8 Jabish St, Belchertown, MA 01007, United States

Review №1

Omg, horrible, dirty place. I counted 13 washers/dryers out of order I also put 4.00 into a machine that was broken but not labeled. Honestly, the manager/owner should be ashamed. Unfortunately its the only laundromat (that Im aware of) in Belchertown. Terrible.Of course I read the reviews of this place AFTER I started washing....some of the reviews are from 5 YEARS AGO!! How has this business been allowed to continue in our town??!! Perhaps News 22 should know about this!!Btw, only came here because my washer cant accommodate king sized comforters. I guess Ill be upgrading my washer, after spending 34.00 on 4 items here!

Review №2

The owner shouldnt be allowed to have a business. The owner knowingly neglects everything in the mat washers dont work along with driers. VERY DIRTY never any change in the change machine near by businesses are tired of exchanging bills for quarters.. my clothes actually got stuck in the washer once. Dont call the number on the door they will never answer or show up. Very neglected business.

Review №3

Minimum $3 for a wash, most of the machines are either completely out of order or dont work but have no sign so when you try to dry laundry and the machine takes an hours worth of quarters just to have a bunch of cold wet clothes. Only gets 2 stars cuz its never really packed so I guess thats good.

Review №4

Deserves a negative rating. Filthy. 1/2-2/3rds of washers and dryers are out of service...FOR YEARS.An eyesore from the street as well.Needs to be torn down

Review №5

Extremely dirty, very expensive for a run down laundry mat, 50 % of machines not working. Machine’s were disgusting where the detergent & softener go in, there was old build up moldy leftover liquids. Webs & dust everywhere. Baskets with dryer sheets in them, dryer sheets & debris everywhere. You’d think when COVID hit, you had 3 months to clean update & paint the place. I will never step foot in that place again you might get a virus.

Review №6

Theres always machines broke . dirty no one is ever available . and just today I lost money in a machine..

Review №7

If I could give negative Stars is give them -10!!! I only came here because the ones in my town are closed. I WILL NEVER come back!!! Old Run down Filthy. Half the machines are broken. Shouldve told me right then to leave. Divided 1 load of towels into 2 dryers, 40 minutes later still wet Not Damp.. WET!!! the dryers also stole 4 quarters from me! Took them but didnt register on screen 😤😠🤬 DONT EVER GO HERE!!!

Review №8

Owners should b ashamed. The place is filthy, machines r broken and not repaired....sometimes not even marked as broken. There is never an attendant or phone number to reach anyone if there is a problem. Machines rip u off or rip your clothes! Too cheap to offer hot water washes! Went there due to being very short on time but so many problems that it ended up taking longer than if I traveled an hour away! Never again! Owner should either act like they r in business or shut the place down!!! They r just stealing money from the public...the tiny note explaining how to get a refund is not easily visible and it’s a pain to have to jump through hoops for a refund. How many times have customers just said forget it? That is not how they should b making their $$! Disgusting. Also taking advantage of folks who don’t have transportation to go somewhere else....

Review №9

Enter at Your Own Risk...

Review №10

Can’t believe the Belchertown Board of Health hasn’t closed this place down. Machines are full of black mold, trash cans are overflowing. Lost money in the machines couldn’t get it back, left a message on the number provided and never heard back. Will never step foot in this place again.

Review №11

Very bad place, 4 or 5 washers and dryers are broken, the change Exchange for larger bills takes your 💰 but not gives you all of your money. That you need in qourters. Theirs no Staff to help. When you call their number, you get an answering machine to leave a message. They Dont call back. And you cant even use hot water to wash your clothes. This place needs to be fixed or shut down for good

Review №12

Watch out for dryers they reduce time from 7 minutes for first quarter to 5 min for subsequent quarters so for $1 you only get 22 min instead of expected 28. No signage to show rates. The place is dirty.

Review №13

This place is a living hell, dont go here under any circumstances

Review №14

Very poor service, every week i go there another machine is down. Some machines dont work and dont have a sign on it. Waste of time and money. The owners/workers are almost never there, so trying to get refunded the money lost is almost impossible. For being the only laundry mat in Belchertown, you would think they would take a little more pride in their business.

Review №15

Gotta say, massively disappointed... 10 washers broken (1/2 of them) and three dryers broken. Where are the owners? I actually thought it was out of business. Probably should be!!! I will not be coming here again

Review №16

*NEVER go to this business. This place will either rip you off or destroy your clothes. Very dirty floors and machines. Change machines steal your money. They will not return any money owed to you for their mistakes. Another risk is from infectious diseases such as E Coli, salmonella or shigella, rotavirus, norovirus and hepatitis A and E. Try Ware, Amherst or Ludlow for better locations for laundry.

Review №17

Half of mashines are not working. Owners did not put the sign for mashines out of order. So, if you will pay for the cycle you will not get your money back. Do not come to this place. It is disgusting!

Review №18

Happened to go when I needed a bigger machine for some things...kind of a dump.Sign says do not use hot water - at a laundromat? Yikes. Half of machies are broken.

Review №19

Disgusting, moldy machines that owner never cleans. Trash all over the place. No valid business license and owner hides by not posting valid license on wall as req. by law. Only laundry in town, but I go to Amherst to wash my clothes. Negligent business owners, and people here just put up with it and not ever complain except among themselves!

Review №20

The washers never work . Im done using this crap laundry mat. There is time I put money in and the thing dont even work.

Review №21

Expensive. Dirty. Not reliable machines. Change machine goes out of order and eats your money. It might sound like your typical laundromat from my description, but go somewhere else if you can.

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  • Address:8 Jabish St, Belchertown, MA 01007, United States
  • Phone:+1 413-213-0388
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