Reeder Realty
2747 Caddo St, Arkadelphia, AR 71923, United States

Review №1

Friendly and efficient. We like them and we are going to use them to sell our house!

Review №2

Courteous folks willing, to give assistance. Very knowledgeable about this area

Review №3

I have a storage building with them. They are very nice!!

Review №4

Great people and service

Review №5

They need to update their listings off their website because its misleading.

Review №6

I went to readers to speak to the bookkeeper about a property I had years ago that I am still getting charged for taxes on. She made a few phone calls trying to help me get it taken care of. I stand up to leave, give her a number to call me and as soon as Im about to walk out the man (Im guessing the reeders son) walks back there and says she has work to do and you have been back her for a while!!! I was in her office like 15 - 20 minutes! She had made a few phone calls trying to help me! She was doing her job! This is a place of business where I went to get the help I needed and had to deal with an unnecessary comment I guess you have a time limit on how long the bookkeeper can help you or the son will come in and tell you youre taking too long! He is completely unprofessional! If he needed to know what was going on he could have just came in and asked if we needed help or asked her what she was taking care of! The bookkeeper is very professional, sweet, and helps get your needs taken care of! So as long as you dont have to deal with him going on a power Trip you will be good.

Review №7

Most unprofessional company I have tried to deal with. I’m not sure how they are in business if the son talks to people he did his mother.Was looking a storage unit, meet the owners(very nice and respectable people) but the payments go through Reeder. 🤢

Review №8

Great family owned business!

Review №9

Good staff & customer service

Review №10

Go to the other realtors in town unless you want the run around & people who do not care about handing over the key. Three weeks later they still hadnt asked the landlord if we could have our dog & told us to ask for them. They will not work with you & do not care about getting you into the house after you hand over your deposit. Weve had much better luck elsewhere with people who are actually trying to find tenants and take our money!

Review №11

As soon as he noticed I wasnt directly calling to buy a home he was horribly rude to me. His voice changed the moment he recognized I wasnt inquiring about buying a home. He said he was leaving now. He couldnt look anything up for me. I should call back in a few hours or tomorrow and someone may be able to check for me. He said everyone is gone. I asked when they leave he said 515. It was 459. I asked if someone could help me. He said no they leave at 515. All I need is a transaction history. Just a simple email or a time that tey would be available or heaven forbid they could call me back. They were dreadful when we rented from them also. I hope they check these reviews because not only am I buying a house in the next year but I am actively guiding my brother and mother through the process of purchasing there own seperate homes right now. Neither one has chosen their property yet but I would rather die then work with anyone in their office in the near future. It was so bad Im going to ask someone else to talk to them for me tomorrow. They only care if you are potentially giving them piles of money. If you have a lease agreement they dont care anymore either because youre under contract. Honestly my advice to anyone considering this company is start a fire in your backyard and burn your money because your gonna wish thats what you did if you get tied up with this company.

Review №12

This is the worst company to rent from. The staff there is so rude and nasty...the owners son is one of the main ones that so rude....make you wonder how they stay in business.....we rented an apartment in Gurdon, Ar on Pine Street...the worst mistake we have made....there was a young black women that lived above us...she stomped and dropped furniture on the floor above us...she cursed us and threatened us, when we reported it to the office...Heather Billingsly threatened to evict us if we made one more complaint about this women....there was always the smell of pot in the building...loud parties at all hours of the night..we couldnt get any rest living there so we moved out....Just a warning....DONT RENT FROM THERE PEOPLE...THEY ARE HORRIBLE.

Review №13

Appeared to be too interested in making money for themselves.Places I looked at were top of the line DUMPS!!!😧😝😤

Review №14

Not a very good rental agency. They are very slow to fix anything if something goes wrong with a house one of their tenants are renting.

Review №15

They dont fix things right

Review №16

Nice place to rent a place

Review №17

The Worst!!

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2.9 Rating
  • Address:2747 Caddo St, Arkadelphia, AR 71923, United States
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  • Phone:+1 870-246-2406
  • Real estate rental agency
  • Property management company
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  • Monday:8am–5pm
  • Tuesday:8am–2pm
  • Wednesday:8am–2pm
  • Thursday:8am–5pm
  • Friday:8am–5pm
  • Saturday:8am–5pm
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