Buddys Auto Center Inc
113 H St, Arcata, CA 95521, United States

Review №1

You are in good hands with Buddys towing. They helped my grandmother when she needed a tow, and were willing to talk with me since I was helping her. They were very accommodating, kind, professional, and easy to work with. They went above and beyond checking some things out and making this an easy. I highly recommend them. Thank you so much for all you did!

Review №2

Buddys is professional, informative, and helpful beyond my greatest expectations! Helped me prepare to move my RV with tips that saved me time and 💰. They communicated to keep me informed several times before and the day of the move.Cant rate them high enough. The driver was cheerful, helpful and fun to be around.

Review №3

UNFORGIVABLE. Tonight I ran into a lady and her baby with their car stuck about 30 feet away from the asphalt road on Samoa. I called Buddys for a tow (more like a pull) and asked to pay by CC.The dispatcher on the phone was SURE I was somebody else that somehow she had a run-in with, and she refused dispatch a truck to help out. I even identified myself and she didnt want to hear it.0 stars for being revengeful. 0 stars for treating me the way she did. And UNFORGIVABLE for leaving a lady and her baby out instead of helping.I have used Buddys many times and I was 100% satisfied until tonight. But what happened tonight is UNFORGIVABLE, and it is my social responsibility to warn everybody here.Buddys should fire whoever was on the phone tonight, and I will be filing a complaint with the insurance companies that I work with.In case you got this far in my story, we found a random guy with an off-road truck down the road and he gladly came to pull out the lady.But I cannot stress this enough. IMO, the behavior of Buddys dispatcher tonight is UNFORGIVABLE.

Review №4

Awesome company!!! My tire had gone flat and AAA sent Buddy’s out, it was supposed to be a 2 hour wait and instead was 45 mins! When the driver (Christopher) arrived he was super nice and professional and looking to find a solution. Not only did he put air in my tire (tire didn’t take air) but attempted to change it (lug nuts were too tight)and finally along with towing it. I am wicked happy with my experience and highly recommend!!

Review №5

I highly recommend Buddys Towing. A great experience from start to finish. We were in a bit of a pickle with our 40 5th wheel, 200+ miles from home in an area with no cell service and they went above and beyond. Ivy in the office was wonderful in assuring they would be able to help us, Josh was fantastic in coordinating the tow, and the owner, Rick, who actually showed up to do the tow, was awesome and one of the nicest people Ive ever met. If you are in the Eureka area and need a tow service, I definitely suggest you call Buddys towing!

Review №6

Steve was friendly, professional and helpful. He drove safely and competently and was even good chat on our long drive. My insurance covered most of the cost so I cant speak to their prices but theyre worth every penny of your triple A membership or roadside assistance fee👌

Review №7

Kevin and Mike were great and got us back on the road! Thank you so much!

Review №8

They have towed my truck a couple times in the past. Friendly and reliable service.

Review №9

Steve was so kind and helpful. He went above and beyond to help us with a 5th wheel trailer tow. Thank you Steve!

Review №10

No other Tow service around compares. AAA. Jumps tows you name it they will take care of your needs.

Review №11

They have great service. The drivers are very friendly and nice.

Review №12

Highway robbery. Thats all I can say. The worker totally lied outright and tried to say it took them a while before they found a truck that could tow my car. Not true. The very first truck that showed up towed it. And again he tried to say that my car had to be lifted up and lifted off the flat bed. Not true. I watched him drive it onto the flatbed. Then he charged us over 500$ even tho it was only towed about 6 miles and he had it less than 24hrs. These guys are professional con artists. Steer clear if possible.

Review №13

Have always helped us with our classic cars and jdm at time of need.

Review №14

They were so very responsive, kind, caring, professional and above-and-beyond in providing towing service, when we were very at-risk, by the side of Highway 101, during rush time by Eureka. We cannot thank them enough.

Review №15

Although my situation was not ideal they were polite and helpfull and quick to respond when i arrived to pick up my vehicle.

Review №16

Called AAA to get my car towed today and within 5 minutes Ty from buddy’s was calling me to let me know he was only about 10 minutes away. And 5 minutes later he was at my house! He was very professional, nice and fast. He got my car taken to the dealership in no time. I would recommend these guys anytime. Definitely will be a returning customer.

Review №17

Done fabulously! Done efficiently! I called to days prior to moving a box truck and a large sauna house and brought a she shed and they placed them all perfectly! Thank you buddies could not have done it without you! Efficient Fair an awesome!

Review №18

Impounded our car out of the front yard the day before we could get it registered. Didnt bother to knock on the door either! Cancelling Christmas so we can try an afford to get our car back. Im sure this is just business but anybody who cancels Christmas gets two stars yo

Review №19

Fast response time great service

Review №20

Timely with wonderful attitude. Thank you, Buddys!!

Review №21

In an accident and told CHP officer I have AAA, they called Buddys and when they showed up I produced my AAA card, but the driver said he didnt need it. They towed my car .5 miles to their yard. I called about an hour later and learned they were charging me $55 per day to store my car at their yard. I immediately called AAA to have my car towed to an auto body shop that wouldnt charge me $55 per day. Guess who got the call? Yep, Buddys. I then got a ride to Buddys where they told me the .5 mile was going to cost me $335 plus the $55 for an hour at the yard, so total bill was $390. I complained and these predators offered to take tittle to my car (it was probably totalled) and they would waive the $55 for an hour of storage. I was a little off after the accident and they and the CHP took advantage of it. Never trust the CHP officer to call a real towing company with reasonable charges. They will instead call someone like Buddys, who will prey on your misfortune. Buddys is the worst!!!!! Never ever use them for anything. I am filing a complaint with the CHP and AAA to encourage them to stop using Buddys!

Review №22

My USAA roadside assistance assigned Buddys Auto to tow my car. My service already gave me an ETA, but Joshua from Buddys called me immediately to verify the location, ensure that I was safely off the highway shoulder Id parked my car on, and asked if I could meet him to get the keys. I live 10 minutes away from where my car is and Joshua offered to come by my house to get the keys so I could go home. He assured me that he knew where it was getting towed and that it was taken care of, and went out of his way to make me feel safe and comfortable. He texted me once he retrieved my vehicle and was available for any questions or concerns. Extremely professional, excellent service.

Review №23

Love buddies, everyone is totally awesome and the drivers are heck a cool and are willing to help you out if your kids get your car into a bind

Review №24

Moving a very heavy classic car required expertise. This a 5000 lb. very long car which necessitated special anchoring of the under carriage. Jim did a masterful job. Could not have asked for a better experience.

Review №25

Always prompt and cheerful. I have called them many times through AAA auto club and have been very happy with the service .

Review №26

I am still waiting on Buddys for a tow. My insurance company called and informed them I had locked my keys in vehicle. After waiting 45 minutes my insurance company called me to inform me that Buddys had come to my sons house and called me too. LIARS!!! I will be talking to them in person. We are having a chat. They never showed. Why did they have to lie? My insurance company called another company.

Review №27

I locked my phone, keys and just received new insurance information in my car so called B Buddys. Receptionist was friendly and they arrived quickly. However, TY the tech immediately had an attitude. I explained I had cash in car but also wanted to call my roadside assistance. I am homeless and pregnant, but was not trying to get anything for free. He could of let me call the insurance. As soon as my car was unlocked he took off to his truck with my keys without saying anything. Obviously worried I would take off which was impossible as he blocoed me in upon arriving to help. He also could barely read vin and was impatient when I was trying to read the information to him.

Review №28

Great experience. We locked our keys in our vehicle on vacation. Roadside assistance sent a different company to assist us at first. The guy was unable to help us. After almost an hour of no success...he cancelled the job. He called and requested someone else be sent. Buddy towing was sent out. We were told 45 minutes. They arrived in 20. The guy who helped us had us in our vehicle and good to go in about ten minutes. The best part was that he didnt make me feel like I was inconveniencing him. He was professional and pleasant. Thank you for turning a stressful situation into a job well done.

Review №29

Horrible horrible horrible company. Our RV broke down on the side of the road. This company didn’t get there for 7 hours. Once they got there they said they didn’t want to tow our vehicle north, only south because north was out of the way for them. Total waste of time. These guys are con artists.

Review №30

These people prey on the misery of others and should be ashamed.

Review №31

Ive never encountered such rude unprofessional conduct. Im a disabled female senior citizen, the driver cussed and raised his voice at me repeatedly. I felt bullied and intimidated. His manner was threatening and abusive. He told me to file a complaint, he didnt care. I did go to the office to complain and was told they would be in touch the same day. There was no response from them.I can only assume that this is why the driver didnt care if I complained about his behavior. The buddy system.

Review №32

Wonderful service! I had my car die in the Mill Creek cinema parking lot and AAA told me it would be about 55 min but Jim showed up about 8 min later ! He was able to jump my car, make me laugh with a joke and recommend I get it tested soon. So I called AAA the next day and asked if someone could come out to my work and test it. Funny enough there was a misunderstanding on what was needed so they sent out Jim again for a jump. Even though he was basically called out for no reason he was so nice about it and even called the dispatcher for me to get the correct services I needed. 10/10 will use again !

Review №33

Really nice and friendly helped my family an I out after a car accident. Joey and Rich were very helpful. Thanks for your guys help.

Review №34

These guys are, by far, the best in the industry. They have helped me on several occasions and they are always timely, professional, very knowledgeable, and go out of their way to assist. I highly recommend their roadside service. Thanks to all the Buddys crew!!! Job Well Done!

Review №35

I really dont care for this place right now. My kids car was towed here and they wont let her have her things out of it. I have called and called and called, and no one will help me. I asked today what the price of the lien is on her car and was told they had to figure out the fees, and what they wanted to charge on it. So they are going to make money off my daughters towed car. Lovely.My kids a veteran and they are not giving her her cards, computer, and other personal belongings. So upsetting as a mother. What has the world come too.

Review №36

Always really nice & helpful!

Review №37

Far to expensive

Review №38

The guys here were really great. They were very fast, professional, and informative and really helped get me back on the road!

Review №39

My RV broke down on April 1, 2016on Hwy 101 near Scotia, Ca. and I was stranded on the side of the road. Buddys sent their guy, Shawn, out to rescue me. He was quite professional and skilled at preparing my Winnebago for towing. He was also very cordial able to lift my spirits in a time of helplessness. I would personally like to thank Shawn for going the extra mile!

Review №40

I have used Buddys Auto Center for several of my tows (unfortunately). Each time, I was given a follow up call by the sweetest woman in their office letting me know their ETA. They are timely, and ALWAYS friendly and helpful. I always get treated nicely, and with a full explanation of what they are doing and why. They dont even make me feel dumb if it is a silly/stupid mistake. I really appreciate their service and all that they do for the Arcata area! If you need a tow or any similar car service - make them your FIRST call! You wont regret it :)

Review №41

Whoever is in charge of this listing, make sure you are searchable when somebody enters towing in Google Maps! I only found these guys as a referral from someones else that popped up here and they were busy. I called Buddys and the connection was all messed up and got dropped, luckily the tow truck was right in front of my face - no, really I got stuck at a gas station and he was helping somebody else out right next to me. He dropped me off at the closest mechanic in a couple of minutes.

Review №42

Great service. Once the gentleman figured out the problem was our battery, we followed him to the shop where he installed a new battery.

Review №43

Great service! They went above and beyond their call of duty with zero problems... And extremely friendly.

Review №44

Towed my truck a good handful of times over a week period always was a breeze

Review №45

Knowledgable, friendly staff. Customer service was beyond expectation. Highly recommended, I will be a repeat customer from now on.

Review №46

Very professional and personable.

Review №47

I thought these folks were very nice and then I had one of the most horrendous consumer experiences of my life ! Misrepresentation, lies and a total FUBAR. And a smartass rig operator to boot. All I can say is that I was left scratching my head !

Review №48

Very knowledgeable and helpful.

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Review №50

Great parts at a reasonable price

Review №51

Very polite and informationable

Review №52

Horrible experiences with Buddys I would call Pacific Towing company for better service and prices

Review №53

They helped us out of a big mess....the ocean tipped our truck, and they had a tank like thing save the day, with the nicest guy to help thank you so much ....i was so discouraged.

Review №54

Very helpful when I was in a bad spot

Review №55

Best in humboldt

Review №56

Its a towing company what do you expect.

Review №57

Tires and tows big or small

Review №58

Good service

Review №59

Friendly, courteous, and helpful staff

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