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On June 22, 2021, I called Chad to get some work done on my RV. He was extremely nice and very professional and told me to come in two hours and he will see what he can do with my problem. My RV had a small generator that was not functioning correctly. He said that he was not very familiar with my particular generator model, but he was willing to look at it and see what he can do. He was able to figure out their problem and fix it in a very quick time. He was very professional, very personal and a super nice man. He was sincere and honest and did a far better job than we had expected. He also charged a very fair price. I have seen many mechanics in my life, and often felt as though I was being taken advantage of, but at this place, this man was honestly fair, fast and went beyond the norm to do a wonderful job and to ensure we am were satisfied. It was so refreshing to see a mechanic of this caliber. He also is a Christian man and practices what he believes. I would highly recommend Chad for any automobile or RV repairs. If we’re in this area again with a vehicle or RV need, we will definitely return to see Chad!!

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Chad is the mechanic everyone wishes they were buddies with. I drive around 130,000 miles a year across US and if Im not driving Im losing money. Even worse is paying for a repair that didnt correct the problem. Chad diagnosed and repaired my vehicle in one afternoon and I was back on the road that evening. Best part was I had this same repair done around 150,000 miles earlier and I saved 40% having Chad do it. Chad is an honest, skilled mechanic whose prices are great. Wish I lived in the area, great and honest mechanics are few and far between. Highly recommend!!!

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We were stuck on the I-30 while travelling back home on Friday at 4 PM, a very wrong time to get stuck.The check engine light was flashing and did not know what to do, so just parked on the shoulder and looking for nearby repair shops. I called almost all the repair shops within 20 mile radius and most of them did not pick up the phone or were not willing to take a look until the next morning or monday.As I was travlleing with the family and this area was completely new, was not sure who can help.After searching on Google, I found Chad, and decided to call him just based on the name of the shop, as it mentioned engine repair. We were very happy after talking to him, as he told us that he can wait for us and can take a look that evening.He diagnosed the issue, fixed it and charged very fair for it, and got us back on road in around 3 hours. He stayed very late for us to get the car fixed. You will never find such helpful people around nowadays. We were very happy to find him.His wife was very helpful too, and got kids and wife to the nearby facilities in her car.Thanks a lot Chad for helping us.

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Me and my husband got stranded in Arkansas on a work load (travel state to state) at a pilot due to our fan assembly breaking and cause our van to run hot..we called Mr.Chad the next morning and he came to us at the promised time to diagnose our van. Our battery was dead as well he was more than helpful got us to come to his shop where he did the repairs and we was highly satisfied..would recommend him to anyone he was truly a lifesaver thanks again Mr.Chad..

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I posted a review of the shiny buisness and if it isnt the correct buisness off walnut behind the tire shop up from falk plumbing i apologize. I highly doubt I got it wrong. I specifically got the address after calling him on the phone. As 7i intend to.pursure court proceedings after he f d off my grandsons car not once but twice. And yes he supposedly rebuilt the engine and it did stop within two dern days and get 5aken back to have him go back in and charge hundreds more dollars 💵. I stand by my assessments of this guy

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Very unprofessional don’t answer phone calls. Don’t respond to text messages.

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He is a con artist in my opinion . This guy supposedly rebuilt an engine and two days later it seized and it was told back to his shop with engine trouble. Hed already been paid off. Yet after working on the engine again he refused to release the car with 700 more dollars and with paying incurring storage fees. Which made all the broken down vehicles on sight make sense. Reconsider this guy as your mechanic

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Very nice guy!! Highly recommend!!

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I spoke with him a a week ago and he told me to be at his shop yesterday morning, Sept 5th 2020. I had over an hour drive to get to him so I sent him a text letting him know I was on my way. He replied okay. I was 10 minutes from his shop and he text and said he had been vomiting and not feeling well so he was going home. If he was truly sick he should have let me know before I traveled an hour on a bad part, I would have been happy to reschedule. Come to find out he was at his shop yesterday after all. He may do good work but this isnt the way to handle business. Especially when he knew I was driving over an hour with cash and the parts to put money in his pocket.

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Chad was very busy this week but came out to help me with an unusual problem. My rv had a stuck leveling jack so I couldnt move it. There is no service that would come out to help me but he did. He was very helpful. I will be using his services again.

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Best price and reliable. Very knowledgeable, very kind, and very reasonable

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Took over 6 months to fix charges $4000 and didn’t even fix the car. Only fixed part of the car and charged more than he originally quoted me for only partial work. Charged me for a wrong part he ordered, and also broke more things on the car that I now have to replace such as the trunk hatch and missing parts of the door. If you can, avoid this place at all cost it’s not worth what I went through for a job that I could have done myself in a week if I had the parts and tools. Worst mechanic he will scam you.

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I got stranded in Arkadelphia when my transmission went out. His professionalism, quality and workmanship cant be beat. And the price.....doesnt break the bank! Call Chad for your vehicle needs.

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He figured out what was wrong with my car and fixed it very fast. Prices are reasonable very professional. Will definitely go back if I have any other issues in the future!

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Chad absolutely saved my trip last week. My water pump failed on the highway a few miles away and he went above and beyond to help me out. When it became clear I wouldnt be able to get my van to his shop he came out with his truck to tow me back on and then worked hard as long as he could to solve the issue that day until it was too dark to go on. Then right away the following morning he got right back to it and I was back on the road in great time. His prices was great too! He made it very clear how and what I was being charged for and I knew he was basing his price on average prices for the work he performed. No mystery there.Overall I would definitely recommend giving Chad a call if youre in the area or like me, just traveling through and youre looking for a friendly local shop with someone you can trust.

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Chad is a life saver! We were broken down late afternoon Saturday after thanksgiving (after he was already closed). He helped us get back on the road. HIGHLY RECOMMEND - if you need a mechanic, you can trust him!!

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Good pricesGreat work

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Mr. Chad never disappoints me .... I am a college student which means I don’t have much money so whenever I need something fixed I ALWAYS go to him . His prices are reasonable and he is fast and efficient I RECOMMEND !!

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If you want a place to go to get your car fixed right take it to Chads auto repair... He will fix your car and if he finds something else wrong he will let you know that also. He is very reasonable with his pricing and a very pleasant person to be around. He is also mobile so if you are broke down he will come to you in a timely manner... I highly recommend you choose Chads auto repair...

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I highly recommend going to Chads Auto Repair.Mr Chad is a great man. I was on my way from Dallas to Little Rock and my trucks battery died on me and I was stuck stranded by the side of the freeway for hours. I googled Chads Auto Repairs, gave him a call and told him my predicament. Chad was already off work but he went out of his way to find me and help me out. He made sure my truck was taken care of and that if I had any further issues to give him a call.

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The mechanic knows what he doing and replaced parts very quickly to very reasonable prices. He went out of his way to help me on a late Saturday afternoon. I highly recommend him!

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Ive had issues with my vehicle after I took it to another repair shop in little rock. They replaced my radiator, but it would overheat when idling.Chad fixed their mistake (they didnt fully mount the radiator), and the brake problems I brought it in for. He was able to get it done within a day of me dropping it off too.Without a doubt, i will be bringing my truck back to Chads if I run into any other issues. I recommend you take your vehicle here too.

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Our alternator went out and Chad was able to meet us on a Saturday to fix it. Excellent service and fair pricing.

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I highly recommend Chads if you’re having car troubles. He came right out and fixed my car in under 10 minutes. Great mechanic

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Chad at Chads auto repair was not only quick and efficient with the job at hand, but friendly, courteous, and accomidating. He made himself available after hours on a Saturday so that we could make it home safely. He replaced parts in our engine right in front of us and answered every question we had with a smile on his face. And all at a reasonable price. Also, HE WILL DRIVE TO YOU! Thats right. This guy will come to where ever you happen to break down to get you moving again. I couldnt thank him enough. I will be going back for any future repairs, and Ill be recommending him to everyone I know in the arkadelphia area.

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Chad was a hero. I had 2 tires blowout on a boat trailer in arkadelphia. I called up Chad and he came out and rescued me. Awesome guy, honest man.

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We were visiting the area & called stranded in a pking lot at 230pm Saturday afternoon. He drove to our location in about 10min. The serpentine belt broke & battery almost dead. He went & picked up new&replaced the belt, recharged our battery, & had us on our way. A lifesaver!

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My daughter recently got stranded in Arkadelphia and needed a new alternator on her Mazda I called Chad on a Friday after hours and he said that he would put it on for her I ordered the alternator from OReillys and paid for it he picked it up on Saturday morning picked up her car at the hotel put the alternator on and brought the car back to her I got nothing but good things to say about him since I live in Texas and was over eight hours away and he took care of my daughter and granddaughter thanks Chad

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Thanks very much for fixing my car, youre awesome !!!

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