3957 75th St, Aurora, IL 60504, United States

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Have worked with this firm for many years and highly recommend their services. Top-notch, strong reputation within the community, and in-depth knowledge of complicated issues. They have always provided excellent communication and follow through and have met every deadline. Without reservation, Ive always referred John to peers within my industry. Have always held high trust and satisfaction with this firm!

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I would highly recommend the Klein Hall CPA firm. John Miller and his staff are helpful, knowledgeable, organized and efficient. Having worked with John for over 20 years, I have confidence that our taxes, both personal and business, are done accurately and in a timely manner. John is always willing to answer any questions or concerns I may have. Its been a pleasure working with him.

Review №3

Bait & Switch. They seem knowledgeable and professional during the initial stages to bring you in. Then the accuracy, attention to detail and professionalism are not there. Seemed more like an assembly line which I would have never expected. So many mistakes and they seem to not have enough staff to handle their business. Do not trust their quote, they will find a way to add significant extra charges at an incredibly high rate even for ordinary services. Im sure there are some good people there but the owner, Christina Kleins is particularly difficult to work with. Save yourself the time and headache and find a firm someone recommends.

Review №4

If I could give a zero I would! This firm now WIPFLI is all talk and no action. What they are GREAT at is BILLING! This firm is like an attorney where they charge by the minute for everything. They give you a big presentation of how they are going to provide great service, save you money, plan and be worth the money you pay them. Absolutely the complete opposite. John Miller is the all talk no action while Christina the main partner is horrible to deal with and very defensive. She has zero people skills to deal with any adversity or problems or questions a customer may have. Our business had embezzlement on it and not once did the accountant ask the owners if everything on the P&l was even our expenses. They took what our office manager gave them as face value all while she was paying her personal bills from our business! They just filed the taxes with zero conversations with the owner. They also discovered a credit card never included in quickbooks and when we finally received our file it’s still not in there for this year and last year. Then when we decided not to hire them for the embezzlement investigation after charging $2000 to convince us to use them they withheld our information and said we needed to pay them for things they never did. Even now we are still trying to get access to our own information they said they provided and are being difficult. DO NOT USE THEM! YOU WILL REGRET IT!After writing this review the Christina emailed me with a copy of my review saying it was in the hands of her attorney and then in writing with her email signature threatening me, I can count on having people she knows write bad reviews on our business! She has also clearly been disclosing personal information about us and our business if their friends even know we were their clients. Absolutely unprofessional and unethical!! This is another example of why we fired them have turned them into professional regulations.

Review №5

Klein Hall CPAs have been wonderful to deal with. Their work has always been done in a professional manner and mistake free. They provided a personal touch with my tax return. Knowing all the right questions to ask along with nothing but excellent advise. I would highly recommend them for both your personal taxes and your business needs.

Review №6

John Miller and the Klein Hall staff are extremely professional, and our company feels secure knowing we are working with an accounting firm that provides sound, solid advice. Most of all they are honest, sincere and we are comforted knowing all our business matters are being handled by people with with such high integrity.

Review №7

Klein Hall is great. Ive been using them for my law firm for the last 1.5 years. John Miller does a great job for my firm. I referred my dad to Klein Hall and he is just as happy.

Review №8

Working with Klein Hall CPAs was one of the best decisions we have ever made for our business. Their professionalism and vast knowledge are a huge asset to our company strategy.

Review №9

Big SCAMMERS!!!!Worst place ever!!! They raise up their prices from an average of $350- $400 to $700!!! To file a simple W-2 tax form. By the way that is the price for a new customer referral. Its like they dont want new customer. What!?!?!?!

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