Wash Me Fast
12960 GA-9, Alpharetta, GA 30004, United States

Review №1

Did not wash my car at all. Wasted 12 bucks!I have a white car. After I ran it thru this car wash, I could see all of the areas that were missed. Fenders, panels, my entire trunk deck. Not to mention, theres a stagnant water smell. Does it hurt to run some bleach once a month? Very disappointing.Only run your car thru this place if your car is ALREADY clean!

Review №2

Been going here since it first opened as Katies over a decade ago. Convenient, safe and cost efficient. Free vacuums & towels and lots of shade plus a restroom!

Review №3

18th of july on sunday at 6.30pm I visited this place but they closed…Google maps shows on Sunday closed time is 7.00pm… Unfortunately it happened same thing one of the weekday. There should be written exact times!!!

Review №4

I’ve Brought 2 different cars here hoping to have a better experience than the first, but that wasn’t the case. The equipment is out dated, the vacuum barley worked, the dryers don’t work, and your car is soaking wet when you leave with no towels to wipe down. You’re better off waiting for a heavy rain storm vs paying $12-$20 for a car wash at this location. Save your time - Cactus car wash is across the street for same price and they’ll dry it down for you.

Review №5

We love our membership there. easy to maintain a clean car and wash off the pollen daily with this membership!!! we have all 3 of our cars with them!!!

Review №6

They are cheaters and not at all professional. I have 2 bad experiences recently.1. I was their member last year and then I discontinued. Later on 12/29/2020, I stopped by and asked if I can have their first month $4.99 promo offer for unlimited washes. As it was for new members, I double checked whether I am eligible or not. The 2 employees attending me said, I have to get a new sticker on my windshield so that I can have that new member promo. Then they invited me inside the office and took my details and worked out on something and said, Im all set with the same sticker. No need to get a new sticker. They also assured me that Ill be charged $4.99 but in case if they charge me more then I can come back and they will refund me. Aftet 2 days I saw that I have been charged $24.99. I walked by and met the supervisor (after 2 visits and long wait) and also called their customer care but nobody able to give me refund. They said this charge is not refundable. Thats the cheating.On top of it, they said they already fired those employees as they did such frauds before. But, why should customer suffer?2. Except Sunday they close at 7pm, however they dont follow this time. Today (1/27/2021) I went there on 6.30 pm and they were closed. I saw many cars driving in and then realizes it is closed and so taking U-turn to exit. Also while driving by them previously, I many times saw it is closed before 7pm. Not professional. You cannot trust them.

Review №7

Update: After 3 months, I returned to this place. This place has gotten worse! I was told that this place is going to get an upgrade at the end of the year! How terrible is that? Car was still extremely wet. Other customers werent happy either. Of course nothing had improved except the lady who sprayed my car down. Very nice smile and personality but thats the only good thing about this place.The place is out dated and has speed bumps for their entrance. The entrance itself is dangerous as offer very little room for entrance/exit.The people seem very bored to be there and dont offer anything other than to spray your car and get you aligned up.Their $20 wash isnt worth it. Sprayers inside the car wash arent all functioning. They would miss parts of the car that can be easily seen. The dryer portion was half working. Car was very wet when I left. Ill skip this place next time I needy car washed. I advise others to do the same.

Review №8

The people here are super nice but the place is a little dated. Blower doesnt dry my car very well. And some of the vacuums dont work.

Review №9

They increased their monthly charge without any communication to their customer and keep charging to credit card even after cancellation. Very unprofessional customer service staff. Never reply on time if you have any issue related to payment. They have a one answer for all the question and that is as per our “terms and conditions”.Don’t go for their monthly subscription. Worst customer service for subscription and payment related issue.

Review №10

Good visit! Not the nicest place and kinda dirty

Review №11

Today, I washed my friends SUV, which had been neglected for many months. She has cancer. The vehicle had a great deal of tenacious crude on the exterior finish since the vehicle hadnt been driven frequently in many months. When you learned of my friends condition you most graciously offered to wash her vehicle complimentary. When the first car wash didnt remove all the tenacious crude you offered yet another complimentary car wash and more personal elbow grease with scrub brushes. I havent received this type of exceptional customer service in a very long time! I am very impressed with your service attitude and the fact you cared about my friend whom you had never even met. If only her doctors and other providers cared to this degree! I am a customer for life!

Review №12

The Blowers dont work very well. There was still a lot of water on my car after the wash. I had to use multiple microfiber cloths to dry my car after vacuuming, when usually I only have to use one microfiber cloth. I will try another drive thru wash on my next occasion. I was not very happy with the end result.

Review №13

Love the free vacuums!

Review №14

OK customer service for fair prices... they are fast and do good work...

Review №15

I loved the free vacuum and they have good suction but...I got the 16.00 wash and there was still alot of dirt on my car maybe if they presoaked it first I would of been came out better

Review №16

Great, inexpensive, fast and convenient car was for self or full service. You get a free car wash with a $15 emissions test.

Review №17

Friendly staff. Good wash. They should add air hoses to blow out the crevices.

Review №18

Leaves marks on your car…. The girl that signed me up did not set the expectation that I needed to call 7 days in advance to cancel …. Your employee Josiah has Poor customer service. He was very rude !!

Review №19

The only problem is that it has no air blower.

Review №20

Quick wash as it says...

Review №21

Service was great but when I cancelled my plans they kept changing me for 6 months and when I learned they refused to give me the credit back. Never going back there.

Review №22

Love this car wash! The wash itself is through and really cleans car and shines tires. Vacuums are always working and in good condition. Great spot!!

Review №23

I have been using their wash for more than 2 years. The quality you get for your payment is very convenient. They have great cleaning options and a great price. It is fast as said and they have all you need.

Review №24

I been a $29.99mo unlimited Full service member close to a year, and I have no regrets!

Review №25

Main concern when I go to an automated wash is having scratches on my car. This system didnt put any scratch on mine. So, its pretty decent washing. Try the 3rd(15 bucks I think) one if you want to get a better wash.

Review №26

Excellent service is offered. People have the choice between economically efficient carwashes or better ones with waxes.

Review №27

Paid extra for tires and other extras. Car went through car wash so fast I questioned if it was even washed. Completely wet when came out. Mud still on tires with maybe a glimpse of some tire shine in few spots. Bugs still on windshield.No towels to use which I knew. The worst carwash EVER. Drove straight to WASH FACTORY EXPRESS in Alpharetta Highway and got the most AMAZING car way for $10. Many towels and spray to use if needed. Professional people. I will go nowhere else. Thanks WASH FACTORY EXPRESS!

Review №28

Great place to get a clean car fast! TIME TO GET THE TOWELS AND CLEANERS BACK!!!!

Review №29

One of the best places to wash your car for a reasonable price

Review №30

The employees and manager of this location are awesome. Recently my Buick decided to lock itself, much to my horror. The manager drove me to my home and back to retrieve the second set of keys. That is not only outstanding customer service, but says so much about human kindness.

Review №31

Paper towels to dry your car? I’ll head somewhere else for my next car wash for the same price.

Review №32

Seems everytime I go I get different results. Today they had the wash going so fast it didnt rinse the car. When I got home there were soap streaks running down the car under all 4 windows. Time to find a different carwash.

Review №33

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Great job. Even went in to retrieve small outside convex mirror that snaps on. Excellent vacuum and floor mat cleaner. Free use of microfiber towels.Very pleased with experience and will return.

Review №34

Free vacuums, and one of the only places that I found in the Atlanta area that provides towels and spray cleaner! Lots of stalls with vacuums in a covered in area, and multiple kinds of vacuums to get those little crevices and Corners that are tough to get into. I went on a sunny day and had a great time cleaning, and I didnt even have to use the majority of my own supplies!The wash had several different options to choose from. The washes arent the cheapest that Ive seen, but the place is clean, they provide towels and cleaned while I was there multiple times. I plan on visiting again the next time that I need a wash.

Review №35

Im not happy at all with this car wash I paid for the $29.99 a month service and had to go thru it twice and my car still had water spots on it. I spent over an hr getting all the water spots of my car. They need to start using a water softener filter to prevent these hard water spots. If I wanted to spend an hour wiping down my car to get all the hard water spots of Id be better of cleaning my car at home and saving $. But I will give a shout out to Zion the guy was very polite and respectful so if I ever decide to use this place again it would be because of the awesome customer service Zion showed me.

Review №36

Going through the wash ripped a piece of trim off my rear passenger door (obviously I recognize the car wash is not liable for this). I noticed while vacuuming my car, and approached an employee about it. He told me they thoroughly clean the wash after closing every night and he was confident he would find it, and I could come back the following day to pick it up. I visited the next evening per his instruction and the staff acted like they had no clue what I was talking about and asked me to come back again the following day. I returned again a second time and same thing. I have called and left at least two voicemails and no one calls me back. It is very frustrating that my time has been severely wasted. If my expectations were properly set that I wouldn’t be able to get the piece of trim back I would have moved on with my life. Oh, and the best part... $107 to replace. 👎🏼

Review №37

Does a good job however buyer beware, if you buy the annual pass it is auto debited from your account monthly whether you use it or not. Its a waste of money in the winter in my opinion but you may enjoy it in the summer. Also, there is no easy way to cancel it. Youll have to go inside to cancel. Customer service has always been great though and emissions is cheap!

Review №38

Monthly cost is very reasonable. Towels and spray bottles provided. Sometimes closes for maintenance without notice. Would be nice if closings were posted on website.

Review №39

I have an account with Wash Me Fast and have the sticker on my windshield. I was told that I cant use this facility because the location that I bought my sticker at is not owned by the same people.

Review №40

Terrible experience trying to cancel my membership. Asked for it to be cancelled and was still charged for 3 months after I made the request. Will never go back

Review №41

Great job! Nice employees who did not hate their job. It was freezing outside and employees went the extra mile to help. Management also very helpful and accommodating. Will definitely return on a regular basis.

Review №42

Good place to have quick car wash but be careful with scratches if you got from automated rolling machine

Review №43

Good place to go to run your car through a tunnel and vacuum and dry it yourself. Clean, nice place. Staff is normally very courteous. And can get your emissions here which is convenient.

Review №44

Fast and convenience place to get you car wash

Review №45

For 6 (was 5) bucks (the lowest tier), I dont know what I expected. The car got cleaned as much as Id expect a 6 dollar wash to clean, but it left some horrible permanent marks on my windshield, and the wheels basically looked the same as I went in. The vacuum area outside is alright. Vacuum itself is pretty powerful, the tool is nice and narrow. But the little detailing cloth to the side is pretty sad

Review №46

Great car wash for do it yourself. The vacuum area is especially nice with towels, cleaners and mat washer for no additional charge. Highly recommend.

Review №47

Very convenient. Reasonably priced and the wash machine does a nice job. Use of rags, vacuums and mat cleaner are nice touches.

Review №48

Reliable facility . does not seem to have the same character as Katys.Good Wash seems on the edge of pricey. The dry off and vacuum facilities are usually well stocked and shaded. Plenty of bays never had to wait.

Review №49

Its a great self service or full service car wash place. Unlike some auto car washes it does not damage your car, it has stations before you enter the car wash that let you use their special cleaning tools if you have a great build-up of bugs or bird droppings or other soil on your vehicle so that you can pre scrub heavily soiled areas. The staff there is always attentive and friendly, they keep it very clean, they have a special machine included in the car wash cost for cleaning your floor mats, they provide clean cloths to wipe down your exterior or interior by hand without extra charge. Their vacuums have great power for vacuuming out your car interior. You can also get your annual emission check down there for a very reasonable cost, and when you get your emissions checked they give you a free car wash as a bonus.

Review №50

This place offers $15 / month for unlimited carwash. Decent price of $7 if you want a one time wash.I do like the fact that it comes with free window cleaner and towels to help you finish off the interior clean. In addition, the car mat cleaner is a nice addition also.I will definitely recommend this place.

Review №51

Great place to clean your car!! They provide dry towels and glass cleaner that you can use. They also offer monthly car wash rates which works best for me!!!

Review №52

Just what it says... wash my car fast and they have good vacuum suction. I like the fact they provide towels and cleanser for your car theyre doing a great job.

Review №53

Adequate automated car wash that used to be a lot better. Current employees are half baked, the car wash is just fair and the available hand towels to dry your car are filthy b

Review №54

Great spot, best price

Review №55

Good car wash. Vacuum and cleaning area is very good. You can clean flier mats too.

Review №56

Take my MB to WMF, automatic carwash does a great job in cleaning car, wheels. Self serve vacuums also strong. Reasonable prices, fast service.

Review №57

Fast. good wash.

Review №58

My favorite car wash in town great value but yes you need to dry and vacuum

Review №59

9.99 month for unlimited wash and free vaccum. Good deal guys.

Review №60

Paid 20$ for the wash. After I left I still had soap suds all over my car and it was still filthy.I recommend using the car wash across the street, they do a much better job for half the price. Its called Cactus

Review №61

Fast, cheap, and easy to get in and out. I love the unlimited wash option.

Review №62

I love this carwash! I drive all the way from Canton to come here to wash my truck! Its clean and well organized and the staff is really friendly.

Review №63

Always a great experience. I see the couple other reviews here and wonder how they could be talking about the same place.Ive brought multiple new cars here over the years. Never saw a scratch (and I take advantage of the offered towel to dry my cars after each wash).I also have washed multiple cars with sunroofs and no soap problems there, ever.Between the optional prewash bug scrubber, the fast automated payment, the modest price, the efficient staff and wash, and the free vacuum available, I say whats not to like?! :-)Count me a very happy customer. Indeed Ill miss it when Ill soon be moving away.

Review №64

This my favorite car wash around. $7 for the basic, includes free do-it-yourself vacuums that always work, a machine for washing floor mats automatically that does a surprisingly good job, and free towels and squirt bottles full of cleanser for touching up.

Review №65

Name says it all. In an out, car comes looking great. Plenty of Vac hoses and complementary towels and detergent to finish the job.

Review №66

I pay 30 bucks a month for unlimited washes. The automatic car wash does a great job and I like having towels and window cleaner + vacuums.

Review №67

Always a good experience! The emissions is only $15 and you get a free wash! Sometimes a little crowded but it’s convenient!

Review №68

I asked for my membership to be canceled, and I was still charged anyway.

Review №69

I went here with my father to wash his car and they had spray and towels for use. I strongly recommend this place.

Review №70

Great value for the monthly, unlimited wash cost.

Review №71

If you need a quick wash, this is a great place! Vacuums and Windex are available for free to use with a car wash.

Review №72

Clean facility with two types of vacuums available, mat shampooer, and spray bottles of windex with towels. Friendly and attentive staff.

Review №73

This place is fast clean a great place to go wash your car

Review №74

Terrible staff and service. Zero focus on the customer.

Review №75

I recently signed up for the monthly pass and have washed my brand new car 3 times. I noticed circular scratching which is expected from an automatic car wash. Also some pretty serious scratches and chips out of the paint. The car needs to be washed weekly so I dont really have a better solution. I am thinking maybe after a year of weekly washes I might need a new paint job. I will update my post then and let everyone know the results. I like the vacuums, glass cleaning supplies and the pre-wash station.

Review №76

Terrible, Tire shine was not put on passenger side tires. They refused to put shine on them, even thou I paid $20. They also do not have under carriage wash. They will never see my car again.

Review №77

Place is awesome! We both decided to get monthly memberships as the service is great, fast and convenient as well as well kept up!

Review №78

Nice set up with self vacuum, spray cleaner and towels. Good value overall.

Review №79

I have been a long time customer for this carwash in Alpharetta. I had a Nissan Rogue also all my friends are coming to this carwash.When I bought my Black Chevrolet Tahoe and started using this carwash. I figured out, it has been scratching my car. I also looked at my friends car who is using the same carwash, it is scratching his car too. Same spot on both cars, right rear side. We talked with the manager and he told us to get a quote. As soon as we got a quote and return it. They started to say it didn’t happen here. I also add a video, and you can clearly hear on the video the scratching voice.Justin - the supervisor of this car wash tells me the car wash didnt scratch my car but he is also willing to pay the right rear side of my car to buff it. Also he offered me 2-3 months free carwash. But when he saw the quote for the buff, he didnt want to pay anything.If you have a bigger car, DO NOT USE THIS CARWASH. It is going to scratch your car and they will tell you the road is scratching your car.

Review №80

Emissions always painless here, car wash makes people ask if my car has had a fresh coat of paint. Luxury car owners come here.

Review №81

If youre looking for a horrible experience come to Wash Me Fast. This car wash doesnt allow you to even wash the dirt off your car. The old fart that works there was very rude Im assuming he was a manager he was very unhelpful and as we politely asked to clean the remaining dirt off our car after we had ALREADY been through the car wash once! we were told to go to a self service then come back because we would make a mess with our remaining dirt! Im confused because it was my impression that car washes are supposed to allow you to wash your car. Never returning to this place again unless you want to be talked down too and have mud on your car. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE

Review №82

Fantastic drive through car wash

Review №83

As and Uber driver I need my car to be clea. and my customers expect my car to be clean, thats why I wash here!On a recent visit an issue had come up that made me rather frustrated. I called and left a message expressing my frustration. As soon as I passed through the car wash I was greeted by Robert the assistant manager who heard the voice mail that same morning, he was very apologetic and professional! Robert acknowledged my frustration, handled it very professionally, and because of his excellent customer service, this is why I will continue to wash my vehicle here! Great customer service!!

Review №84

Quick and cheap to drive thru. Afterwards, in the parking lot they have supplies to clean your interior / windows / vacuum etc for as long as you want for free.

Review №85

Fast service, machines, prices and all my friends and family were satisfied with the prices.

Review №86

Great place to go I go there all the time vacuums are always working and they even have free car mat cleaning cant say enough about the place.

Review №87

It has changed hands multiple times but still a great place to get a car wash. You can even get complementary air freshener and dash pads for cleaning your vinyl. Wish the windex wasnt so waterery but very minor.

Review №88

Awesome place to get emissions inspection, includes a free car wash!

Review №89

My son took my car there as a favor, will definitely go again!

Review №90

Just purchased a membership and twice now they were closed for maintenance. Both times were in the middle of the day and one was on a Sunday. Do maintenance after hours!!

Review №91

Awesome economical place to clean the inside and outside of your vehicle!!

Review №92

Convenient location in Milton to wash your car and still relatively inexpensive. The place is well kept and staff are friendly.

Review №93

Its great, but you have to hand clean your self after automatic car wash.

Review №94

Your flag should be half staff on Memorial Day.

Review №95

Nice place with spacious bays for vacuuming

Review №96

Nice place with decent car wash packages

Review №97

The guy who does for Emissions is very freindly. I always take all my Cars .

Review №98

This place is cheap and convenient, but it destroyed the paint on the sides of my car, requiring a professional polishing, use at your own risk.

Review №99

Wish it had compressed air but overall very good.

Review №100

Great place for a fast wash with plenty of free tools and towels to clean your interior.

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