Hutchs Total Car Care & Transmission Specialists
722 NE Aztec Blvd, Aztec, NM 87410, United States
Hutchs Total Car Care & Transmission Specialists

Review №1

These guys replaced a bad front driveline u-joint for me, and they did a terrible job. They didnt install the inner circlips, they didnt lube the driveshaft splines when they reinstalled it, and they damaged the wiring to my downstream O2 sensors. 100 miles down the road I developed a bad driveline vibration, a check engine light, and a major transmission leak. One month, and $1700 dollars in additional repairs later, and Im still trying to get my truck running right. Thanks for nothing a*** holes.

Review №2

Doug was a nice guy. They checked my transmission oil level(which isnt simple because I dont have a dipstick and the have to check out from the bottom) and they didnt charge me. Ill be taking my car here to change out a transmission sensor and Im optimistic theyll do a good job. See you soon guys!

Review №3

Hutch’s transmission really came through for me and did a great job on replacing my F150’s fuel pump. I was traveling from Colorado to Dallas on a Friday morning when my truck shutdown on me. I had to have my truck towed to one of the closest shops to me. Luckily Hutch’s was able to work on my truck right away and got me back on the road the same day. The owner told me that they usually do not accept new work on Fridays but he understood the dire situation I was in and he had his workers make my truck a priority. Hutch’s called every shop looking for a replacement fuel pump for me and was able to have a replacement shipped to him from the ford dealership in the neighboring town that told me they wouldn’t be able to service my truck for a week. The owner had to post pone a few customer reservations that were ahead of me, which I greatly appreciated, and I watched as he explained to his other customers very politely that he is trying to help myself get back on the road to finish my 14 hour drive. Overall I think the shop and his team did a great job helping me and replacing my fuel pump. The service my truck needed was a simple one but they handled it outstandingly and in a remarkable timely fashion. Hutch’s could’ve turned me away and told me the same as all the other shops but they took the time to help out a traveler and I will always be forever grateful for that.

Review №4

Great place

Review №5

Great group of people!!!I have had my cars transmission fixed along with other things, the whole time they were extremely nice and answered any questions I may have had!

Review №6

I took my Dodge in for a transmission rebuild in 2008, that transmission lasted less than three months. I took it in again and was sent on my way with it fixed; a couple of months later it failed again with only three or four thousand miles on the rebuild. Hutchs wouldnt stand behind their work and essentially told me to pound sand; the owner was rude, arrogant and didnt care about their shoddy work. Later through another mechanic I was able to confirm that Hutchs swapped my trucks original transmission housing for a tranny with a cracked housing. Hutchs also used silicone to secure an aluminum line to the housing, and they shorted me on the clutch plates. Overall their work was substandard and clearly not what I expected from a business that masquerades as legit. I left a review in 2008, but can see that it is not pulling up now with Hutchs reviews because they changed the name from Hutchs Transmission--but it is the same shop. If I can save someone the financial loss and frustration of dealing with Hutchs through my review then it is worth re-posting it.

Review №7

STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!!!!! I had my transmission rebuilt on my 1984 c10 and it only lasted a year and a half it shifted hard clankes into gear and whines and they could never get the mount to stay. Finally it quit and destroyed my planetry gearing cluch packs and seized

Review №8

They charged me 2200 to fix my trans and they only fixed 2nd gear they didnt even rebuild it like they claimed they did. 4th and 5 th gear still shift hard. What a waste of money.

Review №9

Came with a trailer to get my car, NOT RUNNING, we drove it home the next day, and I was able to buy the parts needed, great service, great people, would recommend them to everyone.Hutches no longer uses a trailer to pick up vehicles, but i still very much recommend them, great people

Review №10

I used to work on own vehicles in old days (change oil, spark plugs, points, carb...etc) but just about everything have changed for convenience of drivers nowadays.Not only that most car companies recommend their own special fluid or else (scare tactics) so therearet much choice for average Joe to maintain own vehicles.Besides, there are few bad (cheating) mechanics out there make us to look for service at the dealership to be safe than sorry.Guess what, Hutchs Trans isnt like that at all.I had Trans fluid leak on my Nissan truck so I took it in to Hutchs instead of Nissan dealer and good thing I did, found nice and honest people running the business, they found a problem fast and fixed it with very reasonable cost.Oh, they also gave me the part they replaced and explained what caused it.Aztec is a nice small town so lacking lots of things compare to Farmington but having Hutchs is a great addition for the city.Highly recommend this place if you ever need their service!

Review №11

Paid over 3k for them to repair our transmission and they claimed it was rebuilt however it still ran horribly and I took it to 3 other mechanics who said the transmission fluid was black and the transmission had never been rebuilt. Dont waste your money on these crooks!!

Review №12

Horrible service, charged over $1000 for clutch repair on a Jeep Cherokee that was never repaired! We had to take it back four different times to fix the repair which was never fixed. We finally had to repair it ourselves with the help of youtube. A huge waste of money and time.

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