Ultimate Detail King
13021 Deerfield Pkwy, Alpharetta, GA 30004, United States
Review №1

I showed up and they recommended a regular detail rather than a basic detail because of the level of dirt (two toddlers regularly snack in the back seat). This was considerably more expensive than the cost of the basic detail, but he was right, and the cost was in - line with other detail shops in the area. Heres the difference... He did a phenomenal job. You dont have to worry about having one of those bad experiences noted in reviews of literally every other detail shop in the area. Ill definitely be back!

Review №2

Young, hungry entrepreneur. Worked hard and did a great job! Very well detailed. Will definitely use again.

Review №3

This was my first time using Ultimate Car Wash and I loved it!! He was able to take my large, VERY DIRTY, SUV last minute and was done within 2.5 hours. My car was a disaster and needed a lot of attention, he worked with my budget and was able to get me the clean I wanted for a great price!! I cant say enough great things! I will definitely be using them regularly.

Review №4

They did such a wonderful job on my Mazda! Would highly recommend. They even got sunscreen out of my interior – I don’t even know how they did it! Thank you so much for making my car look and feel brand new.

Review №5

Just got an amazing detail done by Raje the owner on my car. I’ll definitely be back

Review №6

Great services!! I am so glad I went to Ultimate Detail King for the services I acquired for. This is the greatest car detailing spots I have came to thus far in the state of Georgia! I would greatly recommend anyone to come to this place for their desired services! Thank you so very much for your customer service!

Review №7

These guys did an incredible job! This was the car my husband and I had our first date in and four years of marriage later (and a 2 year old) it’s safe to say this car needed some serious love! We also have dogs and it was a big job. These guys made my car look and smell brand new from the inside to the outside. I’m super thankful and I will be back.

Review №8

I left a sugary drink in my car for a few days which led me to develop a horrible ant infestation. I called Rahi who took my car the same day and did a full detail as well as extermination of the ants. So far so good, I have not seen anything come up. Car was ready within 48 hours, and has never been so clean as it was after. Especially for a 2007. The car is now smells great, looks great, and the bugs are gone! Thanks Rahi will definitely be back in the future.

Review №9

My car was a mess after many road trips with my pets and a few muddy MTB rides, but I knew it was in good hands when I dropped it off at UDK. Rahi removed all of the dried mud and pet hair in just a few hours. His attention to detail is top notch. I mean look at those lines!!It sure wasn’t an easy task, but Rahi got it done and greatly exceeded my expectations. Thanks again!

Review №10

I have a 2008 Lexus with 75K miles, and boy was it dirty and worn looking. Ultimate Detail King did an incredible job restoring my car like showroom!!! I had paint that fell off a truck all over my front bumper, hood, right quarter panel and windshield. That happened 2 years ago and the paint splatter was baked on. Rahi and his crew were able to remove all the paint splatter!!!! It saved me from re-painting the car. I also had them restore my headlights, wash and wax the exterior and a full interior detail. I cant believe how incredible the whole job came out. AWESOME! I have joined up to have my car detailed every 6 months. Great job guys!! Thank you so much. Ultimate Detail King is the only one I will use from now on.

Review №11

Personal and attentive service. My car looks great, and they were great taking me without a prior appointment.Great quality, used proper tools. Brand new towels on each wash (donated after use), and excellent attention to details.Would certainly recommend, especially if you want you car back in showroom condition!

Review №12

Made my cars grungy interior looking like new again. Good quality service and worth the price.

Review №13

I got my car detailed here a few days ago. Excellent work, Very professional. One thing I do wish they had was a pick up and drop off service or a customer seating area at least. But not considering that, I would certainly go back!

Review №14

Very detailed hand wash and full car clean. Easy to schedule and better than expected results. Will use again.

Review №15

Great job. Really appreciate. Will definitely come back for your services. Thank you

Review №16

These guys really know what they are doing! They helped me out with cleaning my car and it came out looking brand new! They were super nice and professional about everything and I am definitely coming back soon!

Review №17

These guys do an amazing job with everything you need. They are extremely diligent and always exceed my expectations. Definitely recommend!

Review №18

A very pleasant experience! Love what they did to my car. Make sure to reserve a spot before you walk in. Will be a regular for UDK.😎

Review №19

Exceptional service and experience! I highly recommend Ultimate Detail King. I went to there with swirls in my paint from machine car washes and left very satisfied with their services. I will never trust anyone else with detailing and wash maintenance of my car again!

Review №20

All I can say is WOW!!I’ve had my interior detailed numerous times (black interior, yellow Labrador retriever, you do the math) and it’s never gotten this free & clear of dog hair in my life! EXCELLENT attention to detail, the car is cleaner than when I first purchased it!! Rahi got me in within 24 hours & was very accommodating! Highly recommend anyone who needs cars detail to come see him!

Review №21

Great service! It is real detail handwash! Wait make a really clean, here is right place!

Review №22

Great service! First time here and got the basic handwash. Rahi did an exceptional job cleaning up inside out! Definitely recommend this carwash and detailing service!

Review №23

We use Ultimate Detail King to detail the company fleet vehicles. The vehicles range from vans, pickup trucks, SUVs and sedans. Most of the vehicles are used by our HVAC mechanics, so you can imagine the conditions these vehicles are turned in.Every single vehicle Ultimate Detail King has detailed for us comes back looking brand new, doesnt matter the year, make, model, conditions turned in, nothing. This man is an absolute artist when detailing vehicles.We have turned over to him vehicles with: grease and oil stains in the seats and interior, greasy hand prints on door handles, floors that are full of mud and dirt, smelling like cigarettes and dip, coffee stains everywhere, stickiness everywhere, etc. When these vehicles are returned to the office or picked up the interior, doesnt matter the condition turned in, returns looking and smelling brand new, all stains and smells are gone. The outside of the vehicle returns looking new and shiny.Ultimate Detail King has never let me down. Is always a pleasure doing business with him. He even goes the extra mile to pick the vehicle up from your office and returns it clean before you need to head home. Just plain simply amazing customer service, always a great attitude, professional, on time and always goes the extra mile. This is the best hand wash detailing in the area, there is no other like it. I recommend it hands down without any hesitation. You can tell he enjoys what he does, it shows in the quality of his work.

Review №24

Would highly recommend to anyone needing their car detailed. Results were first class and I was really impressed with the high attention to detail. You will not be disappointed when you pick up your car from Ultimate Detail King.

Review №25

I am a customer that prefers a quality hand wash on my vehicle any day over the drive thru options so readily available today. Raj was very professional, knowledgeable, and patient with explaining the various services offered. I would highly recommend giving Ultimate Detail King the opportunity to help you protect your investment.

Review №26

Rahi, was able to accommodate me on the same day. It was kind of him to extend his work day to do so.It is job well done. Like what I have seen so far... best wishes to expand his business.Thanks

Review №27

Want to make your four year old car look like it is fresh off the lot? Take it to Ultimate Detail King.Youll be greeted by the friendliest person on Earth. Absolutely love their hand wash service to keep fresh. Very good price without losing the quality.Will return next time we need a detail and have recommended to friends since!Fantastic experience!Great service!! Great Deal!! Job well done!!

Review №28

Very dedicated and professional. I moved to different place but still choose to come to Ultimate Detail King. Great wash with proper care and time. Highly recommended !!

Review №29

Great Business! EXCELLENT Customer Service! 10/10 would recommend!

Review №30

The service was phenomenal! I had the color correction and ceramic coating done to my black Dodge Charger and it was flawless!!! Big ups to Rahi and his crew for taking my car to a different level.

Review №31

First time client. I brought in my convertible for a waterless wash and interior conditioning after reading the reviews. I feel like I’m leaving with a brand new car! It has NEVER looked this good. Rahi is the best, his talent exceeded my expectations. Worth the wait & the price. I will definitely be back again.

Review №32

I’ve had my Mercedes G wagen detailed at this shop since they opened and have always been very satisfied with the service I’ve received. They do a great job detailing and are always super professional. You can tell that they are very passionate about their craft and take great pride in their work. Would highly recommend to anybody looking for a great detailer!

Review №33

Great experience! Extremely competitive pricing without losing the high quality! The team was quick and gave me a walk through after to make sure everything was in perfect condition. Did a great job on my Dodge Challenger! Hope to come back soon

Review №34

Very friendly and helpful service. Walked me through everything that they recommended but didn’t push me when I opted out of a couple services. Dog hair removal was amazing! With a lab and a golden retriever thought the hair would never be gone. Will definitely recommend to friends and family and be returning for future detailing!

Review №35

I appreciate that was willing to help me after I spilled FISH SAUCE in my carpet of my back seat 🤢🤢🤢🤢🐠🐟 charged me an excellent price! And was fast but took a lot of detail into making sure my car didn’t reek anymore ! Will be back

Review №36

I couldn’t be more happier. I will return with my other vehicles!

Review №37

First let me preface this review with 2 things.1) Rahi is very professional, takes pride in his work, and was very informative.2) I have never had any of my cars professionally detailed before so this was a new experience for me all around which meant I had no bar to manage my expectations against.So with those 2 out of the way, heres my review. I took my 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander GT in to get her all cleaned up. This is my daily driver car as well as my exploration outdoorsy road trip car. So for the past almost 6 years it has seen sand, gravel, dirt, dried mud, leaves, splinters of firewood, fast food crumbs, etc. It also gets parked outside in the elements so rain, snow, sun, tree sap, pollen, etc.So shes seen been through a fair bit but still looks pretty dang good inside and out, Id say the inside was 60% clean and the outside 40% clean before I got the work done. But I wanted to get her cleaned up as a Christmas present to myself and I told Rahi I wanted a full interior and exterior cleaning.The exterior turned out well. He got it to well over 95% clean. More care and attention to detail went into it than I or a quick car wash could have ever done so that was good. I did have some paint and trim issues from sun damage but we will get to that later.The interior was also extremely improved. Id say he got it to well over 90%.When I came to pick it up we did a pretty thorough inspection and he addressed any spots I pointed out. He spent 4 hours working on my car and he even quipped he could spend even more time on it since hes very detail oriented.When I showed my roommate the results he liked it until I told him the cost and he became picky and started pointing out areas I had either already talked to Rahi about or areas I didnt even catch myself (cars are huge with a lot of surface areas). But the parts he missed, and there wasnt many, that dont require specialization I can quickly do myself. But this is where I learned to manage expectations and the sun damage part I mentioned earlier plus some information I learned from Rahi.At no point did I ever expect my car to come out in immaculate showroom quality. Not to say Rahi couldnt achieve that, but that kind of quality takes a lot of time and time costs labor. I have student loans to pay off so I wasnt paying Rahi for that level of detail. However, I did realize I may have had higher expectations for the interior based on what my cost was but that was not Rahis fault. It was my lack of knowledge in how car detailing works, which I chalk up to this being my first time.For instance, I said he got the interior 90% clean. Well that last 10% is the hardest part, which is true for pretty much any task in life. So when I saw some dirt on the leather seats I asked him about it and learned that it was fixable but not part of the work I requested (that would require steam cleaning). Same goes for the sun damage, its fixable but requires more time and labor. I also want to be clear and state that at no time did Rahi try to upsell me. He was very friendly and informative. Im just writing this lengthy review to help others learn. Rahi has a ton of equipment and products to tackle practically every situation, you just have to be clear on what you want done.Im happy with my car, especially since it was his first time working on my model, and if I do future follow ups to him Im confident he can get my car to 100%. I would say to Rahi itd be nice if he updated his website to include better base price listings, even though each car is different in terms of work needed, as well as the complete list of services he can perform that way a person can go in knowing what to ask for.Overall for a car that never got professionally cleaned in 6 years, she turned out great. Im happy with the results and would recommend Rahi. Just dont be like me and naively drop your car off thinking all the things will be cleaned without ever explicitly talking about it.

Review №38

Amazing service! Super satisfied with the level of work and great customer service. Highly recommend this detailing service, best one Ive been to by far.

Review №39

Awesome service and awesome results! Went in with a mad ugly car came out like a bought a brand new one! Honestly won’t go to any other detailing place but this guy’s!

Review №40

Super cool owner!! Awesome job at detailing. I would definitely recommend!

Review №41

They are super thorough! Did a great job on my SUV. It looks brand new, maybe even better! I highly recommend this shop for anyone who truly cares about their car.

Review №42

These guys are by far the best retailers I’ve taken my cars to! They go way above and beyond what they need to do just to keep the customer satisfied! They clean things in the car I would have never expected and every time my car just stays clean for months afterwards! Everyone NEEDS to shop here!!

Review №43

I took my car there to get it cleaned up to sell, it was a mess. When I picked it up I barely recognized it!! It was beautiful again. I highly recommend The Ultimate Detail King to clean up any car!

Review №44

Very friendly and professional staff! Every time I pick up my car from them i feel like I’m leaving the car lot for the very first time! I appreciate the effort these guys put into the work they do! Thanks guys

Review №45

I highly recommend Ultimate Detail King. I had my interior detail done. the inside of my car looks brand new...thanks Rahi for an exceptional job.

Review №46

Detail king did an amazing job on detailing my car! I highly recommend them!

Review №47

Took amazing care of my car and did it at a reasonable rate!

Review №48

Hands down on of the best car detail place I have been to. Super professional and friendly staff. They took their time on my car and it came out looking new. Thank you detail kings!

Review №49

Very great place to get a wash and or detail very specific to your car needs and care I highly recommend

Review №50

Rahi is incredibly knowledgeable about the cars he works on, and he does an excellent job no matter how big or small the task is. From routine washes and waxes to large tasks like ceramic coating of an entire car, his attention to detail is impressive. He will obsess over the fine details, and it leads to an unbelievable finished product. If you are looking for car care, look no further. When it comes to anything from car washes to extensive detailing, I dont know of anyone else that I would trust other than Rahi to take care of us

Review №51

Rahi did a great job cleaning my car inside and out. He was professional and courteous .Explained clearly what the options were .Great value for money . Much better experience than a drive thru car wash .

Review №52

I have gone to this place multiple times now to get my 4Runner washed. They do an amazing job. Not your typical car wash, they take their time and do quality work. My go-to car wash!

Review №53

Really washed my car nice and well detailed. Will visit again. Excellent customer service and experience.

Review №54

Rahi and his team were very friendly and professional. I will be using his service again! My car looks brand new! A+++++

Review №55

First and only detail place Ive gone to for my Hyundai Accent after my friend puked all over it. Came out looking like it was brand new. Would recommend!

Review №56

Very professional

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