Quick Lane at Asheville Ford
611 Brevard Rd, Asheville, NC 28806, United States
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Its true, they took longer than Id hoped. I considered leaving when Id been waiting 2 hours. But I stayed because they offered such a good deal for the services I needed for my commercial vehicle. Then I overheard one of the employees answer the phone. Someone mustve been asking about the wait time. He said that the wait time was long today because they are very low staffed and trying to hire. He recommended coming first thing in the morning or calling to inquire about wait time before coming. That changed my attitude a bit because Im very familiar with staffing issues. The mechanics were walking slowly and didnt seem to try to rush. But it made me think that I dont blame them. They are doing their job and shouldnt have to do the job of 2 or more mechanics because of low staffing. Ill be back and will bring a book or work with me. My vehicle was serviced and I was there a total of 3 hours.

Review №2

Ronny was so helpful! He spent all afternoon calling different places to find my weird small tires to no avail, but still helped me as best he could and gave good advice! Thanks so much!

Review №3

First of all, their posted hours (here on google and on their website) are wrong. They close at 6pm, not 7pm. If you arrive after 6pm the building will be empty and you wont get even as much as an apology for having the wrong hours posted.Second, they tried to charge me $100 more than they quoted me for a brake job and an oil change. A $10 or $20 discrepancy I could understand, but $100 is unacceptable.I will not return to this shop.

Review №4

Took over 3 hours for an oil change. Need to be able to make an appointment. Man at the front desk was nice. But ?????????

Review №5

Walked in at 9am a for oil change and tire rotation and was told 3 hour wait, the techs in the back were standing around and 1 in particular was walking back from lobby at a snails pace. Another customer was needing the manager who was apparently across the street and could not be pulled back to the quick lane. Will not go back.

Review №6

I had trouble with my battery cranking the engine to start it. It sounded dead but if you held the key turned it would finally crank it. I stopped at Asheville Ford Quick Lane and asked for an oil change with the works and take a look at the battery. They were busy that day but they fixed the defective battery, replace the oil, ran a bunch of tests and I got the car back freshly cleaned from their car wash.

Review №7

Zero stars. Got their at 11:00 ,for oil change and tire rotation. Ask how long it would be, was told 45 minutes, no more than one hour. Two and a half hours later was still sitting their, and my truck was still sitting in the parking lot. So I asked for my keys. No explanation, no apologies, no nothing. I thing they were more concerned about what they were going to have for lunch, than their customers. Very unprofessional. Will never be back.

Review №8

Friendly people and fast service, will recommend highly 👌

Review №9

The title is deceiving, theres nothing quick about the place! Got there a little after 9am for an oil change and left a little after 1pm!!

Review №10

Excellent service for your Ford vehicles. Fast service, friendly staff, decent prices.

Review №11

Had a very pleasant experience taking a pre-owned car bought across the street at Ford for its included complimentary oil change/tire rotation. Specifically would like to mention Jimmy (mechanic) who took care of an unrelated issue with the cars sagging skid plate just cause I mentioned it. The people at the desk were courteous and cool too. I rarely if ever leave reviews online, but this was a particularly good impression I got from a shop.

Review №12

Had to go here to get an oil change tire rotation, I like the simple fact that this facility was next door to the dealership for simple things like that. Service manner was friendly said he take care of my needs the only thing I found and it seems only in the south slow and laid back LOL but got great service.

Review №13

Bought my car from Asheville Ford and Lincoln. Between my sales experience and Quick lane service I won’t go anywhere else. I recommend you bring your car here for any service needs, make sure to ask for Tiffany.

Review №14

Quick service. Friendly staff. Took care of my car quickly and professionally.

Review №15

Very good service.

Review №16

Took 3 hours for oil change. 2 bays unused. Must be short on techs.

Review №17

Shop is well set up for social distancing. Mask required at this point. Guys were very helpful. Took care of my wifes sportage quickly and completely. Did not have to make an appointment but would recommend if possible. Car was serviced and washed with vac very quickly. Was actually surprised how fast it was completed.

Review №18

Pretty good this time, young lady at front counter was very nice, when she wasnt sure of something we were asking she went and got help, instead of giving out stupid answeres.

Review №19

Replaced good rotors at 740.00 on my 2019 f250 for no reason

Review №20

I brought my ford car here several times and always had great service. I recently sold my ford car and ran into a issue with the buying dealer which was not ford but another local dealer brand. This other dealer was being difficult to say the least and put me in a bad spot and a time crunch. So I ran over to Quicklane to see if they could help me out. I explained the problem and they said no problem we will help you . I believe the girls name was tiffany, she listened to my angry ramblings about the other dealer with a smile. Said we understand and got my car in and got it fixed and had me out in very little time. The service man who worked on my car, sorry cant remember his name, also was very polite and said he was happy to help me out. Even though I dont own a ford any more I will still bring my oil change business to quick lane.

Review №21

Everything great with courteous and friendly service, except for 2 CDs were missing from my glovebox after my last visit. Still no call from the manager after reporting them missing.

Review №22

The service was quick and the staff was helpful and friendly.

Review №23

Everyone at the Quick Lane did awesome, great communication and detail oriented. Austin my service advisor handled the claim with the extended warranty provider I have with my car and was able to get everything straight with them. The mechanic was super nice and helpful and showed me what the problem was, super grateful that this shop is here - I will be back!

Review №24

Alittle slow on a maintenance services but they did bump up my place in line because I was told I had a 8am appointment.

Review №25

Just a heads up the quick lane is closed due to COVID-19 and you have to get your car serviced at the dealership. However, the dealership runs on appointments only and the phones are not connected or forwarded to the dealership in anyway nor is there any signage or verbiage on their website that would let you know to do this. For those that use quick lane you know they don’t take appointments but now you must miraculously know to do this with the dealership! If you’ve dealt with Asheville Ford before this won’t surprise you but for those that drive across town to get your car serviced I hope you see this before making the drive!

Review №26

Was told there was an hour wait..... That was at 3pm. Put my name on the list to have my car serviced at 4pm. I just left at 5:20pm. They didnt bring my car into the bay until 4:50pm.

Review №27

Always a great experience, fast friendly service and they’ve washed my car twice already without me even requesting it or having to pay for it. Quality customer service👏🏻

Review №28

Usually a good experience however, we showed up today to get my car serviced and despite their website and Google saying they were open, they were not. The door to the building was open but, not a soul to be found anywhere. Called the desk and was informed they were no longer open on Sundays. It would be nice if they could keep the internet presence up to date so people dont make special trips to town only to find out they made the trip for nothing.

Review №29

The prime rib was good but I was disappointed with everything else. One of my party had a hamburger and french fries. The burger was tasty but the fries were dried out as if they had been reheated. I was also served Frozen cheesecake too hard to cut with a spoon.

Review №30

In and out fast. Great staff!

Review №31

Professional and friendly! No appointments taken so you just park in one of the parking spots by the garages and sign in at the desk inside. Since it does take some time for an oil change (an hour to an hour and a half depending on how many people are ahead of you), I wish they did have more outlets in the waiting room. I brought my work laptop to do some work while waiting and there was only one plug available and I needed to charge my cell too.Five stars for staff and service, 4 stars for the waiting area. Overall a great place to go for an oil change, and it is nice you can watch your car getting worked on from he big glass windows in the waiting area. They have seats and a long bar in front of the window. Coupons are always online which makes it a better deal.

Review №32

Super nice guys at Quick Lane! As a girl I often feel dumb and taken advantage of at car places but everyone I spoke with here was very kind and respectful to me. Will definitely be coming back in the future!

Review №33

Very busy location, friendly and accommodating services.

Review №34

I needed a new tire asap on account of running over a bolt at night. They not only had a set of tires for my car, but were able to install them first thing the next morning in a little over an hour on short notice. This really saved the remainder of my honeymoon. Definitely go here if you need anything. They are great

Review №35

Kind, Generous & QUICK Oil Change Service (I made an appointment) on my 2019 Ford Connect XLT.Waiting area & Shop was Whistling Clean 😁

Review №36

Did a great job getting me in and out quickly. Friendly staff and management. Orlando was very nice and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!

Review №37

Fast in and out with in 15 minutes. Very thuro with their work. Good people.

Review №38

We’re from Florida and had a accident while up here on our last day, I called Quick Lane and they told me to come on in and they’ll handle it, and I can assure you they did exactly what they said, Big shout-out to Orlando Rosario the manager for understanding our struggle and helping us make it home. God Bless You

Review №39

Quick and fast but forgot to fill DEF and charged me for it.

Review №40

Nothing “quick” about this place. Mechanics were just sitting around like there’s not a window that customers can watch them, and front room guys have no clue what they’re talking about. Over an hour and a half for just an oil change! Don’t waste your time.

Review №41

2 days to get a oil change. Then when I get there to pick up my company vehicle, Im told still not ready.

Review №42

They did an oil change for me, not much to say.

Review №43

Orlando Rozario was extremely helpful and accomodating. We were traveling to the area and had an issue come up with our brakes and rotors, preventing us from being able to safely travel home as planned. It was a Sunday, and none of the other shops in the area were able to assist us, but Orlando went above and beyond to get us back on the road within a couple hours. We are so appreciative of all of his help. While at the location, it was apparent to us that Orlando is an incredibly hard worker and a star employee. As business owners, we can recognize the value and rarity of an employee like Orlando. Thank you!!

Review №44

It was a great experience

Review №45

Every time I go here I get quick very friendly service. There is a TV to watch, clean restrooms, coffee available and drink machine. The waiting area is big with window so you can see outside, an airy place with good setting area. There are plugs for computer and phone chargers. They have always been good to me.

Review №46

Friendly people, competitive pricing, honest service, and always looking out for my best interest. I love getting all my service done here because they take such great care of me!

Review №47

I brought my car in for an oil change. They noticed a safety issue that could have easily resulted in an accident with my tire. Thanks for your attention to detail.

Review №48

Services were quick and professional. Environment is always clean and neat. Plus I got an awesome discount!!!

Review №49

Great service here. Friendly and knowledgeable.

Review №50

Ive had our cars serviced at Quick Lane for the last four years. They have always been extremely nice and gotten the work done on time and on budget. Great staff!

Review №51

Came in to my oil change. The person at the front desk ask if I would like my car washed with car wash. Sure. So when my car was done and I got in my car. It was definitely not washed and there was not a new sticker for my new oil change on the window.

Review №52

Always great service, one tech in particular - cant remember his name, but he could be Ed Sheerans brother is awesome. Great and quick service everytime I have been there.

Review №53

Excellent and very friendly service. Will Crawford is very efficient and helpful!

Review №54

Awesome as always. Staff is genuinely friendly and a pleasure to work with. Always ready to great you with a smile 😊

Review №55

Sloppy work. Stripped lug stud when rotating tires. Found out when I later had flat tire and couldn’t remove a nut. A year later, managed to break another lug stud when rotating tires and tried to make me pay for it! Faster is not always better. Done with them.

Review №56

Waited 3 hours to fix a flat. Ended up replacing the tire with a way overpriced one. To make matters worse it took them 30 minutes travel time to go get the tire. Wouldnt you think they would stock tires? My advisor was rude. Definitely do not recommend them.

Review №57

Speedy, well mannered and versed. Was honest about the difference between something that was a concern and NEEDED to be fixed.

Review №58

Takes way to long to get a simple oil change

Review №59

Real professional got the work done in timely manor

Review №60

Slow lane is more like it. Simple oil change is over 2 hours and theres at least 5 techs standing around watching me watch them do nothing.

Review №61

My name is Heather Connolly, I am a home care specialists and I carry a lot of geriatric patients around in my car so it has to be right all the time. The amazing people at Quick Lane are my go to people when I need something. I used to go to the jeep dealership before I found Jonathan and Liz at Quick Lane, I hated the way the guys at the jeep dealership talked to me because I didnt understand what my car was doing. Jonathan is usually my first point of contact when I call, and he listens without judgment when I say my car is making a funny noise or I dont know what is wrong but something isnt right. He will do price checks and match anyone else advertised, and create work orders over the phone so Im ready to get started when I arrive. Liz is the translator for me when the techs find what is going on, she explains it in terms I understand completely, if its something that has to be fixed before it gets bad or it can wait, she is very thorough in making sure I know exactly what needs to be done. She is such an asset to them with customer service that is really exemplary! The technicians show me the parts they take off that are comprised and that matters to me because it instills a trust that I really needed after dealing with jeep in Hendersonville. There is another guy John Goodwin checked me out yesterday, but the entire time I was there he made sure I was comfortable and offered conversations to keep me entertained, I have no words to give thanks for the peace of mind coming to have my car serviced by this amazing team of people gives me. Daniel the tech spent over four hours making sure every inch was totally road worthy. Thank you hardly seems adequate. So I will always be back, I put alot of miles on my car and depend on it for my livelihood, I love knowing that Quick Lane is completely reliable and they genuinely care about services you receive there!! Fabulous people!!

Review №62

Great for inspections and small things like oil changes if you have a Ford, but if you need to change anything more significant than a spark plug, then you better sell a kidney to afford their prices.. or just go somewhere else.

Review №63

Waited 3 hours for 4 tires. Hard working crew. Nice waiting area with coffee TV and clean restrooms.

Review №64

You would think that you could make an appointment like most other dealers, but no. The last time I was there, we waited about 2 hours. This time the wait was going to be 2 1/2 - 3 hours so we just left and scheduled with a different dealership. That is pathetic.

Review №65

Randy was great! As busy as he was, he took the time to take extra good care of us and our new mustang!

Review №66

My 8 months pregnant sister sat here this afternoon for an hour and half before her car was pulled in for an oil change. This wouldnt have been a problem were it not for the countless other cars that arrived after her and were taken back almost immediately. This is unacceptable work.Update: After an hour and half they finally take the care back. Now going on an hour waiting for it to finish. Apparently, they are run by a slew of turtlemen that care not at all about the timeliness of their work. My sister is convinced she will give birth here. Please send help.Second Update: After 3 hours the car is finished and my sister did not have her baby in the worst car shop ever. But seriously, 3 hours is a deplorable standard. Do not waster your time.

Review №67

Took my 500 in for oil change an check up..been a customer for 14 years.. good service an staff

Review №68

The team here has never treated me poorly. I have been responsible for maintaining a fleet of vehicles for over 5 years, and the team at the Quick Lane, has been the best group to work with. Highly recommend this shop.

Review №69

Walk-in was about an hour for an oil change, at least they have comfy chairs and Wi-Fi

Review №70

I recently went to Quick Lane at Asheville Ford for an oil change and tire rotation which I requested to be done when I checked in. My vehicle had 111837 miles on it when I went in. Usually they schedule the next oil change at 5,000 miles. I also had a leak in one of my tires, slow though it might have been they told me they could not find a leak anywhere. I took my vehicle in to this place 3 times because of the tire leaking each time with the same result; they could not find a leak. Finally fed up I go to Quick Lane in Canton at Ken Wilson Ford, explained my problem to the service manager (Daniel Warren). He took me right in assigned my vehicle to a technician who put it up on the lift and with in 10 - 15 seconds he found what appeared to be what was left of a steel brad sticking in my tire, right in the middle of the tire. They repaired my tire and I was on my way. I did stop by Asheville Ford Quick Lane to show them what they said they could not find and to correct the mileage due on the sticker for my next oil change. I will be going to Ken Wilson from now on.

Review №71

When a customer comes in and tells the the person behind the desk that he got a oil changed on Saturday and its leaking oil. They should have put me at the top of the waiting list because you guys worked on my car Saturday instead of making me wait 3hrs. To find out the oil filter was defective.

Review №72

Will, at Quicklane Asheville Ford, took extra care of me Sunday 11/10. Will is calling around town to find lug nuts for my car. I came in for oil change as well.

Review №73

They were quick, courteous, and provided everything needed to have a comfortable wait.

Review №74

Friendly staff but wow 2:30 min to get an oil change!!!!

Review №75

It was okay until I had to go back because of panel was dragging but they fixed it real quick

Review №76

Liz always has that place running like clock work. Never a bad experience.

Review №77

Waited close to 2 hours to have simple oil change and tire rotation at a very slow time. Need quicker turnaround time to accommodate a work schedule. Disappointing

Review №78

Waited 35 mins just to check in. Over 2 hours for oil change/tire rotation. Plan 3 hours for Quick Lane. Never again!

Review №79

Always easy and convenient. Great service!

Review №80

Love this place

Review №81

I went online and made an appointment for the works oil change. Arrived at my designated time and the service rep told me that they did not make appointments and the oil change would be an additional $20, more than the price quoted online. I asked if they would not honor their own advertisement and he said no the web site is wrong.

Review №82

Id suggest finding a real mechanic, this place is sure fast but its expensive and those guys dont know what they are doing... theres lots of local owned auto shops around here that will do you way better.

Review №83

I was using them for a while and had been happy with the service but I got a competitors coupon in the mail and thought they would want my business and maybe match the coupon! Not only would they not match it, they were just rude! I walked out and went to use my coupon elsewhere. No joke, the next day I got a flyer in the mail that said competitive pricing...I called them and asked what that ment. The first person I talked with had no idea so they transfered me to someone else only for the next person to tell me, I think it means tires. What? Dont waste your time/money with these people!!!

Review №84

They are very sufficient...just dont like the wait times

Review №85

Car wash

Review №86

Always the best service

Review №87

Great service, fair price, open extended hours which was a life saver for me.

Review №88

Quality care, great service

Review №89

Service tech Noah went above and beyond to help with my fiances truck. Stellar service

Review №90

The employees that work here are very friendly. Ive never had a issue with this company. Very friendly and knowledgeable.

Review №91

Service is excellent, however the wait times are crazy. Not quick.

Review №92

Oil change shouldt take over 2 hours to do yall need to get better staff that can get theyre work done alot faster

Review №93

Went for oil change. Was told I needed brakes and rotors. Gave me a price of $400.00. Took to another mechanic and he said after checking all 4 wheels, that I didnt need no brake work done. Do not trust this business.

Review №94

Good turn around for oil,oil filter, and fuel filters

Review №95

What a waste of time they quoted me around 80-85 dollars for an synthetic oil change after half an hour .I was told oh no its going to be 120.00 for an oil change. Thanks a lot what a waste of time. Never again quick lane you suck.thanks for wasting my time jish

Review №96

Great service, good food.

Review №97

Great service every time!

Review №98

Helpful service from Randy the manager

Review №99

Sell me stuff I dont need every person in there they seem to have issue we just in first oil change I see another deal

Review №100

Orlando was awesome 👍

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  • Sunday:Closed
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  • Mechanic:Yes
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