The UPS Store
2810 W, Pine St, Arkadelphia, AR 71923, United States

Review №1

Brandon is always a big help every time I come in, you can tell he truly cares about his job and customers. Thank you so much for the help today!

Review №2

This store has made my life SO much easier. I was constantly printing things at home, going through numerous ink cartridges and then things not printing right, etc. since I have started coming here it has made my life so much easier with regards to printing! I can just email my documents and within a few minutes I show up and they are printed and ready to go! 5/5 but really more like 6/5 to be honest!

Review №3

The owners are a wonderful couple. They were so polite and helpful. I spent a grand total of 1 dollar in their store (which the gentleman promptly added to his humane society donation jar). In spite of that, they made me feel like a valued customer. As a bonus, their dog is adorable and so sweet!I wish I had more packages to ship. I would gladly make the 30 minute drive to do it from their store.

Review №4

The owner is a wonderful woman who is so sweet and helpful we really appreciate your help i definitely recommend going here for all printing and different needs

Review №5

Drove from Magnolia to return a package to Amazon. The gentleman was very nice, completed the transaction promptly and we were on our way. Pleasant experience

Review №6

Great service. The old man that works in there is the nicest guy ever. When I was in there he asked me what I was studying and then when I left he wished me luck in my career. Great store.

Review №7

The older man that works there is always so nice and helpful. He always helps package up my boxes. I love when his dog is there!

Review №8

This location is very nice and the parking lot doesnt have the entry/exit issues their old previous location had.

Review №9

The owners are always very helpful, and they take care of the work I ship out like it is their own.

Review №10

Always very helpful. Thanks for all your help through the years.

Review №11

I personally went to store and the man at the first desk was not interested in helping me at all. I called them the next day and the phone rang and rang. I would advise using a different service for your packages.

Review №12

Great Service! I have been using this UPS store to ship packages and make copies for quite some time and always have a wonderful experience!

Review №13

I called this store twice and both times the man, who I now know is the owner, answered the phone. The first time he hung up on me, and the second time he was still rude when I asked him to issue a shipping label for me, but apparently this UPS store doesnt issue shipping labels. Either way he was very rude and not helpful at all. I recommend you use a different shipping service then this one if up need to ship something.

Review №14

Every time I go in there to ship my items the older man is very nice to me

Review №15

Is there a way to give no stars because customer service is rude.

Review №16

The man I just talked to on the phone refused to tell me his name, hung up on me, refused to let me speak to the manager. I would give this place a negative rating if I could.

Review №17

I have been in sales for 8 years, shipped packages through hundreds of UPS Store locations across the country and I have never had such great service as I had today. The owners (husband and wife) were extremely helpful and even offered to help me pack my boxes. When I was done packing they offered to help tape the boxes up for me as well. Keep in mind, I was using pre-paid labels meaning they werent making any money with me using their store, but they still offered to go the extra mile. I packed my boxes outside in 90 degree heat and when I was done and sent my boxes on their way, the husband gave me a bottled water for the road and thanked me for stopping in. I will not hesitate using this store again anytime Im in the Arkadelphia area. This is strange because I never post reviews but todays service warranted one!!!!!

Review №18

The man who answered the phone, claiming to be the owner, was extremely rude. Not interested in helping me at all. He admitted to hanging up on me, and would not let me get through what I was trying to say. Recommend using a different service.

Review №19

Super nice people. Thank you for your help!

Review №20

Dude who answers the phone is super RUDE wish I could give this zero stars.

Review №21

I called to ask a question about a package I would be getting in the mail. The man who answered the phone, was very short, and rude with me. He stated We dont have anything to do with packages coming in, call UPS, the number is in the phonebook! and click, hung up in my face.

Review №22

A hillbilly with an attitude

Review №23

Easy to ship things

Review №24

Works for whats needed

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  • Address:2810 W, Pine St, Arkadelphia, AR 71923, United States
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  • Phone:+1 870-246-0478
  • Freight forwarding service
  • Business center
  • Shipping and mailing service
  • Mailbox rental service
  • Notary public
  • Office supply store
  • Packaging supply store
  • Print shop
  • Shredding service
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