Revolution Bicycles
1593 G St, Arcata, CA 95521, United States

Review №1

I would consider seven sea and cycles before revolution bicycles. Thats all I have to say I have my reasons. Such as one is able to fix my bike while the other company charged me and couldnt fix it. I dunno Ive seen a difference in quality and feel there are better options out there that wont over charge you.I appreciate that. The issue is I took the bike two different places one had the correct solution simple 5 min fix the other diagnosed the bike and told me I needed a whole new component. I dont mind paying for the labor to diagnose the issue I just wished that paying for diagnosing the problem could also fix the problem and I have felt I have better options out there thats all it is.

Review №2

I stopped by when they were closed and was still able to get a much needed tool from the young man who was working inside the closed store. Im on bicycle tour up the coast and he really saved me. Great customer service!

Review №3

The owners are always cool. Small town, so limited selection. I buy 90% of my stuff there for the past 22 years. They have a dedicated base. Make sure to ask the mechanics to clean your bike if getting a tune-up. They forget, sometimes.

Review №4

Great service. Youre from out of town? actually meant they went out of their way to help us out. Thanks to Revolution Bicycles, well be riding every day of our stay in Arcata.Outstanding.

Review №5

Super friendly and helpful people. Got me out of a bind real quick with a genuine interest in my problem rather than sales. Good advice on biking and the area.

Review №6

The bike shop is neat and customer service is ok, prices are ok.Giving a 2 star cause I took my bike to convert the tires to tubeless.So they didn’t even hesitate to tell me my tires and wheels are not tubeless ready which they are!I have Maxxis Ardent and they are tubeless ready and my wheel are too! All I needed is a valve, tape and the liquid!Whats going on here ? Trying to up sell me brand new tires and wheels? LOLSince u didn’t even could tell my tires where tubeless ready i dont trust ur mechs. So im taking my business somewhere else.

Review №7

Friendly, helpful staff. Professional service. Overall great experience. Would highly recommend.

Review №8

Very helpful and friendly staff.

Review №9

I have stopped in a few times now and have always been impressed with the service. They helped me with a faulty tire valve free of charge.I took my mountain bike in to be inspected for safety, they looked at it promptly and gave me a reasonable quote. Probably the best part was they told me the truth, the bike didnt need any major work, they didnt ask for any money.Revolution will take care of you and your bike

Review №10

Top notch service. Good people.

Review №11

Custom service was excellent! Covid safety protocol was followed and made me feel comfortable. My son loves his new bike!

Review №12

Staff are knowledgeable, friendly, and very relaxed.

Review №13

Awesome shop! Very knowledgeable staff and willing to go above and beyond. I always appreciate their services and love to bring them a six pack of beer here and there

Review №14

Everyone I have dealt with, at both stores, has been so helpful and professional. It’s great to have local folks from which to get my cycling stuff from.

Review №15

Great staff, and very helpful.

Review №16

I took in my bike when I was new to town and the mechanic failed to fix the shifter, my chief complaint. The mechanic then called insisting it needed new brakes, so I asked how much he said 20$. when I picked pu the bike the bill was for 80$(it included an hour of labor). I payed to get my bike back, but soon after crashed it do to really sticky brakes ruining my back tire. I recommend going to another bike shop.

Review №17

This crew is always eager to help me get the most out of my bike. I am grateful for the accommodations and custom details to make my ride more enjoyable, and ergonomic.

Review №18

Always great service. These people know bikes. And are always genuinely happy to help answer questions and fix what needs to be fixed. The best bike shop in Humboldt!

Review №19

I love Revolution! I just got my second bike from them, they have always been friendly and super helpful.

Review №20

When I go to Revolution Bicycles I know that I will be greeted by friendly and helpful employees. They are very knowledgeable and sell high quality products which they stand behind. When it comes to customer service Revolution Bicylces goes above and beyond.

Review №21

Vary helpfull thanks guys

Review №22

A great go-to location of anything bike related you need. They have helped me out with countless warranty items, bike purchases, and specialized repairs. I highly recommend them!

Review №23

Fantastic bike shop! I was biking the Pacific Coast Bike Route and stopped in to get a tune-up. They were able to fit me in and get my bike working like new again. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Review №24

These dudes always come through from top notch builds to having the small little parts that nobody else has. We are lucky to have them and their Trade Up program makes the bargain stores look silly. Buy Local

Review №25

Great service! Respects Covid safety really well makes it easy to shop there.

Review №26

This place and its employees are AWESOME!!

Review №27

Over 3 years of heavy use in the rain and mud, doing what I thought was a good job regularly maintaining my bike myself, I finally took it to these pros for a real tune up. I cant believe how much its improved. It really does feel like new again. Thank you so much, Revolution!

Review №28

Best shop in Northern California!

Review №29

Justin and his staff are amazing! Justin was quick to reply my e-mails to arrange for the rental of 2 rad fat bikes for a day of riding on the coast. His staff helped us load the bikes safely on our bike rack and were friendly and knowledgeable. The bikes were beyond our expectations -and what an amazing place to cycle! Thank you for making our visit so much more special!

Review №30

I always feel welcome here and get great service from people who are passionate about all types of cycling.

Review №31

Staff are always helpful and knowledgeable. No heavy sales vibe or pressure to over sell products.

Review №32

Fixed up my bike right away, superb service, and answered a whole bunch of questions as I set out to complete the ACA Pacific Coast route. If your bike needs some attention along the coast, make sure to stop here!

Review №33

Revolution is the place to go in Arcata for all things bicycle related. They have a great staff that is professional, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful for cyclists of all levels. I bring all my bikes here for repairs and will continue to do so in the future. Thanks Revolution for keeping our community pedal powered!

Review №34

I worked with three different staff over a week period trying to narrow down a bike purchase. The employees were incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. I will definitely turn to Revolution Bicycles again when Im in need.

Review №35

Great customer service and very honest and upfront about pricing. Had an issue with something I bought there and was able to trade it in no questions asked!

Review №36

These guys and gals are the best in Humboldt. Always super knowledgeable and helpful!

Review №37

Great service, really helpful staff. Rented some demo bikes on vacation. The equipment was great & the staff suggested some perfect nearby trails. Thanks so much for your help!

Review №38

Great shop and the repair crew is the best. Knowledgeable, friendly and always helpful. Support your local bike shop!!

Review №39

I like how much Andrew likes Japhy’s.

Review №40

Great people, knowledgeable about the bikes, gear and local scene as a whole. Always ready to help, and do a great job facilitating getting your bike fixed, installing a new bike rack system or just fitting your child to the appropriate size bike. Love this crew!!

Review №41

Stopped by here when we arrived in town to ride for the day. Very friendly staff who were really helpful with trail advise and told us all about the scene here. Coming from Squamish it’s amazing to see growth in the riding scene like this. Trails are top notch! Can’t wait to come back and see this place in a few years!

Review №42

Staff was nice. Service on bike was poor at best. Im still dealing with the aftermath years later. They did a very sloppy job on my old (i.e. simple) Trek bike, they lazily placed ill fitting modern parts on a vintage bike. Glad I dont live in the area any more.

Review №43

Fenders are something that’s needed even in Northern California so sent our student granddaughter to Revolution to get needed equipment and they installed them and took credit card by telephone. That was was exceptionally good service for a student far from home. Thanks Garret we appreciate your customer service!

Review №44

Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. Let me test out several bikes leading up to a purchase. Really glad we have such a good local bike shop! Highly recommended!

Review №45

I went in asking if they could FIX my vintage road bike. They looked at it for a minute and said YES. When I came back for the bike the receipt said general tune up which means that they not only lied to me, but also didnt call me when they realized that they couldnt FIX it. They charged me $140 and the bike ran just as it did before. What a waste.

Review №46

I just moved to Arcata and needed to have my bike tuned up. I have been riding it with clunky gear transition and the bike shop where I moved from could never get it fixed. I’m happy to say that not only was my bike done same day, but the problem I thought I had to just make peace with is now fixed!! Super friendly people, too! I found my bike store!

Review №47

Got my Kona from here and love it, they did scratch it up when doing the free first tuning which I wasn’t happy about but they have extremely friendly service so I let it slide(just be careful next time). Always test ride the bicycle you want to purchase!

Review №48

Had a flat and they were able to get it fixed quickly. Staff was friendly.

Review №49

Amazing shop. Special thanks to Andrew for rebuilding a wheel on the spot for us after my wife hit a rock during our speed tour from Oregon to San Francisco. We lost hardly any time and made it to SF thanks to Revolution. I wish we had a shop this awesome back home in Seattle!

Review №50

Shout out to Garret who helped me find the fenders I needed and put them on for me when he realized it was going to be a more involved process than we both originally thought. Very reasonable service prices.Amazing service, advice, help, etc etc!!!! First time in. Certainly not my last. Thanks Revolution Bicycle Repair :)

Review №51

Super helpful staff at both locations. They helped me find the right bike for my needs and price range.

Review №52

Alyssa acted like she really could care less about my purchasing a bike from them.

Review №53

Probably the best bike shop in Humboldt county. Extremely helpful staff. I walked in with a flat yesterday and they fixed it on the spot. Not the first time they have done on the spot bike maintenance. I have been a very happy customer of theirs for about 12 years. I love revolution!!!!!!

Review №54

Good people repaired our family bikes and sold us another with a 10% discount after I asked. Then they gave us a basket when I turned around for one for my other daughter. Nice folks.

Review №55

Arcata Revolution Bicycles Rocks! Avery went above and beyond helping me find the perfect bicycle for my girlfriend. He answerd all of my questions and was very knowledgeable about every bike that we were interested in. Would definitely recommend anyone looking for a bicycle to go see Avery. Thanks again.

Review №56

Great customer service!

Review №57

Best bike shop I have ever been to. Seriously theyre that good. Was new in town and they were able to squeeze a last minute bike build in for me despite being slammed. Staff is super friendly, very knowledgeable, and about as accomodating as you can be. Nothing but praise for Revolution, these guys rock!

Review №58

I owe a lot to this bike shop!! After busting my front rim in the middle of nowhere and limping along to Revolution, Andrew built me a new wheel reusing my dynamo hub within 90 minutes and had us back on the road so we could continue our tour. Thanks to them we made it to our destination three days later!!! The guys were all really friendly and they have a great selection of gear. I cannot recommend them enough, especially if you are touring the Pacific Coast. They were by far the best bike shop we found between Astoria and San Francisco. Thank you again, Revolution!

Review №59

Now im not saying they are bad but i know about bikes and i took a bike i bought to them it needed new tires plus other things i didnt get the other things done cause two wheels and tighting the back hub that still is not tight and labor of 35 bucks came out to be 100 bucks crazy 150 to fix everything .so do it your self save you alot of money plus my bike sounds worse then i took it in as

Review №60

Great shop! Great staff! Brought my bike in for a flat fix, which they did right then. The next day I ran over something on the Hammond Trail and got ANOTHER flat. They fixed free of charge just on the slim chance something was missed the first time around. Super nice folks, wont go anywhere else.

Review №61

Everyone in there that works are very nice. Bought a mountain bike recently there and Garret really helped me out to pick a new bike for me.

Review №62

Honest, friendly service, people who know their stuff. Like many bike shops, though, be aware that selection of brands is limited.

Review №63

Amazing service. Very helpful and kind. Great selection of bicycles and products.

Review №64

Great service!

Review №65

I visited the Eureka store with an interest in Electric Bikes, Dave showed me some of the bikes they stocked and a bike with the Clean Republic Hill Topper kit installed on it.Dave suggested I ride their bike and see how well it performed as I already owned a bike I just loved.I took the bike on a long road test that included the Sequoia Park duckpond hill, I was totally convinced this was the option for me and purchased the kit and had Daves crew install it.Dave was very helpful and knowledgeable throughout the whole process, I highly recommend this shop.

Review №66

The staff at Revolution is the best! I know that they will always take care of me and all my cycling needs. This summer I went on a long cycle ride through Iowa (RAGBRAI). Everyone was so helpful and they made my trip a success.Thanks!Sara

Review №67

Amazing bike shop! Owner and staff always helpful and friendly, shop crew always nails the fix, and fantastic products.

Review №68

These guys rock! They suggested a kick stand for me and installed it and after 4 months in the road touring I can finally just let my bike stand on its own :). Thanks for the help guys!!

Review №69

So friendly and affordable

Review №70

Helpful, knowledgable, and kind.

Review №71

These guys r great! Have bought bikes here and had them repaired. I had a headlight that was pretty expensive stop working aftet a year and they replaced it w no hassle.

Review №72

Service is excellent. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Review №73

IWe are so lucky to have such awesome people taking care of us. Revo has never let me down. I am a happy, happy customer. Gotta smile!

Review №74

Best customer service and bike shop Ive ever encountered.

Review №75

Friendly knowledgeable staff! Always feel welcome and that I will get good advice. Trek offers excellent value for your dollar and they are a NICA sponsor. Revo is a major supporter of our cycling community through their financial support of RCMBA (our local club) and HCMTB (our local NICA team).

Review №76

Super helpful and friendly humans! Revolution gave us bike boxes and tools when we were packing up our bikes to put them on the bus.

Review №77

Exceptionally good bike shop. Much recommended!

Review №78

Great service, kind and respectful staff who know their stuff and are always willing to help

Review №79

I went here with my daughter to get her a bike to ride to school. These guys are great, knowledgeable and hard working.

Review №80

If you live in Arcata or are traveling through, stop by Revolution Bicycles! Sean hooked us up with what we needed and more! I would recommend this bike shop to anyone!

Review №81

Professional service, quality brands.

Review №82

Quality service and helpful well-educated team

Review №83

Extremely helpful and welcoming staff. Helped me make some small adjustments on my bike.

Review №84

Everyone was friendly and helpful.

Review №85

This is the best bike shop in town the might not have many things when u walk in like others do but the will order u anything for u bike i bought my 2013 kona satori with fox shox and i love it i reccomend this to all my friends not to metion that this is the only bike shop that sells konas so im greatfully the owner explaned all my qustions and the bike was on sale so i got a sweet deal

Review №86

The Best Bike shop in town! Great friendly Service!

Review №87

Very friendly and helpful staff.

Review №88

Great staff!

Review №89

The employees/owners are very friendly, but I was recently disappointed in their service. After having my bike all afternoon, they ordered the wrong part, and when the part came in they never called to let me know. Finally, when they installed the part, it was done poorly with a variety of the components not being properly tightened. It wouldnt have been too big of an issue, bur it involved the handlebars and was potentially very dangerous.

Review №90

Love the shop and Justin !

Review №91

Incredible service and kindness.

Review №92

Awesome place!

Review №93

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