Baker City Auto Ranch Outlet
1304 Campbell St, Baker City, OR 97814, United States

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I have been a great advocate for this retailer in the past, recommending them to anyone looking for service.I will never bring m Crosstrek here again. I ordered a battery and requested they install it and not lose my settings in the head unit which I have had done before at other retailers. They assured me they could.Not only DIDNT they but they charged med over $70 to do it.Absolute ROBBERY and MISREPRESENTATION

Review №2

We then I bought my Corvette they had to fix a fuel problem then delivere it in 3 days. There shop couldnt figure out the problem no computer to tell them what part to replace they had to out source the repair. After a week and a half of good dry weather they delivered my car to Union from Baker City going thru Medical Springs in a blizzard my car showed up covered with chemicals, dirt and road grim. I wont buy anything else from them very poor customer service.

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Super friendly staff, great people to work! I really enjoyed my time spent shopping there. Would recommend to a friend!

Review №4

Just passing by, nice cars!

Review №5

We were in need of a new car that would fit our family, and not break our budget. John worked so hard to find us something reliable, big enough for our family, and hit all the extra specs we were wanting as well!! I really coouldnt be happier with the experience, I bought my last car from the dealership that was here prior and Im happy to know that a new one just as good has taken over. I would highly recommend them. I know I will definitely be purchasing from here again.

Review №6

I’m unhappy to report more to the horror story below. We recently replaced the tires, and guess what also needed to be replaced? The tie rods. The technician’s best guess was a front end collision (light bulb!). So it was either covered up/not reported by the Auto Ranch, or their service department is incompetent at inspecting and identifying broken cars. You decide which is worse. I will be actively telling people to AVOID the auto ranch at all costs! Also, months ago, we emailed the GM who replied to the review, and we heard nothing back. Obviously that’s just to save face, and he didn’t intend to rectify anything. AVOID!

Review №7

Disappointed with how our situation was handled. Spoke to three different employees about one pickup and they all had different stories about it. Was told that it sold weeks ago even though it was at their lot the day before and was also told it hadn’t even gone through the shop inspection yet. Not sure what to believe. Staff was friendly but seemed like they were not all on the same page.

Review №8

Went to look at a used car a salesman recommended. Test drove it, loved it, and was told I had to wait for it to go through the shop before it could be bought. The next day I called to see if the car had been through the shop and found out that the same employee that recommended the car had also bought the car out from under me. To make it worse neither the Baker City or the Ontario locations are doing anything to find a comparable deal to make it right. Very unprofessional. Slogan says treat you like family, and treats the needs of each individual customer with paramount concern. This kind of service has lost my business indefinitely. Would never recommend. So sad, makes staying local a bad thing.

Review №9

Theyre a great place. They helped my parents get into a truck without any problems.

Review №10

I have had excellent customer service, fair prices, and promptness each time I have had my car serviced here.

Review №11

Great customer service and very friendly people. they will do what they can to get you the car you want.

Review №12

Went in one time. Sales person never returned calls. Do not know how they are now, as that sales person is no longer working for the company.

Review №13

I have bought three vehicles here, two from Paul on 10th and one at the used lot on Campbell. They are not pushy, listen to what you want and get you on your way in your new ride quickly.

Review №14

TL/DR: my car battery died a week after purchase, and I had to fight to get it replaced; I was lied to about smoke damage/smell, which they covered up with air fresheners; the rotors were very bad and needed to be replaced, which I ended up paying partially out of pocket; and there are mysterious non-factory screws in the right-front wheel area, with no collision reported on CarFax report. If you purchase from Baker City Auto Ranch Outlet, be ready for issues.Full review: We live in Boise and traveled to Baker City to look at a Pilot. BEFORE we made the drive, I was in contact with a salesman. I asked him about the overall condition of the vehicle and whether there was smoke damage. He said, “No. We are very picky in our shop and make sure all is addressed.” We made the drive to Baker City the next day.The Pilot was slightly under KBB value and had a clear CarFax report. While test driving, I did notice a slight rumble when we came to stop signs, but I wasn’t entirely sure if that was normal and didn’t think too much of it. We attempted to negotiate, but the GM wouldn’t budge. After a lengthy discussion, my husband and I agreed that it was the best value we could find—so we bought it.Fast forward ONE week. I’m in my third trimester; it’s hot; my toddler is in the vehicle with me, and the battery goes out. We’re stranded. I called the GM at the Baker City location to see what might be covered, and he said I was out of luck. I was fuming. Maybe that’s the gamble you take when you buy a used car, but I expected more integrity from a large and local corporation. After explaining to the GM (fighting back tears, voice shaking) that this was not the way he should do business, he said he would make a call to the service department and “ask” if they can replace it free of charge. Dude, don’t BS me. You’re the GM; don’t you make that call? He called me back and said I could pick up the replacement in Meridian.Later that week, I got the car detailed. The detailer reported non-factory screws in the tire area, and it looked like it might have been in a front-end collision, which might account for the faulty rotors. I called Meridian to see if they could get the Pilot in for an inspection to confirm/deny the front-end collision suspicion and to check on the rotors.Meridian inspected the vehicle and said they’re not a body shop but did not see any signs of a collision. BUT they said the rotors were very bad (and said they never would have sold a car on their lot with rotors in that condition). We called Baker City, explained the issue, and the GM agreed to foot the bill to fix the rotors (after some haggling, since he was trying to come up with any reason in the book that the rotor damage could have been OUR fault). The DAY of our appointment and after I had dropped off the Pilot, the rotor machine died, so the service guys said it’d be faster to replace them. Meridian called Baker City, and the Baker City GM said he was NOT going to pay for new rotors. So here I am, expecting my car to have been fixed and a road trip planned the next day. I said to throw on the new rotors and bill me for the extra.In addition to the headache above, a STRONG SMOKE SMELL was starting to seep through. Oh my heck, I was livid. I AM still livid. I specifically asked if there was smoke damage/smell, and the salesman said no. If this was disclosed, it would have been a HARD PASS. Again, I have this IN WRITING (see attached screenshot). Now I smell secondhand smoke every time I get in my car, and it’s nauseating—not to mention bad for my family’s health (my husband has asthma, I’m pregnant, and my toddler’s lungs are young).So there you are. That’s my horror story of dealing with Baker City Auto Ranch Outlet.

Review №15

Worst service department ever. The women lied. And said they had my car for two hrs I hadnt even been there and 1 he 20 minutes. I thought it was under warranty and she didnt bother to check to tell me that it didnt cover it until after they did the diagnostics! And proceeded to say diagnostics wouldnt of been covered any way. Well you shoukd of said that when I was asking about having it looked at, dontcha think? If I would of known it wasnt under warranty to have it looked at I wouldnt of had the most expensive rude, lying .and rip off dealership even look at it. Lost my business. Car manager even was rude and said they charge you weather they have your car that long or not. Rip off... Then I said well youve lost our future business. His response Oh well! Ya real impressive... Glad I wont be doing any future business with GENTRY anywhere or any other businesses they own!

Review №16

My diesel pickup broke down. I brought it here and told them my turbo was out. The service advisor and the tech were very rude and condescending. They told me I was wrong and had no idea what I was talking about. 3 days of staying in a hotel later they called and told me my turbo was broken and it would be a few more days for parts to come in. Everyone around this place seems to have a chip on their shoulder and definitely has no compassion for someone stranded 2000 miles away from home. They only seem to care about ways to charge ford warranty more money. UPDATE.....After waiting 6 days I just got 350 miles down the road and am sitting along side the road again from a blown oil seal- one that the tech had to of replaced to change the Turbo. Stay away from this place.

Review №17

Terrible management and ride. Trying to get into a pickup that was over priced by over $2000. Wouldnt give us anything for an 81 Berlinetta camaro that runs like a raped ape or our 91 F350 4x4 crew can high boy. Then they sold the truck this morning. Crafty place to deal with.

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Most expezansive place in town and terrible service. Mechanic rude and unfriendly. He lied and said I needed a new water pump at cos

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Professional and quick. Couldnt ask for more.

Review №20

I think it might be shut down. No cars there.

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Horrible took my truck in there and they broke it worse then what it was and then tried to blame it on me

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Awesome service

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