Louetta Automotive
7625 Farm to Market 1960 Rd E, Atascocita, TX 77346, United States

Review №1

These guys always have quality customer service. Time efficient while still offering quality repairs. If I have a need, there’s a reason I think of these guys first!

Review №2

I had a friend who passed away and was taking care of his truck for his parents. Parents live in NY and with Covid it was impossible for them to come. The A/C wasnt working so I brought it here. I had to pay for a diagnoses. They told me there were several leaks and they quoted me a little over one thousand dollars. Since the car wasnt mine I declined. They told me they recharged it, that I should have cool air, but it was probably going to leak out fast. When I picked up the truck there was no cold air at all. I dont know anything about cars so I thought that the leaks were just bad. Fast forward to today. My friends parents gave me the truck for helping them out so much. This was in April. Being that the truck is now under my name I took it to a little shop near where I live. I told them the A/C had leaks and needed a quote to repair it. I figured being that the shop was small it would be less expensive. The shop owner told me that they recharged the A/C and tested everywhere for leaks and couldnt find any. Since April Ive had 0 issues with my A/C. It runs perfect! Which means not only did they lie to me about the leaks, they also lied about recharging it as well and charged me for that service. They are liars and take advantage of people and try to sell apparently everyone on that credit card. I will never recommend a place that has liars and take advantage of people. Total disgrace! They should send undercover people to expose them. I hate thieves!

Review №3

We were told by NTB that new brakes were needed. Sun Auto Service did a free brake inspection. Interestingly, our brakes were fine. Thankfully, Sun Auto Service were honest. So very refreshing to find an honest auto service shop. Plus they are friendly, professional and respectful of time. We will definitely be coming back!

Review №4

Brian and the rest of the guys at Sun Auto Services we’re really friendly and understanding. When I took in my car for its state inspection, it failed due to the tires. Brian gave me a quote and was understanding that I wanted to check in with a few other places before making such a big purchase. Well, even after looking around we decided to go with them because not only was it more affordable but they did not try to upsell us anything. 10/10 would recommend going back there again.

Review №5

I went in for an oil change and Harvey pointed out that my 90k-mile Expedition was a good candidate for some various services they offer at a fraction of what the dealer charges. The technician also recommended a front-end brake job with resurfaced rotors and was able to get it all done within the same day. Great customer service, great communication and great value! I will definitely be returning with another vehicle or two, 5 out of 5!

Review №6

Great place to go. Friendly staff and professional service. Been using them for years. Highly recommended for auto service needs.

Review №7

This place was awesome! After being told by another small shop that I would need a $1000 part to fix my service engine light issue, I took my car to Sun Auto. They did a full work-up and found that my actual issue was a fuse… a $20 fix! While i was there, i also got them to fix my AC, do an oil change, a fuel system inspection and inspect my vehicle. ALL for less than that $1000 price point that I was given for ONE aspect of this at the other place! it was done in less than a day!Great people, great prices and service, and Great work done here!I’ll go here again if I need anything done on my other vehicles.

Review №8

I was charged almost $400 for a leak in the ac hose (discharge hose aluminum line) the line itself cost approximately $94 labor charge was $224 I was also charged $40 for the refrigerant and air conditioning dye to check for a leak also I was never told of the labor service charge. upon driving the car the air was not cold, just like a breeze. I immediately turned around and inform Mister Rick of this issue and he informed me that I should drive the car around. During the drive I stopped and had mine cousin check the pressure in the line and there was no refrigerant in the line, he called the shop and spoke with Mr.Rick , and asked for me to return the car to them. upon the return of the car no refrigerant was found in the line and stated they had to recharge the line, drain everything out of the line and replace. The air was like a fan breeze. They stated i need a new compressor, but this compressor turn on and off well. No noise, no leakage detected. No change in the air temperature.

Review №9

I went in one day with A lot that I needed done. I have been trying to get my AC repairs for MONTHS. No one could fix it for me. SUN AUTO got it blowing cold in less than 3 hours. They stayed in communication with me and also took care of my brakes and oil change!🚨 UPDATE: I had to take my car RIGHT back because it was making an awful noise when driving. Found out the mechanic left early and that I would have to leave my car because it wasn’t in drivable condition. I spend $900 with them and … had to take it back!! ITS NOW THE NEXT DAY .. and I still don’t have my car. I’m sad because the service was soo good at first!

Review №10

Very helpful and efficient seemed to really know what they were doing

Review №11

My visit with this business was very pleasant, and professional. They took care of my concerns in a very knowledgeable manner and I was soon my way.

Review №12

They were wrong about my car,and charged me for diagnosis of my 2013 lincoln A/C.I came home and changed my cooling fan motor in an hour and a half. That did not fix my problem, So for that reason I request a complete refund for Service charge.This review will go public.You are great people, but your diagnosis was wrong.So please contact me for my refund.

Review №13

Very helpful & courteous personnel. Took my cars in for vehicle inspections. Service was very prompt. Nice to do business with this store.

Review №14

Took care of stripped oil plug bolt done bye jiffy lube. Was able to get larger bolt instead of having to replace oil pan saving me 1000 dollars.

Review №15

Always great service and professional. I’ve been coming here for 15 years and never had any problems. Highly recommended.

Review №16

They wanted me to sign up for a Sun Auto credit card, only they did not say anything about a credit card. They asked me all kinds of personal information and then presented me with a credit card application. I told them I do not want a credit card. They wanted to have the credit card company call my cell phone. I told them NO. I dont want their credit card. I thought this was all very strange. Louetta never asked me to sign up for a credit card. All I wanted was a state inspection, as required for getting my TX registration renewed.

Review №17

Always a pleasant experience. Friendly employees and a well kept lobby and waiting area. Complimentary water and coffee is a nice perk. They usually mail out coupons too for with some good deals even on inspections.

Review №18

Both gentlemen that I dealt with were rude as hell. They are NOT GOOD LISTENERS instead they cut you off and either blow you off or shut the conversation down altogether. I will never bring my Cadillac Escalade back here. Nothing was repaired on my vehicle when there’s obviously a problem. It’s not in my head & my battery issue no one here wants to hear about which brings business to their establishment! I will be taking it to the dealership going forward & canceling the extended warranty. At least I’ll get a loaner vehicle while my truck is being serviced. I absolutely hate living in Humble/Atascocita

Review №19

Over priced and rude front desk staff. I had been coming here for years when it was Louetta’s. Thought I’d continue giving them my business after changing names. The cashier asked for my address, he didnt understand so I proceeded to spell it for him until I was abruptly cut off and told “K I don’t need you to spell it unless I ask.” I’ll take my business elsewhere and make sure word of mouth gets around about this facility now. And don’t bother using any kind coupon, you’ll only really get 10$ off full price.

Review №20

Sadly, Louetta has had a change of ownership to Sun Auto.Staff not wearing masks, given the high number of clients you interact with and the type of work you do, safety should be a higher priority.Had an appointment, yet time taken for an oil change was 90 minutes.Was told my battery was in need of replacing on two different vehicles in two different appointments; had batteries tested at other sites afterwards and told both were fine. Louetta has become predatory and lost my trust.I was a loyal customer for many years and will miss Ricky Qs professionalism.

Review №21

Prices are higher than most mechanics in the area but you get what you pay for. Top quality work!

Review №22

Personable staff. Pricing too high. Price charged for oil change relative to coupon was more expensive. Oil change is not inclusive of filter. Was there an hour and a half.

Review №23

Had an inspection done. Hot me in and out in no time. Everyone I have dealt with is very professional.

Review №24

Friendly crew, quick and informative service. The facility is hospitable and cozy. Definitely coming back for more.

Review №25

Came for the state inspection, they worked really fast. And received really good service.

Review №26

They were very professional and courteous service was quick and concise I went to get a state inspection.

Review №27

Rick was very thorough and professional in explaining the services I needed. The repairs were done as promised and on time. I really appreciated the honesty and quality they gave me.

Review №28

This place is awesome! They got me in and out quickly, were very kind and professional. I highly recommend them!

Review №29

I had a coupon for a synthetic oil change for$49.99, however, when I picked up my car there were miscellaneous padded charges added to the bill which then came out to $85.38. The charge was not excessive, however, the coupon leads you to believe it would have been much cheaper. Im not going back to a business that practices deceptive bating of customers.,

Review №30

Personnel made sure that I was satisfied with the work performed.

Review №31

Always good thorough service. The most longevity of mechanics I’ve ever known. Must be doing something right as a business. Was told under new owners. Wouldn’t take an old coupon. But did accept another for less. Was reasonable. Hope new owners will keep honoring coupons. They should.

Review №32

Very friendly and welcoming!! Totally trust and confidant in work performed. We will use them in the future. Definitely recommend!!!!

Review №33

Extremely professional and experienced staff! Outstanding customer service!!

Review №34

I set an appointment to have my oil changed earlier today - Louetta Automotive took my truck right into the bay when I arrived and 45 minutes later, the oil was changed and the front end was realigned. Great people to work with - they have serviced all my family vehicles and a business truck for 11 years and have always done a great job

Review №35

Went last Tuesday to get a alignment after buy brand new tires that Monday. Still had spikes on to prove new. And already the right front passages tires is worn out, because it is pulling right. Yes bought warranty, but why would I go back if I have to get a new tire already, because you couldnt do it right the first time. An to top it off gray hair gentleman that works the front is extremely rude and made me feel uncomfortable. If I could give the place negative stars I would DONT GO HERE!!!

Review №36

Didnt use them as their salesman try to sell you more than what you need. And they offer lower tire prices then add on back end with all the extras

Review №37

I recommend taking your car there because I trust the work they do. They don’t take advantage of clients.

Review №38

The service is good and the results are backed by a warranty. I trust their advice.

Review №39

I was not impressed by them in the slightest. I called ahead to verify that I wouldnt have a long wait time for a tire plug. They quoted me 20-30 minutes. I was there for near an hour and a half with very little communication. At the end of the visit, by mentioning the wait had ruined all other plans for my day, he gave the repair for free. While I do very much appreciate it and as much as it was the right thing to do on their part, Im still extremely disappointed there wasnt a better communication basis. Also, if youre going to quote someone a time stick to it.

Review №40

And oil change they did you’ve been better by coming to pick up my car and now dropping it off due to the fact that I cannot drive it

Review №41

The staff is friendly and helpful. I take my vehicle here for all its maintenance. I am always pleased with the service and pricing.

Review №42

Ive taken my cars there for a number of years, and Ive always been pleased with their services. Staff members may change, but I keep coming back because of Ricks honesty and integrity.

Review №43

I’ve had our inspections done here, and a service to my husband’s car. The people are courteous, professional, and attentive to providing good customer service. They provide comfortable accommodations for waiting.A reminder to fellow customers— the people at Louetta were all showing courtesy to us, by wearing masks and keeping things scrupulously clean. Please don’t come in with your kids in tow, nobody among you wearing a mask. It isn’t fair to the rest of us.

Review №44

The employees were very helpfully and the lobby was very presentable and clean

Review №45

They always do my state inspection and get it done quickly.

Review №46

This is my third or fourth time going and I am I really enjoy the way the guys are a very attentive And listen to whatever I need for my car. the wait time is a little long but I do like that they keep you informed of whatever is going on with your car. They do give you the options to have work done for whatever it is that they can do for your vehicle. I I love they are respectful and say God Bless you and seems so caring.

Review №47

Excellent service!! Rick and team are excellent!

Review №48

I will not be returning! If I could give negative stars, I would. I am riddled with disappointment and frustration at the service. I recently went in for an oil change at Louetta. Upon arriving their computer system crashed and there were two customers ahead of me. I was perfectly happy waiting for my turn to be served, but soon realized that I was virtually invisible. The man behind the counter, Brian, an older gentleman waited on every customer in the lobby, even the ones that came in after me. I consider myself a patient customer, but I refuse to be looked over. The other customer service representative, Oscar, was on the phone with tech support about restoring the system and noticed that I had been there for about twenty minutes and had not been helped. He acknowledged me and asked Brian to assist me. Brian however, proceeded to look me up and down disdainfully and without prompting said the reason that he had not helped me was because “I was not his customer.” Aren’t we all customers? We all come to an auto shop or any place for that matter and expect to be treated fairly. There was and is no excuse for that kind of behavior. I was paying my hard-earned money the same as everyone else, so why did I get looked over? From this experience, I have learned that customer service is not what it used to be. Louetta in general has left a bad taste in my mouth. People like Brian are what’s wrong with the service industry and I hope that he will be reprimanded according to his service.

Review №49

Thank you for fitting us in for a quick oil change today.

Review №50

Brian and the team are always warm, personal and professional. They are why we come their for our automotive needs

Review №51

Fast and professional. everyone there was polite and didnt keep me waiting at all. Would recommend 100%

Review №52

My family moved recently and we were trying to find a local auto shop. We have a few that we go between depending on the repair but this location is definitely closer. We were told by the secondary auto shop from a quote a few months ago that the serpentine belt needed to be replaced so we took it here for a second opinion and found out it was actually in good condition and didnt need replacing. It is very hard to find an auto shop that has trustworthy people not trying to over charge on parts just to put more money into the company. Wew will definitely be using this shop from now on.

Review №53

This review is from both my partner and I. We tried to hold an audience with a member of management on March 27th. An associate asked my partner to wait for said member of management to return from a test drive, and after waiting on site for over half an hour we were told that instead someone from corporate would contact us.No one has contacted us to date except for a tow-truck driver who cursed us out this morning because he was told by Louetta Automotive we were paying the tow-fee.

Review №54

Its great they have a shuttle service back to the house and back to the shop! no need wasting time and a waiting room when you have things to do at home.

Review №55

They were quick to respond to my message about my car, answered any questions I had, and walked me through the entire process. I have used them before and they have been very professional. Would definitely recommend to friends and family.

Review №56

Wow I’m not sure what’s going on today, but I’m not too happy! I’ve been a customer here for a couple of years now and I usually have no complaints (normally good and very quick service). I originally had an appointment to get my oil changed yesterday, but I got a call that the mechanic had to leave and they rescheduled me for today. I am currently sitting at the shop an hour and a half later, still waiting! I rearranged my schedule for today to get my oil changed and someone to watch my daughter since I don’t really want her going out right now. Just a heads up that you’ll be here waiting for quite a while even WITH an appointment.UPDATE June 2, 2020: I ended up having some work done to my vehicle because the time I took it to get the oil changed, the filter was not on properly and I had a big leak on my driveway! I am so grateful to Brian at the front desk and Derek the mechanic who fixed the problem! They took care of me and showed me great customer service like I was used to. I will be going to them with any of my vehicle’s future needs.

Review №57

Very helpful staff, and much better pricing.

Review №58

A little on the expensive side, but their workmanship and communication of the job are appreciated.

Review №59

Always happy with their work!

Review №60

These guys are great my daughter was traveling thru and in a bind. The staff at this location made her feel safe and not like they were trying to take advantage of her got her fixed in on the road in just a few hours my Thanks goes out to Louetta Automotive

Review №61

These guys are great had my tires shipped to them they took really great care of my challenger, will be going back to them for future work, they were very nice and a fun group of mechanics to talk to

Review №62

Very professional, clean and friendly. The technician Daniel Armstrong, was very professional i loved his hair( mowhawk) and very knowledgeable and kind. Will definitely use then again and recommend daniel Armstrong. Thanks agian

Review №63

First time to use the free shuttle service!Fast, friendly service.Will definitely use them again!

Review №64

This is the only company I could find in Atascocita that would come out to the house to work on my car. Rick and Harold were absolutely amazing, treated me with respect and they definitely gained a customer today.

Review №65

Louetta Automotive - Atascocita serviced my vehicle in little to no time. They also did the job right. The customer service rivals the best in the industry and that’s because of the flexibility of Ricky at the front desk. I highly recommend and will be using them again.

Review №66

Quick courteous service, stopped for a vehicle inspection and was in and out in less than 45 minutes.Have since had more dealings with them and as far as routine maintenance, my original review stands, they are great.But my latest experience involved more major work.I payed approximately $150 for a diagnostic service on the engine, A/C and breaks which on its own is a good price.The quote i got however was, in my opinion WAY over the top. I understand that a business has to make money but....The diagnostic on the engine said that the oil pressure switch and crankshaft position sensor both needed to be replaced. The quote was $300 for parts and another $300 for labor.The parts cost me $75 and took less than 15 minutes to replace.The brakes were soft and I was told that the brake cylinders, shoes and drums would need to be replaced, all true.Their quote parts and labor approximately $1000 dollars.Parts from local major parts dealer, $180.Labor 3 hours.Again I understand that a business needs to make money, but 1600 for repairs that cost $255 for parts and 3.5 hours labor.Oh and that price does not include the a/c, of which the diagnostic was basically we checked it and you are right it doesnt work, you will have to pay more to charge the system before we can find out WHY it doesnt work and then we can give you a quote for repair which is what I thought I was getting when I paid for a diagnostic service.

Review №67

These folks are so helpful. They are professional, honest, and do not try to oversell the service. They will advise what is wrong and necessary. Do not hesitate to phone them.

Review №68

Brian was extremely helpful and listened to all of my concerns . The manager Rick also was helpful.Brian is an asset t your organization .

Review №69

Very professional and informed on how to keep my truck in tip top shape. I will be going here from now to get my vehicle serviced.

Review №70

I took my vehicle in to simply get Freon added to the AC system. It took them until 5:50 pm to tell me that I needed $1,700 worth of additional work on the system. They had added Freon like I specified but said I should let them do the estimated work. I needed to get the vehicle back that day and the service Mgr never told me otherwise. I have been there several other times and the service writer usually tries to sell me some additional service that I don’t want. The sales pitch often comes across as a dire situation. I won’t be back!

Review №71

Always honest with evaluation and fair on price. Highly recommended!

Review №72

The whole team is great. Been working with many of them ten or more years. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Trust their advice, and they stand behind all their work.

Review №73

Honest, affordable, friendly business.

Review №74

Always fast and friendly service.

Review №75

Very polite and professional staff. For quick knowledgeable and great service, this is your one stop shop. Thank you all

Review №76

Ive been using Louetta Automotive for nearly five years. Their service is top notch professional and courteous. The only downside for me is that it takes a long time for quotes to be written up for future service.

Review №77

Very good service,

Review №78

This gentleman named Beaux was a real sweetie, quick an easy on his feet and his “Beaux” effect really beaux’d me. I would without a doubt 100/10 refer to anyone who has never been serviced at Louetta Automotive to go get work done from the infamous Beaux.

Review №79

Quick auto inspection. Nice personnel. Clean waiting area.

Review №80

They were very professional. I did not have an appointment, and they still found time to help me. I highly recommend.

Review №81

Fast and simple state inspection!

Review №82

Tire pressures never checked. Combative office staff about it. I have a 2019 gmc acadia denali with pressure monitor that registers within 1psi. Office staff Didnt admit their shop guys skip steps.Will take it to Ntb.If they dont check tire pressures, what else do they not perform but charge for?Bob thayer

Review №83

Had an appointment for 10 AM for oil change. It was about one hour and a half later before it was done. Too long. They offered to check my alignment, but since I had already been there for an hour and a half, I passed. I had purchased the five pack oil change offer, and will finish the other three, but doubt that I will renew. I will pay a little more somewhere else where I can get it done in half the time.

Review №84

Been taking my cars there for years. They have always patiently explained to me the problems that needed to be fixed and fixed them promptly. Yes they can be kind of pricey but I rather pay at a higher price and know my car is fixed properly. Thanks to Rick, JR, Adam and so many more over the years .

Review №85

Excellent Service with Daniel being the Technician and with Brian and Oscar as Customer Service Representatives.Rick on days off this round.

Review №86

Way tooooo expensive! Air conditioning just wasn’t blowning real cold. So they wanted to charge me 289 for just putting in more refrigerate. I called other places and quotes only around 109. As a single women I will never be returning to these guys. I am disappointed in this business. And they act like they could care less if they get your business or not.

Review №87

Excellent service and really fast.

Review №88

Great experience every time

Review №89

Theyre the best.

Review №90

I visited this location to get my car inspected. They were quick, efficient, and professional.

Review №91

Louetta Auto is really a good choice when it comes to auto repair and maintenance. They are super professional and will help to diagnose issues and recommend the correct fix, by the book.

Review №92

The people who work there are professional and know us personally. Weve been to other shops but keep coming back for their convenience and quality of care.

Review №93

I love these guys, they take care of everything and they do exactly what they say they’re going to do. Good luck finding that most places.

Review №94

Great service!

Review №95

Great honest shop with knowledgeable techs.

Review №96

Went in for an oil change on Wednesday, by Sunday I heard funny sounds, so I check the oil. THERE WAS NO OIL, NOT even a drop. My dip stick had burnt brown crusts at the end. Prior to this my car had no leaks or any signs of burning oil. When I went back they refused to look at my car, claimed they were to busy and to come another day. They seem professional at first but they make a mistake, they refuse to back it

Review №97

Ive trusted my vehicle with Louetta Automotive for the last 3 years since moving to the area. I highly recommend this shop. Rick and his team are always great! They take pride in their work and in their customer service. Special thanks to Adam for also always being so awesome and helpful. Im glad to have such a great shop in the area.

Review №98

Guys at the front desk are rude and seem to have an attitude, at least the few times that’s I’ve been in there. Also the inspection system has been down for at least two weeks now. I had my vehicle inspect but it failed so I was told to bring it back after correcting the issue. I’ve brought it back twice and the system is down so I can’t get my inspection. I was told I’d be contacted once the system is up. It’s been two days and I still haven’t heard from anyone.

Review №99

Great service and products. I had protected my wifes car with BG radiator coolant flush and when the power pump leaked several thousand miles later the repair was covered. Perfect. Oil changes, tire rotations and Vehicle inspection have maintained both of our cars.

Review №100

Like always, very good service, friendly people and fair prices.

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  • Address:7625 Farm to Market 1960 Rd E, Atascocita, TX 77346, United States
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  • Phone:+1 281-852-3677
  • Auto repair shop
  • Brake shop
  • Oil change service
  • Tire shop
  • Transmission shop
Working hours
  • Monday:7am–6pm
  • Tuesday:7am–6pm
  • Wednesday:7am–6pm
  • Thursday:8am–5pm
  • Friday:Closed
  • Saturday:7am–6pm
  • Sunday:7am–6pm
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Oil change:Yes
  • Mechanic:Yes
  • Appointments recommended:Yes
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