They fixed my vehicle quickly and she runs great.

Review №10

My pick up lost all the antifreeze on a Friday morning when I was working and I am I’m here in Waco Texas and I need to get back to Oklahoma City ASAP Cunningham brothers took care of me when they had a whole car full of in a whole lot full of cars simply because they knew that I was you know when desperate straits and needed to get back home on cars running great and I would definitely recommend these guys anytime

Review №11

Worst service i have ever had. I would never recommend them to my enemy much less people who i care about

Review №12

This place is Excellant.The workers are all Professional.I am sooo Happy.i highly recommend this place to everyone! & Great prices Very friendly.Very Honest.if I ever need anymore work I will most definitely come back here!

Review №13

These guys are fantastic! Emergency drive train repair required with no notice on a Friday afternoon at 2:30 and they worked us in, did a quality repair and charged a very fair price. Highly recommended for all of the vehicle repairs they are capable of - not just transmissions. They are honest, pleasant people to work with and you understand quickly you are dealing with ownership from the front office to the service bays. Ezra and William Cunningham are excellent, along with their entire staff.

Review №14

This is the only place my father and I service our vehicles when we are experiencing issues, it is also the only place I ever recommend to anyone.

Review №15

Cunningham’s did an amazing job getting my car running. Everyone was very helpful and gave me detailed information on what needed to be fixed and the quote they gave me was exactly what I paid. Very honest business. I will definitely be using them again for all my car repairs.

Review №16

Good Christian car salesman.

Review №17

Good Service and they do inspections.

Review №18

Truck wouldn’t start after stopping to get gas at the shell station up the street on a Friday. Didn’t live in the area but the tow truck guy suggested this shop and I’m glad he did, they fixed my truck within hours and had me back on the road faster than I even expected. Incredibly nice guys and they know their stuff, I would recommend them to anyone even if you’re not from the area. I’d give more stars if I could, thanks guys!

Review №19

In sintesis ; they are very good !If in one point a have vehicle I come back with yours

Review №20

Had our Park Avenue towed in with transmission problems and they called the next day with the diagnosis and a fair price for the repair. Will definitely call them next time I need work done!

Review №21

A bit pricey but honestly I havent had any problems after they repair something. You know the saying quality work isnt cheap

Review №22

Went here for a transmission leak Wednesday afternoon they had my car back to me within 48 hours. Simply amazing. Prompt service, more than reasonable price, and extremely friendly demeanor. The great reviews are what brought my attention to them initially so definitely want to reaffirm my experience was as good as the reviews say!

Review №23

Pretty much the worst mechanic Ive ever been to.Needed him to check out my suspension, and to check for any damage to my vehicle after having a tire blow out, and he just shined a flashlight around the tire and said, It should be fine. And walked away...

Review №24

Can not say enough good things about this shop. Very friendly and honest people. Transmission was rebuilt by them and they did a great job. Thank you Cunningham Brothers.

Review №25

I was passing through town one afternoon when I noticed a radiator leak. Someone suggested I contact Cunningham Brothers, so I did. It was almost 5 pm when I arrived at their shop. They made a spot for me in the shop, found the problem, and located the replacement parts. They were fully willing to stay late and repair my car, but the parts were not available until the first thing the next morning. Ezra helped me find a hotel for the night and drove me to the hotel. Then, as promised, they repaired the car the first thing the following morning and even picked me up from the hotel when it was ready. The price was exactly as quoted.This shop did excellent work and went above and beyond to help someone who was stranded. Great people and great service! If they werent so far away, they would get all of my auto repair work!

Review №26

This place has a stellar reputation, and for good reason. They are trustworthy, prompt, and kind. You cannot go wrong with Cunningham Brothers. I would send my mother to get her car worked on there.Keep up the good work guys! :)))

Review №27

Great service great work at a solid price

Review №28

It is really hard to find a reputable mechanic in this day and time, and its even harder being a woman. These guys are great. I stumbled onto them after having had a different mechanic cause more problem than they fixed. Cunningham Brothers not only fixed all the issue caused by the other mechanic, but they stood behind their work. I have only had to use their work gaurantee once. It wasnt their work that was the problem, but a defective part (from the manufacturer). The entire waranty process was a smooth and hasslefree experience. My only issue, and it ended up not being an issue, was their business hours of M-F 8-5. But dont let that stop you from using them. If you call them and explain your situation...they try hard to accomodate your schedule. They have met me beofre as well as after hours when I needed as long as I gave them a headups up. I highly recommend this family owned/operated business where the customer becomes their extended family.

Review №29

Asked for a quote and they got back very fast with a great price to replace my oversized gas tank on my F150. Worked with me when my schedule didnt allow me to drop it off during business hours. Very professional and answered all my questions.They replaced the tank over 6 months ago and havent had any issues with it. I will be a repeat customer for sure! 10/10

Review №30

This might not be a shiney, fancy repair shop... but then, you shouldnt have to pay shiney fancy rates either. These guys are worth a shot next time you need car work.

Review №31

Very friendly,professional,got my vehicle fixed and the price was very reasonable 👍

Review №32

This is a great shop. Did great work on my Ecodiesel Jeep. Very Friendly.

Review №33

Diagnosed and repaired my transmission. I rode along to explain the faulty transmission quirk as they watched the diagnostics on their screen. They identified what I was feeling and made the repair. Final price was as estimated and my truck shifts like new...smooth and strong. Very nice people.

Review №34

They gave me helpful information. They showed me good hospitality while I was. I just the loved the environment!

Review №35

Had such a great experience here. We had a serious car issue while driving through Waco and were concerned we would be stranded overnight. Mike actually drove across town to pick up a part for our car. The shop fixed it past closing time in order to get us on the road! Amazing customer service, quality mechanic, would definitely recommend! Quite literally saved our trip!

Review №36

Cunningham Brothers has been taking care of our familys cars for years now. A couple of days ago our sons car just quit on him and we had it towed to Cunninghams. They took care of it right away and had him back up and running in one day. They are all super friendly people and we highly recommend them.

Review №37

Week away with friends for a couple days when Catalytic converter went out. My insurance referred me and I couldnt have been happier with the professional and timely service they provided. A+ quality work at a great value! They had it fixed in 3 days! Other places couldnt even take a look at for over a week!

Review №38

Extremely impressed by their honesty and care for the customer. Good people in the business for the right reasons. Would recommend anyone needing service to head to Mike and his team. Offered great advice that was in my best interest and did not try to convince me to move forward solely for them to make a profit.

Review №39

I called ahead and made an appointment to have the oil change. They quickly serviced the car and charged me exactly what I was quoted. Very polite and professional. Their 5-star rating is well deserved!

Review №40

Great place and great people. Honest and dependable. I was having transmission issues on my daughters Jeep Liberty. I spoke with William and he explained that they were very busy but i should bring it to him on Monday and he could take a false promises. He fit me in to their busy schedule immediately and I got it back in less than a week...transmission rebuilt and its running great again. Finally, an honest auto mechanic. Not sure why it took me so long to find them.

Review №41

Best customer service around! Mike drove all the way across town to get a part for us. We were back on the road within the hour. Great guy and great shop. Highly recommend using them for your auto needs!

Review №42

Got towed here as we were overheating. Payed for a diagnosis, even though Ezra offered it is for free as we were travelling and short on budget. Couldnt pay for further services so they gave us good advice how to stay on the street for a longer while and gave us his contact if we needed any help or just a contact in Texas. One of the few qualified places here, where they will be honest and not try to scam you.

Review №43

I cant recommend this business enough. Traveling through Waco TX I had problems with the injection system on my Ford F-350. I called their business at 9:00 PM on a Sunday night. Within 20 minutes I received a call back and scheduled to have it looked at first thing the next morning. They arranged for a rental car and got on my truck right away. The people were very nice, helpful, and accommodating. The work was done quickly and at a very reasonable price. (cheap rates usually results in cheap work). My truck runs like it is brand new. If at all possible, I will make my way through Waco every time I need something done to my vehicle that doesnt require immediate attention. Great work guys and thanks for all you did. God will surely bless your business.

Review №44

Great shop. We drove into Waco for work and our water pump went out. These guys fit us in got it fixed quickly and at a reasonable price. Thanks to them we didnt have to get a hotel. Would recommend this place for any of your needs. Thanks again!!!

Review №45

Took my 2006 Honda Pilot preformed the 100,000 miles maintenance service. Didnt cut any corners. They replaced the timing belt, water pump, all the tension pulleys and more...Excellent customer service. They kept me up to date every step of the way. The service was preformed in a very timely manor. To top it all off the price was $30 dollars cheaper then what they quoted me originally. Very satisfied!Highly recommend Cunningham Bros for all your vehicle service needs.

Review №46

If you want good and honest people working on your vehicle, Cunningham Brothers are the right choice. I have them not only have them work on my personal vehicles but my fleet of 11 route trucks. I will never go back to any other fleet services again. I highly recommend this garage that are professional and experts.

Review №47

I was traveling from Dallas to Houston and my Lexus acted up for the first time ever, leaving me stranded on the side of the highway approaching a holiday weekend. I am so thankful I found this shop! What I thought was an alternator problem turned out to be something random that any other mechanic would have never checked for and I would have had a terrible time getting home and added stress. Thanks to William’s expertise and knowledge, it truly made my day and turned things around! I was back on the road in no time. These guys are kind, honest, quick to serve the customer, professional, and so knowledgeable! Everything you could want in a repair shop. Highly recommended!

Review №48

These folks are amazing. Friendly honest and VERY reasonable prices. Ive had lots of work done on my vehicles here.they have saved me endless amounts of $$$$..thank you Cunningham. For your great work

Review №49

Absolutely trust these folks. Professional and adept. Theyve been taking care of my cars for years, including a Saab, Volvo and VW. Great work. Always prompt. Dependable. Cost-conscious. Always polite. Cant say enough good things ...

Review №50

I have been looking for a good mechanic since we moved here a few years ago, and havent found one I trust until now. Honest, knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, clean - probably the best mechanic I have ever found. They are great. My car suddenly started running super rough, barely able to drive. I was worried it was going to be crazy expensive, but they quickly diagnosed the problem and fixed it for a reasonable price. What they quoted was what I paid and my 13 year old car left purring like a kitten. I am so happy. They are a nice family business you can trust. I will be using them for everything on my car.

Review №51

We have been customers for over 10 years. Amazing service, Mike and his team know how to take care of you. - Thanks for taking such amazing care of us!

Review №52

Mike took the time to check in with me since I had multiple issues. Also I had parts that came with the vehicle and I was glad he worked with me to use them for the repairs. I appreciated his patience and honest service. It is dificult to find good mechanic shops nowdays Ill definitely be using them for future repairs.

Review №53

They even offered us not to charge the diagnosis free when we told them that we were broke!👍

Review №54

This is my cars official shop for repair and maintenance. I love that they let me bring my own parts; something most shops wont allow you to do. The staff is great. Very knowledgable, helpful, and friendly. Compared to other shops around Waco, their prices tend to be about the same, or lower than other repair shops. Which is fantastic considering the quality of the service. Theres a reason theyre rated so highly. Its because they take care of their customers, and do a wonderful job. At a very reasonable price I might add. Do yourself a favor and give Cunningham Brothers a call.

Review №55

Honesty and Expertise

Review №56

Stopped off on the way back from Austin with my water guard hanging down. Had us set up to go within 20 minutes! Life savers, fair prices.

Review №57

I recently moved to waco and my car overheated. Cunningham brothers was so nice to me and caring. They took my car right in, did a thorough check, went above and beyond for me, told me about any other issues, and gave me a great price for all the work they did. Their professionalism spoke volumes and their concern was endearing. I will refer anyone looking for a trusting mechanic to them. I am a woman as well, so if you are like, I am always suspicious that I am being bamboozled. This was a great 1st experience and wont be my last. Going to get new tires now :D

Review №58

This is the go to place for any and all transmission needs. They also are very competent at any other auto repair needs you may have. Very friendly, with top notch service.So refreshing to have someone you can trust,to service and repair your vehicle.5 STARS ALL THE WAYTony / Quality Movers

Review №59

Very good service.

Review №60

The service people were very responsive and seemed knowledgeable. They had many vehicles being services while I was there, but they still finished before I expected. Most of the vehicles they were working on were commercial which made me feel even better because most of them were repeat customers.

Review №61

I cannot recommend these guys enough! I called before they opened and left a message, William called me back before they opened! My daughter goes to Baylor and they treated her well and their communication with me and her was fantastic. They say what theyll do and then do what they say.The tow truck driver that picked up my daughters vehicle asked where they were going and when she said Cunninghams the tow truck driver said thats where I would recommend you go!Whether its a new transmission (like for my daughters Honda van) or regular service work and oil changes - these guys have been spectacular!

Review №62

A man at Discount Tires referred me to the Cunningham Brothers for stud repair, and while this was a relatively small affair, they won me over for future services. Just by sitting in the waiting area and watching the brothers and sisters interactions, its clear that theyre a fair, kind, and competent family business. I think the brothers have been have been doing cars for 18 years, and it shows because unhappy customers from other shops find satisfaction here. Ive been back twice since, for diagnostics on a check engine light and changing a license plate with one-direction screws, and they charged me for neither service. Its comforting to know I have a good mechanic in the Waco area.

Review №63

Great people. Just got my 2010 Ford F-250 back. Not only did I get my truck back early but it drives great. They serviced my transmission and completed a front end alignment. I will be back in the future. Thank you guys for the great work and customer service.

Review №64

I have been to Cunningham Brothers Transmission 2 times, once to get a wheel stud repaired and once to get my oil changed. Both times I have had top notch service and very friendly family like customer service. They repaired my car in a very timely manner and they have a very nice waiting room. I have finally found a mechanic that I can take my car to and not be worried about getting over charged or scammed, I wouldnt go any where else, very honest and professional. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, they have won a customer for life.

Review №65

These guys were great and honest. My wifes car broke down just north of Waco on her way to Dallas from Austin. They called a tow truck got the car in quickly and conducted a computer diagnostic. They found numerous error codes in the computer system (very strange) the reset all the codes and the care was running great again. They waived the $45 diagnostic fee and sent my wife on her way! Thanks Cunningham Transmissions and Auto Repair!

Review №66

I would like to thank the employees at Cunningham Brothers for their commitment to providing superior auto as well as customer care. My girlfriend broke down in Waco on her way to Dallas. It was a Friday, and although the Cunningham Brothers were about to close, they took the time to ensure her peace of mind and safety. Their quick assessment of the condition of her car deemed it unsafe to drive and insisted she leave the car there. But, she still had another two hours ahead to get to Dallas. The office assistant called several rental car businesses in the area until a car was available for her. The only car available was at the Waco Airport. And on his personal time out of the kindness of his heart, one of the brothers drove her all the way to airport to retrieve the car.Now, two weeks later, the car is good as new and sitting in the driveway. And we didnt even have to drive to Waco to get it. It just so happened, they had a car to pick up in Buda, so we were able to meet them there. Perfect!All of this could have been a disaster, but with the help from the staff at Cunningham Brothers it was only a minor set back.The Cunningham Brothers are a professional team of workers with integrity and understanding.

Review №67

I recently moved to Waco, Texas and my car was making this really bad sound! I dropped my car off and even though I could tell they were busy they got it back to me the very next day. They were extremely polite, helpful and it was a great environment. 👍 They will definitely see me again!

Review №68

Very nice people

Review №69

Great people and service, not what I expected at all. Go there people for your car needs

Review №70

We were passing through Waco and still had 24h to go to New York. Our engine light came on and the car started running funny. We went to a place and they told us $1000 to fix it! I started googling other places and calling them. All were asking for crazy prices and telling us at least 2 or 3 days wait time. When i finally called Cunningham Brothers and explained i got a very nice man on the line who told me they will do their best to fix it the next day (even though they were busy too but were understanding of our situation) and for half price than all the other places! The next day our car was ready after only 3h!Amazing service,great people,fair prices and we are extremely grateful!!

Review №71

Cunningham Brothers are the best and most genuine auto mechanics in Waco. After having various problems with my Blazer for the last 5 months, my parents took the car to the garage and they fixed multiple issues, quick and cheap. Touch wood I dont have an more problems, but if I do, theyre the people I will be going to.Ive recommended Cunningham Brothers to all my friends and I highly recommend them to everyone!! Theyre awesome.

Review №72

Best service in waco. Honest people.

Review №73

We broke down outside of Waco, TX on our way home to Dallas and had to put off any mechanical work on the car at the moment since we didnt know any good repair shops or wrecker services around that area. A google search brought up the Cunningham Bros. and the reviews were awesome so we gave them a shot - And boy, are we glad we did! They sent their wrecker over to pick up our car, got right down to diagnosing the issue and were prompt in their status reports. All of the staff were exceedingly polite and professional, we were impressed. Their prices are absolutely reasonable and the feeling of being in good, honest hands was a God-send. Thank you so much Cunningham Bros!! We will seek out your services again and definitely send our friends to you.-Dr. John and Mrs. Hanna

Review №74

Always great service

Review №75

Andrew Cunningham and brothers are the BEST auto mechanics in the Waco area. Ive used them for all my repairs on my Volvo and now my recently bought Hyundai, They do not overcharge for their work and are HONEST, good people. They have done major repairs on my cars ,such as a timing belt , and have done it quickly!!! They are the ONLY mechanics I TRUST in this area.

Review №76

I took my Silverado in thinking I was having a transmission problem. They ran diagnostics. Twice. Said they couldnt find anything wrong, and sent me away without doing any work. I agree with the previous reviewer - I was just really impressed with the simple honesty of this gesture. When I do need transmission work done, they will get my business.

Review №77

Michael Cunningham tried helping me diagnose an electrical issue on a minibus I was driving home from DFW. Although he didnt fully determine the fault, he also didnt charge me. These are very friendly and helpful folks and I wouldnt hesitate going back.

Review №78

My car broke down on the way to Dallas from Austin, so I had my car towed here. They helped me right away to diagnose the problem and explain my different options to get it fixed. Since I was needing to get back on the road that same day, they went ahead with a repair that would make my car drivable. The repair did not take long and I was able to make back to Dallas without any further problems. Overall they were friendly, communicative, helpful, and thorough. They would be my first choice for mechanics if I lived anywhere near them.

Review №79

One word -- Honesty. Cunningham Brothers are good honest mechanics. Transmissions are so notoriously terrible to deal with, and CB makes the experience as positive as possible. William was my main contact and he did everything he could to keep my costs down and my service high. They could have totally screwed me and I wouldnt have known the difference, but they were trustworthy, competent, exceedingly friendly, and really the best option in town for transmission work. I hope I never have to go back obviously, but if I did have any other issues goin forward, Id go straight to Cunningham.

Review №80

Ive never written a google review, but Do yourself a favor and go Here. Honest people. One of the first times Ive ever gone to a mechanic and felt good about the service, and price to value I received. Out of nowhere my truck started making an awful crunching noise when Id put it in reverse and it would come to a halt. Everything I read pointed towards a transmission problem $$$$, so after reading Google reviews I called Cunningham brothers, and Ezra was extremely professional and helpful. Not only did tell me I had to rebuild my transmission, they identified that the brake pad had fallen off and gotten stuck. So after replacing the pads and rotors I was on my way. Ezra even comped some of the diagnostic costs. Seriously a great experience, great people, and a great little shop in Waco.

Review №81

Quick honest up front place no hidden cost just a great place

Review №82

I have been to this auto repair shop many times, and I am firmly convinced that these guys are some of the most reliable, honest people in the business. They have worked with me in every way and have made business a pleasure. I actually look forward to having to take my car to their shop!

Review №83

Cant recommend these guys enough. Above and beyond service, fair prices and super fast.

Review №84

Had a wonderful experience here. William went above and beyond for my car. They were able to fix my car affordably. I am very happy with their work and would highly recommend them to anyone I know!

Review №85

Huge Shout Out to Cunningham Brothers for taking care of me today! I own a Body Shop over in El Paso and was driving through town when something went wrong with my vehicle. Since Im familiar with cars I swung by AutoZone and had them scan out my vehicle and I picked up the parts I was pretty sure I needed. I stopped by Cunningham Brothers to see if they could install the two parts that I thought could be the problem. The got me right in and let me wait since it wasnt a huge repair. The got me taken care of in less than an hour and their rates were more than fair. Good, honest shops are hard to come by and from what I experienced and what I saw as they spoke to other customers this is one of those good and honest shops. I took a few of their cards to make sure my family members that live in town use them in the future.

Review №86

I have had my car in Cunningham Bros several times, and have always been very happy with the work that has been done in a timely manner and at great prices. You will have a pleasant experience that you could never expect from any other automotive shop in Waco.

Review №87

I brought my truck in for a diagnosis. It had a loss of power. They diagnosed it quickly, fixed the problem, and now it runs great once again. Very professional and economical. Great job.

Review №88

My car was overheating, the engine light was coming on and water was leaking from the front drivers side. I was told I needed a new catalytic converter. I brought my car in and the part hadnt arrived. I brought it back the next day and was informed that I also needed an exhaust manifold. Then, they wouldnt be able to finish it on Friday and it would be Monday before I got my car back. Got it back this evening and went for a test drive only to discover that my car is still overheating, the engine light is still coming on and Im now having alignment problems. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME. FIND ANOTHER MECHANIC.

Review №89

They always check your work first let you know what the problem is and ways to fix it cheaper they do awesome work and guarantee their work I always go to them

Review №90

Honest, quick, and nice people to deal with.

Review №91

Always nice quality work and very helpful. Cunningham brothers is the place to go in Bellmead Texas , Check them out won’t be disappointed for your automobile needs !

Review №92

Cunningham Brothers has performed numerous repairs on my cars and I have found them honest, competent, and genuine. They care for the customer as well as their car. It is difficult to find mechanics who are both skilled and honest, and I can say I have found them in Cunningham Brothers.

Review №93

Great service, If you have a sports car this is the place to go if you need your transmission rebuild, theyll do it and for a really reasonable price plus with some performance, dropped my car they did the rest, even gave me a courtesy shuttle home, really nice guys. I highly recommend it.

Review №94

Excellent service and outstanding work!!!!! And great work on my rebuilt transmission and my new manifold intake on my 07 Crown Victoria police interceptor...And also they are great with electrical work if needed!!!

Review №95

We own a 2005 Honda Odyssey.Cunningham Brothers began maintaining it at 75,000 miles.They suggested a BG Protection Plan that covers the transmission inthe event of a damage.Every 30,000 miles we have them flush the transmission and replacethe fluid with the BG product. This is a peace of mind knowing thatwe are covered. We now have 160K miles and it runs greatThey have also done our brakes, shocks, wheel bearings and whatever else we need,We are extremely satisfied with the affordable and professional service and dont even mind the drive from Georgetown.

Review №96

We were traveling through town. They got us going the following day.

Review №97

Everyone at Cunningham Brothers worked nicely and quickly on replacing the CVT transmission on our Nissan Rogue. They charged half of what the dealership was trying to charge us and picked up our vehicle from the dealership since we live out of town. I would recommend them to anyone who needs auto work done.

Review №98

Good honest people do a awesome job at what they do

Review №99

Very prompt and professional. Great customer service and prices.. I recommended Cunningham brothers to everyone!!!

Review №100

Ive got an 02 Trans Am and I needed to change the transmission fluid but I wanted to use my own fluid (Royal Purple Max ATF). I called at least a half dozen different shops for quotes. Everyone quoted between $95-$140 DESPITE me providing the transmission fluid. The guys at Cunningham Brothers did it for a whole lot less and scheduled me for the next day. Whereas other shops told me Id need to leave my car all day, the guys at Cunningham got it done in about an hour. When I asked them about a noise that my engine was making they suggested I do an engine purge, and so I opted for it the next day when I went in to have my oil changed. Its been about a month and my engine hasnt made that weird knocking noise since. Everyones said it and its so true; the guys here are really nice, knowledgeable, and professional. Definitely making this shop the first place I go to whenever I need anything done on my car.

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  • Address:2705 Montrose St, Bellmead, TX 76705, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 254-412-1205
  • Auto repair shop
  • Engine rebuilding service
  • Transmission shop
  • Truck repair shop
Working hours
  • Monday:9am–5pm
  • Tuesday:9am–5pm
  • Wednesday:9am–5pm
  • Thursday:Closed
  • Friday:Closed
  • Saturday:9am–5pm
  • Sunday:9am–5pm
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Oil change:Yes
  • Mechanic:Yes
  • Appointments recommended:Yes
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