The Trim Scene
930 Samoa Blvd, Arcata, CA 95521, United States

Review №1

Mediocre, prices are okay but the barbers go quick and don’t really pay attention to detail. I got a buzz a couple of times and both times my sides and edges were a little wonky. It wasn’t terrible but there are better options in town, it’s a decent option if you just need a quick cut

Review №2

Ive had my last few hair cuts at trim scene and Ive had 3 separate stylist each time and each time they have all given me exactly what I wanted! I love the vibe and the decor,makes for a fun and enjoyable experience. Highly recommend for a same day or walk in salon!

Review №3

It was my first time at a salon and she knew exactly what to do with my hair. I was able to request someone who specializes in long hair. She recommended a wash, which was fantastic!! My hair felt so amazing when I left.

Review №4

I’m always skeptical getting a haircut at a new place but they were awesome. I can’t remember the ladies names but everyone there was so very kind and the lady who cut my hair did a really good job with very little direction from me. Highly recommend.

Review №5

Aubree is a goddess! Have her cut your hair, she is the best! Its a very comfortable experience at The Trim Scene

Review №6

Made an appointment with Sarah for a salon dry cut. Had an amazing experience from start to finish! I was nervous because I hadn’t had a professional haircut in almost three years (after a bad experience) but she made me feel so comfortable and was so sweet with my two year old who was with me! The overall environment was clean and covid safe but the best part was Sarah being so kind and making me look and feel my best!

Review №7

Book with Aliesha! She was pleasant, fun, and confident in her hairstyling skills. She took her time, and I was very pleased with the end result. I brought in a couple photos of what I wanted and we took it from there. I would definitely go to her again.

Review №8

One of the few places that are willing to do beard trims!

Review №9

Ashley, the manager is a nut case. She is highly unprofessional and while I love Serena, I will never step foot in this zoo again! You need new management!

Review №10

This place is amazing and in particular Andrew has sick skills. If youre looking for a tight skin fade, hes the guy

Review №11

The haircuts are a bit on the pricey side, but well worth it as the person cutting your hair takes the time to do a nice job. The folks here are always courteous, helpful and friendly. They are taking COVID19 seriously, and the shop is always clean. I have been here three times, and it is my new place for haircuts. I would highly recommend this business.

Review №12

Shout out to Serena! I got a great haircut here today. They’re taking serious precautions and if you know what you want to get, you won’t be disappointed. Love this place.

Review №13

Convenient and friendly for the whole crew.

Review №14

My favorite salon! I’ve gone there multiple times and never walked out disappointed, the stylists that work there are professional and friendly.They are following safety measures and cleanliness standards during this pandemic that make me feel safe. Thank you all so much, and a shout out to Andrew! I’m definitely making this place my go to salon for a cut!

Review №15

I have been going there for over 5 years. They are professional, courteous, and fun to talk too.

Review №16

Serena is so awesome! I always feel comfortable here.

Review №17

I felt the lady who did my hair was a little rushed and the price very high for just a simple haircut, but otherwise she did a decent enough job.

Review №18

Good price great hair cut

Review №19

Very good stylists and very welcoming but kinda expensive.

Review №20

I went here and totally was not expecting the level of service I received. I was shocked when I saw my cut, Its probably top three of all times. I definitely will be coming back and referring anyone who wants a great hair cut at a competitive price. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK LADIES! I appreciate you all.

Review №21

Lots of stylists so you arent waiting too long for a cut. They offer up refreshments while you are waiting as well. The stylists are very personable and experienced. A little pricey but overall a good place to get a cut.

Review №22

Ashley is a HARD no! That manager needs to go!

Review №23

Meh overall experience out of the nearly 6 or 7 times I’ve went. Not the most even or symmetrical haircuts, from the same guy that commented on my silver hairs being from stress, which I’ve never had any hair cutter do and I found odd. Go to cutting edge, nice lady and she makes sure to go above and beyond for your haircut, these guys just seem to rush every time.

Review №24

Love this place. Best haircuts in Humboldt. Me and my boyfriend love it. Laid back vibe, super friendly staff and they have beer. 5 stars forrsure!!!

Review №25

I dont usually write reviews but I feel that this artist/stylist deserved recognition for her fabulous work. Nikki was professional and she was able to squeeze me in with her hectic schedule especially during the holidays. She responded to my message in a timely manner. I dont like people touching my hair because of my anxiety, but Im so glad that I went to her. I cannot express how much I love my haircut; I received so many compliments. Thank you Nikki!

Review №26

Good haircuts and nice workers

Review №27

Alisha gave me the best razor cut I have ever had, long to short.

Review №28

My favorite place to get my hair cut in Arcata. Ask for Andrew. You can also have a beer while you wait! I dont know much about hair cuts, despite being in my mid-30s, but he does! He sized me up and recommended a style, and then proceeded to give me said style, and it looks great! I cant ask for much more than that!The interior space is really chill here. Theres a rockabilly/cool kid vibe going on, but its not alienating. They also offer you beer while you wait, so thats awesome.Parking is a little wonky. You cant park at the Electric Company lot next door, you have to park across the street or wherever the Richards Goat parking is.

Review №29

Good bonuses like walk- ins on Saturday if youre willing to wait. I unfortunately had to go in twice to get my haircut done right. But all the ladies that helped me were really cool and friendly people!

Review №30

Love this place! Staff are awesome, the theme is fun, and the cuts are quality.

Review №31

Best hair cut in arcata.

Review №32

I have gone here pretty consistently for the last couple of years. I used to see Nora who was fantastic, since she’s been gone I have had a few haircuts that were a little iffy. But if you have a beard, or even for a shave I highly reccomend Terri. She takes her time and does a fantastic job.

Review №33

Love the drop in only policy. The rockabilly aesthetic feels like home. The staff and stylists are always fantastic. Best place to get a tight fade. Kid friendly as well. Did I mention complimentary pabst blue ribbon?

Review №34

Only decent place to get a hair cut so I get the reviews. However they cant do a fade to save their life. Way over procpr for haircuts but not for the areaWhere no real good barber lives.

Review №35

Great staff, usually not to long to wait for a haircut. Reasonable pricing.

Review №36

Really happy with the Trim Scenes response to covid.

Review №37

Great place to get your hair cut, they give you a pbr to go with it. Andrew sorts out beards!

Review №38

I had an appointment and said it had been my first salon experience since i was like 12... had a pretty simple picture reference. Instead she gave me a super short fade and just cut my hair straight across all the way around, like a bowl cut.From cutting my hair myself over the years I know its not that hard to layer and taper hair. Like at all. I left hoping it would flatten out like she said because it was bulky from obviously NOT being layered or tapered at all... so of course it didnt.So im stuck with this awkward bulky bowl cut until it grows out, or ill have to taper it myself.i thought the cut was simple enough that any barber could easily do, guess I was wrong.

Review №39

Ive been twice and seen a different person. Both times Ive asked to have my hair tapered in the back and it has been cut straight across instead. Its expensive and not reliable. It always feels like everyone is in a rush. I think being a walk-in only place creates a sense of urgency and makes this place uncomfortable. If it was really a bargain I might keep going but at this point Id rather spend the extra $10 for a full service, hair washing, relaxing kind of place.

Review №40

Andrew does a great job with my hair every time. They offer you a free PBR while you wait

Review №41

Wanted to love this place but I’ve had 3 botched haircuts in a row and don’t care to go back for another (super uneven and scraggly cuts). If you need a quick haircut without an appointment this is not your place- super long waits, and they often close earlier than listed.

Review №42

If you are not there early in the day expect a long wait for a mediocre haircut and even worse beard trims. I only go for buzz cuts and Im not about to wait longer than it takes for the cut. Im sure there are exceptions and women may have a different experience but I wont be going back.

Review №43

Great barbers and a cool atmosphere. They offer beer which is a great twist. Very chill vibe and interesting punk aesthetic.

Review №44

I had Selena do my hair. She was awesome! I lobed what she did and I just feel beautiful and femme. :) def coming back

Review №45

I asked to have the unhealthy ends of my hair cut off. Instead the stylist cut off AT LEAST A FOOT! She took my hair out of the bun and just starting chopping away. Didnt wet my hair, didnt brush it out all the way, just chop chop chop! It turned out uneven, WAY shorter than I asked for, and the layers are non existent. When the hair cut was over the stylist didnt even give me an option to look at the back of my hair. I dont even know the stylists name, because she didnt tell me. Im going to have to go to a professional salon and get this fixed. Very disappointed.

Review №46

Great place to get your haircut, friendly atmosphere.Only problem is that they can be very very busy, and they take people as first come first served, there is usually a line at the door when I arrive early.

Review №47

They did a awsome job for my step daughter and I

Review №48

Great place to get more fashionable styles of haircuts as well as more traditional cuts. Prices are good for what the quality and style provide. Tip well!

Review №49

I always get good cuts here and all other customers leave happy when Im there. They have appointments now!

Review №50

Awesome environment and staff. Ive had a few different stylists cut my hair and they all did a great job, and the free beer is definitely a plus!

Review №51

Pricey but worth it. I was treated well. Beard trimming should be included in haircut... detailed grooming/shaving is another story.

Review №52

Great hair cuts. They listen and do exactly what you say. Best fades Ive found in Humboldt.

Review №53

Love this place. Only place in arcata I trust to dye my hair. Great staff and excellent service.

Review №54

Open and covid compliant

Review №55

It is a decent place to get a haircut for shorter hair. In that area, I would consider them very good. Although, the last time I went there, they did not follow my plan. They cut around two inches of hair off when I asked for half of an inch cut. She also had poor manners and was quite disrespectful towards my subling and I while we were there. I also do believe that a lot of the employees there are very kind and resoectful. I hope that if/when you go there, you make sure that what youre requesting is not too complicated.

Review №56

Top notch service

Review №57

Have been twice now, both with different stylists. Both were friendly and did a great job.

Review №58

Stumbled in here one day by chance. Now I wont go anywhere else for a cut. Great service, great stylists, great atmosphere!

Review №59

Friendly, fun and always a great cut!

Review №60

Haircuts come out great every time been a long time customer.It can be a wait and its a little pricey but worth it in my opinion

Review №61

Walk ins only. Fast and skilled reasonably priced hair cuts. I get my bangs done here by Terri.

Review №62

To expensive now. Bummer

Review №63

Its super expensive, but being next to taco factory, and getting great cuts.

Review №64

Friendly staff. Great hair cuts. Fair pricing. Been going for a while.

Review №65

Awesome haircuts at a good price and chill hairstylist! Love love this place. No appt. Needed walk in only!

Review №66

Relaxed atmosphere with amazing stylists! Thank you for the great experience Nikki!

Review №67

Good food. Good prices. Good service.

Review №68

Upon emtering i was told there was a 20 minute wait. 45 passed and by that point 3 of the hair stylists had finished cuts, and had their customer pay. Then were standing around talking. After watching this for 15 more minutes while still on the 20 minite hold list i got up and left. Have time to waste? Show up here

Review №69

Warning! Dont go here! My sister went several times and saw different hair dressers and was rarely satisfied. I went once and wasnt happy. I went back the next day and they recut it at no charge, but it wasnt worth the hassle. My husband and 6 year old son went in this evening. My sons hair looks the same, bangs still in his eyes.... Hello!!!! And the hair dresser gave my husband attitude when he said it wasnt short enough. She cut it again and its still too long. Like I said, in his eyes! My husband has beautiful curly hair that they butchered. He told the stylist very specifically how he wanted it cut and she clearly didnt listen. Very disappointed. We are not going back and you shouldnt either. I called that evening and left a voice mail asking if my son could get his hair cut again. No one ever called me back. The pictures of my son before the hair cut is standing with his dad. The after photos are of him alone with the red truck in the back. I cant even tell it was cut! Except it looks choppy now :(

Review №70

Best sport in town, especially if you want a more modern doo

Review №71

Amazing in every way possible, thanks for the new make over...

Review №72

I got my first haircut in three years by Sam. She was professional and diligent, not to mention fast. Really great experience for someone who hates haircuts

Review №73

Great haircuts by tattooed ladies. Great atmosphere too.

Review №74

Home of the beer while you wait. And the infamous sign that states unattended children will be taught swear words and sold to gypsies

Review №75

Overpriced and long wait. Good music though.

Review №76

Fair price, good service, and a hip atmosphere.

Review №77

Vivian is a world treasure.

Review №78

Cute Girls.. Great cuts

Review №79

Cool place. Not really a place for girls haircuts though as they focus more on mens styles.

Review №80

Lots of friendly and helpful staff; however this makes it popular. So expect a wait.

Review №81

The best. These folks are wonderful.

Review №82

Best hair place in Humboldt County

Review №83

Great Place,will be a repeat customer!!

Review №84

Great haircut everytime!

Review №85

Nora and Chris are good trimmers 😉

Review №86

Great haircuts!

Review №87

Awesome place with awesome people!

Review №88

Great haircuts and beard trimming!

Review №89

Nikki keeps her jeans so high and tight!! Try it out!

Review №90

Best barbers around

Review №91

Although its in the pricier side for haircuts its a legitimate place where nearly everyone can do what you ask of them. Very friendly staff as well

Review №92

Dude, why would I wait 20-80 minutes for a haircut that is marked up 300℅? Im going to support some small business that isnt trying to leech money from college students.

Review №93

Free beer while you wait and get your haircut what else is there to say

Review №94

$ 25 for a 5 minute haircut. Was poorly done.

Review №95

Love the trim scene

Review №96

Always a fresh cut

Review №97

Great service

Review №98

Best place in town

Review №99

They cut hair and stuff.

Review №100

Get a beer with your haircut 🤘🏽

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