Jiffy Lube
4201 E Florence Ave, Bell, CA 90201, United States

Review โ„–1

Theyre cool guys. I got there literally 5 mins before they closed, they were already starting to pull down the garage doors. But they didnt grimace or give me an attitude or anything, they just welcomed me like I was the first car of the day. And I appreciated that. One of the guys (sorry I didnt get your name) even complimented my dash cam when they finished!๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ

Review โ„–2

Horrible customer service sent me away when all I asked for was a regular oil change (the man approached my vehicle with no mask on!) just a waste of time at this location. The Worse!!!!

Review โ„–3

I took my help Liberty for an oil change /filter , this was the first time I actually took it to a place other than my regular place because I needed it done ASAP. Weeks later I started noticing my car acting up . Took it to my dealership and was told it had very little to no oil, filter wasnโ€™t changed. I actually called them and was told to bring my car back to fix it! Canโ€™t trust them so I decided not too. DO NOT GO HERE! If you do go double check the work done! If I would have kept driving trusting that they did the job my car would be a total loss! Donโ€™t not go here! Guarantee you are being Ripped off!

Review โ„–4

They make the oรญl change so fast thats a good work

Review โ„–5

Love this place . Ive had great experiences with this company in Bell CA also in Phoenix AZ. Profesional mechanics . Theyre always synchronized talking to one another always . Always enjoy watching them do a great job with my truck ! Thank you Jiffy Lube Bell CA and Phoenix Arizona !!! Thumbs Up ๐Ÿ‘

Review โ„–6

It says Jiffy Lube on the signage but today was extremely short of Jiffy. The process all started quick enough. I pulled up and they started the process immediately. I was checked in and the oil change was in effect moments after pulling in. Each worker had a smile on their face and the energy of the place seemed vibrant as if every employee enjoyed their job in this establishment. It honestly had the feeling of a made for TV musical. And just as I believed that the swipe of my credit card would end this song and I would be on my way....I was informed that my oil filter wasnโ€™t in stock and I need it to wait approximately 20 minutes for its arrival. Whoever works at the place where oil filters come from was not listening to our musical number that was filled with energy, movement and the understanding that I had other things to do. An hour later I was still waiting. It was definitely not the fault of the workers. They made calls and handled the situation as quickly as they could. They understood that this was not a Jiffy experience and that it was starting to be an inconvenience to me. Each crewmember was respectful, helpful, professional and did everything they could for me. I may have been frustrated momentarily but you can only be so upset when you see that everyone is doing all they can to help you out. This crew is awesome! And now I sing their praise.

Review โ„–7

The only person that was nice was the one that finally did my oil change after about 30 minutes of waiting. I wish I had gotten his name!! I got home to chance my air filter to avoid to TWENTY DOLLAR charge to install it and found my battery was full of acid ... nobody told me anything there! The girl at the cashier .... ugh!! Couldve have been more rude and obnoxious!!! Horrible attitude!! ๐Ÿคฎ

Review โ„–8

This is a great Jiffy lube!!! Alex is the best and the crew is very informative. Theyre upfront and let you know if theres a issue with no pressure.

Review โ„–9

It was by far the best service i can get and his running like a champ

Review โ„–10

To start off i dont anything about cars ๐Ÿ˜…. Im thankful i could rely on these guys to check up in everything and break down the difference on oils. Appreciate your patience and kindness with me and the car ๐Ÿ˜Š. Thank you .

Review โ„–11

First time here not sure if they used quality air plugs for tune up.

Review โ„–12

I went in for an oil change, nothing else. My car had just been serviced elsewhere for everything else it needed a couple weeks before. So when they started coming at me with it needs this it needs that I knew it was BS. Only came here because it was around the corner & was in a rush before a trip. Long story short on the road during our trip, we noticed there was a broken plastic cover under my car. Went to get it checked elsewhere, turns out jiffy lube didnโ€™t put all my bolts back after checking things I didnโ€™t ask for on my car. Oh but itโ€™s a โ€œroutine check upโ€. I even asked โ€œstop, put it all back & just do my oil change!โ€ ๐Ÿ™„ Could have ended a lot worse.

Review โ„–13

Staff is always so friendly and get the oil change done pretty fast. Last time they applied the coupon discount for me before I even asked them to.

Review โ„–14

All the team members were really friendly and helpful,, and I didnt have to wait for to long ๐Ÿ‘

Review โ„–15

They charged me 640 just to fix a thermostat with out changing the water pump and they said it would take them 3 hrs and they were gon a give me a call and they never did so I had to call them back and told me that my car was going to stay over night.

Review โ„–16

Staff is always professional and helpful.

Review โ„–17

The personnel is friendly and efficient.

Review โ„–18

Went in this morning to get an oil change. I Dealt with Alex! Wow he was professional and really cared about covid-19 safety precautions. That made the wait in our car feel much safer. He also suggested that we change our air filter and I can honestly say that the drive out of there felt much smoother. Just filled up our gas tank well see if I see a difference. Thanks again Alex!

Review โ„–19

Guys were great! Friendly and fast service. They made recommendations which I declined and they were not pushy at all. Will come here and get more services done. Awesome job ๐Ÿ‘

Review โ„–20

Good deals. Clean, cheap and fast

Review โ„–21

Fast and friendly service, I used to take mine to the dealership for an oil change and wait like 3 hours, with this it was under an hour. Love it. Better price too.

Review โ„–22

Good costumer service.and good discounts and fast service super clean.

Review โ„–23

Good n fast service will b coming back ..

Review โ„–24

Great service and fast as well. They let you stay in the safety of your car as they work on it. Car inspection was done by E. Ramirez, he was thorough and professional. Jorge in the office was also very helpful and informative. Thank you guys! I wonโ€™t be going anywhere else ever again.

Review โ„–25

Well went inside to pay...and it looks ...real bad ๐Ÿ‘Ž dirty ...hope they fix it and make it look better.

Review โ„–26

Very nice people ๐Ÿ‘Do good work ๐Ÿ’ช

Review โ„–27

I been going there for a few times but the team is awesome and very nice people

Review โ„–28

Never would I come to this place again!!!! I went to get an oil change. The workers didnt verify my information.. ended up putting the wrong oil in my car and it started making a clicking noise so I went back to explain that they put the incorrect oil.. they said we have the wrong information in the system we will put the correct oil and still decided to give me another receipt stating customer changed her mind wanted to put different oil! Like no thats not what happen. What happened was your system had incorrect information and the employees for always being in a rush failed to verify correctly the vehicle information! Not only were they not able to fix the receipt accepting fault for what they did. They didnt want to give me the managers last name. They didnt want to give me cooperates number. Very unprofessional and unorganized business. Always in a rush. Dont even have customers information correct. According to the system I live in Hawthorne and Lynwood. I never even lived in neither city! I will be taking this issue up to cooperate and upper management. Horrible service

Review โ„–29

Good service, prompt work, clean waiting room and restroom. In and out with good time on the amount of work needed to my truck. Runs like silk.

Review โ„–30

The guys here are professional, engaging and very professional from their top notch service to their communication with me about my vehicle. I will definitely return to this location.

Review โ„–31

I honestly donโ€™t know why this place doesnโ€™t have a better rating. I happened to stumble across this specific Jiffy Lube location as my car began to misfire and shake immensely while driving and for some reason I was thinking it was a result of needing to get an oil change. It wasnโ€™t.As I got to the location, I met with a gentleman by the name of Oscar. Very friendly guy with a great bit of advice that saved me a lot of money. He explained that the oil change would not fix the shaking, but surely the oil levels in my car were low and needed to be replenished and even showed me the oil level on the dipstick. Talk about transparency! Nothing felt pushed or sales-like as Iโ€™ve experienced at other oil change centers.Plus, the manager (never got his name, sadly) was kind enough to help me out as I was on an extreme budget. Talk about generosity!Also, a gentleman by the name of Kalvin was of great help in giving me car advice.This location has a great staff all around and I surely recommend this particular location.

Review โ„–32

I came in off a Groupon purchase for a oil change. The process was fast and easy. Sure they tried their sale tactics where they try to add services to my car but once I let them know one the 2nd time that Im only here for the oil change I bought on Groupon and to add all the recommendations to the comments on the receipt they shut up and took care of me within minutes. I was in and out within 15 minutes. Will probably comeback in the future. Depending on the price cuz shiiit that Groupon was only 60 for full synthetic if I came without that I wouldve paid $120.

Review โ„–33

Job was done very quickly. Staff was really friendly and helpful on my first Oil Change. Jose was in Charge of our car. Well done ๐Ÿค.

Review โ„–34

Awesome service! Apparently I came at the right time because I went in-and-out fast service and well done.

Review โ„–35

I thought I had really damage my mothers car, not only did I leave with a clear conscience but they charged me zero dollars to check it out. Thank you guys.And hereโ€™s a little tip guys if you donโ€™t wanna wait a very long time for a business that is first come first serve call ahead and ask.Xoxoxoxo

Review โ„–36

I always go to Jiffy Lube for my oil changes but, that stops now. After recently getting an O/C my warning light came on showing...Low, I stopped at the closes J/L and asked if they can top off my oil because of the warning light, they must have been desperate because, he charged me 18.00 for 1 quart of oil and he wanted to add another one. This is unacceptable, it turns out each Jiffy Lube is owned by different parties who dont honor all promises. Changing to another company wont be hard, never again, Jiffy Lube has always had a Bad Reputation this just solidifys it. Good bye.

Review โ„–37

Went for an oil change and was out of there in no time. Great customer service.

Review โ„–38

They said I needed to change my engine and cabin filters but they didnt have one. Thats okay I went OReillys down the street to buy them both. The filters take 5 minutes to change. When I took out the cabin filter it was in a rougher condition than what was shown to me in store. Maybe they showed the filter from another car because the cabin filter I took out had little pinecones it in. So I doubled checked some of the other work and found my skid plate is missing. So I called the store and they say they didnt have it. So it might have being put on incorrectly and fell off on the way home because if I wasnt there at start of the job. You would think someone would have mentioned it. Thanks guys for making the decision for me to always do it myself. Wishing 0 stars was an option. Wishing you could get Chickfila customer service everywhere.

Review โ„–39

Lackluster service hawking unnecessary products. If you think you found one of the rare professional and serviceable jiffy lube locations, you havent. Look elsewhere.

Review โ„–40

Great service and everything was clean restroom and waiting room as well I would highly recommend it to anyone

Review โ„–41

Great pros, through and through. Quick and friendly service. There are cheaper places to get an oil change. But their service and speed are worth the extra 15 bucks

Review โ„–42


Review โ„–43

Great customer service, everything my car needed was explained in detail, was in and out of there quick. Overall a great experience

Review โ„–44

Horrible service, Iโ€™m reminded of why I change my oil on my car. Since I have a fleet vehicle, I choose to come here. I will be reporting this back to my fleet company.

Review โ„–45

Supervisor is an Idiot, Minor doesnt know a thing about cars

Review โ„–46

Jiffy lube was cool . Pull in no touch service stay in your car for your oil change (except to go in office and pay) . Fast friendly nice guys there . Was done in about 15-20 minutes even put air in my tires and a free washer for my oil pan . (Never pay for anything that they tell you is wrong there take it to your mechanic belts , ac , leaks ect no disrespect jiffy lube).

Review โ„–47

Great service, they take it serious.Friendly staff, nice experience.

Review โ„–48

I wound not give this play a star.. Who ever was in charge on Sunday Aug 30th around 11:00am. Short guy. Guy was rude, from the looks of it he was frustrated didnt seem like he wanted to be there. I was inside waiting just to be told to go outside to be help by him again. Did not even asked why I was there, just instructed me to pull in my car. I had to stop him , gave me his back the whole time we spoke( he was not using his computer).Felt like he was rushing everything not giving clear answers..Again Rude..Second time being there, first time was the opposite story..

Review โ„–49

Theyโ€™re professional and really nice and helpful. I got my oil changed along with other things definitely plan on coming back and would recommend ๐Ÿ˜

Review โ„–50

Theyre fast and convenient, did an oil change and replaced both the headlights and brake lights in under 30mins

Review โ„–51

Great professional service

Review โ„–52

Very good and quick service

Review โ„–53

The staff here our awesome they were very helpful and super friendly it was quick and they explain everything.I will definitely make them my permanent place to bring my Ford Fusion.

Review โ„–54


Review โ„–55

Great service that will be my go to spot!

Review โ„–56

There service was exceptional. They were done on time of the promised time.

Review โ„–57

Took my car for an oil change with synthetic oil and they put in conventional oil even though I brought it in the oil and my engine blew a couple weeks later before the oil change was due. HORRIBLE SERVICE AND THE MANAGER IS DENYING THE EVIDENCE!!

Review โ„–58

Did not tighten my oil filter and oil leaked out. Almost ruined my engine. They offered me a 15% discount on my next service,really! Im not going back ever.

Review โ„–59

Highly recommend this location. Not too busy.In my personal experience, I was helped by Ruben (the assistant manger). Knew what he was doing. Explained everything he was going to do step by step so I was able to understand.Great guy, great place, great service!!

Review โ„–60

Awesome customer service, it was quick and the guys were super friendly. It was hassle free and loved how simple it was.

Review โ„–61

When for a oil change and they recommended to change the air filter because it needed to be change the next day I notice the air box was slightly open on the edges thatโ€™s when I notice they put the air filter upside down if you going to sell me something at least put it on right I had to correct it my self I called them to let them no what they did it was my first time going there not sure if I ever go back

Review โ„–62

I want to recant my rating to 1 star...4 months ago I had my oil and transmission fluid / seals changed...couple weeks ago I notice leaks from both pans..wth!?I went back to have it checked out...I was then told its a transmission leak from inside torque area requiring transmission drop take two days 1634.00$..I took it to a transmission specialist Camino Real Chevrolet...he said .no leak coming from inside , just need to replace seals / gasket...Juffy Lube trying to cheat customers or what??

Review โ„–63

Very gentlemen and professional employees, not easy for the inspection, thanks,.for nicer service.

Review โ„–64


Review โ„–65

Expensive service didnโ€™t mind regardless my main issue is that I paid that much and didnโ€™t get the service I paid for. They didnโ€™t replace my engine oil filter, they normally sign their oil filters with the date and I still had the same oil filter from the DEALERSHIP. I recommend you go to the guys across the street. They actually look like they have real mechanics not people straight out of high school that are barely learning and donโ€™t want to do their job correctly. Will not be going back ever.

Review โ„–66

Terrible service. The workers were sitting down and being rude.

Review โ„–67

It. Was. Good. Service

Review โ„–68

Nice place and nice employees, they ask if you need help fast and do a lot of check ups on your vehicle for low prices. I will continue coming back for my trucks maintenance needs. Thanks!

Review โ„–69

They sure are good at oil changes, but not much else! They claimed to have inspected my vehicle and nothing was wrong, however my driver side tire was visibly deflated...rookie mistake, jiffy-folks.

Review โ„–70

Friendly staff, very informative, and quick service.

Review โ„–71

Good service

Review โ„–72

In my experience all was ok..I just went for oil change, put wen I was there I heard a lot of complaints from another costumers,, there was a dude who had disc brakes been change a year hago and they where ring jus after the warranty was expired... and he had to pay again ,,hard to explain the whole story ,,put is not the only one I heard

Review โ„–73

Horrible service!!! South gate location..

Review โ„–74

Service was quick and pretty much exactly what you would expect.

Review โ„–75

My Husband & I had our 05 Jeep Liberty towed n. The vehicle was not startingโ˜น They ran diagnostic tests until they found the problem? Ignition switch! Friendly/Professional srv(Alex & Fernando) Thanks so much!

Review โ„–76

My first time at jiffy lube.At first i was a bit iffy on what the prices might turn put to be for their services, but after finding out all the services my car needed and for the price they were asking it was basically a steal. Im so glad i came here. The customer service was amazing, treated me like family. You cant put a price on good quality customer service. Definitely coming back for my next service.

Review โ„–77

I was greeted with smile. The front desk staff was very friendly. Great location. Great service.

Review โ„–78

The workers at Jiffy Lube is very awesome to me... always take care of your problem

Review โ„–79

So I took my car in for a oil change on friday, no issue so far. But the 2 stars is for trying to scam people at this location. They told me my brake fluid was contaminated, same thing to the next person and the next person. What are the chances 3 people back to back to back have contaminated brake fluid. I googled this issue and found out it was all Bu@@$hit. If you want a simple oil change I recommend this place but decline any other services. Have a real mechanic inspect your vehicle if you have doubts.

Review โ„–80

Good customer service. Had a lot of questions they answer me with no hesitation

Review โ„–81

Ruined my car. Left the cap off. Drive 1000 miles. Went to their just live and they forgot the dipstick and bumped off a vacuum hose. Really, really. Now dont want to pay for anything on my Mercedes. Dont go!!

Review โ„–82

Everyone was nice when I went in for an oil change! They had a good deal going on too.

Review โ„–83

There good about to tell you the right infoPrice ?......Pay for what you want

Review โ„–84

Great service and friendly environment

Review โ„–85

Compare to another jiffy lube location Ive gone to this one is the best ,it deserves 5 stars customer service is excellent techguy explained everything down to the last detail when my car was ready!

Review โ„–86

I will never EVER take my car to another jiffy lube!! I took my car to get an oil change and I asked if they could also check the tire pressure. The oil change was expensive and they didnt check my tire pressure (sign was still on after I left). This place seems unprofessional and not knowledgable. They dont care about their clients let alone their clients cars. They also tried to sell me a new air filter. ๐Ÿ™„I just bought a new air filter a couple months ago. Needless to say bad expirence. It lived up to EVERYTHING people told me it would be. Safe yourself the trouble and go to an actual mechanic shop.

Review โ„–87

Fast and friendly service. The person that helped me was knowledgeable and answered my concerns politely.

Review โ„–88

Extremely great! I left feeling better and fully aware of whats going on with my car

Review โ„–89

Jiffy lube overcharge for oil change $99.99 for synthetic and only 5 qours . I when to another oil shop and they change the oil and filter for $60.oo and they dont try to sales more service like jiffy lube. I dont know why people go there and dont shop around

Review โ„–90

Unsatisfied with service and professionalism. They changed my oil and it made my car start shaking. They blame my car and proceded to push me out of the bay. They never offered to help solve the problem.

Review โ„–91

Great services quick and great customer service

Review โ„–92

Used a Groupon and had friendly professional service. Advised me of recommended services for my car but never forced an upsell to me. Let me pick and choose what services I wanted or didnt want. With or without a Groupon, I will return. Thanks guys!!

Review โ„–93

Sadly, this location is sub-par. Non-knowledgeable employees. They tried to sell me some filters. I asked the employee what they were for and he responds I dont know, were just supposed to sell them to everyone LoL. I appreciate his honesty.On my way home, my check engine light came on. I pulled over at a mechanic shop and there was a lose hose.Obviously Jiffy Lube employees have no business being near cars.Called and spoke to a manager who was not only not apologetic, but insisted they had no idea what went wrong.Anyway, best advice u can give you is, please, please go get an oil change across the street from Jiffy Lube. Costs a few dollars less and those men seem older, mature, hustling and knowledgeable.

Review โ„–94

Good service nice and neat. Great customer service ๐Ÿ‘

Review โ„–95

Fast service

Review โ„–96

Good service

Review โ„–97

I drive for UBER p/t and like to bring my vehicle here for service. Ive been to other JL and service has been horrendous, but not this one theyre on top of things here.

Review โ„–98

Services is great . The best jiffy lube lobby ever hands down Clean and smells great . ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ

Review โ„–99

The service is great ,but they are ripping people off! The service attendant came in and began telling me what my car needed besides the oil change. One off the issues he said was my air filter. He physically showed me the one that supposedly came from my car and when i looked at it, i was surprised! I asked him if that was my air filter and he confirmed it that it was. It was extremely dirty i had my doubts so i declined to have it changed and went right away to auto zone and purchased the one that correspones to my vihycle. To my surprised when i looked at the air filter IT WAS NOT THE ONE THAT THEY PHYSICALLY SHOWED ME. They are doing illegal selling practices! After my oil change which i had done with them Im thinking that maybe its not what i paid for which i also believe was extremely high for just an oil change. Bottom line is this place is a ripp off. Beware!

Review โ„–100

15 minute oil change

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