Autobell Car Wash
11725 Cotton Creek Entry, Alpharetta, GA 30005, United States

Review №1

I noticed paint peeling after going through the car wash, I brought it to the managers attention and he supposedly looked in the car wash area for paint chips even though three cars had already been through after me. He said it could have happened on my way there because of wind , which I find funny since I literally live less than 2 miles away. He offered me a free car wash but honestly that won’t even come close to the cost I’ll have to pay to fix my paint job. Not very happy about this. I feel they should be responsible for the damage.I would have noticed it was peeking prior to having my car washed and it wasn’t noticeable so now my car looks I live near salt water.

Review №2

I stopped in for a quick wash after work and I am so excited this is on my way home! I’ll be coming back after the service I received today. Ty, Joey and Vincent were great, they were an efficient team and got my car clean in such a short time. Props to them, too, because it was SO HOT and they had the best attitude. These guys need more credit; they were So nice and professional. My car looks and smells amazing. THANK YOU!!

Review №3

Very nice location. Friendly staff. I gave a 4 star because it was 4 ppl cleaning out my truck with so many hands and Covid my truck was not vaccumed throughly.

Review №4

It was raining but they did such an amazing job in detailing and washing our car. Now I will say that they couldnt get in certain places because they arent a detail service but they do do a thorough job with their full package. They also offer a monthly package for $37 in which you can come in and get everything done for as many times as you would like which is what we are leaning towards and you do need one per car if thats the package you choose! But the manager and his staff took amazing care of us, and our vehicle we will definitely be back. Trust me anybody that cleans out our cars with kids and travel and everything in between are our heroes lol!!Happy trailsJai shirin

Review №5

If you are looking for an amazing great place to get your car washed in Alpharetta, Georgia. I highly recommend Autobell Car Wash. Upon driving on to the establishment I received great customer service and an explanation of different offers. I got my car completely cleaned both interior and exterior . The workers definitely were professional ! Lots of attention to detail also. Everything was above PAR! I found everyone to be very professional and offered great customer service. It should be noted I am originally from Dublin, Ireland and lIved in the United States for over thirty years. I definitely know a great car wash from all my experiences and travels mentioned in the above. Lastly I will be returning to this amazing operation in the near future. This establishment rates Ten Stars ⭐️⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ And more!

Review №6

19.99 exterior wash. Not too bad in a crunch. You get what you pay for.

Review №7

One of the best places to go for car wash...for about 20$, you get a best car hasnt been this clean in last few months... The folks were courteous and diligent in the work... obviously it took time to finish after the auto wash to vacuum and clean..but really appreciate the work!!👍

Review №8

From out of town and needed a car wash. Car has not been this clean since purchased last spring. Courteous, attentive and friendly at 7 am in the morning... Highly recommend this location and will return next week

Review №9

Amazing customer service, carter was awesome.Thanks guys.

Review №10

I had a small issue and management was quick to fix it. My car is now super clean and lemon scented! Will be a repeat customer.

Review №11

Friendly staff and convenient location. When busy crew is fast and effective! Will be going here for a long time! Thanks to George, Jake and Antlee, keep up the great work 👍!

Review №12

Always come here for a car wash and enjoy my experience! Nikhil the attendant is super helpful too! Made my experience amazing!

Review №13

Very professional staff with a quality car wash! I bought the top wash super poly process that came with tire shine and a fragrance, my car looked brand new again. Only 7 more dollars then Mister Car washs top wash and the employees clean your car for you! Not to mention they did the car in 15 minutes. Wow! I was so impressed! Overall an amazing car wash with great staff and services. I highly recommend giving this place a try! They definitely made a repeat customer out of me!

Review №14

Quick service; but they do a thorough job. Super friendly and knowledgeable staff. Very nice to see a car wash with AMERICAN employees!!! Drive through car wash with hand wipe down. Spartan interior and no Wi-Fi. Unable to clean cloth interior. Overall, a great value for the money.

Review №15

First time using this business. The employees were professional and Nikhil provided a quality service at a very reasonable price. My car hasn’t been this clean in months!

Review №16

Thank you Ty and the gang from Sunday morning...nice , professional, and courteous!!

Review №17

Best car wash ever. Jack deserves a raise and promotion to DM for his superior customer service and knowledge to anyone Ive ever seen. Thank you.

Review №18

Great prices, hard working staff and your car is spotless!Love this place, you will too!

Review №19

Manager Ty Graham was efficient super polite and nice.

Review №20

The service is hit or miss here depending on how busy it is and who is servicing your car. There are plenty of times I have to go behind and wipe up things that are missed on the interior clean because they are rushing. Not bad, but if I have the time I will go to another location because they seem to take their time

Review №21

The process was quick, efficient, and the employees took care to carefully thoroughly clean my vehicles.

Review №22

Paid 20.00 for an exterior wash and tire shine. Kid came out and barely dried my car. I got out when he said he was done and water was dripping all over. I literally went into my trunk grabbed a towel and dried it there on the spot! Kid said oh I can do that , should have done it the 1st time. My last visit there.

Review №23

Great team of young guys. Trey was very helpful. Highly recommend a stop here.

Review №24

This was my first time here. When I moved here, I was hoping there would be an Autobell not too far from where I live to get my car washed. Not only are they reasonably priced, but the customer service is great. The inside is nice and clean and they did a great job cleaning my car. They did more than what I expected. It was very well organized and its in a nice area too. This will now be my go to car wash going forward. I would highly recommend this car wash especially if youre looking for an affordable one too.

Review №25

Always a good experience. Friendly and thorough staff even on very busy days.

Review №26

Good cleaning that they do in this car wash these guys know what they do its nice to come here you come out pleased and never had a problem its different I go out very happy and my car does not even say it comes out so nice and feels lighter because when I come to wash it it looks he knows it because I look at him and he even seems to be smiling thanks guys from AUTOBELL for doing an excellent job and why they make my car very happy 😜😜😜

Review №27

Good service and definitely improved from my last visit

Review №28

The effort by the staff is too notch. Love this place

Review №29

This was our first time at Autobell. We brought in 3 of our cars today and received the super polyprocess at $26.99. We were very pleased with the quality of service given and the staff we encountered were all very nice and helpful ... definitely very service oriented. The cars looked very good after the cleaning and we were very happy! We will definitely be using them again in the future!

Review №30

Price is good, but the guys missed a big dirt spot (inside, I paid for the interior specifically! and I had to ask them twice to fix it. In the end I had to use baby wipes to wipe down most of the visible dirt myself.Apart from that specific spot all else was good

Review №31

All kinds of promises at the beginning only to be told at the end that no that is not correct and sent on my way unsatisfied. Will never go back.

Review №32

Bought the unlimited plan Great value!

Review №33

My truck has not looked this good since I bought it! The staff was super professional. Will definitely return!

Review №34

Just wow! I got a carwash here after accidentally running through mud and as I left the manager and staff noticed I still had mud on the bottom of my car. They flagged me down as I was driving away and offered to let me rub through the wash again. The manager put the wash on his card and I was very thankful for this amazing generosity and thoroughness

Review №35

All was Great! In and out in no time. Staff very polite and helpful

Review №36

Lately not that great.

Review №37

I have been here twice so far and I havent been disappointed. I came here Sunday morning and it was pretty busy but the young team of guys did a great job and never missing a spot. The guys have been trained well for sure to do a great job.

Review №38

Great prices plus the employees are very thorough!

Review №39

Courteous staff. Met Jordan today and he did his job perfectly

Review №40

Efficient and reasonable

Review №41

Very low cleaning standards at this place. Paid $25.99 for exterior and interior. I had to finish the job when I got home. Still crumbs on seats, dust on dashboard, missed spots and dirty door panels. Not worth the money and hassle.

Review №42

Excellent work. Very detail oriented. They are all so polite and helpful. These young people work hard and hustle around, sometimes in freezing cold temperatures...remember to tip them well for the good service!

Review №43

Always great customer service here. Prices are competitive and they work quickly. Plus it’s a mom and pop so that’s always good to support

Review №44

It’s the first I’ve been to this auto wash, but I can say I will never go back. I paid for “Super Exterior“ which includes a hand-wash and a polish. Once I completed the wash, I was directed to park. Got a thumbs up. Then no one came back. I was there for a little over 5 minutes with no communication. Since I had other things to do, I just left. Perhaps the situation is what caused the delay, but I a would have liked more than a thumbs up.

Review №45

Not bad overall. My only (very minor) complaint is that they could have done better on the glass and screens.

Review №46

They do a very good job and sanitize for covid-19 as part of the standard service.

Review №47

Dont go to this place. They will rip you off. Their board showed $6 for an exterior car wash. For some strange reason, they charged me $10. I will never visit Autobell car wash ever again.

Review №48

I tried this place out hoping for good things but I was incredibly disappointed. “Hand dry” is inaccurate as nobody dried my truck at all, I have water spots everywhere. I paid extra for tire shine and the step up detailing but it appears they didn’t wipe anything but the dashboard and steering wheel in my truck. They also advertise that they will armor all your rubber mats in your car. That is exactly that. They will spray them and not wipe them down so you might slip on your own rubber mats in your own car trying to get in. They also told me they would be giving a fragrance in the truck “new car smell” I was very excited about that. Turns out they just douse your car in it all over so it is also terribly hard to breathe when you get back in. Severely disappointed and will not be back. Go to cactus car wash in Milton. They are so much cheaper and they do an absolutely incredible job, leaving no stone unturned! Autobell you need to step up your game.

Review №49

Tons of options with what seems to be fair pricing in my eyes. Took my 4runner through for just an exterior wash and it was only $6. It came out surprisingly very clean for how dirty it was. There are several monthly unlimited plans. Ill be going back!

Review №50

These guys did a good job. Staff was courteous and prompt. They explained my options very well. Id already researched my options and when I explained that I just needed the cheap wash ($6!!!), they gave me clear details on what that included. Im moving to the area and will definitely be considering them for a membership or club if they have one.

Review №51

Steve and Robert were sweethearts. Cleaned my car to perfection.

Review №52

Car Wash was very Inadequately Staffed. Saturday at 11AM is prime time be ready for your customers. Had to wait over an hour after my car went through wash. $34.99 I could saved and cleaned the car in the same amount of time at home. Never again.

Review №53

I really enjoy this car wash. I used to only use Auto Indulgence in Alpharetta, but they have gone down considerably. But Autobell does a consistent good job every time. The employees are always courteous and gracious, and they move quick when its busy. I never have to wait to long, and can normally get in and out during my work lunch break. Great work guys!

Review №54

Nice guys that go along with fast excellent service!

Review №55

Edited just for ur reply. Thanks.

Review №56

Great Service

Review №57

Young people who are polite and doing a great job!

Review №58

Solid car wash for the price and they always do a great job on the outside. They are quick even when they are really busy. This is my go to place for a quick car wash. The only area for improvement is on vacuuming.

Review №59

I get a good hand clean with these guys

Review №60

This place is wonderful! I got my car washed and thoroughly detailed for about $16 and it only took ten minutes. They did a great job and the guys who work there were so nice. I can’t wait to come back!

Review №61

My car is barely month old, and after going to Autobell, my car has enough chips and scratches in it’s beautiful gray paint to make you think I’ve been driving it on rough roads for several years. My hood looks terrible, my driver side doors have a long scratch in the paint (not a deep scratch like it was keyed or anything, but still terribly noticeable), and of course, plenty of swirl marks. I learned a long time ago that it is impossible to keep blemishes off your car unless you just never drive it, but this is completely unacceptable. I rarely ever feel compelled to write reviews, but I will never darken the doors of this establishment again.

Review №62

Phenomenal! Friendly, Efficient, Cost Effective, and Thorough! The best I have discovered. ❤️

Review №63

Always extremely nice and helpful. The wash gets my car clean enough and the guys that towel dry do an amazing job.

Review №64

Terrible service, I paid $ 24 dollars and they did not clean inside.

Review №65

Theyve changed a few things, I dont think they vacuum as thoroughly as they used to oh, but theyre mostly good. Theyre not letting you use the restroom anymore, which makes sense in these times but is not the easiest thing to deal with when you have a potty training toddler.

Review №66

Great cleaning, great service!

Review №67

Awesome cleaning job and quick, friendly service

Review №68

I literally drive out of my way to go to this particular auto bell. They always go above and beyond. I have a dog that sheds profusely, but they always get as much packed hair out as possible! I truly appreciate the job that they do!

Review №69

It take super wash package on 07/09/2020 as per mentioned on the website . They did not cleaning what is mentioned and they handover car within 10 minutes . Staff is not even professional . Staff is in hurry to clean as many cars they can . Interior not clean well. Lots of dots are left on exterior . I will not go again.

Review №70

When a car wash business makes your day you know its been a great experience! My husband and I have gone to Autobell for years and I should have written this review long ago. But todays experience prompted me to encourage my friends and neighbors to patronize this company. I even had the pleasure to meet the District Manager for the area and I can see why the service at Autobell is outstanding. He was extremely helpful and provided extraordinary customer service - to me, and the other patrons having our cars washed. His example has been adopted by the other employees. Every time weve gone to Autobell weve been treated in like manner. Thank you Autobell for making our cars shine and look like new!! UDATE: I clicked the Faircroft Drive location. Not sure why this shows a different location.

Review №71

Just took my truck here for the first time. Getting it ready for sale and taking pictures. Nice people and great wash.

Review №72

I stopped by Thursday evening .15 min. Prior to closing. My friend spilled an entire order ofThai fried rice in my car I was devastated!In spite of the time both Anslee & John, please forgive me if I have names wrong but had to take the time to state that every piece of rice was cleaned and my car smelled fresh . Thank you sooooo much!

Review №73

We have two plans for the same car and they wouldnt cancel one by phone.Mistake 1: They had my spouse enroll for car wash monthly for the car which we already have a plan.. All they need to do this refer the sticker they post on the door side panel.Mistake 2: When i purchased the plan, i had asked clearly if we can cancel the plan via phone and they told Yes.. Now that we have two plans for the same car and I am out of town, when i call to cancel - they wouldnt do it citing that i have to be in person to cancel.. Why sell a plan under the false promise that we can cancel by phone?While i love the car wash, their business practice is not good.

Review №74

Very attentive to details. Good place to go for tour car wash needs

Review №75

I got an exterior and undercarriage car wash for $6 total. The price is unbeatable and the whole thing took a minute.

Review №76

Update 10/7/2019I stopped Autobell today to get my carwashed. I figured things would be different. It wasnt. Had to remind them of my tire shine. I paid for inside shine, well that didnt happen. Now, Im wondering did they put RainX on all my windows. PROBABLY NOT!!!!! Also, my backseat is still dirty and has food on the seats. Guess they only vacuumed the floors. This is why I wash my own car. Never will get me again!!!! 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤬🤬

Review №77

By far the best bang for your buck! They did an amazing job. Reminded me of when I bought it off the dealership lot. Their tire shine adheres to the rubber so you dont get that shine-sling all down the side of your vehicle when you drive away. Service was quick and the staff was friendly and sociable. To top it off, they treat veterans very well. I highly recommend this establishment.

Review №78

Have had some issues with the teenagers forgetting to vacuum inside cup holders, forgetting to vacuum around/in/under a car seat or not spraying a scent, but overall this is a great place to come. Just make sure you tell them what you are looking for if something is a pet peeve of yours and check your car before you leave. Simple as that!

Review №79

This is my favorite place to get my car washed. It is very efficient and reasonably priced. I recommend it highly. Momma nature

Review №80

I came here after going snowboarding in North Carolina. My truck had mud and gravel all over it. They did a great job pressure washing around the wheels and the tunnel wash was gentle on my new truck. They wiped it down by hand to make sure I didnt get water stains and shined the tires all for a great price.

Review №81

Took my car here yesterday at about 3:30 for the Full Service Car Wash which supposedly includes vacuuming of the seats and floor boards, as well as wiping down the dash. I have attached pictures of my car afterwards in which these were clearly not done (or done very poorly). There is visible dust on my dashboard, dog hair all over my floor still, and hair, lint, dust, and strings sitting in my backseat, any of which would have easily been picked up by a decent vacuum. I have had poor customer service here before with company vehicles (did not give me a receipt and then got upset when I asked if I could have a copy), and apparently that quality is just standard practice here. So in addition to no longer entrusting them with my personal vehicle, I will recommend that my company seek an alternative as well.

Review №82

I have the unlimited exterior wash with hand dry and I couldnt be happier with it.

Review №83

Very fast and a great wash!

Review №84

The worst experience Ive had at a car wash. Paid for full service wash and dry and recieved a quick walk and half as vacuum didnt even move the floor mats. When this was pointed out I was given attitude before grudgingly doing so. I will never go back and if you do youre better off going to a quick wash place and vacuuming yourself.

Review №85

Not to exaggerate but sadly this was the worse car wash I ever got. Was talked into the manager special for interior and exterior and could of gotten a better job done by my five year old. First time and last time they need a supervisor.

Review №86

Not bad. Had good service. But no where near as good of service and attention to detail as Cactus Car wash.

Review №87

Prices for each service are posted. What services are offered. You just see a sign that says $41. They offer full service car wash but you can get just wash and wax through the machine, but dont post it. I was satisfied with the wash and wax, by machine. Did not like having to pull information out of them. It cost $9+.

Review №88

Best place to wash and take care of your car. All the employees are super friendly and care for your car as your own , with full attention.

Review №89

Great service great car wash

Review №90

Great experience... Ty was amazing and went beyond to help clean the inside of my vehicle. Customer service all around was great and will definitely be back and recommend to anyonewho wants a full service vehicle job done. Thanks so mich.

Review №91

Worst car wash ever visited!!

Review №92

They use an automatic car wash but also have personal hand touches like vacuuming the interior and trunk, wash the inside of the windows, wipe down the console and seats, and hand dry the car. The staff was extremely friendly and fast. I would definitely return.

Review №93

I come here often when I am in the Alpharetta area and I love their service. Very fast and the staff members are friendly, they also have decent prices for it to be in this area. Washes start as low as $4 for an exterior clean which I appreciate when all I want is my car to look decent.

Review №94

Over an hour wait is not worth the wash. Decent quality apparently just understaffed?Do not recommend stopping if there are cars on the other side waiting to be detailed & dried.

Review №95

You cant beat the unlimited car wash for less than $50 month. Its good at all locations.

Review №96

Very disappointed with the car wash. Car was still dirty on the outside, inside and windows were not cleaned properly. I would recommend Cactus wash off windward.

Review №97

Great first experience. Very fast and 1/3 the price of others close by

Review №98

I won’t be coming back here. I went in earlier this week for a car wash. I should have used better judgement because there were not a lot of cars there. I had recently came from out of town and had bugs on my grill and side mirrors. After it went through the machine, I still had bug residue on the mirrors and windshield. I even had spattered residue on the side of the vehicle. They did not do a good job with vacuuming. Needless to say, don’t bother going. I’ll go to Castle or Squeakys from now on.

Review №99

I took my showroom RT Charger for a quick wash before the car show. It looked decent at first glance, but after I got to the show I noticed either their drive-thru washer or hand-dry towels had something on them that left swirly scuff marks / light scratches all over my car.

Review №100

I did inside out clean thinking paying more would result cleaner car.When I was inside the waiting room a customer came back said her car got dent on the body after the car wash.When I checked my car after the clean, vacuum clean was not properly done under my seat. Ive shown to a guy who looks like manager and if he can do vacuum again. He looks a little upset. He took my car to vacuum again. Later I found out my personal stuff was missing like garage door opener and some keys I have kept in cup holders. I found out when I went home to open my garage door. I called them and the manager told me he knows nothing about it.Better watch out for the people who work there. They can totally screw up your car and day.

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