Verizon Authorized Retailer GoWireless
1080 Campbell St, Baker City, OR 97814, United States

Review №1

Ashley is one of your best representatives that I ever worked with in your company shes awesome!!!

Review №2

We drove over two hours past our local Verizon’s Boise and Ontario due to the poor service provided! This Baker store and the manager are amazing! They go above and spend the time to fix issues! Great team! Thank you

Review №3

Misty is a great manager, and extremely kind and patient. We appreciate her explanations and humor.

Review №4

They handled a difficult customer with patients and wouldnt let me leave without satisfying my needs was a real team effort thank you to all that chipped in to make me. A satisfied customer and what customer service all about

Review №5

Great customer service and helped me quickly get a new phone.

Review №6

Thank you Ashley for you professional and knowledgeable assistance. I could not have figured this all out on my own.It is so difficult to find a store or shop of any kind theses days that are as friendly and helpful as all these employees are. I have been with Verizon for 21 years and will continue on for another 21.Thank you!

Review №7

Worked with Robert on getting a new phone after my Samsung galaxy went wacko. Great to work with no pressure on getting the top dollar or pushing for high sale items go me what I needed. Helped get the best plan figured out with the upgrade. Great customer service

Review №8

Sales representative was of no assistance and stood around helping no one. Very rude and unprofessional

Review №9

I needed a new phone. The guy said the cheapest one they have is around $700 and that is the standard price for a phone anywhere. Total lie, Im highly satisfied with a phone that cost near $50 and the service provider

Review №10

Great customer service and nice and helpful workers

Review №11

The workers are friendly and very helpful.

Review №12

I went into a very packed store, in which the Manager Misty greeted me and gave me the option of waiting or with my check or they would call me with a time to return. I thought this was very nice to give us some freedom other than waiting in a long line, especially whole it is so hot. Sure enough she called and said they were ready to see me for my needs. She sat down gave me a full quote, and was extremely on top of my concerns with cost of a new phone. She is extremely detailed gave me great choices from very low cost phones to the newest. I will go to her for my phone needs and definitely send my friends to Misty!

Review №13

My experience at the Verizon store was quick and easy and I appreciated getting in and out really quick thank you Misty

Review №14

Misty rocks! She communicates well and knows here stuff (or Verizons). Having communicated with Chrystal a couple times, I think she may become runner up when shes got as much experience as Misty. Great job, folks!

Review №15

Very clean! Professional staff.

Review №16

Misty could not help me get a new screen for my phone. But she told me that I could get an update grade of my choice for only $100 more than what my deductible would be . But when I got my bill that was not the case . The fine print that had my signature was a monthly bill for $106 per month that only included a 2G of data. When asked to get my old phone back they said you signed it. 😬

Review №17

They have and amazing staff, very helpful! Specially Krystal! She was wonderful and very helpful. She got me set up on a great upgrade and a watch for me as well as one for my boyfriend! I Highly recommend them! Thank you Krystal

Review №18

I went in to open two new lines, I worked with the manager and she was so nice and very thorough. Made the switch extremely simple and explained everything as she went, answering all of my questions before I even had the ability to ask.

Review №19

Misty is super helpful and very pleasant. I can see why she is store manager!

Review №20

I wanted to thank the manager Misty for stepping away from her two separate customers, as she saw me tell an associate I was just looking. She took the time to let me know, I know you are just looking but here are the promotions that are currently running. So if you are considering upgrading I recommend doing it before end of month for the best deal. She offered to answer any questions, even though she was busy! I thought that was impressive that she didnt just let me look she wanted me to know what mattered for me, so I didnt miss something better. I didnt purchase, but am coming in before end of month because she let me know the promotions. When I left she didnt just let me leave, she thanked me!

Review №21

Misty and JesseI want to say the Verizon store in Baker City OR. Is the best. Awesome customer service. Thank you Misty and Jesse, you the best.

Review №22

I recently made the switch from AT&T to Verizon in March. Krystal, the employee who helped me switch made things so much easier for me! She even went out of her way to bring my new device to me at work instead of having me wait until I could grab it. It was a HUGE help! My new phone glitched out and wouldnt turn on Monday morning. Right away Krystal helped me get a replacement and made it right :) this Go-wireless has amazing service! Glad I made the switch

Review №23

Krystal was such a big help and she is absolutely fantastic with suggesting what works best for me. Amazing customer service and very friendly conversations during my visit! 😄

Review №24

I have brought this team some issues from spectrum, in which i decided to switch to this store because Misty and team has been so good at helping and explaining!

Review №25

The staff Willis and Misty were helpful above and beyond. I highly recommend using them for any of your cell phone needs.

Review №26

This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced...EVER.

Review №27

Very helpful and friendly.

Review №28

I recently visited the Baker store, I was impressed by the time the team took and the assistance shown by all members. They all worked together and went for questions to get answers in which support was there. I didnt have to spend a long time for what I went I. For which was a great relief as my daughter and I were going on a trip, the team interacted with her and she ended up finding some items she wanted. This made our trip to the valley so much better as she was occupied. I highly recommend seeing this team, as they truly look for ways to make your visit worth while. Even fun; one guy played a game on the Google with my daughter while my phone finished its transfer. Shout out!!!

Review №29

Misty is always whom I ask for, she is a tremendous help and takes the time to explain everything to us!

Review №30

It was very helpful. Willis was very knowledgeable. Much appreciated.

Review №31

I hadnt been in this location as I had felt like past people only wanted to sell. The new manager provided answers to my questions. Its the first time I felt like I was getting a great value for my Verizon bill, and she did help me get the device I was looking for, even asked her boss some detail to make sure they were spot on. These girls are amazing, the managers DM was in, he even greeted me! I just want to say thank you for being kind even when I get grumpy!

Review №32

We have been into this store twice this week,both times have been crazy. The team and two associates both Krystal and Misty helped me, they made it as quick and efficient as humanly possible and worked with my wants. I am so happy with my watch and my s10+, I think they will work well on the fires for me! Thanks ladies!

Review №33

Misty (Manager) has a wonderful staff that is very knowledgeable about products and offers. Krystal (consultant) spent three hours with me, setting up a new line, finding alternative routes to certain barriers, and hooked me up with an awesome phone and plan. Excellent job, and much appreciated!

Review №34

Good help

Review №35

Ben in the Baker City store is exceptional. His level of customer service far surpasses any other employee I have engaged with. He always goes the extra mile to not only help me, answer my questions, but helps me thoroughly understand my options. He has helped me for years and through many different phone plans and new communication devices. He is by far the best and most engaged employee Ive met. Thank you Ben for all you do for your customers. You deserve a bonus! Thanks Ben.

Review №36

Thank you Robert and Misty for your help, and taking time to explain phone!

Review №37

I was having some issues with my bill, the team was there to help! Today I came in Hannah and Ashley had the answers, but Misty the manager clocked in early from her lunch and was going to get to the bottom of it. She wasnt giving up and is the girl you want in your corner. She found all the holes and got me all my promos credited. Everyone was able to breathe, my bill was even moved to when I get paid! FYI come in before 5 if you have a business that department closes early, this team will do everything they can to answer questions, but that department has to be open to push some buttons! So much was explained today while she disected everything!

Review №38

Uscell customer came in needing help. Manager sat me down and helped with all questions

Review №39

They have a fair inventory but not complete. Staff needs more knowledge of accessories etc.

Review №40

Misty, store manager of our store, has been very helpful with assisting me in my time of stress about losing my phone yesterday. Luckily my phone was located. And she continued to assist me with a new tablet we purchased.Thank you soooooo much for her help. Shes. Great.

Review №41

Store was a huge help in going over my bill, let me know exactly what I was paying for and made it easy to understand as a consumer. Highly recommended

Review №42

Very helpful , & if they werent exactly sure how to fix your issue the would figure it out.

Review №43

Ashley was great. We were there for 2 new phones and many plan changes. She was fast, knowledgeable and professional. She kept our order going as well as helping others who came in the door and no one was ever waiting. Thank you for all your help and multi tasking!! Love our new phones and plans to go with, but superior customer service made it all worth it!

Review №44

We shop exclusively at go wireless Baker City, we are always helped in a quick, mannerly fashion! All questions are answered in a manner easy to understand. We find everyone friendly and polite! And recommend them highly!

Review №45

I went into Verizon to return a phone that I had just bought for something that was more of my style. They gave me great recommendation on the phone I was looking for and answer all question I had. I would like to thank Krystal my sale rep. she was awesome and very professional. GO VERIZON!!!

Review №46

Came in with a jetpack issue. Misty found I had two bad batteries and helped get new devices and lowered my bill

Review №47

You was very helpful with all my questions and concerns about the new phone I was purchasing. Thank you Misty

Review №48

Good company, misty is so nice. Cleaned my phone and takes care of me!

Review №49

Ive had Verizon previously and my experience wasnt that great... My representative Ashley W. from the Verizon store in Baker City Oregon was AMAZING!!! She was very informative, patient, and friendly. When she wasnt sure how to do something she ACTUALLY asked for help, instead of just winging it. Thanks so much girl.... you are the bestest!!!😁

Review №50

Courteous service. Ashley was knowledgeable & helpful. She explained additional products & services available without pressure to buy. Pleased & would shop here again.

Review №51

Ashley was awesome when I went in this week. She was able to get me a free early upgrade to an s7 and I happened to show up during a tablet giveaway and she hooked me up with a free ellipsis 8 tablet too. 5 stars for sure! Its nice to have a store with people in it for customer service to many companies hide their reps behind a phone half way around the world, at least I can get my cell service dealt with in town by people who know what they are doing. Thank you for the great service Ashley!

Review №52

Amanda was very helpful and helped resolve some bill questions we had. She went above and beyond with advice from manager to make a call and see what could be done to help. We are very appreciative of what the location did, kindness shown and help given. Amanda was awesome!!! This is where we started and will continue.

Review №53

Ashley did a great job!ฯ

Review №54

Misty is the absolute best. Her and her team go above and beyond to make sure that every customer feels at home and is helped in a timely manner. Great team with great spirits, I loved my time and experience there.

Review №55

Alex did a great job and was very educated about Verizon options and promotions. He brought me to the 21 century. Excellent service. Best service I have had there In a long time. I was so confused when I walked in and Alex helped with understand all the products. If u every need help go talk to Alex. Great experience

Review №56

I’m definitely impressed by Krystals customer service skills. I came in with a very low budget. I’ve never had service through a carrier other than straight talk but I’m a young adult really wanting to build my credit. Right away she told me all the deals they had going on for Black Friday and even explained things I didn’t quite understand. She was very patient and extremely helpful throughout this whole stressful process. I traded in my old iPhones for store credit to help get phones for my fiance and I. She did everything and more! Not only did we get the best deal but she seriously hooked my fiancé and I up with amazing accessories that we got with our store credit! I cane in just thinking I was going to get two new iPhones but with her help I walked out with two iPhone XS Max’s, a series 5 Apple Watch, skull candy headphones, two charger cables, two wireless chargers, two cases, and extra screen protectors. I couldn’t ask for a better person to help me with this type of thing! I definitely recommend her to anyone. She really impressed me!

Review №57

This started out to be a scary day since I locked my phone. Thanks to Alex wireless consultant and Matt the manager at Verizon store, I ended with a great experience! So patient and helpful!! Happy customer!Thanks guys!

Review №58

I spent most of Saturday afternoon with Hanna as she researched an issue with my old phone and eventually set me up with a new phone. It was tedious but she is very knowledgeable and has an amazing attitude. Thank you Hanna.😁

Review №59

Josh has the best customer service and is highly knowledgable. He stayed after his shift to help me and did everything he could to help and get all my problems straightened out. If there was any way to give him 10 stars I would. Best service Ive ever had. Highly recommend him and this store. I would say he deserves a raise for the way he treats his customers.

Review №60

Ashley was amazing. She knew what she was doing, she took her time, and made sure that I was completely happy with everything before I left! The other team members were great as well. Alex is really tech savvy which really helped me out too! Thank you to all of you!

Review №61

Misty helped me with my warranty which was a nightmare, she was amazingly patient and dealt with it for a month on work and personal time to make sure I was taken care of and get the new device. She handles multiple questions coming from her team while helping me and balances that place, I was impressed by her care.. thank you

Review №62

Helped me after a headache of a week on the phone with the pros

Review №63

Everyone is so helpful I got a phone and I really didnt care for it! As I was exchanging it this lady came in angry. Misty the manager was calm and handled very well!

Review №64

Krystal was awesome and helped me more than anyone has before. Thank you

Review №65

Ashley found an awesome phone for my husband and I. She was very on point on what we wanted😍 we had an awesome experience at Verizon because of her. Please give her a raise!🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

Review №66

Such a helpful store and everyone is so friendly inside 🙂

Review №67

Hannah did a super great job helping my needs. She was fast and on point with everything. I recommend going to Verizon in baker for your next phone.

Review №68

Perfect customer service

Review №69

I went to go wireless in Baker city drove over 70 miles to have Misty help me find my perfect phone. You rock Misty. Thank you

Review №70

Misty is super helpful and let me know what the breakdown of the bill was. They do a great job going over everything and also have warranties in place for all of their products!

Review №71

I just got a new iPhone 6s+ from here, and Courtney, the employee who was working with me on getting it, was awesome! She knew her stuff completely and had great sales skills. I do not enjoy standing around for an hour every time I have to go get a new phone or fix something with a current one, but Courtney made it a fun experience. Thank you!

Review №72

Misty was awesome and patient with setting up my two phones. Just want to know she is awesome. Thank you so much.

Review №73

Ash Ley did an awesome job of listening to what we wanted and finding phones, cases, and a plan that fit our needs. The service was fast, friendly, and all the employees of the store were friendly, funny, and extremely knowledgeable about the products they were offering. It was refreshing to not leave a cell phone store frustrated and pissed off. Very happy with the service we received :)

Review №74

Misty wa SO helpful. When I came in they were busy, but she kept welcoming me, assuring me she’d be right with me. When she waited on me she helped me with issues I didn’t even know I had. Love the service in this store!

Review №75

By far the worst store I have ever been in stood there 20 minutes just to buy a charger to not even be acknowledged!!! If I could give no stars I would!

Review №76

Hannah was very nice to talk to. Great service. Very knowledgeable about my account and devices. I got a new tablet from her and am very happy with it.

Review №77

Baker city go wireless has been amazing !!! Mitch has been amazing, every time I go in to pay a bill he greets me with a smile and is so incredibly helpful. Makes it so much nicer to pay my bill or ask questions, because of this amazing customer service I prefer to pay in person rather over the phone! Thank you Mitch and the rest of the Baker city go wireless team for being helpful and kind everytime !

Review №78

The manager Ashley gave my wife and I outstanding service. We were offered different brands of phones, but never once did she push an unwanted device. We went in for 2 upgrades and 1 of the phones wasnt in stock. Ashley went out of her way to call an associate that was in a different store 50 miles away and had her bring the phone we wanted. She wrote down our numbers and called us right when the phone arrived. Which happened to be right at closing time. Ashley stayed after her store was closed to make sure we received the phone and that everything was transferred and working as it should. Nowadays its unheard of for a company to go out of their way for the consumer. Thats exactly what Ashley and her team did. We would recommend her to anyone.

Review №79

The manager was very helpful and has great customer service skills.

Review №80

The staffs were very helpful and informative about the products. I thank everyone for such a great experience. Thank you Misty for helping us out.

Review №81

Misty and Mitch were very helpful and went above and beyond to activate my new Samsung watch!!! They were very knowledgeable in the products they sell. Highly Recommend!!!

Review №82

Amazing help, patience and knowledge

Review №83

Misty is such an asset to this company. Very courteous, wonderful customer service, and knowledge of her products. I will always ask for her or come back at a later time if shes not available!!

Review №84

I have had great experiences. They are easy to work with. Made my shopping experience good.

Review №85

Got a brand new Apple Watch from the manager! We laughed the whole time. SHE IS A DELIGHT! Definitely coming here every time! 🤗

Review №86

Misty is one of the best assets to your company that you will ever have!!!!!! She found and saved all of my contacts and greatest of all , the photos of my granddaughters and my daughter that passed away last year. I cannot express my true gratitude!!!! THANK YOU MISTY!!!! You are the best!!

Review №87

Misty, Hannah and Krystal are always SO helpful! I love coming in to this store.... they take care of EVERYTHING!

Review №88

Misty is fabulous. She was patient and made my very stressful situation into a wonderful experience. When I go back I hope she is there to help me out again. I couldnt have asked for a better person to help me out!

Review №89

I am so impressed with the service I received from Amanda at this location. She went so far above what she had to do. Will be buying our next phone from her again.

Review №90

Shay was awesome. She handled everything on my long list of requests effectively and efficiently. Great place to get your phone. Very good service!

Review №91

Really great service. Would definitely recommend going and seeing Misty! She is crazy helpful and super nice.

Review №92

Wow what a great job Ashley did. I walked into the store and she addressed me by my name. I had not seen her for over a year when I thought I was going to upgrade. Ashley is knowledgeable and friendly. I will do business here as long as she works here.

Review №93

That is the rudest guy that waited on me. At Verizon. I had to do business with Verizon on the phone. Had to call my daughter to get things done. The lady that works there was really nice. I think the guy dont like himself!.

Review №94

I HATE changing phones!I procrastinated and hemmed and hawed until I literally had ZERO room left on the device. I went into Go Wireless in Baker City and Ashley helped me. I actually HAD FUN! She spent about 2 hours with me and was able to get me a bunch of discounts. Plus I traded in my phone and had over $200 to go shopping in the store. It was the BEST experience ever! Thank You Ashley! :)

Review №95

Misty store manager was fantastic help me out big time when my old phone took a dump

Review №96

Everyone was extremely helpful, patient with my questions, and friendly to work with. I would definitely work with them again. Rich and Misty were incredible to work with and very helpful. Thank you!

Review №97

Krystal was awesome, friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks for making the purchase of a new cellphone easy and painless

Review №98

I came into this store to add some lines to my current account, port an existing number, and make several purchases. Joshua Shelton went above and beyond getting us set up . He persisted through some obstacles. Giving us great service. In the end giving us everything we asked for. I couldnt have recieved better service. Thank you Josh.

Review №99

I had to have help with setting up a new phone at Verizon and I also wanted a tablet. Ashley was so informative and a great teacher I am so blessed to have met Ashley I am so happy with my new purchases my Verizon carrier is in Redmond Oregon but they are not helpful in anyway I would highly recommend Ashley to anyone anyone

Review №100

Amanda S is an amazing agent and very knowledgeable with Verizons products. Very patient and look forward to work with her for all my cellular needs.

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